Sunday, 31 March 2013

Give me More

As I'm writing this, it's extremely bright in my room; don't like at all. I'm not really a vampire or orc, but still I absolutely don't like sunny weathers at all.
Luckily I bought sunglasses, because my eyes dislike the sun even more after that one winter in the snowy mountains were neither skiing goggles nor gold-coated astronaut helmets would prevent me from tearing non-stop. Which actually brings us straight to the topic.

March Haul

Items with red numbers are recent, others are fillers

Manoush key ring cute, unique and super big (larger than palm size) and definitely 'something else' Samantha Thavasa パスケース cutest case ever for public transport cards! from Cy and ersatz key chain til now Dahong muffler (similar) this is actually THE perfect muffler (testified by my friends and non-friends)
Hater snapback finally enables the effectuation of fancy flower prints on garments as seen in ViVi magazine Quay Eyewear HAR_LM sunnies ensure instant sophistication and coolness boost! super popular brand in Korea Timex watch not that I'd really wear it nor feel the need for any sense of time
Mademoiselle Yulia x WeSC headphones Mlle Yulia is dope and those headphones are as dope as it gets
  • Liz Lisa mug I don't think there's a more awesome mug on this world? also 有難い to Cy and her kareshi - who hates Liz Lisa staff
  • Ohh Deer Spirit Of Motion Sweatshirt hipster much? I don't care, I love wolves!

    I'm more or less on a constant hunt for extravagant junk (must be my parents' education's fault) which is by definition hard to come by (out of stock or sold at some underground store only, with its staff being articulate in moonspeak only).

    In terms of shades, what better pair than Quay Eyewear's bold, more wearable version of this year's trendy cat-eye shape could I find? As for my 2nd newest obsession hats/ snapbacks: 唔該 to Hong Kong based brand HATer for these drop dead awesome master pieces and this too-kewl-to-ignore pun on hat. And how gorgeous is this quirky sugar-sweet oriental Manoush key chain please? Been loving Manoush's gipsy designs for the longest time! Also, no key chain no life! I'm officially despising those having no key chain, because it's really so much easier to fish whatever has a strap attached to it out of something big and slouchy.
    I purchased both the sweater and the headphones on a whim. I either need one week to thoroughly evaluate the pros and cons of an item or it's already loaded onto the delivery vehicle (ok, that's a hyperbole - parcel services are wayy to slow for that). Wasn't really a hard decision to get the headphones though, I dare you to find a cooler pair? Mine got the 'designed by Mlle Yulia cheat' btw. And that lady is i.a. a DJ and fashion designer from Tokyo, who has performed for Chanel, etc and who's behind the brand Giza, which Kpop idols love. Here is a little sample of her works. One of my fav mixtapes ever!

    Chu, Ailing

    Monday, 25 March 2013

    I wonder as I wander

    One of those posts where I'm just noting down what's on my mind. I honestly think that I want to study in Korea. It is because of Kpop - I'm not gonna lie - but what's actually more important to me: I want to do something completely risky and what-doesn't-kills-you-makes-you-stronger thing. You know being Asian, growing up with everything you need you tend to have this I-don't-care-attitude and float around in this ocean called life like nobody's business. Ok not really, it's your parent's business. All my life, my parents have been doing a more than over-enthu job of caring for me: they decide what I should wear, what I should become, whom I should marry, what I should eat and who is my favourite musician. I think it's about time that I do something on my own, with no over-protective hysterical deciders around.
    So I've been looking around Korean universities and it's all cool, except: the super awesome ones want you to tell them about all the international piano competitions you have won, how many beauty queen titles you hold and more 'personal achievements' (like conquering the Mt. Everest?) The others want money.
    Back to the problem. I don't have money. And I'd need my parents permission to do it. But, didn't I say that I want to do things on my own? So this is as far as you go biatch? I could work for the money though, but I'm still not that kind of person who'd abscond like that. Seriously, life is complicated.

    I want to study International Relations or International Business Management somehow. Since I grew up between two worlds, I actually liked international relations when I 1st heard of it years ago. As for business management, I'm attracted to it, because I'm totally not the business/ politics person. I have no clue about those stuffs at all, and it's really not the kind of thing I'd do, but that's where the fun starts, aye? Also, I always wanted to be a rich business woman bitch. So yes, as a matter of fact, I need to do it. I mean, what do my parents expect? That they can take care of me til I die? I wish they could~ So, when, when not now?

    I'm hereby praying to all the gods, ghosts, 神様s, heaven and even hell if you can help me out (no, I cannot offer you my soul or anything else) to please make it happen!

    Chu, Ailing

    Monday, 18 March 2013

    The snow still hadn't melted the next morning

    Little April Showers - Bambi OST

    Just bought a bunch of flowers in a dimly lit, damp little flower shop, with leaves, twigs and other bouquet trash on the floor - just purrfect jungle atmosphere - when suddenly I was seized by this rare adventurous euphoria-waves and thought about becoming a florist. It is actually such a beautiful job, you are always surrounded by wonderful blossoms in all hues and can create fantastic master pieces which make people happy!

