Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Vegan, Vegeta, Saiyan

라면인건가 - 악동뮤지션

I'm so astonished that everyone here seems to complain that this is/has been the darkest winter for 60 years. People complain about missing the sun and get the winter blues.
I don't like the sun and I haven't really noticed that the sky has in fact been cloudy grey since I-can't-remember. I love gloomy weather
But that's not today's topic.

As appears from numerous fashion magazines the latest spring trend is veganism.
A bit confused about the increasing number of people who would say No to baby seal and whale ass a cheeseburger, I started to wonder: Is vegan abstinence the necessary and only consequence for... for what?
If I asked this or that (tumblr-)famous person, what would they tell me about why they started the vegan life?
I bet the trend factor was more decisive than any pig's quality of living or its personal ability to pursuit happiness.

The most idiotic comment I heard about the advantages of being vegan is that the 'skin gets so much better'. The most irritating point is not that out of all do-gooder-ish arguments, that women did not chose to say one, but dropped some shallow remark about the improvement of her complexion, but rather the fact, that there's certainly no scientific study that proves that tofu minimizes wrinkles (or the like) (don't correct me if I'm wrong). Of course, this statement's degree of convincibility is under consideration.

Everyone Is Vegan

A-list as D-list people, from blogger to self-proclaimed it-girls, everyone talks about being vegan!
What is so attractive about organic food, organic lifestyle? I think it's the appearance of being a better person. While modern technologies allows us the get in contact with other people, observe them and learn about their life, at the same time it brings into our minds how they are the same as us and thus, how insignificant we are. Mediocre, a bit ambitious, quite lazy.
People who stick out of the masses are the pretty ones, the skinny ones, but that's not enough. To be a true better person, your inside needs some beauty, too.
Inner beauty is something like having ideals, some sort of statement principle you can showcase on sleepovers (to go along with some statement pieces of course) when the gals are ordering 'pizza maltrattamento di animali'. That's the moment when you say they should order vegan-something for you. Of course should the pizza delivery be a bit behind times and have nothing to offer, which would be worthy to touch your lips, you could prove your grandeur one more time, by choosing to starve for your morals. Oh yeah~

As for real vegans and therefore back to the actual question: Is radicality the only answer?
A few years ago when you wanted to act against animal exploitation being vegetarian was as extreme and radical as anyone could go. Now comes vegan, next is fruitarian. And after that? Nutritional supplementarian?

It is right that factory farming is inappropriate for the species and that it is our greed that makes many forget that these animals are also living beings. But how does that mean that we have no rights to eat animals?
From a biological view animals eat other animals. Not all of them, but many. Among them are humans. It is in the true sense of the word in our nature. You could argue that since we are progressive enough to ensure a healthy diet without slaughtering animals, we should quit eating meat. So to say, we should change our own nature in order to save another natural occurrence (the free existence of animals). How is that logical... please?

Although being vegetarian or vegan is surely a nice way to call attention to the problems of animal farming and is more or less effective, I would say, that as just a form of nutrition or clothing behaviour it is rather un-persuasive and surely not the right solution to even not the right problem.
The problem is not owners of large farms being cruel, coldhearted or greedy.
It is in fact the insatiability of all of us, of our society. The way we evaluate and judge life and success. Strength lies in more. People who have more money, more junk are the happy ones, the successful ones. On the one hand, that means that demanding for lower prices we want to spend less. On the other hand, it means that farmers want to save money and are not willing to sacrifice it.

In a nutshell: Eating animals is not good or bad, it is us. Being shortsighted and egoistic is bad.

Super unrelated pictures:

Chu, Ailing

P/s: Actually being Saiyan is best.

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