Thursday, 31 July 2014

This is the 2nd time I'm writing this.
I'm not even angry or frustrated anymore... this has happened to me a lot in the past. And now with the retarded blogger app which sometimes deletes the whole entry when running in the background it's happening again....


To further elaborate my HATRED FOR INSECTS:
Yesterday before going to sleep I spotted a huge black moth on the wall at the stairs.
(I told my father about it, but he was just like, 'oh hello, moth!'

When I woke up, I immediately noticed this dark spot on the lampshade right in front of my bed, which had a shape very much like one of a fucking moth!

I went to check for at the stairs, lo! the moth from there was gone!

The fucking nerve of it!
This fucking moth fucking moved from it's fucking place to the exact fucking space right next to me!!!!
What the fucking fuck!

I fucking hate insects!
And I think they hate me, too fuuu

Their only goddamn ability seems to be to find the vicinity of people who hate them the most!
What a fucking skill is that?!

Why did the friggin' moth change place anyway?
The spot on the middle of the bright wall not in-your-face enough leh?
Can better serve your life's purpose next to my fucking bed is it?

What is their ridiculously stupid life about anyway?

There can't possible exists a fuck of a reason for this stupid low-life to suddenly decided to get off that wall and fucking fly into my room!!!

Just the thought of such a retarded thing makes me wanna explode!!!

I hate moths the most!
They are the most disgusting ones!
At least fucking slugs don't fly around in that haphazardly way during the night to sit right next to you!!!!!!!

When I was younger sometimes I awoke in the middle of the night do the sound of something which sounded like water rippling... When I switched on the light I realized it was a fucking moth right next to my bed flying so close to the walls it fucking insult of a wing would flap against the wall causing this ridiculous sound...

I can't imagine any more retarded behaviour!!!
Why fly so freaking close to the wall?! WHY?
Also possibly this flapping sound is the most retarded sound ever...
Yes you read that right, there exists retarded sounds.... I never knew of them, too before I met these goddamn stupid moths...

At least other insects like mosquitoes only make a super high tone, admit similarly annoying but not disgusting or retarded!
Or the deep buzzing of some fat insects (who also actually have the fucking nerve to pass right next to your ear, when they have all the fucking skies for themselves) is disgusting but not retarded!!!!

*flap* *flap* *flap* in the middle of the night.... for fuck's sake...

This leads me to thing I hate most about insects: Their unfathomable low IQ

A more classic example would be flies.
What are you telling me you can enter through a howsoever small gap but can't fucking get out a wide opened window?!
What fucking bullcrap is that?!

Just watching their mindless flying around inside makes me so unbelievably inexpressibly frustrated that I just want to drop dead on the spot.... The pain of thinking of a method to accomplish dropping dead is equally frustrating and at least I'm distracted from the stupid fly while I wreck my brain...

Their low IQ is nearly unbearable, the longer you watch the more you wish to just end the world.... FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!

So I wonder if actually humans are the same to god!

What if god finds us as stupid as we find insects? If our brains are also like nothing to him as insect 'brains' are to us?
He must be so uber indifferent to us, if not hostile (like me) that it's no big deal wonders don't happen and there's so much bad things!!

Why should he listen to our stupid buzzing and humming?
What if insects pray to us, too all the time? We can't even hear it!!!
Oh please dear big beings, have mercy and leave me some rotten meat so my larvae have something to eat!
Please I don't have a job and have to 1000 kids to feed!!! Oh big beings, don't let my kids die!!

And we are like You think my meat for free ah? Stupid flies, cannot find other things to spoil ah? They think we don't need our food for what ha? You fuck can have my food!!

So what if god granting us our wishes also not for free for him? What if he needs the stuff needed for our wishes....
Alas, now I finally understand I never millionaire ah.....

Then again there actually exist humans who build fucktarded stuffs like freaking insect hotels!!!
At there insects are loved, so does that mean I should go to church more often?!

FML I still hate insects, be it that god hates us too..... Insects are a freaking pest!!!! amen.

Just a picture. For all those out there who think I super blasphemous, see it as my praise of god's good work.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

We - Fly To The Sky
I have nothing to blog about, except that I want to blog.
Online shopping has really this one effin big disadvantage of mailing...
First of all you have to wait for the order be processed, then posted, then transported and then in most cases I think for you to go somewhere an pick it up, because you were not at home when a delivery attempt was made.

Another big trouble is this delivery attempt, you never know when this guy is going to arrive... Yesterday my parcel was supposed to arrive but UPS didn't made it... Now I have to wait again today.... fml

Online - real world connection needs a lot of improvement.
As in online shopping but also customer service!

For example Hermes let you track their delivery vehicle per GPS! So you can see where it is, at least when it's near your place you now it might arrive soon (if it's further away you can't say anything really, cuz you never know if in the next moment it will directly drive to your area/ place...)

Anyway I think the only solution for smoother and faster delivery is hire more mail man.... But then everything will be more expensive, too....

Then customer service... I think customer have arrived at 2253409th century already while companies still stagnate somewhere around the time when telegrams were introduces...


I won't even start about how long it takes them to reply to an e-mail... Probably they have to do some research at times or just typing a reply takes long enough and they get 10000s of them daily, BUT there are sites with CHAT SUPPORT (or twitter support, but that's really slow, too) there you are being served almost instantly and things work out super fast so why doesn't everyone offer this?!

What's the big deal? Either the poor fellas sit there and answer e-mails or just chat with the customers. I think chatting would even be more fulfilling and also quite varied so it wouldn't be so boring.
And the customer is happy too because he knows what he signed up for...

Yet most site still don't offer any of that support.....

But ok, what I don't know about things required to run a company so I shall indulgently close my eyes to such stupidity...

What really isn't understandable is that most of the times the persons replying to your e-mail don't even care to read it!
Or are just too dumb to do it, I don't know how....

Mostly you will get one of these pre-made answers, which obviously don't give you the information you asked for, because then it would be on their site already and you'd have read it liao!!!

So then you will reply, asking the same thing again....

Only after this time, will you get an answer, except that you asked 2 things and apparently, customer service people only read to the first question.

So you reply again, asking them the 2nd question....

By that time mostly 4 days will have past...

And acutally it can't be that it takes them 4 days to answer 2 question, which in a normal convo would probably take sb 5 sec to explain.....

The most retarded thing is not that it's slow because they have so many mails or replying takes so long, it's because the first time you message them they fuck read your mail!!!!
They just copy past some random shit!!!

Ok I'm getting really agitated haha
The other day I ordered something from monoqi and it wasn't shipped in the due time.
I msg them, no reply...
I spam their freaking twitter... nothing
I complain on their fucking facebook... no reaction

For heaven's sake, want to rip people off then why offer PayPal?
I really didn't want them to get through with this (of course I filed a complaint via pp) but I also insulted them on twitter for days hahaha....

I love cursing people, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction!!!

Anyway to end this useless ramble I will just curse all the stupid companies on this world who are too dumb to reply to a question:
I hope you will all die! Now

Another thing I thought of is way SNS don't think of any method - especially for celebrities - to protect their account!
Recently Donghae's instagram was hacked and he was very upset about it....

