Friday, 23 April 2010

Sunrise (Love Is All).


I LOVE being a fan girl !!!
It's super duper totally more than enough to daydream about some star, who will never marry you anyway, than having some sort of boyfriend (only exception the boyfriend is the star you're daydreaming about, but this is so 99,9% not happening!)

I really don't need some mediocre boyfriend!
Please give me someone as awesome as Yuchoon, Jaejoong, Yunho, Hong Ki, Jonghoon, whoever! むりむり !!!

(And this entry was well planned years before it's execution, the crossover to the next topic is perfect)

Yesteray at the concert I decided to not ever marry any unmusical guy. NOT!
Go and learn some fucking instrument guys! (Drums are not that requested, but will get a chance)
Fore Jaejoong's, Yunho's, Changmin's and Hong Ki's sake, I will be accepting very good totally emotionally singing combined with an super ultra awesome voice.

Wait Hong Ki can play the piano and knowing him as I do, I bet Jaejoong can play the piano, too. I think he really can. He can.

Passionate musicians are the best!

(See it's so well planned)

Talking about musicians, a time ago I read an article about Lady Gaga.
The article said something about that she isn't a mere musician or her concert aren't normal concerts, but some totally retarded new combination of two words, which sounded greater than their actual meaning (and which must have given it's inventor a total boost for his ego).
Well, the author wanted to say, that her style is like new, hitting the essence of our society, combining striking sounds to overwhelming costumes and dance moves, expressing oneselfs in an provocative, but so captivating way, it's absolutely reflecting the spririt of the age,...

The Shape of Things, a play I visited two weeks ago or so, is about an art student, pretending to love a loser and during the time they're dating each other, does everything to manipulate him and thereby turning him into some (pre-)macho. (Not only his looks, but also his character). The peek is reached when she makes him getting a plastic surgery and abandoning his old friends.
The whole time she's talking about her degree dissertation (Diplomarbeit), but nobody knows what it is about, she only tells that it is a sculpture.

In the end she invited everybody to the presentation of her degree dissertation, the sculpture turns out to be her boyfriend, she took the easiest plastic material of nature, flesh and psyche.
Of course the boyfriend is shocked and tells her that she's a psycho, but she doesn't understand him and only tells him, that she's pitying him for not understanding her art.

Art, for her, is something that is allowed to force open the bounds of society and morale, or maybe it is even obligated to do so.
And by conducting the project on him, she did nothing but coming on the heels of other great artists before her.

The boyfriend replied that when Picasso shitted he didn't call it a sculpture, but simply a pile of shit.
And what she was doing, could have been done by everybody: running naked through a church or pissing on the streets is aso provocating lah!
Simply provocating is nothing!

It depends on whether you have a message to convey to other people or not.
That's so fucking right.

Please tell me what the fuck Lady Gaga has to say to us with her new shit Telephone?
Or the participating Beyoncé? (who is fat, I hate her, I hate her!)
The shit she has to say. I hate her attitude.

Here are the Ayumi Hamasaki videos I promised.
I like the song, the lyrics and the video (without that eye thingy in the beginning).
I think we shouldn't just compare or in anyway link it to Lady Gaga, although it's of course senseless too (or maybe just for us, but not for her).

It's just the stupid L'art pour l'art.

Sexy Little Things from her latest album Rock 'n' Roll Circus

I really like the playful music

When yesterday before the concert me and my father went into a bookstore, I grapped a book about modern chinese architecture and again was confronted with strange art.
I don't really like the combination of modernity and tradition, it turns out shitty all the time. But ok, if every Chinese nowadays thinks, he has to do something spectacular, let them be.

The only thinkg I learned out of that book is that I hate modern art painters (got nothing to do with the book OK!)
I think at least since some of my friends had tests where they had to learn stuffs about conceptual art, I started to dislike painters (OK, again got nothing to do with painters!).

It's just whatever crap they paint, they always have some stupid shitass explanation for us, which makes me think, why should I bother about understading a painting which looks like a bred swimming in piss, when a bred swimming in piss has absolutely no fucking meaning?

And that, my dear readers, just was the ultimate reason for why a prestigious law office would never accept me, because they're totally brainlessly biased and obsessed with modern art.

Also the book made me decide that I would never start something with an Asian, at any rate Chinese rich businessmen (1 exception).
They just totally scare me.
Rich Asians men make me vomit, really (exception this time are singers of course!).

There wannabe art connoisseur and savoir vivre way (I imagine they have) is totally unbearable!

And now enough of heavy thoughts, here is fob style for you:

Thursday, 15 April 2010



I got ill today.
Slowly I noticed how my throat was beginning to hurt. And now, I'm ill.

At least I have no stress anymore.
My test is done and finally my bath is tiled. It looks much brighter now and a bit futuristic.
That's the because the tiles at the walls are very wide.
You will get a pic if I feel like going up into my cold room and take one.

Today I and my friend went to town to look for some of the handicraft books.
There really are so many nice things to tinker, not only origami.
But I didn't bought any books there, but in fact, a fabric heart thingy with a crown and soap.
So fail.

This evening J and the whole big band are giving a private concert for some rich folks in their villa.
Gosh! It should be forbidden that rich people can hire others to entertain them!

Good, in this case there's no hiring, because it's a chargeback for them sponsoring something that has to do with the big band.
But, actually, it's still~

And I will be sitting in front of the TV watching either Princess Monoke or Nausicaä, I forgot.

