Monday, 21 April 2008

{CensoRed} BoR.eD

Forget me.
I'm completely u.s.e.l.e.s.s. !!!
I'm so {censored}.
My life is so {censored}.

That's how i feel.
It's now 21.30 pm... I have homework to do. I have math homework to correct, cuz i just did it, and I KNOW that it is completely wrong.
But... it's just to {censored}.

And I have two announcements to make.
1. I will write in English now. Or Vietnamese. I'm tired of German. The language is boring. And boredom is {censored}. English is much more fun. Maybe becuz I grew up in a English-speaking area? xD I don't know.
And I know that my English is not perfect.
Suck that.
For all peeps, who have problems with English, no worries i won't write to many slang (I hate it if Fuckers write damn slang and think they are cool, while reading 1 post of them, needs 2 hours + 1 to understand!) Also, you can improve your poor English, if you read my Blog... and if that won't comfort you: I {censored} on your comments

2. I dun care for comments anymore. It's my Blog. I know I have my readers. I don't need you telling me I'm this or that.
I'm always happy if someone is telling me somethings nice, but if there are no comments, I tell it my dog and he'll cry for me.

And here are (for I don't want you to get bored like me) pics I made in my bed.
I dun think they look porn just now.
Maybe it's only a tiny-itzi-bitzi-little streak of porn xD

As you see my calf (=Wade) is super-mega fat. One reason why I dun like Sports.
But on the 2nd pic they dun look that fat. I dunno....

Think that was it.

See you in a while.


  1. nice you are writing in english ^^
    in former time i began to write in english too
    but i know my english is not perfect so i stop writing in english.

    so ur growing up in a english area?
    really? may i ask u where :D???

    so life is always boring ^^
    not always ^^
    sometimes life is a bitch
    (i know her haha shes hitting me more than once :P )

    but dont give up ^^

    i try to improve my english thats why im writing you in english D:
    maybe the reason is because you are writing in english i dont know .__.

    after reading ur blog my brain is in english haha XD

    so hope uve got a nice day :)

    dont let the bitch hit u ^^
    hit her back :)

    apropos nice pics!love them
    they are so clear but a bit sad :|


  2. Luuuuuuv you Photos...sou dreamy...

  3. whaa.... so beautifull pHotOs of .... your läÄgs? wei? änd sou nice arranged (=bearbeitet? XD)

    whoa :) did you take your pics with a digicam or with a cellphone cam? :O

  4. your piccus are souu sweet XD
    i don't think your legs are fat !^^

  5. How tall i am? Exactly 1, 72m as a viet girl, i'm even taller as the german girls here x333 ( thank gawd, that the guys are taller than me)

  6. the pix are really really really preeetttiiiiiiish ^^
    luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuf them

    make some more like those XD


  7. hey [:

    die bilder gefallen mir so gut,
    sehn aus wie ausm studuio

    und du hast so ne tolle
    zierliche gestalt

    und bist so schön weiß O_O

    ya ich mags weiß zu sein xDD

    deine waden sind doch total dünn

    du musst mal meine sehn?

    ich glaub dieses "dick-waden-problem"

    liegt im vn blut xDD

    wenn du lust hast kannst du ya

    ma meinen blog besuchen


    (pw: visit_126)


  8. ah... jetzt hab ich blogspot durchschaut...

    Zu den Fotos kann ich nur sagen: wow o.ô und was zur hölle hast du mit deinen Waden man? o.O Was ist bitte in deinen Augen fett? >.<