Thursday, 22 October 2009

Heaven's Postman - Aimless is Lonely

I must've done sth VERY BAD regarding internet connection in my last life!
Narut Shippuuden 13 is NOWHERE available but on MEGAVIDEO and IT seems to very hate me!

Like, goddamn why does it take so fucking long to load ONE SECOND !!!
Buffing for hous already !!!
So pisses me of!

Well, after the last heavy writing, this post shall be easy going and non-straining!
A few random thoughts of mine:
  • Why don't you just stop making tight clothes in sizes like XL/XXL/XXXl?
    We all know it, we saw wannabe biches walking around in trousers, which makes me wonder if they don't make their wearer have to piss very hard (doesn't matter if they'd have drunken nth for the past 38 days), just because they're so tight, they sure squeeze every drop of urine out of the bladder.
    Or recently I see a stylish abt 50 year old woman walking past me, wearing totally breath-taking bright stuffs AND boots, which couldn't even be zipped up, cause her cals were to fucking fat!
    WHO likes those sights? Noone!
    Everyone keeps complaining abt teenage chicks, wearing too tight stuffs, so that there belly looks like a life belt, but noone does anything against it!
    Hereby I plead for the abolition of making tight clothes in larg sizes!
    It's so easy.
    Why should fat ppl be allowed to disgrace our eyes, with their lack of sense, with their incapability to comprehend they just look like SHIT? They got no right to!
  • Why should shop assistants be all cheerful and in a good mood?
    Last week I went into a bakery during break in order to buy two doughnuts: total stress, ruined her on a bad hair day, wind and rain messed everything up
    In there was the son of the bakery family, in a totally UBER PERFECT MOOD, grinning at me when I just wanted to have my doughnuts, asking if I'd want some more and totally kept smiling at me as if he'd want me to want more so that he can keep spreading his happiness to me. Gosh, I got so insecure from that behaviour, started to think that he wanted to ask me out!
    Luckily I kept cool and managed to manoeuvre out of the proceeding of buying two doughnuts without any mistakes, although he made it a real challenge for me.

    What I want to say is, you shouldn't force your shop assistenses to look/ behave happy. They should just behave normal/ how they feel.
    Because, 1stly if customers who come in are already happy, then even a totally unhappy assistent couldn't do anything about it.
    2ndly if a depressed customer comes in, he won't be annoyed about a beaming idiot, trying to sell him things he doesn't want anyway. (And btw, No the happy mood of the assistent won't affect the customer in any affluent way, he'll most probably just flee from this brain-washing store; the shop assistent doesn't know why he's so down anyway)
    3rdly, it's just totally impertinent to force ppl to pretend they're happy!
  • My bangs is/are? back!!!
    Or better my mother once again ruined my hair!!!
    And I've bought curling tongs so I'm like curling my hair every 2nd day, so yeah~ if you like to see it that way - I'm ruining my hair, too.
    But, it grows again, so I don't see any problem. Ppl should stop telling others not to dye/ curl their hair, cuz it will be ruined.
    It's like nails, they also grow again. Can't see any problem.
  • Everybody's like What're you going to do on Halloween?
    The fuck I'm going to do, I don't know.
    What are you going to do? For my part, parties are always too troublesome to bother!
  • Ok, my friend (and I've decided not to use any real names for reallife contacts in my blog, so I'll call her) Angela (which reminds me of Angelababy, so it's quite fitting to her) became 18 !!!!
    Horrible! xD
    She told me that her mom came into her room on 0am, to congratulate her to her birthday and she just started to cry! And when I thought Oh, how cute that she was that touched! She told me that it wasn't because she was touched, but because she was so sad to be 18! Totally chio!
    But damn corright reaction! I don't want to be 18! It's the most terrible thing to happen in ones life! Ageing and then し !!!
    I read a nice article on that subject a while ago, and the woman in this article said, that life is a constant attempt to develop and improve!
    Which is true! I also want to work on me and to improve myself! First I have to learn to clean up my room! I will become better, nicer, prettier and even more kawaii!!!
  • Talking about my room!
    My bed is supposed to arrive at the end of this month!
    Well, I'm prepared! Will buy paint this holidays and going to paint the wall where my bed will stand in pink stripes! よし


  1. JAEJOONG! Stars in that movie! Heaven's postman or whatever!
    Argh! なぜ ?!
    I don't want him to kiss anyone!!!
  2. And also, there were two Japanese girls who could meet TVXQ backstage!

