Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Travel to Princess County begins.

I know I wanted to post up some fashion and hair style pics, but let's postpone that for a bit!
(actually I'd have it all up yesterday, didn't there were photobucket having some problems for over 3 hours !!!)

Anyway look at the headline and try to figure out the hidden meaning!


Yes, we finally bought my bed.
Yesterday my mom said that 500€ or too expensive for a non 100% made of wood bed, but today she said, that we should get me a new bed already and we ordered it!

I still don't know if that was a good idea, since this bed is not 100% what I wanted, it's just beautiful and nice.
And it's from a series called Cinderella, at least it's princessy.

But actually I bought this bed:

Sorry for the totally LQ picchas, but their homepage itself got no better images. Actually it's inacceptable to buy stuffs from someone, whose homepage looks that shitty.

After my mom negotaited with them that the bed is going to be delievered up to the my room and put up there, me and my bro took a look at the baby department.
They got such cute stuff there !!!
I have to get myself some stuff (like carpet, beanbag, canopy,...) from there !!!

But do you know how long it takes them to get that bed out of Switzerland?
2 month and the rest of August !!!
It will arrive at the end of October !!!

Which didn't please my mom at all, she told them it absolutely has to arrive before my birthday in November, or I'll be sad (making me to spoiled daughter-bitch) (_ _|||)

But it has one good side:
I can buy a lots of room decorating stuff and paint the wall at which the bed will stand.

I also take advantage from it, by introducing to you
My Princess Room Concept 0.0 - ∞

This is roughly my room (+my bathroom and that wardobe thingy).
Err... the proportions turned out to be a bit unhappy, but who cares...
All purple stuffs are missing.

Instead of the wardrobe I got another -this time ugly- sideboard. (the other 2 sideboards are very cool and one is quite low so that you can sit on it)

The stupid thing about my room(s) is that, there is the roof, so you know my walls are not straight (google says that this is called droop (Dachschräge), but I don't trust google)
That means, that buying a wardrobe fitting into my bathroom is quite a difficult matter.
Luckily Ikea got that wardrobe-system thingies, which can adjust their hight and so on (can't find any picture on their website)
Well the bathroom has to be completely renewed anyway, the tiles are so ugly.

And as for my bed...
The wall has to be painted with pink stripes, which I think has to be done in this holidays.
I wonder how I'll hang up the canopy, since we have the same problem with the roof on this side of the room.
The carpet will be some sort of soft and cuddly animal coat, like sheep.

Then I have to buy lots of other stuff from the baby department, since they're so cute.
I saw a pink carpet there full of tiny mickey mouse heads.
Or a little beanbag with cords on it.

That's it.
I'm kinda lazy the last days. I mean blogging-lazy.
Since I worked on xiaorene's layout and so on.

And OMG I have to lose weight!
I gained weight since the holidays begun (no wonder, the only sports I usually do is in school)
I gonna skip dinner for a week or so.

Well then
Chu, Ailing
*losing weight greetings*

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hottest Day of the Year.

Listen to the song it's funny!
Oskar M. Himejima and Hibari danced to it xD

My parents are out buying the new car wtf !!!

Should I get breakfast?
Hmmm... I'll quickly hop down and get myself a butter bread!
Uno momento !

Rrright, we don't even have bread anymore.
My Hello Kitty Loops must do!

Have you thought about Winter ?
I know a kinda irrelevant question, since today is the hottest days of the year,
but the day before yesterday I thought about Winter, because when I was in France I suddenly wanted it to be Christmas.
Like, with biscuits (want to try out new recipes), ginger bread, cinnamon-perfumed oil, cinnamon-fragrance shower gel, snow (it never snows but still!), candles, advent calender and wreath, christmas tree, bla bla bla

Today I think, that it gonna be freaking cold and also new season means new clothes (_ _|||)
New clothes are kakoii, but buying them is not (o_ _)ノ彡☆

OMG I'm sick of the Hello Kity Loops, why did I wanted to eat sth?!)

About other things which I lie in the future:
  • I want to cook regularly!
    Cooking is IMPORTANT and yummy food too !!!
  • I want to learn sewing !
    Sewing is IMPORTANT too and you can sew yourself EVERY thing, that you like!
    You see a cool gyaru skirt (like high waist layered one with zipper in front)
  • I want to do Japanese stuff!
    Como growing a Bonsai and making Origami thingies, which I spend my time on yesterday. Me and bro made two baby frogs, 2 real frogs, 2 different birds, and a dog !!!
    Just because I'm a freak !!!

My father wants a bonsai, my mother says it's too much work.
My mother was a professional sewer !

Is this anorexic?

[Picture clickable!]
If I'd have my dream size it would be either the 2nd image or something between the 2nd and the 3rd image.

I mean, look at the knees of the yellow one!
I guess she just has disfigured legs, but then you shouldn't be as thin as 42kg, to make it so easy to see.
Like the pink one is even lighter and doesn't look that disgusting (but weak enough to flutter away if someone speaks to her)

And look at the blue one she's even thinner and looks mad healthy.
I guess she has heavy bones ξ\(^。^ )))))

I like the style of Ranzuki !!!
It's cheerful, bright, sunny and colorful !

Will upload some more styles and hair stuffs next time.
Bye bye until then.

Enjoy the hottest day of the year !!!