Of course the hackers will brute-force the PW so Donghae knew he was attacked by getting mails I guess, like 'Your account was deactivated for 1 day because of too many failed log-in attempts' or so...
Why don't they offer device identification/ recognition... Like only from this and that registered device can you access this account.... Like that hackers will have it much harder....

The problem with people is we are too lazy and comfortable with everything....

Chu, Ailing

Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer Problems

I Can't - 2PM
xx's blog is/was freaking amazing! I feel v inspired to also blog about whatever I have in mind.
So now at 2am I'm half lying in my bed, laptop on my belly!

And a spider had to rope down just in front of my screen. Why do insect have this fucking retarded talent of always appearing right in front of your face at the most stupid times?

Do they want to get killed so badly?

And why is it so fucking irritating to get rid of spiders and their stupid webs/ threads?
I moved my laptop to the left hoping it would take the spider with it and tear up the fucking thread it used to come down with.
Of course it didn't work. As I moved my laptop back the spider was still there trying to get up. I tried it again with no success...

Absolutely irritated I actually got up, switched on the light and searched for my still sealed ELLE to try to get rid of the spider (by flinging it away), then OF COURSE it was nowhere to be found.

FUCK INSECTS! If I could I would make them all stop existing and I fuck care for any environmental damage!!
Even butterflies can go kiss my ass..... ALL SHOULD DIE!!!

But that was not what I wanted to write about.

I know I have mentioned several times that I can't stand being complimented on.
I know many people have this kind of problem, but for me it is kind of worse than I don't know what to say/ how to react/ don't think it was meant sincere/ am not worthy.
I guess I'm really overreacting (on the inside). Recently I again realized how ridiculous and also stupid I am.
I know all of these posts (and tweets) sound like humble-bragging, but I am really not...
Well read and you will see...

A few days ago I tried on this cool coat while I was shopping with my mother.
The coat was slim fit and kinda snug so it did enhance a skinnier body, of course I am aware of the fact that it did look not bad on me (but not extraordinary good either, especially cuz the shoulders were too wide)...

So this staff member was coming along the way and exclaimed, 'WOAH!', before he could think.
Then seeing my or better my mothers reaction (as I immediately backed away) apologized, 'Sorry, I didn't say anything, but it looks really good'

My mother saved the whole situation by having some small talk about fashion with that dude while I acted like he was air.
At that moment I did not think about how my behaviour looked like for others, I actually just wanted to act like nothing happened, like I didn't notice what had happened and what's going on now while I just prayed that the guy would move on so the whole situation would be over.

Only when he left could I return to normal.
Now when I think back, I think my behaviour or attitude looked like I was being terribly arrogant to the point that I don't want to talk with small fries who can do nothing but admire me. (If you know any freakish anime character like that, I might seem exact the same...)

Kinda like 'Ahh! I know that I am amazing, tell me something new you midget'

Yes that sounds arrogant, but it's totally not the image I want to convey... but when I recap the whole scene it could only seem like that, because I couldn't have possibly not notice that dude yelling 'woah!' across the whole room and his convo with my mother who stood right next to me ('the coat looks really classy! I like this kind of fashion blabla')

The thing is I am always acting like that when confronted with praises!
I try to act like nothing happened, long for the moment the person goes back to what they did, because I wish that nothing had happened!!!

I want to be honest and not leave anything out; of course I get a boost of happiness hormones when I learn that someone find sth good/ pretty about or on me.
How can I not?

But it is purely the information that delectates me, the whole act of complimenting is such a pain, if not a torture!
I guess it's a feeling of extreme embarrassment? I don't even know during those seconds my brain totally stops working!

Which is literally what happens: There are times when I don't even hear the compliment (if it really is one) because once I realize where the statement leaving the talkers mouth is going to, my brain just shuts down. I can't think anything at all, except, 'let this be over'. And I don't hear the rest of the sentence!!
That leads to really awkward situations, because when they finish, I don't know what the person has talked about!
I can't say 'sorry? come again?', too, cuz imagine it was a friggin compliment how self-absorbed would that sound like haha

I don't remember any specific event that happened except one time, when I ended up saying 'err.. okay'

The guy and the person with him look absolutely puzzled and left.
OMG what had I done haha
BUT I couldn't say 'thank you' right? In case it wasn't a compliment, so the most neutral answer really is 'okay'.
I mean 'They weather is really nice tonight isn't it?' - 'err.. okay'
'Are you free tonight?' - 'err.. okay'
'I hate foreigners' - 'err.. okay'
'Do you know how to get to the next gas station?' - 'err.. okay'

Err.. okay it is really not the best answer hahaha I couldn't really help it, I think the one thing you can reply to anything is 'who cares' hahaha

(If you are wondering if my reaction(actually non-reaction) was correct according to my brain's weird thinking pattern or if I'm just a narcissistic bitch, thinking any stranger who approaches me must want to get a love confession off their chest, the convo started like this (at least this is what I can still remember) 'Can I tell you sth?' - 'yes?' - 'you have the most beautiful......' ... I admit I'm kind of deaf at times so maybe he said sth completely different like 'You so ugly yo mama......' Really I don't intend to humble brag haha)

Gah! I don't really want to change that, as I don't want to become one of those people who take compliments for granted, I just wish there was a way to end those situations immediately!

I wonder if there are many people who have similar problems? Let's google....

Ok, I either don't know how to google or there really isn't any more popular discussion about this sort of problem...

Anw, one last disclaimer, I don't react like that always!
When my friends praise me I can of course react accordingly and brush it down or whatever (Gosh I wish I had your hair - Do you know how much I lose when I shower? You wouldn't want to know me any longer... /no humble brag)
Or when family members praise me I will normally act cute (if we are not that close)

But even when people I just know or am just a bit friends with praise me, I will answer with a kind of fake and patronizing curt 'thank you' (or even 'okay'). Which doesn't feel honest or appreciating at all (at least for me) and thus will also disappoint the other I think).

There's really nothing relevant on google... Most people want to know if other also downplay the compliment or can't accept it because of low self-esteem and want to avoid ever meeting those persons again, because they are afraid they might fail them....
I don't have such problems at all.....

Most people who compliment me are strangers (not saying that I get compliments all the time again, no humble brag) so I probably won't meet them again anyway... And even if it is sb that I probably meet again, let's say a shop owner... I'm so sure that I won't live up to any standard I set on that 1st encounter that I couldn't care less....
And really if it's only a short 'See you again, pretty!' (argh no humble brag!) I can live with that since it's a 1 second thing and I wouldn't care about meeting them again too, since I don't care about expectations....

But let's say I had to meet that dude from the shop I bought the coat again.... I'd try to hide behind hanging rails and mannequins... Not because of the expectation mind you, but because the sole memory of that event is stressing me out ridiculously, and I wouldn't want to risk anything like that again.....

So yes I am ridiculous. And I don't know what to think of my behaviour disorder at all haha

In case you are wondering, yes that's my paw in the pictures~
Because, I didn't say that I am not narcissistic either, didn't I? Actually the colours on my nails and of the flowers were just matchy matchy...

If you can't appreciate the art because it's too self-absorbed then maybe the fact that I held the super heavy DSLR with one hand for like half an hour will win you over!
And yes the poses are all nearly the same... But it is very difficult to pose with anything so that your nails wills show haha
Oh yes, the nail colour is Essie Cute As A Button that I luckily got along with a fashion magazine that I never paid for haha.

