Thursday, 31 July 2014

This is the 2nd time I'm writing this.
I'm not even angry or frustrated anymore... this has happened to me a lot in the past. And now with the retarded blogger app which sometimes deletes the whole entry when running in the background it's happening again....


To further elaborate my HATRED FOR INSECTS:
Yesterday before going to sleep I spotted a huge black moth on the wall at the stairs.
(I told my father about it, but he was just like, 'oh hello, moth!'

When I woke up, I immediately noticed this dark spot on the lampshade right in front of my bed, which had a shape very much like one of a fucking moth!

I went to check for at the stairs, lo! the moth from there was gone!

The fucking nerve of it!
This fucking moth fucking moved from it's fucking place to the exact fucking space right next to me!!!!
What the fucking fuck!

I fucking hate insects!
And I think they hate me, too fuuu

Their only goddamn ability seems to be to find the vicinity of people who hate them the most!
What a fucking skill is that?!

Why did the friggin' moth change place anyway?
The spot on the middle of the bright wall not in-your-face enough leh?
Can better serve your life's purpose next to my fucking bed is it?

What is their ridiculously stupid life about anyway?

There can't possible exists a fuck of a reason for this stupid low-life to suddenly decided to get off that wall and fucking fly into my room!!!

Just the thought of such a retarded thing makes me wanna explode!!!

I hate moths the most!
They are the most disgusting ones!
At least fucking slugs don't fly around in that haphazardly way during the night to sit right next to you!!!!!!!

When I was younger sometimes I awoke in the middle of the night do the sound of something which sounded like water rippling... When I switched on the light I realized it was a fucking moth right next to my bed flying so close to the walls it fucking insult of a wing would flap against the wall causing this ridiculous sound...

I can't imagine any more retarded behaviour!!!
Why fly so freaking close to the wall?! WHY?
Also possibly this flapping sound is the most retarded sound ever...
Yes you read that right, there exists retarded sounds.... I never knew of them, too before I met these goddamn stupid moths...

At least other insects like mosquitoes only make a super high tone, admit similarly annoying but not disgusting or retarded!
Or the deep buzzing of some fat insects (who also actually have the fucking nerve to pass right next to your ear, when they have all the fucking skies for themselves) is disgusting but not retarded!!!!

*flap* *flap* *flap* in the middle of the night.... for fuck's sake...

This leads me to thing I hate most about insects: Their unfathomable low IQ

A more classic example would be flies.
What are you telling me you can enter through a howsoever small gap but can't fucking get out a wide opened window?!
What fucking bullcrap is that?!

Just watching their mindless flying around inside makes me so unbelievably inexpressibly frustrated that I just want to drop dead on the spot.... The pain of thinking of a method to accomplish dropping dead is equally frustrating and at least I'm distracted from the stupid fly while I wreck my brain...

Their low IQ is nearly unbearable, the longer you watch the more you wish to just end the world.... FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!

So I wonder if actually humans are the same to god!

What if god finds us as stupid as we find insects? If our brains are also like nothing to him as insect 'brains' are to us?
He must be so uber indifferent to us, if not hostile (like me) that it's no big deal wonders don't happen and there's so much bad things!!

Why should he listen to our stupid buzzing and humming?
What if insects pray to us, too all the time? We can't even hear it!!!
Oh please dear big beings, have mercy and leave me some rotten meat so my larvae have something to eat!
Please I don't have a job and have to 1000 kids to feed!!! Oh big beings, don't let my kids die!!

And we are like You think my meat for free ah? Stupid flies, cannot find other things to spoil ah? They think we don't need our food for what ha? You fuck can have my food!!

So what if god granting us our wishes also not for free for him? What if he needs the stuff needed for our wishes....
Alas, now I finally understand I never millionaire ah.....

Then again there actually exist humans who build fucktarded stuffs like freaking insect hotels!!!
At there insects are loved, so does that mean I should go to church more often?!

FML I still hate insects, be it that god hates us too..... Insects are a freaking pest!!!! amen.

Just a picture. For all those out there who think I super blasphemous, see it as my praise of god's good work.

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