Chu, Ailing
*sunny greetings*


I won't upload my new layout. I think this one is still nice !!!

I'm starting to get paranoid about insects/ spiders. The last days it always felt as if some insects/spiders were crawling on my arms/legs, but when I looked at them, there wasn't anything.
Or suddenly I have the feeling that something has landed on my hairs and I always think whether I should touch my hair in order to chase it away and risking to touch it, or whether it's only and illuion.
Well everytime I decide to execute the 1st idea, there's nth on my head !!!
I nvr mentioned that I'm absolutely disgusted by insects, did I?

Yesterday me and my bro watched an abt 7mm big insect on the mirror in order to find out if it was a mosquito. I held a tooth mug full of water in my hand. When the insect suddenly started to fly I screamed as if ghost came out of the mirror and smashed the tooth mug against it.
My mom only scolded me for being girlish and my bro laughed his ass off.

Maybe I'm totally girlish in 2 or 3 points, but not on purpose !!!

Ok before this becomes a new post, I'll stop it and save the topic for another time.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hello Kitty Loops.

My parents put our old TV in my room during my stay in Paris and therefore had to put all my things in those boxes to make place. How ridiculous is that?
I can't be bothered to put them to a new place anyways.
Btw the boxes are from Tchibo and made cute! Tchibo has so cool things sometimes, I'll show you when I have time!

Life is so cruel sometimes.
My bed is gone gone gone for good

My parents are bringing my aunt to the airport right now and say that after that I could go to Ikea with them to get the Ikea bed.
Should I do it?
Or should I wait until another princess bed is available somewhere?

Normally I would wait for another bed, but I NEED A NEW BED or my room will never be tidy and princess like again !!!
(yes, tidy. I gave up in cleaning my room, cuz it's not my room without a bed in it !!)

And as for my parents.
They seriously think of buying another new car, after having bought a new Mercedes this year.
WTF ?!
And now my dad is worrying about the new car, cuz he fears that it won't be available on Thursday when my parents will go and buy or whatever anymore.
My mother said he was being paranoid.
I only said they should remember my bed...
Available on Monday, gone on Friday.


I saw the business card of an old friend of my mom on the sideboard yesterday.
She has some sort of Beauty Spa and you can get all sorts of massage, health, asia, nail, spa, beauty, therapy etc etc etc there.

I told my mom that the nxt time we visit Berlin we gotta visit her and I get my nails done.
My mother only Naaah.... Not taking me serious at all.

My parents are in some points worse than the worst vietnamese parents.
I think they would rather survive a boyfriend than me having nails or make-up xD

I rly rly like colorful nails, but I rarely get mine done !!!
As it reads on the Nail Up! 09/09 No Nail No Life

Talking abt GYARUS and so on, I have a new Favo Model !!!

Ikemegu !!!

I love hair eyes !!!
They look kinda drowsy sometimes.

I think I already noticed her on the catwalks of the SGC this year.
She's totally adoreable !!!

By the way: I actually think that black hair is somehow totally disgusting.
Or maybe only dyed black hair.
It looks totally fake... How's that called?
The Edding-effect or whatever''''

Still there are some Gyaru Models with black hair.
Like in the last (?) Ranzuki Hair&Make-Up, all in fugly black hair !!!

I'm so happy that my hair isn't completely black (yet) and still has medium brown strands or ends.
Anyway here's Tsubasa with black/ dark brown hair.

And last but not least:


Chu, Ailing
*pink greetings*

Friday, 14 August 2009

It's not fair and it's really not ok.

Just came back from Paris.
Ok actually I came backt at arnd 4pm.

Wanted to order my new bed, cuz I saw that it was still available in the OUTLET section of Mirabeau.
Saw it on Monday. Today I went to get it and it was gone.

It was so fucking frustrating that I started to cry and just finished.
What a fucking world.

I hate it !!!
Also my computer doesn't accept Window Blinds and normal Shell-Styles anymore (got Virus somemore)

Someone shoot me please?

If they don't have this bed anymore, I srsly need anyone to kill me.
Can anyone pls blackmail them with this information.

Thank you.

I'm going to bed now.
Paris post whenever I have recovered.

Chu, Aini
*kill the world greetings*

P/s: We have a maniac child in our house right now.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Ailing in Paris.

It's official.
According to the information on her blog, big superstar Ailing is going to Paris for a 3 days sojourn.
Fans having hoped for her visit, spared no expense to purchase the tickets in order to see their idol live, resulting in a complete sell-out within hours after anouncement.


I will go nxt Thursday and be back on Friday.
Whoever wants to know:
147€ (4 stars)
COSTS:313 €
TRAIN:(ICE+TGV)158€ + 8€ (reservation)

Which shows: Last Minute bookers are better off !!!
(o_ _)ノ彡☆バンバン

I was at/in Ikea('s) last dunno-day and my alternative bed (i don't want the metall bed anymore) is this one:

Very nice, super handy, but not THE princess bed !!!

My dream bed is nowhere to find on the internet
(・・,) グスン

But I'll still mail to Mirabeau and ask them if they still got it !!!

My new wardrobe(s):

They're from the baby department, but they're white, quite princess like and actually too long and too tiny xD

Anyway, gotta go right now!
So have a nice time everybody, enjoy !!!

I'll be back then

Chu, Ailing