Chu, Ailing

Friday, 25 July 2014

인형처럼 웃고 있어요

Love is - FT Island
Hongki said he doesn't want to hv gf w plastic surgery!
Also the first question he will ask when meeting (Korean) girl will be, 'Did you get plastic surgery?'

Everyone is relaxing at the lounge of FNC building, waiting for Yonghwa

HK Ai, did you get plastic surgery? *stares at Ailing with intense interest*
*akward silence, everybody feels embarrassed, but also curious*

Ai *prompt and with serious face* Of course! I had EEEVERY surgery out there!
*restrained laughter, except Hongki*

HK No, for real! I'm just curious!
Ai It's true! I had several implants, nose job, 4 eye surgeries, jaw shaving, cheekbone shaving, lips, boob job, I even break my bones to became taller! I can't even remember every surgery I had!
HK That was a serious question! Just answer truly! No need to be ashamed! Many~
Ai I'm not ashamed! I'm telling the truth! In reality I'm a male black Lilliputian!!
HK Aaisshi~ Why don't you answer seriously! Many of my friends had things done! Nobody minds in our business! It's~
Ai Huh? *short laughter* I am totally serious? Shouldn't you be happy Hongki-sunbae?
HK Aaaishhiii~! I just~ *gets up and walks towards soda machine*
*akward silence*

JH ahh... Ailing, don't mind him. Hongki is always like this. It doesn't mean anything *smiles*
JJ Yes, Hongki will joke around like that
SH When I was new, I was very shocked of how he treated me! I was scared of Hongki-sshi!
*everybody laughs*

Ai No, I don't mind *laughs* I just don't think, that you shouldn't ask this question to anyone. No matter what your ideals are.

Ai But, I really don't mind *laughs* It's really nothing *laughs again*
JH *looks at phone* Yonghwa sure takes a long time....
*everyone looks at next available clock*

JJ yeah, what is he doing?
*everyone starts to wonder*

A door opens, Yonghwa says goodbye to someone and comes out

JH What took you so long?
YH ah nothing... *greets everyone via eye contact* Hi, Ailing
Ai *shy* Hello
YH Where's Hongki?
JH He's~

Hongki comes back

HK Yonghwa kyaaaa~ *jokingly does aegyo sprint halfway to greet Yonghwa*
YH Whaddup my brother? *weird handshake with Hongki*
*everybody laughs*

YH Should we go?
*everyone agrees and gets up*


Chu, Ailing

Thursday, 24 July 2014

一步两步三步四步 望著天

星晴 - Jay 周杰伦

Heys, who miss me get cookie one

Ok just a quick αʹ☆zillion post, since I have time now! (Actually I don't, I still need to friggin' pack my stuff and shower and it's 9.30pm !^^) So fast fast!!

αʹ☆zillion of things I like about my body
I thought it's about time for some appreciation! This proves that really every cloud has a silver lining, no matter how much black (shit) is in the middle (funny or sad?)
Start from top one!

thanks for my
  • body nearly no birthmarks! (they few I have come and go)
  • hair very thick and plenty and forever healthy (if I don't bleach and dye all the time), and maybe it also grows fast!
  • face cannot frown or make wrinkles!
  • eyes at least not totally small
  • nose bridge high enough for some people to assume I had plastic surgery
  • mouth/lips very full and sometimes I like their shape
  • chin quite slim, nearly v-line one
  • collar bones at least, very prominent or not I can't tell
  • arms they have never been fat or flappy
  • wrists super skinny one
  • fingers kinda long and good shape
  • nails shaped like plastic nails, quite sturdy and white!
  • belly has never been really fat too!
  • butt my parents hint is hat good shape? idk, but at least very firm one haha
  • calves kinda v good shape and slender (with right pose!)
  • ankles super thin
  • feet small!
  • toes funny shape haha

This kinda posts very entertaining what? j/k

I say it appreciation time, but let's see how much I can deppreciate (this word why not exist?)

αʹ☆zillion of things about my body which make me think 'WHY?'
  • hair sooo much hair loss! extremely hard and difficult to style! impossible to curl!
  • forehead cannot be higher?
  • eyebrows where got?
  • eyes why not bigger ah? lashes also fucked up!!
  • eyebrows where got?
  • nose must be so big ah?
  • cheekbones who needs those? make me look old and manly....
  • lips must be so big?
  • teeth must be so big?
  • underarm/armpit area what's with those fat reserves
  • hands must be so big? and vein-y?
  • nails totally curved =(
  • chest where got?
  • belly why are there these weird marks?
  • thighs super big and won't get skinnier when I diet!!
  • calves also kinda big and club-y/bat-y...
  • calves/ankle ratio totally outta proportion
  • feet super dry and ugly haha
  • toes very weird shape!

Which one is longer? anyone care to count? should have made that ol not ul (that's HTML crap never mind)

But! maybe we should change the phrase to
Every silver lining has a black cloud!

Okay that's it, shall nosh on a chocolate marshmallow pack my stuffs and maybe shower... even though my roommate's bf just came....

Chu, Ailing

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bestest Days

最愛還是你 - Danson 唐禹哲
Day 8

I think that in the morning we went shopping and after that went back to the hotel to get ready to meet the boys. (I actually can't remember the exact chronological order of what we did when... alas... So everything from now on is quite blurry as some important points I can't remember, but many trivial instead hahaha)

So, I think we just met Donny on that day, since SC had to study and we was suppossed to join us later on.
For some reason, A. wanted to see Chinatown again, so we headed there, but as I said, it is pretty boring. In the morning I had infixed in A that we were to pay our meals ourselves this time and wouldn't let them pay anymore! I had even made up a plan to make dead sure that I was gonna pay!But more about that later

So somewhere in CT got a lot of stalls selling food and in between are tables for everyone to sit on and eat. Tissues everywhere!!
When we finally found a table that was free, I stood there to occupy the place, while A. and Donny could have some alone-time searching for food! (You pay, okay?! MUST PAY!)

When they returned at least A. managed to buy the drinks. Actually I didn't want the topic food to come up at all, the risk to get treated to sth was too high! Unfortunately, Donny asked if we had breakfast and... we had not. And A. blurted it out before I could 'shhhh!' her hahaha

While we were eating, some guy suddenly sat next to us and then started a discussion about German economy and Singaporean GST. Which was very weird and slightly annoying, because it's not really one of a teenager's pleasure to have their meaninful conversations interrupted by strangers who start to talk about taxes!

After that we went to VivoCity because from there on you take the MRT to Sentosa and that was the main event of the day!
We spent some time looking at the shops and waiting for SC to arrive. Although he said he had to study, Donny told us that, he would be bored for sure and come earlier haha

Which was exactly the case. We went to a café with a nice view of Sentosa. Donny casually mentioned that he and SC had worked at said café. And I
immediately was damn embarassed to be standing in front of the cafe shop employees/owner, cuz once again I felt like a prostitute!!! A freaking prostitute who demands to be taken here and there and to be treated to stuff!!
I glued myself to the view of Sentose so I didn't had to look at anyone else.