    OMG, I could die to meet them!
    And they're both so pretty! I bet they would never chose me to meet them, my face is not a very good PR object! LoL
    And also, I think I wouldn't be able to say anything if I'd stand in front of a goddamn goodlooking 186cm tall Changmin! w(☆o◎)wガーン
    Still, it's so mean! I really want to see them sometime!
  3. Junsu srsly opened a Pho restaurant in Seoul!
    WTPho? That guy is so cute!
    For him to do that is so.... fitting xD
    But I bet the pho won't be as yummy as my mom's xD
    Which is kinda as true as my mom's kimchi won't be as yummy as Junsu's mom's. (*^-^)
  4. Look at this:

    Junsu has a brother?
    Well, his name's Junho, and he looks rly rly good in this picture (I chose the best picture I could find). I doubt that it's his twin brother, for he is also taller. Anyway he will debut this year, idk if as an actor or as an singer~
  5. TVXQ members stated that they were lonely (this phrase is generalized).
    Though I can't honestly wish them to find a girlfriend, I wish that they wouldn't be so lonely. Poor guys.
    I hope they can support each other throughout everday, in order to make their lifes nicer. (What an idiotic sentence!)

Anyways that's it.
See you whenever!

Chu, Ailing
*TVXQ anti-lonely greetings*

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Logic x Truth

Hey there. (0^^)0☆♪YAH
No rant.
Srsly tired.

Since I have other things for you.
"( ^-^)/且☆且\(^-^ )"

Firstly, with fame comes haters so let me deal with two shitheads, first !^^

There'd be No.1 Miss lil fuckshit.
What do you mean, I have nth better to do than blogging abt her?
Since everyone reads it (including you), it must be fucking good what I write, isn't it?
And comments in which you say that I should fuck anyone are totally meaningless, so...
Go fuck yourself!

(Get the joke anyone? xD)

No.2 a certain nameless coward, who said that I must be very ugly, because I don't post up any pics of me.
Is this a blog or sth like a picture gallery, bastard?
I don't post 100s of pics of me, because in fact my blog is more than a series of cheap, mediocre, shitty-taken self-shots.
If reading intelligent stuff is too much for you than fuck off to a certain other person's blog, if that is what you think is fitting to your IQ level!
And since you're mentioning it, why don't you stop stalking me, instead of telling me to stop stalking her? (what I don't do~)

And to both of them, but she, moaning troughout the day, has a life, wtf?
Like honestly, stop the dumb comments you two, so meaning nothing to whoever care to read.
Next time, be original. Criticize what's worth critisizing and write what's worth the effort.

And with that said, off to our new interesting topic at our colorful variety show!
Please welcome our special guest today, MC Me!

*korean fake applaus*

I have oftend had to answer the question from many Vietnamese ppl I don't know, Why do you hate Vietnamese?

Often added with a long list of good sides of Vietnam (like friendliness) and accuses of me being kinda racist (?)
Most say that hating prides is OK, but what have normal Vietnamese ppl (= themselves) done to me, so that I have to hate them.

The answer is:
Why can't I hate just hate Vietnameses?
Everybody can hate everyone they like. (lmfao)
Why should I need to justify my hatred for Vietnamese ppl?
Maybe I just hate them.

And also, why can't you accept it, that I hate Vietnameses?
You're so much of a pride yourself, aren't you?

You WANT me to like Vietnamese. Why?
Are Vietnamese any better than other ppl? Are they equal?
(often they are worse soo~)

That should make all of you content,
you can't demand me to like Vietnamese, because it's absolutely my personal attitude and my personal (dis)liking, if I chose to hate or like anyone!
So stop, accusing me for things, which aren't part of your business.

