Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Hello World =)

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Gosh, When Did I Update The Last Time Ah???
Two Weeks Ago!!!



Just had the urgent feeling of making a pointless post!

So how's life, Aini?

Chu, Aini

P/s: Hey, today I painted my nails {Revlon Passionate Wine} and I realized that I absolutely suck in painting nails.
Why is that so difficult, lah?

Update: Hohó! I'm fobbin y'all off wit cheap nonsense-posts. And I'm havin fun doin that !

A short add to the nail-paintin-problem: Do you know the situation when you have just painted your nail and then there is like Situation #1:
you notice a tiny tiny mistake, which nevertheless extremely sucks?
or Situation #2: you don't want to just sit there and wait for your nails to dry, but you think you can just do things more careful than usually while your nails are drying, then after some time of doing careful things, you notice that you ruined your nails?
And in both situations you end up painting a new layer of nail polish on your nails, only in order to ruin them even more?
And then in the end you remove all the polish to do everything again, just to obtain another unsatisfactory result???
That happends to me every time !

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I*m a new soul, I came to this strange world

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I am not rly satisfied with this icon. It dun rly fit to my entry. I want a bright, happy anime one. But this one aso ok, la~

But I have a different msg for you, lah


No actually I don*t hate you {Would be stupid to hate my readers, rite xD}
But well you don*t comment so often you know...
No, don*t get me wrong, I do not mean to force you to comment or sth, we live in a fee country.
And I understand it fully if you have to little time to leave me some feedback.
Yes, yeh I really see your points. And no, good heavens, no you can do as you want.
I... I just, just thought... that you could... I mean... maybe...you, you... just... just some idea of mine,... you know.. maybe you... could... like..... comment more?
*ruuuuunnnns in order to dodge your punches*
*jumping*I...no... ouch... no I... I mean if you don*t want to comment, thats... ouch...that*s fine too..... really.... no... ouch... problem
*disappearing at the horizon*

Topic Change

Well, well is it aso so rainy where you all live?
Today it rained very much overe here.
It still does and we aso have a lot of wind. A real storm.

I rly love storms.
Do you know what I love most on this world?
It may sound strange but what I love most is

Raind and Wind


When I had to chose my Paradise, in which I have to live all alone,
it would look like this:

A wide meadow with high, soft and lush gras.
There would be a beautiful deciduous tree somewhere in the middle of it {no cherry tree, although it*s my all-time-favo-tree, but a cherry tree doesn*t fit to the scene} Next to the tree, but a few meters apart from it, is a small river/ stream. Not very deep, but deep enough to maybe swim more or less in it. So on hot days I could go to that river to refresh myself.

The sky would be always grey with clouds and it would constantly rain. The rain should be not too cold, nor should it be *sharp* like needles. Aso there should be a constant wind blowing. I think it has to be a soft wind, or the rain would become to cold and hurting.
Sometimes there can be realy hard storms and thunderstorms. But most of the time it should just rain, sometimes less, sometimes more like a real continuous steady rainfall {dt. Landregen}.
Yes, sometimes it could even stop rain for a really hot day. Or my river would be meaningless.

I would sleep at the roots of the tree {in my dream world the earth isn*t dirty or what and the wood of the tree is aso clean lah!}. Maybe I*ll try to climb up to the branches to sleep on them so I could watch the moon.
And you know what I would do the whole day? I would lie on the wonderful lush gras, close my eyes and listen to the sound of pouring rain and wind.

How would I look like? Well long black hair {long enough to reach my hips maybe} and I would wear a plain and simple white dress, which is slightly see-through {?}/ transparent.
No shoes.

If I could have some extra wishes, I would want to be able to play whatever music I like.
E.g. the OSTs from Naruto {Sadness and Sorrow}
And for a megabig xtra wish I would want a pink lappie wit broadband loolzzz.

Most of all the ensure a nice living there at the ground I need

Does my Paradise sound kitschy?
Does it fit to me?
How do you think a person whose would want such a scenery as a dream world is?
Please answer this questions {via Comment, I suggest}

Well actually I didn*t want to write abt such a topic, but that*s aso fine.
Actually I wanted to explain a lil why I titled this post with
*I*m a new soul, I cam to this strange world*

Because somehow lately I feel like a new human. I don*t know why.
My life is getting worse and worse, but somehow I think that many nice things are happening
{WTF? How is worse getting life and nice happenings working together - dun ask me i dunno}

Well, you know maybe because
I finally started to learn Japanese.
After decades of planing to do it, I*m actually ready to put them into action.

So I can say stupid and unncessary things like
*err...excuse me {you have dropped your passport} aso write
*thank you/ very much; aso write
*do you have a minute
*my name is/what is your name {formal and informal} aso write
*nice to meet you/ too {informal} aso write
*what should I do?
*this is the first time I ever do X
*where are you living {formal and informal}

I can write 28 signs {hiragana} now {I guess it looks horrible}

And I started last Thursday.
I*m super awesome, ne?

Here are a few kawaii2 thingies that I bought err.... the last few days.

Ok I only bought that red bag... the magnets were bought some time ago. the unicorn for only 1€ {after hesitating to buy it for ages, they finally had a discount on it}
Red Bag H&M, 4€ {double discount; 1st discount 5€ - then 20% campaign 4€}
would never buy it for 5€, but i thought that they got discount and maybe need red bag somedae so I bought it can.
Confirm that*s sensitive!