Then SC came and we had to move away from the big window. Of course we ended up having a café, of course it was free.
So while the guys made us our drinks A and I sat down at a table and I was direclty facing the employees who'd give me these mischievous winks and gaaah! It was embarassing~
But my coffee (some sort of hazelnut thing I think) was good haha

We also went to a gaming arcade (? how are those things called). It was my first time in such a place and I was reminded of Japanese drama haha
A played this laser ping pong stuff with D, while SC and I tried guitar hero and basketball. Both of them also did a shooter game!

After that it was finally time to go to Sentosa!!!

It was the best of the best!! Hahaha

But we really didn't do anything that special. At first we took the cable car up a hill and went down racing each other with some sort of soapbox (?).
Idk after that we were just walking around, splashing in the water, climbing rocks... Well they climbed the rox at the shore, we watched at the beginning and then decided to follow them, which made them yell No, it's dangerous! If you die, what are we going to tell your parents! hhahaha

Then the time for my great great entrance, my gig of all gigs neared: Dinner time !!
They ordered like not meals for everyone but plates with different sort of meat, chicken, pork, beef and seafood!!

The table was actually to small for all the dishes!

But anyway we started eating and midway my phone rang !! Oh it's my parents! must go away find some quiet plae to talk!!! hahaha
I withdrawed away away very inconspicuously directly to the counter inside (we were sitting outside) and asked the waitress for the bill! HAHAHA
YES that was my foolproof plan and I had the nerve to put it into action hahaha!

The waitress was very confused and told me that I could pay later. I didn't really want to explain the situation, so instead I said that we were running late (we were). So I paid, and it was so much that we were going to be equal no matter what could happen the next days hahaha (at least so I thought)

In the meantime A couldn't help but put up an act so both of them saw me paying... The fact that the restaurant hat glass walls didn't really help either.

When I returned they acted a bit sulky but it is my choice whether I accept getting treated to food or not and I think it was a good thing I paid.

Since we were running out of time for a show both of them had booked (what? more money spent on us?!) we didn't even finish all the food.... Donny isn't a big eater and somehow A and I weren't too at that time (that surely changed...) so only SC there to work on all the dishes xD
In the end he just ate all the good/ expensive stuff and we left!!

I think the show we then watched was somesort of open-air 3D cinema.
We had a fun time all in all and in the night happily returned to our hotel.

Before saying goodbye we didn't know what to do. The night before A and I had discussed that it felt akward to just say 'good night' and go, since both of them had done so much for us.
But we weren't on hugging terms either (especially in Asia).

But that night in front of our hotel we hugged them nevertheless. Later they told us that it felt very akward for them, like they don't really hug anyone hahahaha.

Day 9

On this day I don't remember much about our morning, I only remember that we were to meet them at some MRT station.
It's actually funny that I remember me saying, that I wonder if I'd recognize them again. Idk we have just met them, and altough we spent kinda a lot of time together, I wasn't able to describe their faces (Note: I also have prosopagnosia). But I think even A agreed with me.

But of course we recognized them once they arrived.

It was always kinda exciting because we didn't know what to expect from each day! This time we had decidd to go the Singapore Zoo, for a night safari trip.
We took the bus there.

Donny: Have you travelled with the bus before? (in sgp)
A & Me: Nooo, we totally haven't
Them: Then how did you get to the school? (read Day 2 and 3)
A & Me: Oooohhhh.... right we have been travelling with bus twice!!!!

This is a good example to demonstrate how blur we are.

Since we had to buy tickets for the bus from the driver..... both of them payed before we were even getting what was going on...
Or to be precise, A had her ticket paid. I ended up with the student card (or whatever) from SC. Totally looks like me, but nobody ID'd us so who cares~

During the bus drive A invented teasing the guys py flicking their ears haha I don't know if painful or not but we spend the somewhat longer drive to the zoo with that !^^

At the zoo A. and I were to be distracted by the souvernis shop. Although we were looking at all the items (women would be sand in a dessert I swear it) I remember that we were also queuing to get the tickets.
I don't remember though how I wasn't able to pay... It is impossible, I just had to hand over a 100$ bill.... Anyway, they paid again and I was so frustrated I started to slap him to vent my anger. Aahhh... when I think back I should have slapped more and harder....

So night safari!
I can recall this big walk-in compound with a pendant bridge. I think it was filled with bats.
At first we were scarred to cross, but then SC found out how unbearable it is for me to be poked at the side, just above my hip.
I had to sprint over the bridge to escape and after that walked in front of everyone to make sure noone can poke me. I'm super paranoid once someone pokes me and it will last one day. I will panick when that person moves their hand in a fast way and if I walk in front of that person I might suddenly freak out, cuz the sole thought that he might poke me again drives me crazy.

So even though he promised he wouldn't poke me again, I couldn't help it. Must walk behind them haha

I don't know about Singaporeans in general, but those two actually wore woollen cardigans that night. Totally siao!!!!
So midway it got too hot for SC and I took his cardigan.

Somehow A wanted to take his cardigan for Donny too, but that dude is never hot nor hungry la!!! Only sleep all the time hahaha

I think after the zoo we wanted to walk back to the hotel from somewhere (oh I remember one of them went to withdraw money?). And we got lost.
I thought both of them know every street in Singapore since they showed us around so much, but no we were lost haha
And came across a group of traditional Chinese drummers.

Back at Clarke Quay we had a late night dinner at Mc D's.
Where we were introduced to Mc Spicy and seasoning powder for fries. Only a few years later did I saw it another time that you get a certain powder to put into their take-away backs, throw the fries in and then shake haha

SC put the powder inside the bag and asked me to smell, but sorry, I not stupid enough la haha I pretend to smell, but hold my breath so didn't end up sneezing like mad xD

If you wonder what we taked about in general, well
- if we believe 2012 the world would end? And that that big weird hotel in Singapore was actually a lifeboat for all Singaporeans
- if A's hair color was natural
- if we found Western guys to be more handsome (cuz football players all handsome lah hahah like big eyes and high nose)
- Singlish
- Super Junior, Jay Chou haha
- Chinese prounounciation
- English pronounciation. We tried to teach them that it's 'hell' not 'heo' or 'ill' not 'iu' and so on
- SC showed us this 'test' where two persons put their hands together to show how well they fit to each other
- Candy Crush and Angry Birds! It was actually the first time I saw those games hahaha
- etc, etc

Yes, I think the night ended like this.
I think both SC and I secretly wanted A and Donny to get a bit closer, so often we walked togehter so both of them had to walk next to each other hahaha!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


超跑女神 - 周杰倫
Day 3

I think on day 3 we might have ventured to Chinatown?
I bought a random Hello Kitty on a toilet who moves her had up and down reading a newspaper or something. Thought it would be kinda of nice to put at your bathroom
Since it was the 7th month according to lunar calendar many people burn heaven money (don't know how it's called correctly) for the dead.

But generally, Chinatown is pretty boring. I think A. bought a pair of cheap slippers for her father and we found shorts which were so plastic, you could actually fold them so they get a crease like plastic bag HAHA

Maybe it was on this day that we were in this small shop which was kinda u-shaped (but upside down), means items are placed along 3 walls and in the middle of the shop.
I was inside looking at some DVDs I think when another guy entered. I don't know what exactly is the problem with my brain, but as I was standing there, I suddenly found myself trapped between the cashier guy standing at the back (the vertical part of the U) and the entering guy who entered at the same branch of the U I stood at.
The thought that the entering guy might close in on me anytime kinda terrified me. So I panicked and rushed out like mad! But not the long way, because I didn't want to pass the cashier (!!) but I directly ran past the entering guy (which is actually more stupid, since when I was 'afraid' of them, why did I risk body contact?