    Some bucks lighter: Since when do I like flowers wtf? I remember hating them all my life, because they smell. I remember my mother calling me not a girl because I complained about the stench of her geraniums (and flowers in general). I remember how she told me that I should find a man who would buy me flowers everyday, because she knows of such a couple, and I was thinking, '...'. I remember my aunt's disbelief when she heard that I never visited any ikebana course.

    I guess it's once again my age (and/ or Shini). And maybe the fact that it was spring and now it's winter again (winter à knee-deep snow and blinding blizzards and polar bears).

    My favourite flowers are hydrangeas. Actually I only started to like them, because it's my aunt's name. Then I found them to be Japan's No. 1 rainy season flower and they aren't ugly either. So, that adds up to love. What are you favourite flowers?
    I hate cherry blossoms btw

    During pre-spring we have this booklet filled with hundreds of plants and actually there are really so many amazing ones, that you end up loving every blooming thing out there (personally I also like peonies and tulips). Only my parents are very boring so they'd never order the crazy ones.

    Stash from Japan and Korea

    The memo pad + pencil set is from ECO Bridge (they ship worldwide) a super awesome green brand from Korea. From my last post you could think that my relationship with mother nature is a bit indifferent, but I must disappoint you: I care more about pandas than you do. But I also hate insects more than you ever could

    The idea behind ECO Bridge is creating a bridge between humans and nature through their eco-friendly small things in life products. I am a big fan of step-by-step approaches so of course I'm willing to at least implement some environment-friendly stash into my daily necessities. Also Koreans just have drop-dead-amazing pseudo useful stationary!

    The other things are pressies (or what's left of them) from Cy who recently visited the kareshi in Jap.

    In case you noticed, one of my trademark personal trait is that I can't do any aligned thing, ranging from cutting, to drawing lines with a ruler to placing things to photograph.

    À propos, flowers. In relation to recent International Women's Day and all the hype about it in Asia which is now slowly and insidiously conquering the Western worlds: I'm disgusted.
    I hate the shallow and simple-minded way that women are supposed to be treated on this random day. I wouldn't give two flying fucks about any sort of present I'd get and if anyone dared to give me flowers, I'd beat that guy up with his present, petals wildly flying through the air, which resounds from my hysterical screams. I absolutely hate how Asians just love to make every originally Western holiday big, which is only in the slightest way related to romance? or love? or anything from that affection part in the world of feelings (that Asians actually don't know anything about) without seeing any meaning behind it (Christmas?).

    What is the use of getting flowers or chocolate on Valentine's Day, White Day, Black Day, Women's Day, Pepero Day, etc when you are completely unable to even imagine what respect to women might be like? Why would I as a women accept such an empty gesture? In many points, Asians are just plain stupid. And I really hope that the angmohs are keeping the niveau which so far distinguishes them so flagrantly from Asians.

    Chu, Ailing

    Tuesday, 12 March 2013

    Vegan, Vegeta, Saiyan

    라면인건가 - 악동뮤지션

    I'm so astonished that everyone here seems to complain that this is/has been the darkest winter for 60 years. People complain about missing the sun and get the winter blues.
    I don't like the sun and I haven't really noticed that the sky has in fact been cloudy grey since I-can't-remember. I love gloomy weather
    But that's not today's topic.

    As appears from numerous fashion magazines the latest spring trend is veganism.
    A bit confused about the increasing number of people who would say No to baby seal and whale ass a cheeseburger, I started to wonder: Is vegan abstinence the necessary and only consequence for... for what?
    If I asked this or that (tumblr-)famous person, what would they tell me about why they started the vegan life?
    I bet the trend factor was more decisive than any pig's quality of living or its personal ability to pursuit happiness.

    The most idiotic comment I heard about the advantages of being vegan is that the 'skin gets so much better'. The most irritating point is not that out of all do-gooder-ish arguments, that women did not chose to say one, but dropped some shallow remark about the improvement of her complexion, but rather the fact, that there's certainly no scientific study that proves that tofu minimizes wrinkles (or the like) (don't correct me if I'm wrong). Of course, this statement's degree of convincibility is under consideration.