2ndly, why do you think that I hate Vietnamese ppl?
I never said that I hate Vietnameses!

I said that I hate teenage Vietnameses!
Which means I like more or less everyone over 20!
That's much!

And if you're getting angry about me hating teenage Vietnameses JUST NOW, go back and read the whole upper part once again, pls!

I admit that teenage Vietnameses is a bit generalized.
Like there are of course exceptions, for example... I am a Vietnamese teenager, but I like myself pretty much, you know?

So yeah, I will explain what kind of Vietnamese teenagers I don't like:
  1. Prides of course
    Esspecially when they're meeting up for some of their lousy parties or if they are talking (faulty!) Vietnamese, cuz they think it's cool. All deserve to die, I tell you
  2. Stylers of course
    Because they're mostly prides and they got no style!
  3. Every Vietnamese teenager who thinks Vietnameses are better than Germans (or any other nation
    it's generally so that Vietnamese ppl think that they're better than the rest of the world, and I tolerate this belief to a certain degree
    but if they need to meet up, in order to unite their Viet power and celebrate themselves, if they seperate themselves from the (German) society they live in, I could just send them off to some godforsaken dessert

3rdly Why are you accusing ME?
Does Thu not totally hate Vietnamese ppl?

She says that Vietnamese ppl are shitty, throughout her blog, but noone has ever said anything?
Have I ever critized the way Vietnamese ppl are living?

I have never complain about anything Vietnamese and still I accept and cherish Vietnamese culture and concept of morality!

So now with your own eyes, see how I love Vietnamese.
I shall defend them, against an strong enemy.
The real enemy, the real traitor, the REAL VIETNAMESE WHO HATES VIETNAMESES.

Read about his depraved words here.
(all non-german-speakers, save your energy, it's a German blog)

The writer of this blog claims that Vietnameses are only interested in two things
#1 How's your kid doing at school?
#2 What can your kids do?

How can you live with that?
You complain abt my blog, where I said nth close to this criticsm and accept such thoughts?
It makes me only furious!

99% of Vietnamese ask this question because they hope to say that their own child is better
I don't agree.
Mom A: So... how is your kid doing at school?
Mom B: Ohmigod! I don't know how your kid is doing, but my son is soo lazy!
Mom A: Mine too! He comes home from school and sits in front of his computer all afternoon! His grades are so bad!
Mom B: Like my son would be better! He is just as worse. But you know they are all in their puberty. They behave a bit crazy right now, but that will stop after a while.
Mom A: But I'm so tired of scolding him all day long, he doesn't do anything at all! But hows your daughter doing?
Mom B: Well, she's fine. Not very good, but not very bad either. She knows that she has to work hard.
Mom A: Wow, you're so lucky to have such a good daughter. But, all of your kids are very hard-working.
Mom B: Don't say that! My daughter is only so so, and my son... he's a lost cause.

See, it's more like that.
They're asking because they want to know of course, but not in order to think Oh yes, my kids are so much cooler than hers!
It's more like they're both grading themselves down. I think it's part of the Asian culture of course, but it also makes both of them feel more comfortable with their looser kids if both of them say, that their kids is worse, while both know that it's not true. Get it?

Also the 2nd question What can your kids do?
I've never heard anyone posting this question directly. It's more like, they're saying that their own children are too lazy to help their parents at home and with that comes the cleaning and cooking and so on.
And if there should be a child who does all this things, it will be praised very much. But not like, She's a 2nd class human, can do nth! (as that blogger claims!)

Of course being hard-working, playing piano, getting only good grades in school, doesn't make a good human, but maybe a much better one than a total loss.
But I think, that most parent would want their daughter-in-law to be like that. Why not?
I really think that such persons have 100% better chances to get a husband than any other, because - provided that this daughter really is so perfect - she would also be nice and friendly and polite.
And daughters-in-law just don't come any better.

I can't accept, that they are really reducing their parents to some sort of boss, to whom only performance counts.
We all know that it's tue that to Vietnameses, and all Asians, education and grades are very important, or at least of good part more important than elsewhere.