I'm sure you know work&travell.
It's actually not at all like me to be enthu to leave the country in order to get to know new people or whatever.
The only exceptions: Japan, Korea, China

So, you can go to Shanghai and teach English (or French or German) at an continuative school there.
That seems so perfect to me. The good thing about work&travel is, that they organize trips for you as well (ok, only 4 days of sightseeing in Shanghai, lah) (like if you go to Vietnam it's 3 weeks from Hanoi over Ha Long, Hue, Nha Trang, Saigon and more!)
Unfortunately, they don't have Korea or Japan (which is strange, why pick China?)

But the whole thing has a catch: it's voluntary work, so you don't get paid.
It's not only 1400€ for them, it's both flights extra.

The not getting paid is actually not really bad or so, because I would do it, because I like Asia and I like teaching, but where to take the money from then?

Even though I know that my parents would 80% pay everything if my graduation grades are good, I still think about the money.

Oh, and also none of my friends could/would come with me (I think).
Because of the money matter and because it's such a unknown culture.
Come on! It's Shanghai!!!

One of my friends wants to go to normal countries, like Canada or USA!
Super boring.
By pure chance I read what you would do in the US: working in a summer camp!
Shit of work! I would never ever take a leading part in a summer camp!
Not even take a non leading part!

Camps are just shitty and organizing shit-ass funny games or great discovery games for wild American kids seems like hell to me.
And then working with Americans! Argh!
I imagine some kind of freckled, tall and lanky guy, trying to be all competent or totally enthu.
Or some spastic beau, best in school or totally rich, whose parents think that he has to learn how to work and therefore sent him there. Best if he's 2-3 years older than me, so he can discreetly boss me around.
Not to forget all the crazy girls, I don't want to get to know.

Ok, thinking about this, the real freaks will go to China.
Shared room, wtf!
I need someone to know, who can come with me. Or at least noone around the same position as me.
I really don't need a 25 year old, socially disabled, pedagogy studying smart ass. Or worse, a girl in my age being as smart ass as previous horror example.

I want serious discreet, shy, communist Chinese administration/ office uncles to be around.

Teaching English (or German, but not French) will be a lot of fun.

Ah, I talked to much nonsense.
Anyway, that's it for today.

Have a sweet time!
Chu, ailing

P/s: Nothing against JJ, but I think his hairstyle in Toki wo tomete is really not quite matching.
Or is it the camera work?
He looks kind of chunky and the color makes it worse

Friday, 9 April 2010

Baby 넌 반짝 반짝.

My last post was ridiculously short
And this one aso be lah.

Actually due to some organisational problems my bathroom is expected to be finished by only the week after next
Just because the stupid HVAC installer (the guy doing all the stuffs with heating and so on) hasn't time to relocate my heating before Thursday.

Oh and last week I nearly drove my dad crazy when I went to the building centre with him. In fact I did not only pester him, but also the expect for sanitary

Well, if you ever want to buy a flat shower base and s.o. tells you that you can't use a hair sieve, because it has another drain (Abfluss): WRONG!

Buy the 50€ one and you can!

In fact, I think that I am from the kind of exhausting customers.
I'm not unfriendly/rude or impatient, but kind of demanding?

Like, the poor goodlooking guy at the tiles. I think we walked miles from tile A to tile B and back again, and I just couldn't decide!
And then I happen to chose just the type of tiles which isn't in stock anymore and then he has to try out everything to get them for me and so on. (Actually, I think my mom was the more energetic person on that day.
When getting a VISA card, I ask what this and that means, spam the inbox of my advisor and in the end I drop by and ask again personally

The result is, my bank doesn't offer customer designed credit cards , so goodbye pink visa

Earlier I re-read my Ms Kim Hoang post!
I really hate them!

So fugly!
It's a really mean entry, but there wouldn't be any point, if it wasn't mean.

Btw, she is/was pregnant and now even her super fugly homepage closed.
I should have screenshot it, it was so fucking for the arse.

Well, if you look at the hoster/ sponsor, no wonder lah~
The whole thing looks like a bad joke!

Read an article abt plastic surgery for legs yesterday.
I should've known it, but in fact you can model the shape of your legs via liposuction (Fettabsaugen). The interviewed doctor talked sth abt well and bad shaped legs. Srange, not?

Chu, ailing

P/s: Last weekend (or so) the most ridiculous thing happened to me and once again, another dumbass person was added to my I really hate you -list. Live well, succer!

P/p/s: Didn't feel to old to look となりのトトロ yesterday (even planned it)! Loves!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

넌 나의 사탕 과자.


Not really worth a post, but I thought I should do something.

Have been a first-year resident Junior Doctoron (Arzt im Praktikum) on laboratory (?) (Praktikum) in a hospital!
Somehow nice work.

Have seen refined, minimally invasive surgery techniques, cut-open people, smelled burned flesh and fat via monopolar cutting techniques and seen a whole lot of penises and naked old man.

Today I happened to find out something very interesting about erectile dysfunction (coll. impotence).

Did you (Germans) know that dysfunction is written with an y?
Seriously I argued with the student there until he googled the word.
I really didn't know.

I think I've never seen this word before. So crazy.

Now to the progress of my bathroom.
Tiles are delivered and waiting in our garage.
Shower, wash basin + floor unit + tap/ faucet will be ordered tomorrow.

I have to pay the wash basin + floor unit + tap = 800€
- 25% = 600€, wtf !!!

I will lend the money from my parents, because I just won't pay so much money all at once.

Now for the big news, May 2010: LG Lollipop 1

It's far too expensive (-400€) and also more than 1 year old, but the Lollipop 2 is would just be too expensive and aso not available anywhere.
And then next year, I will maybe buy the Lollipop 2 if it's also not tooooo expensive anymore.

Chu, ailing