    Everyone Is Vegan

    A-list as D-list people, from blogger to self-proclaimed it-girls, everyone talks about being vegan!
    What is so attractive about organic food, organic lifestyle? I think it's the appearance of being a better person. While modern technologies allows us the get in contact with other people, observe them and learn about their life, at the same time it brings into our minds how they are the same as us and thus, how insignificant we are. Mediocre, a bit ambitious, quite lazy.
    People who stick out of the masses are the pretty ones, the skinny ones, but that's not enough. To be a true better person, your inside needs some beauty, too.
    Inner beauty is something like having ideals, some sort of statement principle you can showcase on sleepovers (to go along with some statement pieces of course) when the gals are ordering 'pizza maltrattamento di animali'. That's the moment when you say they should order vegan-something for you. Of course should the pizza delivery be a bit behind times and have nothing to offer, which would be worthy to touch your lips, you could prove your grandeur one more time, by choosing to starve for your morals. Oh yeah~

    As for real vegans and therefore back to the actual question: Is radicality the only answer?
    A few years ago when you wanted to act against animal exploitation being vegetarian was as extreme and radical as anyone could go. Now comes vegan, next is fruitarian. And after that? Nutritional supplementarian?

    It is right that factory farming is inappropriate for the species and that it is our greed that makes many forget that these animals are also living beings. But how does that mean that we have no rights to eat animals?
    From a biological view animals eat other animals. Not all of them, but many. Among them are humans. It is in the true sense of the word in our nature. You could argue that since we are progressive enough to ensure a healthy diet without slaughtering animals, we should quit eating meat. So to say, we should change our own nature in order to save another natural occurrence (the free existence of animals). How is that logical... please?

    Although being vegetarian or vegan is surely a nice way to call attention to the problems of animal farming and is more or less effective, I would say, that as just a form of nutrition or clothing behaviour it is rather un-persuasive and surely not the right solution to even not the right problem.
    The problem is not owners of large farms being cruel, coldhearted or greedy.
    It is in fact the insatiability of all of us, of our society. The way we evaluate and judge life and success. Strength lies in more. People who have more money, more junk are the happy ones, the successful ones. On the one hand, that means that demanding for lower prices we want to spend less. On the other hand, it means that farmers want to save money and are not willing to sacrifice it.

    In a nutshell: Eating animals is not good or bad, it is us. Being shortsighted and egoistic is bad.

    Super unrelated pictures:

    Chu, Ailing

    P/s: Actually being Saiyan is best.

    Thursday, 7 March 2013

    Quality Time

    Quando Quando Quando - Winterplay

    To say that I have (finally) reached maturity, would be too reckless I guess, but I'm undeniable in an inner values over fancy appearance phase. You know, that kind of state of mind Buddhist monks meditate for for a lifetime or rich people attain alongside living the opposite of ascetism.
    Kinda sounds like 'I'd rather buy a 10,000$ Hermès classic, which is worthwhile, instead of a cheap fashion item'.

    This is also the reason why my blog is so weird and all basics/ black-white now. 'Concentrate on the essential things', you know. I will change the layout soon into sth completely un-ultimate pink princess-like.

    But back to the topic, the decisive factor for my sudden change of heart is Arissa. She's - simply put - just super rich (example incentive posts). The thought of high-end 100% success guaranteed items is quite seducing. That's why I'm planning to devote my money into some quality pieces in the future. The other two persons whom I owe this enlightenment are Queenie, an amazing women from Hongkong and Shini, you should check out this post of her, in which she explains her own coming of age experience (also very inspiring). All three women have this kind of absolutely desirable vibe of grandeur.

    So here's a more than incomplete overview of some items that I fantasize about. I'm not so much obsessed with haute couture clothing, but more accessories and make-up/skincare products.

    Pointed Pumps

    Nude Nail Lacquer

    Radiance Creator


    Large Carry-Alls

    Statement Sunnies

    Beauty Cases

    Skin Pamperer

    Of course that doesn't mean that I won't order H&M Sale products en masse should there be 'cool stuff'. As buying cheap things means saving money, means having more money to spend on expensive things. Right? ... Right?!

    Chu, Ailing

    Saturday, 2 March 2013

    Fish & AmeApe

    Lunch at Nordsee

    I'm trying to imitate Shini's style w/ picture posts from now on (yes she IS my idol image-blogging-wise~) Only - my blog content is too narrow ㅠㅠ Maybe I should change that.

    So I've been to Frankfurt and turned in a nice shopping haul at アメアパ (American Apparel). I bought this super awesome Medium Wash High-Waist Jean. Ikr, it looks a bit very 80s, but I really love the cut (as worn on pic 2). I was only a bit shocked that I don't fit into size 24, not even 25, but 26!, guess it's a bit smaller than normal sizes cuz it's high-waist one (I'm not fat, of course). I also got Unisex Denim Long Sleeve Button-Up in Light Wash Indigo and Women’s Cable Knit Pull Over in Camel. Actually my father paid for the button-up and the knit, he really likes preppy style!
    Wanted to shop more at Urban Outfitters, but I really didn't liked anything at all. Very frustrating. I love those sweaters with initials on them, but it seems that they chose the most unpleasant colors to create the one for me. My father wanted to persuade me to buy a certain Cheap Monday jeans, but I am only willing to buy a super acid one, because jeans washings should be aggressive. Now that I checked their homepage, I feel that I should've taken a closer look at the books in the store, because atm they have some really cool ones.
    No coordi pictured