Is that wrong?
Does that mean they love us less?

Everyone who says yes to those questions, negate sth, which is (unfortunately) part of all of our lives: We live in a competitive society, we demand achievement and performance from everybody. 'We' is everyone not only Vietnameses.

It's just a fact, sth which Vietnamese parents take very seriously.
They want their children to be the best, better than everyone.
So we shouldn't complain about this attitude, but use this icentive as a help to fulfill their wishes and make their goal ours.

All of you who doesn't like this idea, do you think that kindness every got anyone somehwere? Does friendlyness make a living?
The better persons get the jobs, not the nicer ones, however sad or whatever that is.

So, in the future think it over if you accuse me of hating Vietnamese ppl, I love them!
And I love Asians, wtf! (ok, there are some Asians I hate, but~ )
And if you want to blame anyone of hating Vietnameses go to either the blog of that girl, with the post I discuess above or to Thu's blog!!!

Thanks for reading, do comment.
Bye bye

Chu, Ailing

P/s: On a unimportant sitenote: The blog is called My thoughts - Pessimism meets logic

Whereas the description of the blog says Like the title says I will try to write down my thoughts in here. I don't lay claim to LOGIC and correctness or completeness

The goddamn title says pessimism meets logic, wtf!!!
And the description the opposite!

I hate just careless stupidity! It freaks me off!
Like grammatic and spelling mistakes in cheap Vietnamese restaurants, just fuck off if you can't write/ think!

Also in my eyes, the title suggests, that this blogs contains nth but unlogical things+ lies (1), half written nothings (2), and pure nonsense (3):
#1 The sky is piss-green, therefore I counted cherries on your apple tree!
#2 Today I went to shit then suddenly...
#3 Asdfwefbn sösfuwöeofslgnsööööööööööööööööööööööäääääääääääööääööääööääöäöäöäöäöäöäöäääää sdfweöoinls!


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Soul Fighters - Night Mates

OMG I'm so UBER bored.
I have 100% nth to do. (Ok, I have a whole drama to read for school, but~)

I gew tired of watching Naruto, watching Jay Chou, ranting!.
Tired of ranting abt the stupidity of this girl!
Ranting in general!

But I already have my next ranting subject!

Fuck this world for breeding so many idiotic humans!
Fuck dumb Vietnamese teenagers, they're my greatest aversion!

Ohmigod, I nearly started to rant again.
No, this entry won't be a rant, next entry will!

Instead I want to say sth to Thu in general.
I hope that whatever has started, my comment on her view of life, won't turn out to be a bitch fight. (Maybe it already is~)

There's no use in continuing this,
at least not for you.
My posts abt you won't bring you any fame or whatever.

If you'd want to use them, then think abt your life, girl.
Which also leads to the topic of this post.

Whatever this has become now, was nothing I originally intended.
In fact, I didn't intend anything at all.
It merely started, with the idea of showing the world what I think of ppl like you, totally egoistic, thinking that they can do what they want.

I can't change that you made a big deal out of it, showing it to everybody (which I'm grateful for, made my hits rose a bit!) and so on.
I also can't change that by doing so, you got yourself too much into it and feel more or less very bad abt it.
But maybe that's good, maybe that's one of the things, I was able to convey to you.

Like, you may deny everything I've said abt you.
But since you said that what I wrote is wrong, why do you got mad about it?

E.g. me, you may write that I'm ugly, arrogant, snooty, have no friends, etc.
Did I got angry about all that?

I don't even care.
It's just not true, so who gives a damn?

So, I suggest, you take my critizm in the 1st post abt you serious.
What you do/think is just not right.

In some point at your life you just totally failed, and no you ended up blaming your parents, Vietnamese ppl and everyone around you.

Just look at your blog (ok, that's what remained from it). Nearly all of your entries were abt how either you hate the world, or the world hates you.