I didn't mean to be so obvious but once outside, A. burst out laughing and asked, 'What was that?! The entering guy's look on the face read 'Am I that disgusting?!''
Ok so I kind of overreacted... Til now I remember his red tank shirt lah...... I am weird....

We look see look see somemore and nearly lost our hearing looking at 10000s of Ghibli DVDs in a Chinese mall were they blasted away Chinese opera.

During our pool time we saw this really weird cloud in the night sky. It had a shimmering bright yellow 'aura' and we found it very funny to assume it has sth to do with all the dead people supposedly wander around during that time of the year.

We also used to watch a bit of You're Beautiful (never recognized Yonghwa though) and used to say '什么?' ALL the time.
Pool time was not only relaxing but also very entertaining, because there actually was a fat old angmoh who had this (Thai?) hot chick all over him. Most embarrassing sight ever! She even posed like beach vixen for him to snap pics of her! Stupid bitch, got no shame!!!

Day 4

Little India time! I actually just wanted to see Arab St, maybe buy a few beads and stuff, and Haji Ln !!!
LI is really kinda dirty and not very cool, but I bought a cute bag in one of the malls, which everyone who saw it liked!
We got lost after that and went inside this mall where they hv all kind of technical gadgets!!! I forgot it's name!

The thing about A. and me is, we always walk round and round each floor, without noticing that we past the same shop for 3 times already haha. And we did that for 8 floors this time haha!!!

Finally arrive in Haji Ln and I wasn't disappointed! I found some nice stuff, like a cute back and earrings~

I don't remember much about this day, but A. always saw guys w nice hair cut from behind and would exclaim, 'OMG hot boy!', turns out, their face all super ugly!!!

Day 5

Finally Orchard Rd time! Everytime we went Orchard, the weather was really bad!! Normally the weather in Singapore is really ok! Hot, but not so humid! Only after rain, it is unbearable!!

Orchard has many nice malls.
At the first mall something really stupid happened: I stole a tub of Japanese hair wax!!!!
I wanted to buy it for my oppa, and took it with me. We entered via this drug store and left it but were still inside the mall, so I didn't get it at first.
Only several shops later I realized that I must have stolen this tub out of the first store!!! I was terrified, cuz Singaporean law is very strict and they might jail me once for all!!!
First I tried to inconspicuously put it somewhere, but then I thought, 'hey, I stole it out of the relevant store already, so can as well take it home!' So I took it back again and stole it for good haha
Another save money thing happened: the MRT machine returned too much money haha! A. was kinda annoyed saying, today is my lucky day! First the machine give me too much money then I got the wax for free somemore hahaha

We went to Juicy Couture, where I wanted to buy a charm, but I didn't like any, so this time must buy!!!
Instead we splurged at Kinokuniya located inside Takashima!! I bought Japanese fashion magazines, a TVXQ magazine and 2 FT Island ones haha! A. bought some Kim Bum and CN Blue things I think.

After that we had kinda (after)noon tea there. Luckily we had our magazines to entertain us a little, because the service was really slow and A. got really grumpy hahaha.

We also visited a kinda goth store and more, but I can't really recall a lot.

Only that at Far East Plaza we bought some v cheap tee at the basement haha. All had this bold prints that were kinda Korean style back then! At Far East Plaza also was this store called Nana Rêve De La, which sold the cutest fairy key/lolita stuff! I bought an awesome cardigan and super cute tee!
There's another one of their stores somewhere, but I forgot where (at Wisma Atria?)

Really there are so many god damn awesome malls in Singapore, just thinking of them makes me drool!!!

Day 6

I think we spent this way just randomly at shopping malls, among them my favourite one, Plaza Singapura. I don't kow why, but one reason for sure is; they also have a Comics Connection!!! (that's the same as the kpop store from White Sands). I didn't really buy much, but still the shop itself is heaven!!!

Had my first and only Thai food there, and it was some sort of chicken satay thing? (I know that's Malaysian) and I didn't like it at all, because I hate all grilled meat haha.

And yeah so much about Day 5, I don't know why my memory is so bad haha.
But don't you kow this feeling when something is so fun, exciting and marvellous that you can't remember anything? Well that happnend, but the best is yet to come haha

I bought a pair of docks at a fancy store located at a funny Orchard Central.
It was again a super nasty humid day and Orchard Central our rescue!
This mall has ridiculously long escalators! The cool thing while you slowly ascend from the street insdie the mall it gets cooler and cooler and you feel more and more blissful haha

A funny thing happened when I we were shopping there.
I wanted to buy a cool backpack. And there was this store selling a few cool ones, but I was undecided so we left.
For the Doc's store. I was going to try one pair on and asked the staff guy if he had socks. He disappeared behind a curtain and emerged with one single tennis sock. Tbqh I was a bit suspicious about it, but it felt completely unused and non-sweaty hahaha. I tried on one boot and asked for another one, since must try on both feet right? Haha
He disappeared again and came back with another sock haha
Well, I bought a pair at the end and til now A. keeps mocking me about that guy providing me his dirty socks which he just slipped of to give them to me! CANNOT BE OR HIS FEET ARE MADE OUT OF STONE LA hahaha they were really 100% dry haha which I think is impossible in Singapore !^^

Then we returned to the backpack store. I couldn't decide between a white canvas one and a white fake leather one. So A. asked the staff guy, who was apparently very sick.
He act very cool and just pointed (arm outstretched) at the leather one. So I got that haha

In Singapore Mc Donald's has this really cool sundae, which is dipped into chocolate sauce and after that hardens instantaneously! And super cheap... like 1SGD only haha.

Then a very very fateful thing happaned.
Ok so normally we will rot around at the bridge from 10pm to maybe 1am. On this day somehow we were earlier, cuz A. somehow decided to go earlier.
We sat on the bridge and tried to spot ikemen as usually.

So this two guys happen to pass, once was wearing black (black guy/ BG) so rather unobtrusive, but his friend wore this striped thing (guy in striped/ GIS), he had a kinda more 'special hairstyle', back then I think the sort of 'jaejoong'/ very fringy hairstyle was cool. So I was gonna point him out to A., but we were sitting both facing other directions so when I point out a guy to her she will only see his back if he pass her. So I didn't mention him (I think).

After a wile he and his friend came back. And I think this time I said to her, 'hey, this guy not bad right?' I think she agreed.
I think after that those two actually went across the bridge and past us one more time hahaha. And we saw them again.
Well, were hanging around somemore, fooling around. Like, laughing our asses of at the thought of getting one's initials tattooed on one's butt (?)

THEN, then suddenly when we were just minding our business, those two guy came approaching us and GIS asked my friend,
GIS: Hello, my name is XCVSD, can we be friends?
A: WHAT?!?!
Me *shocked and couldn't believe she gave such an indignant sounding reply*
BG *burst out laughing*
GIS: *trembling* stutters H-hh-hello, my name is YXYCC, c-can we be friends?
Me: A!!!! (meaning, I dare you to turn him down!!!!!)
A: OKAY!!!!