Awww..... a super nice pink penil sharpener!
I wanted to buy one for a long time now.
I know I got the Hello Kitty one, but I want one to use at home.
Well, when I was in Elementary School I had every pen and school stuff twice, so that I didn*t need to dig them up in my schoolbag everytime I need them.

And you know in my Moleskin notebook I got a list with things I have to buy and among other things is a cute pencil sharpener.
I think the form isn*t that nice, buy the colours are PERFECT!

Well the pink eraser was also on that list I think, but buying it was more an impulse purchase~

Heart-shaped .... I forgot the word. It*s aso cute, rite?
Currently I have one sticking at my monitor reminding me of japanese hiragana characters that I always forget.
Aso available at Müller for only 1€ !!!

Ha! This are two very original *pencil holders*
Left thingie is the packing of Yan Yan*s cracker sticks with strawberry frosting. I bought it in Vietnam and thought that the packing was so nice, that I carried it over to Germany with me in order to use it as a pencil holder !^^
It*s very handy cuz it got two compartments.

I think some of you know the thing on the left. It*s the can of Panchy*s Lychee Juice Drink.
My mom bought some cans on CNY and following the *innovative how-to-pimp-your-waste-to-rocking-interior-instructions* I tooks the cans and made pencil holders out of them {or better my dad did that}
Do you agree with me that Panchy*s Lychee Juice is {one of} the best non-alcoholic drinks in the universe? I heart it to the max!

Now we come to the pic on the left side.

100% Kawaii, ne? Other magnets I just bought.
Ok the giraffe was bought by my bro at some bdae of mine
{from Butlers}.
The Hello Kitty magnets are available at Müller... errhh for 3€/apiece

Gosh so cute!

The pink stripes are also magnets. I got six such stripes and I dunno how to use them.

At the background you can see a page of my Japanese Exercise Book.
Not very fruitful, aye?

Any way I think I will get some more of this cute Hello Kitty magnets.

Gosh, I*m spending too much money =.=

The nxt things I want to blog abt are
Nearlyrexia {did fucking Glamour invent that stupid word, if you google it there are only 3 entries!!!}
Climate Change o.O Loolzz, no it ain*t gonna be a boring *save-the-nature-entry*

This is the end.

Chu~ Aini

P/s: Yes I know the editing of the pics is kinda Uyen-like.
I searched for a simple way of pimping them~
Not good?

Monday, 2 February 2009

Have Fun With Orochimaru !

Music: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Hello y*all !!!
How*s life?

WoOw, I*m usin a Naruto icon. I nvr use Naruto icons, somehow my entries aren*t worthy of them xD
By this time the icon rly fits, cuz I feel great and I got some Naruto content later !^^

Well Somehow I*m Pretty Happy Right Now!
And You Know Why?
Cuz I enjoy An Absolutely StressFree Time!
No Exams In School, Driving Lessons over, Driving Test Passed AND
AND I Got Chosen From My Teacher To Participate In A Special Summer Camp For Swots!

You know, actually I wanted to blog daily this year. I mean the Lunar Year !^^
But I have so little time, I don*t know where to take it from.
Well, at least I got no driving lessons anymore.

So, since last two posts were kinda long and difficult this post will mainly consits of easy lecture !^^
Or rather pics !^^

BUT, not only pics. I dun want my blog to dull your brain xD
So here is sth for

So if you know Naruto well, listen to this:

My Question To YOU is:
Who sings this song?
Orochimaru !!!
Quang Linh

For all of you who don*t know Orochimaru-chan:
naruto episode 71

He starts to speak at abt 3' 05''

So? What do you say?
IF Vietnameses would ever come to the idea of starting dubbing movies properly,
Quang Linh would be the PERFECT man to dub Orochimaru, rite?

But enough of that, here are the pics.
Stuff I bought some daes ago.

The images have some strange sizes...

#1 The whole outfit. I merely bought the trouser, or my mother did.
12 €
Awesome color!
Btw, ingenious pose, rite?
Shampoo is doing this at the beginning of a chapter in some Ranma ½-Manga

Just Ingenious.
Color and everything!

#2 Second Outfit
I bought, that trouser. This time I rly bough it.
12 € at Madonna*s {cheap store, rly.}
Tshirt 12€, C&A =.=
Cardigan dunno how much, s.Oliver

#3 Third Outfit
I bought this totally kawaii top!
Top 2-3€, Tally Weijl
Awesome nice xD

Ac...... I told you that the pics got strange sizes =.=
You can*t read what it says rite? xD

That*s it!

That song above is a Vietnamese Spring Song, the title is
New Year Song For You {where you means ~female darling in here}

Well, yes it*s a bit late for new year things now, but actually I got some New Year*s Eve pics for you.
But they aren*t edited.
So I can*t post them up.
So you can*t see them.

I try to edit them as soon as possible.

Do you know what I been doing the last 3 daes?
I desperately tried to try to find a Podcast for
AllNightNippon オールナイトニッポン.
Gosh it*s super freaky annoying to be unable to understand Japanese!

Chu, Aini