Everything you talk abt is how everybody hurt you.
You always put it as if you were everybody's victim:
The little vulnerable Thu, deep in her heart a nice, calm, polite girl, who nobody understands, who is hated by everyone for no reason, who only wants to bring peace into this world, who knows the real truth behind it all, but nobody listens

Why? Do you like it?
Do you seek attention?
What is your problem?
Is this how you want to continue your life? Crying for heaven's justic, moaning in self-pity?

Nth can be seen where you really tried to do sth to improve your situation. It seems that you just sit around, thinking abt everything that has been done wrong to you and how you suffer from all that now.

You never ever said that you made any mistakes.
You never admit that you yourself have done things wrong.
Instead you say that you regret nothing.

So, isn't it rather you, who hurts your environment?

You claim to know everything better than grown-up people, reserve yourself the right to know the truth. Everything e.g. you parents do, seem to be wrong to you, you teach your parents, teach the world.

But what's behind it?
A run down girl, lost in the middle of her life, with no plan on how to continue.

You camplain abt that ppl look down on you?
They have every right to do so.
You always mention that education is not everything, there are nice people who didn't went to a higher school.

If that's right, then you're at the very most the exception that proves the rule.
I mean, you yourself say that you're a nice person.
What is nice about you?

Your thoughts aren't nice at all, you're only pretending that you're nice by pretending that you're polite.
But all you do in your blog, is insulting all the persons, to whom you say you are so nice to.
Which shows, that you aren't nice at all.

You're just as you said completely malicous (von Grund auf bösartig).
And if that's the way you are, you can't expect others to be nice to you. You can't expect anything of the ppl around you.

Concluding I would say, stop the everlasting whining, howling and complaining and think about what kind of human you REALLY are.

じゃあ, I can't believe that this rly made me post two days in a row.
やれ やれ。

I hope that I can bring this to an end with this post.

To Sơn: (cuz I like his Viet name more!)
Thanks for your nice comment.
I don't hate anyone without reason, means I don't hate you

Ach scheiße, ich sollte deutsch reden. Andererseits verstehen dann meine englischen Leser nichts. Andererseits verstehen sie dein Kommentar sowieso nicht.
Andererseits ist mein Deutsch nicht so gut~

Was soll's.

Mit Bastarden meinte ich, gewisse Leute (deren Existenz ich stark bezweifle), die gesagt haben sollen ich hätte keine Freunde.
  1. Wer sollen die gewissen Leute sein
  2. Woher sollen die so etwas wissen
  3. Selbst wenn's sie geben würde, nur weil sie ganz sicher nicht meine Freunde sind, heißt das noch lange nicht, dass ich gar keine Freunde habe
  4. Was ist wenn ich ganze viele Türken und Russen als Freunde habe?
  5. Selbst wenn ich wenige Freunde hätte, dann nur weil mir die meisten zu dumm sind (ja, ich nehme mir das Recht heraus, klüger als der Rest der Welt zu sein!)

Also, das was behauptet wurde ist mir ziemlich egal, ich möchte nur gerne wissen, wer feige im Hintergrund falsche statements abgegeben hat und ob diese Person den Mut aufbringen würde, sich zu melden um von mir fertig gemacht zu werden. (Ich schätze nicht) Diese Personen wären dann erwähnte bastards.
Nicht jedoch irgendwelche Vietnamesen, die eine Teil ihrer kostbaren Zeit damit verbringen das zu Lesen was ich schreibe und dann noch so nett sind und ihre eigenen Gedanke beizutragen !^^

Und danke, dass dir mein Layout gefällt, dass es bei einem Junge Zuspruch finden würde, hätte ich nicht gedacht.
Die Spieluhrmelodie ist wirklich süß, passte aber nicht wirklich zu meinen letzen posts.

Was das von dir angesprochene Thema Mein Hass auf Vietnamesen (klingt iwie wie ein Buchtitel von Adolf H.) angeht; ich werde dazu in meinem nächsten post, leider auch ein rant Stellung nehmen.