And this is how it all started part 1 hahaha

Well we started to talk a bit, and they asked us where we were from. I immediately explained we were not from here to keep his hopes low (cuz it wouldn't work out, sry).
They said we look like locals or from China and asked us in return were we think they are from. Of course they were from China!! hahaha For me there is no Singaporean, everyone is Chinese or Malay or Indian haha
GIS was a bit dissapointed I think, because in fact they were not born in SGP but moved there from China haha

Well out convo was coming to an end and both already left when I felt sorry and called them back buy kinda yelling, 'btw how old are you two?'
They were 19? I explained that a few days ago we were wondering if Asians look older or younger than their age. Well in this case I must say they look older haha

They then told us they thought we might be 20+, like 23 or so?! FML, I didn't feel insulted back then, but I really wondered why a guy would approach a noona hahaha
But it was a good thing I called them back because GIS now asked for my friends e-mail for MSN (yes the good ol' MSN days haha)

After that they left and we were SUPER hyped. A group of people observed what happened and they were looking really joyful at us freaking out cuz a guy approached A. hahahaha
On this night we stayed a bit longer at the bridge to discuss things hahahaha
Well the adventure had just started!!!

Day 7

I don't know what we did on this day, but it might actually be Orchard day again. Which means that Day 6 or Day 5 can't be really right....

As for breakfast, because of our (or better A's) sleepiness, we didn't catch breakfast everyday. I get the kind of jet lag where you don't sleep at all, and are never tired! Whereas A. sleep all the time hahaha
Also the staff was very amazed by the fact that we were only two girls staying together alone haha They had us registered under Mr and Mrs, and at first didn't get that we were there without our parents haha

Anyway that evening another fateful thing happaned. I told A. that I was sure that this evening the guys might come back. But A. didn't believe it.
I said they absolutely would so we have to go to the bridge earlier again!

But in the evening we forgot about it and just anyway went to the bridge.
And we completely forgot about them haha

Then when we were just being absorbed in our crazy ideas again, they really came!!! But it took us a while to recognize them. We saw them from afar but didn't realize it was them until they already reached us.

GIS said, the e-mail A. gave him didn't work so he came to ask again, he also thought maybe she just gave him a fake address haha. How brave or whatever do you have to be to not only come up witch such a special pick-up line (Helly, my name is X, can we be friends?) but to also, come back to ask for real e-mail address after being rejected so impertinently (at least he thought so, but A. gave her real e-mail)
Anyway, after that they decided they would sit with us at the bridge, but we sat back to back and didn't exchange a word hahaha. Everyone just minding their own business/ convo.
Only after a while the guys asked us what we planned to do for the evening. We actually wanted to have a drink at the Bamboo Bar of the Forbidden City complex located right across the bridge.
We also talked about phones. BG had an iPhone back then I think, and I was lamenting about how touch screen really sucks (back then touchscreen was still kinda new?). He wanted to prove me wrong and asked for my e-mail to type out for me to see (kinda elegant I acknowledge that, can still see A's wide grin who saw what happened). My phone also proved to be v interesting, because it was the super awesome LG Lollipop 2!!!!! (I still love you!!!)
We also managed to finally understand GIS's name: Donny!!!!!
Since we both have never heard of that name before we never really got it.

Well, then maybe around 11pm we went to have our drinks.
But at first we went to stop at this Turkish iceman and Donny asked A if she wanted to hv ice cream. Greedy A. agreed which was her doom haha.
Because this special iceman tricks his customers by kinda baiting them with the ice cream, but never giving it to them. He puts the cone onto a long rod and moves it around for you to catch!
After a few tries of course you get kinda upset haha.

Well, then we finally went to have our drinks!
Donny didn't drink anything with alcohol, cuz he gets sleepy, so A. ordered non-alcoholic, too.
Anway, everything was still a bit awkward, because we couldn't understand their Singaporean accent too well and we hardly knew each other. So when GS's drink had a weird taste I offered him my lemon slice to kinda neutralize the taste?!
Then suddenly A. force her orange slice on Donny hahahahaha

We even ask one of the waiters to snap a picture for us xD
Then somethings really stupid(?) happened cuz it was pay time! The waitress arrived with the bill inside the folder and before we could really react, BG already whipped out his credit card, put it into the folder and the waitress rushed away.
I jumped up, ran after her and told her that we wanted to pay separately. BG hurried after me to tell the waitress that everything is OK, but (dunno if it was the alcohol or I just weird), I pointed back to were we sat and really yelled 'You go back! Go back!!!'
A. and Donny laugh like mad and the waitress also really amused!
In the end I didn't manage to win this fight, although I was quite determined.

I think we somehow obtained both of their wallets and were examining them very carefully (and found many membership and credit cards haha).
I was also holding BG's iPhone when suddenly his mother called! I pretended to pick up which he really didn't want, so after a few rings I returned it to him hahahaha

I don't know exactly when, but we asked for BG's name quiet late?
I only remember walking around Clarke Quay when I suddenly asked, 'What is YOUR name btw?'
His name is Shuaicheng... or Jackson. One of my 'traits' (if you can call it so) is that I always ask for the Chinese names of Chinese persons, who all like to give themselves English names haha

So when he first said 'Jackson', I was like, 'No, your real name' hahaha

We always had a fun time,but still this was only the beginning my dilemma.

After having our drinks the guys decided we should go see a movie together. Which sounded funny, spontaneously going to the movies at midnight! We went to Cineleisure at Orchard and watched Grown Ups.
You know their trick is to distract us while on of them goes paying~ We were trying to get our hands on plush toys with this claw crane machine. Then SC returned with popcorn and four drinks. Even though I say I don't want anything!!!
The movie was really hilarious and we had a super awesome time!! Although I was freezing to death because of the aircon! And because of the drinks.
At first I refuse to drink, but then A. said, 'if they buy and you don't drink they will have bought for nothing!' 'Okay I sip a bit'

After that we cabbed back to Clarke Quay and by that time I was shivering and I wondered if Singaporeans even know what shivering is haha

But the night didn't end here! We went to have pizza! We ordered a gigantic one and beer (for SC and me at least).
I didn't manage to finish my share and forced SC to eat!

Also I dared them to pay again! I was totally prepared to call for the bill myself and pay, when the unpredictable happened: due to shift change the waiter came by himself and asked us to pay! I was caught by surprise and of course who is faster?
A guy brandishing his credit card or a foreigner girl trying to find her wallet inside her handbag and having to distinguish between all the strange notes?
I was distressed hahahaha and had another good reason to force SC to eat my share hahaha

After that we finally went back to the hotel to sleep, but decided we would meet up tomorrow again.
I couldn't sleep at all!!!! I kept thinking about all the money spent on us and wanted to talk to my parents to ask them what to do!!!

Honestly, I felt like a prostitute who takes money and such things in exchange for company and kindness....

Monday, 21 July 2014

Best Days

Let It Rain - Olivia Ong
I think I just need to blog to distract myself from my certain death (again inspired by xiaxue's early posts).
This is a memory of my most happy most memorable moments! Without further ado

I managed to convince A. who has just graduated to join me go to Singapore! Her mother allowed just like that, we went booking, were super lucky an ended up getting this awesome hotel swissôtel Merchant Court paying a fraction of the actual price.