Well then, stay tuned for my next post, which gonna be a all new rant!
Someone give me a break pls (_ _|||)

Chu, Ailng
*jaechun/soojung greetings*

P/s: Don't you dare to think that this post's title if ridiculous.
It has a deeper sense. Philosophize abt it before you go to bed!

P/p/s: Thanks Thanh Truc for her comment!
I love your blog!

Didn't know that you were reading mine~
Do you? o(^ ω ^)o

Friday, 9 October 2009

So how does your life smell? - Farty.

(・ε・)ノ おっー皆!

I took the MV post down, because there has been another issue, which has some sort of priority.

Concerning this blog entry, where I ranted abt the attidude of some very fucking annoying people, taking a certain girl as THE example.
For the sake of simplicity, her name is Thu.

Well, yesterday at 10pm +, I just quickly looked at my stats, when I noticed that a few people visited this very blog entry, so I went to check the comments of the entry.

The girl, Thu, left a rather insignificant comment on it and if there haven't been more ppl viewing that entry, I would have contemptuously (verächtlich) overlooked it.

^^ I'm very happy that you take note of me ^^ Even if some things you make are complete junk but so what ^^ one can tell the result by looking at you ^^ where you are standing now ^^
anyway ;P I'm even happier if I continue to appear in some of your sites at blog ^^ I know my life is like a star because all the people who are jealous about me writing about me I know it's shit!!
It's like gossip press here ;P
everything translated into English, except the red part, it's originally quoted

Wtf does she want to say? Where am I standing now?
I'm attending school and will pass my A-grades next year. She's the failure who is doing nothing like a tramp (Penner).
Which is also the reason why my English is better than hers.
I beg you pardon, her life is like a star? Then fuck up to the sky, since when are stars down on Earth?!
Who are jealous abt me, wtf? The whole sentence is a complete mess, wtf!
Again, who's standing where?

I started investigations and apparently she showed the entry to all of her loyal friends who are nth more than unthinking masses for me, in order for them to join into a choir of hate and outrage against me.

And she DELETED ALL OF HER FUCKING BLOG ENTRIES, for whatever reason.
Let me - just for fun - say it's a cover-up campaign~

The two posts remaining, she recently posted (yesterday and today) are all about me.
And I don't want to read them somehow.

You don't know how angry I can get over stuff, it's so scary (´ω`*)
Anyway, I'm still going to read the two posts abt me now!
Wish me good luck !^^

Ok just read latest post.
She's saying that she's not angry abt what I wrote in the last post I mentioned her, which is something I have to credit her for.
Since we're both just bloggers, let's write whatever we want to.

Next she's saying that she only think it's a pity, that I judge ppl so quickly.
Well, it's not like I heard one rumor abt her and then just started to run her down.

I read that motherfucking pathetic blog entry of her and then draw my conclusions.
Which means I had all proof written black on white, to make up my mind before I started to do anything wtf!
Where did I judge anyone quickly?!
She's the one judging ppl quickly wtf! (referring to what I wrote at the end of this)

This irrelevant part amuses me: One of her male friends was obviously shocked abt me/my entry? and said And that's a Viet?
I wonder if he's German or not. If he is than I'd tell him Shut your trap!, since he isn't anyone to talk abt anything regarding Vietnam.
If he's Viet, I'd say Your family and you very nice ones what? Noone's mean to anyboday what? Will all come to heaven for sure right?
Since when are Vietnamese ppl supposed to be only friendly and nice?
Perhaps they are to foreigners, but privately Asians are quite vicious.
You know shit, so next time you open your mouth, think before you say more stupid, unnecessary crap!

That guy also said that if I weren't a girl, he'd beat me up.
Come to think of it, isn't that as worse? Or not? Dunno~
Anyway, I'm not afraid of being beaten up by any dumbass out there. Just come and I kill you.

But let's forget that guy (what's he got to do with the whole story anyway?)

She complaints abt that Vietnamese only like kids who are good in school, can do many things, and are pretty and polite.
Especially the fact that Vietnamese ppl only like pretty kids annoys her.
Okay, in this point, I really really have to pity her, for growing up among people who only like pretty kids~
Before that I didn't know anybody (and any Vietnamese) who would dislike ugly kids.
Well, can' change it~ It doesn't make anybody die, doesn't it?