On the day of our departure our mother's went with us to the airport. Our adventure started!!
The first funny thing to happen was when we checked-in and the guy asked us if it was our first time flying.
'First time flying alone, not first time.'
'Ok, then boarding time is 11.45'
'In which direction is the gate?'
'Is is there *points somewhere*'
'Ok, then we will go there by 11.45'
'No, start walking earlier, be there by 11.45'
(this was a joke, I can't recall it properly)

We still had an massive amount of time, so we sat down at a café. The waitress was alone and she was super late with bringing our food, mine was frozen somemore and so my mother started complaining. My friend and A were so embarrassed, but my mother wouldn't stop and the waitress was also very bitchy one.

Anyway we finally boarded, flying with fabulous Singapore Airlines. I don't remember much about the flight, except they had kpop and Asian dramas (not that I watch, but I think my friend watch).
She was super excited and kept saying 'omg we are flying to Singapore', while I was just 'meeh' hahaha

Upon our arrival, we were confused about customs declaration and also didn't know where to go. An auntie asked us but we were just following everybody else, so we couldn't really help her either.
We made it in the end and an Indian woman asked us if we needed a cab and showed us the way. When we heard the noise outside, I said, 'this must be wind'. A. said, 'No, this is rain stupid!' so we asked the Indian lady if this was actually rain and when we stepped outside there was a monsoon going on outside or so. It was so loud, that at first I couldn't believe the noise came from rain.

We got a cab to our hotel and had a cute guy check us in (spotting cute guy contest started here!).
A. hold the talks, and I was just listening. When the finished, I was like 'did you get that you agreed for a queen size bed and not two beds?'
'I did what?'
*sighs* 'We would like to have two beds please!'

Unfortunately we could only check in at 12, so we had 6h (!!) to spend elsewhere (arrived at 6 in the morning). At first we lounged around the lobby, then being the genius that I am I suggested to my friend we should check out the hotel and wander around. We entered a lift that happened to open right in front of us and just went up. Of course the hallway was very unspectacular. So we wanted to go back to the lobby.
Unfortunately, the lifts downwards only work with a card. So we had to take the staircase. We nearly ended in the kitchen or so, which would be very embarrassing so we quickly run to the 2nd floor. (stupid actions start here!)
The 2nd floor was the floor with access to the pool area, but since it was raining so hard we could only sit inside and watch the staff outside cleaning the place. I bet they were wondering about was we were doing, sitting there for 2h or so.

Finally we decided it was time to explore outside a bit. We managed to get into a lift with a guest who went to first floor, so we didn't need a card. Right opposite of the hotel was a small shopping mall, but no shops were open yet (it wasn't 10am) so we just walked around, driving up escalators (some that went up several floor at once which was really confusing haha) and even entered a lift, which would directly take us to the highest floors, where the executives have their office. Again, stupid action.

We also explored outside a bit, because it was right next to Singapore river.
It wasn't so cool to me, because my stomach hurt ever since on the plane. I don't remember if we really took a look at the shops eventually, but when it was about 11+ I decided we should go back to the hotel see if our rooms might be ready.

They were and we entered our fabulous room! And went to sleep asap. During the ours of our sleep the staff continued to ring at our door to see if everything was ok, it was damn annoying haha.
Til now I have trauma from that exact ring tone! We awoke around 4pm I think. I dragged my friend along to a fan meeting of CN Blue near Little India.
I had a vague idea of who CN Blue was, but my friend was completely clueless. Since we arrived early, we went shopping a bit (I bought a black, white polka dot leggings which I wore once and already got a ladder) then we went to join our fans to catch a glimpse at CN Blue. Our place was very bad since security keep telling exactly us to move cuz we were blocking the way.
BUT in the end, they had to open another space (which was blocked before) because there were just to many spectators (even old men, who was just a space-consuming sensationalist.
So, CN Blue. Tbqh, I didn't like them back then, I only know that the bassist and drummer were exceptionally un-handsome, and maybe I knew about 'You're Beautiful'.
So seeing them irl just seemed to confirm my thoughts. The only one I recognized was Jungshin xD.
And the only handsome guy, was a staff member haha. Nevertheless, we stood there to stare at them, got pushed around by fans and even went to stare at the 1st row.
In the end our knees hurt so much from tiptoeing for such a long time that we simply had to squat down right there.

That day we didn't do anything special any more, since I thought I had to go visit my school on the next day! So I think we went to bed early! (Note: We arrived on Sat, the next day was Sun)

Day 2: Sunday

We got up and the breakfast at swissôtel is really nice! Got everything you want! I know that A. always got the same juice, cuz she kept forgetting how it taste! (Not that good haha)
We cabbed to the school and the driver us ask 'Today is Sunday, what do you want there?'. Smart ass that I am I replied 'today is Monday', completely unfazed and cold.
The cap driver didn't say anything after that.

At the school (my appointment was at 10 I thin, but I was too early, maybe 9) we searched for a way to enter, but there was none, except for a revolving door which only led people out, but not in.
We walked around the whole campus several times, always joined buy a topless guy who jogged along the same route. The only other entrance we found was a gap in the hedge leading to the sports area. We peeked inside and only saw topless guys bettering each other in soccer and the guy, but didn't dare to go in.
In the meantime and after the way too obsolete check with my phone, I had realized that it was indeed Sunday and we ere one day too early. I insisted we might at least check out the office of the person I was too meet, so were still strolling around the place.
I think the jogging guy started to become suspicious and indeed we looked like two girls who tried to stalk a senpai on his free-time doing manly sports.

In the end we gave up and tried to get back to town. Only that we couldn't call cab and there was no MRT around. We asked a Chinese Muslim lady about how to get a bus ticket and she explained that we could buy one on the bus. We managed to get to the next MRT station which was the one at White Sands.
It was about to open and we strolled around a bit! Luckily, since it is has one of the big stores selling kpop merch!!!
I got several FT Island posters (couldn't really find anything I think!) Another treasure of this place is this drop-dead-amazing hair dresser!!! But more about that on day 3!

At the MRT station A. bought one magazine with CN Blue on the cover only to have something related to them (haha).

I don't remember much about the rest of the day, but I think we walked around Clarke Quay, and saw this several 100m long queue outside ZOUK. It was only afternoon and to us really a ridiculous sight!! (we were such KIDS back then).
Our day normally ends with a dip in the pool and I think we already started the 'tradition' or hanging out at the Canning Lane bridge, having silly talks, judging unknown people and trying to spot eyecandy!
On of the nights a guy seemed to celebrate his 16th birthday, but he look way older. So we were wondering if Asians normally look older or younger than their age. Normally look younger right?

Day 3: Monday

The same start as yesterday, only that this time I met my liaison at school! We entered we cars normally drive in and got name tags like backstage passes.
After that we again went to White Sands shopping mall. This time A. decided to get her hair cut!! She wanted to do it anyway and this shop was just there so why not!
Hair style-wise it was the best decision ever. The guy (a real professional) worked some magic there! It took him 3 hours to cut her hair while wet, while dry and then while throwing strand of her hair around to see how they fall and cut accordingly to perfect his masterpiece!
Comparing with standard hair cuts it was a absolutely difference game. Even with just the cut itself it looked so stunning one would drool. After that he and a SHINee kinda guy styled her hair.
Both of them were relatively clueless about English so it was funny to talk to them, but they were absolutely nice! Anyway they started doing curls, cuz A. (clever as she was, wasn't listening to their questions again) so midway when she realized, they had to straighten hair hair again!!!

Initially I didn't want to do anything to my relatively short hair, cuz I didn't think it would make much of a difference, but since her hair was so sooo good after that I changed my mind.
Of course my result wasn't as grand as hers, but still I am convinced that it must have been amazing haha I got curls, but it might me feel very uncomfortable, because my hair is really weird and my bangs looked like crap without being properly styled (which the hair dresser couldn't know) so I had to center part it.

After that we went to Raffles City which was pretty boring.
Except for two guys who were kinda annoying. One was an Italian guy promoting hair straighteners. Since my hair really made me feel uncomfortable, I thought I'd use this opportunity to straighten my hair again and had this guy doing it for me. The feeling of this guy flimsily and cluelessly going through my hair was super disgusting!!
So even though my hair was back to straight I felt 'eughh' and when the guy asked if we'd buy one of his products we said 'no, we didn't need one'
He asked how we get our hair straight elseway if not with a straightener. 'We are Asians', I replied, 'our hair is naturally straight'
How obvious is that little piece of information please?

We had lunch at Mc Donald's that day and then decided to had back on foot. We walked past this Mc Donald's maybe 4 times, before we found the right direction and actually managed to find the hotel haha.

On one of these nights we lounged at one of the millions bars around Clarke Quay and had a Lychee Martini.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lessons そよぎ

soyogi - FT Island
Yesterday I learnt an important lesson.
But first, today is one of those incredible sunny days, that I didn't had the chance to learn to appreciate the last few years. In my room at home it gets really hot really fast, so I had one more reason to hate sunny days, other than hating brightness and hotness in general.
In my new room bright sunny days don't heat up the whole place so it is much easier to appreciate.
The whole apartment is very bright actually, and the kitchen looks especially friendly and sunny so I like it!

I cleaned and mopped the whole apartment today - involuntarily. I planned to flood the sink with detergents and water (to clean it without cleaning it), but forgot about it while I vacuumed. The result is that the bathroom and half the hall were flooded.
I was really worried that the neighbour from downstairs would come and ask about some water damage - the costs would finally kill me. Luckily I managed to deal with the masses of water and wiped the whole floor! I packed the whole place, washed the dishes, showered and now that everything is clean, it feels really comfortable to stay here.

Now, I don't know what to do. Since I'm dieting I can't eat (which would be my 1st choice to do whenever I'm bored). I really need to get a grip. Sometimes I am eating quite much and it doesn't affect my weight at all, sometimes I'm eating not soo much and end up with a higher weight....
I went food shopping today and my haul consists of: blueberries, bananas, buttermilk (for smoothies), two instant soups and a yoghurt (cherry buttermilk). I was afraid I might freak out if I don't have an extra safety food, so I bought the yoghurt ㅋㅋ
I don't want to eat yet though, I'm really clueless about what to do. It is also a tad to bright, so staring at this screen makes my eyes really tired~ I'm not even sitting at my desk, which is next to the window, but on my bed. It's a completely new experience for me to work (with my laptop) on my bed. I'm a desk person and before moving here and seeing my roommate sometimes studying on her bed, I have never even thought of that ㅋ
Anyway then I remembered I said I'd blog and yesterday really happened sth that I want to remember for the rest of my life, hence I must write it down.

I was supposed to post some documents by Tuesday. Of course I procrastinated and didn't made it to the post office on time on Sat (in my defence, I googled that it'd be open until late). So I mailed all the stuff on Monday by express, so it would arrive fo sho on Tuesday. As Tuesday came I tracked my letter, and lo! it hadn't moved one inch.
So I contacted the post office to check where my letter actually was, because often their tracking lags behind. After several forwarding and redirection - by now it was 8.45pm - my letter had finally moved, it departed from where I had posted it.
I kept tracking it til 3am the next day to see if it might have arrived in time (before Tue midnight) but as I found out on Wednesday morning, it hadn't even arrived at the right town. Again I mailed every possible people from the post office and the people who were to receive my letter, explaining my situation, but of course nobody replied.
Finally my letter arrived - at 11.35am. Had to wait until 1pm before I could phone the bureau. And then at one number the person didn't even care to pick up and at the other I had to call several times, before no one was busy and then wait somemore until someone picked up. It was a young-ish sounding guy who just kept telling me that it was impossible to do sth about the letter, that he was sorry, but couldn't help me at all. I swear for half an hour I begged, cried and did all the dramatic things I could think of - I couldn't soften his heart. Eventually he explained the rules again and hung up. I was literally devastated.
I told my friend about it, she told me that it couldn't be, that they had to make an exception since it was the fault of the delivery guys and that I should try everything.
I don't know how I thought of it, but I successfully googled the numbers of each employee of the office. I directly called the manager and he picked up immediately. I started to say that I had a problem with my letter when he already asked me how he could help me. After explaining my situation, he sympathize with me very much (stupid post office people/ how much you pay ah?). Then he finally ask if I had a proof, I told him I had an apology of them. So he gave me his e-mail address, and I forward the apology to him. He wanted the receipt of posting (because of some legal reasons), too, which luckily I still had and then told me that everything was gonna work out! I was so so relived and happy! Against all odds I had worked it out!!
And finally, what did I learn from this story?
Firstly, never give up, try everything (many thanks to my friend) and 2ndly know your rights!!

If I had known about there being a law regarding this date and that a mistake by the delivery company was an exception, I wouldn't have bothered to put on an act calling the first guy, I'd straightforward say 'you know what? fuck you I know my rights, so do what I'm telling you to do, you midget'
The law is so important! I knew it before but never had really internalised this reality. It is much easier to fight for our rights if we know the legal background.

Oh and how about, stop procrastinating? Guess I will never learn that one~
Anyway, I wish sth v bad to happen to the first guy. Not like I want to curse him, as he just followed the rules, but I want sth happen to him that make him think~ Like karma!
E.g. his new apple product got stolen, his car broke (and he can't afford a new car) or he lost sth v special to him, or his wash machine flood his whole apartment, things like that that make him think, 'That could be because I didn't help that crying girl....naaah....(what if yes?)'

Ok, ending it here. Super long-winded and boring ㅋㅋ
Chu, Ailing

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

아직도 어두운 밤중에 비나리

Be the Light - One Ok Rock
아직도 어두운 밤중에 비나리

내 모습을 가끔 쳐다보네
한없이 애타는 나의 눈짓들
하늘이여 간절한 이 소망 또 외면할 거요

하늘에의 반짝이는 변들이

Lately I feel v much like writing prayers.

I'm dieting quite a bit. The 50kg-barrier proves to be quite tricky. I can't believe that a few weeks ago I found this very skinny and myself so v much skinnier than normally, and now I feel this is the same fat as normally.

Like, 50kg used to quite skinny feeling to me, but now it is just my same fat daily weight ㅋㅋ

Chu, Ailing x