On the other hand, maybe she only thinks that they only like pretty kids. Maybe they're all normal ppl, who also don't mind normal kids and slightly ugly.
The only problem is that she is soo goddamn ugly, that one couldn't tolerate it anymore~

Another things which is funny, is that now she suddenly says that she is and has always been polite.

WTF ???
VERY PITY that she deleted all her old posts, because if you'd have read them you know what polite means to her !!!
She fucking argues abt the most pathetic stuff with the father of her boyfriend and calls herself polite?
She's the most impertinent person I know!
Writing only shit throughout her entries, like insulting her mother, insulting people she doesn't know and more.
How can she srsly say that she's polite?

I don't know if that girl herself knows what she's writing, it's all plenty mixed shit out of opposites!
So ridiculous!

She's goddamn unpolite, and fucking proud of it, goddammit.
What a pathetic liar!!!

That's what I mean with the conver-up campaign. She really takes the easy way out, by deleting everything she's written.

If anyone with a mind would've read her former stuff, she wouldn't get any brainless, inept comments, which come as boring as Ohh... I agree with you... Viets are stupid anymore.
Seriously if you don't have anything better and original to say, then just shut it!

Writing sth and then deleting it, since you get critism because of it, is as cowardly as you can get.
Ashamed of it, right?
Then before writing new shit again, just stop it, goddamit!

Ppl who don't stand by their own act, are NTH to me!

And here's the 2nd entry.
First main part is only some philosophical blather (ok, I didn't rly read that part)

Then she says that she has found out that there are many people, who don't like me, because I always say directly what I think.
I really, really wonder who those ppl are?

Since I don't have anything to do with teenage Vietnamese! I hate them, so who the fuck could she have asked?!
There's only one person she could have asked. One single person, who knows me good and long enough (since I was born!) to judge my character. I consider this person to be one of my best friends, so~
And then there's another person, who is also able to say anything about me, a girl, which I have personally met for maybe 10 times! And the longest period of time I spent together with her is maybe 3 hours long!

Anyone else who made any comment up abt me, is either a liar or retarded.

So who are these ppl, they don't know me and dislike me, for reasons they made up?
And those ppl apparently also said, that I treat every person like I treated her.

Well, if you have any guts behind your big trap and have any seriousness or reliability at all, then comment, bastards.

There's nothing great about standing in the background and saying all sorts of wrong thigns.

So those people made her jump to the conclusion that I have not many friends.
What do you know about me? What if I have shitloads of friends?
I still shit on those Vietnamese idiots that hang around together every holiday.
I can't stand them and I hate them as much as I hate you!

She asked if I don't have a conscience.
Who the fuck doesn't have a conscience here?
It's goddamn unbelieveable!

She runs around, writing shit about her parents, her boyfriend's parents, everyone. Insulting fuckloads of people, thinks only about herself and her personal happiness, even if she's hurting others she doesn't care and calls me unconscionable?!

Am I dealing with a monkey?
Or some retarded kid, that can't think properly or what?
She suddenly turnes around everything that she has written, it's fucking ridiculous!

She asked herself if I would understand criticism.
Why shouldn't I?
Does she?
I knew that she left me a comment on my SVZ profile, but I didn't care to read, since it containts thinks I don't want to know anyway.

Lastly she says that she hates me, that I'm arrogant (I am) and that I'm ugly!
How's that related to anything? Okay, I don't meet her view of beauty, does that mean that I'm not totally telling the truth?
I never said that she's ugly (althoug she looks like a zombie on one of her pics), because I think that her look aren't part of the issue I was talking about, but if she thinks her style of arguing is telling others, that they're ugly -
You're fucking ugly as well !!!

And why the fuck does she care anyway?
First she says that she hates ppl who judge ppl by their look, now she does it herself!
Can I say that she's goddamn stupid and hollow, and that I don't have to take her serious at all?

She seems to believe that the look of a person, decides which character this person has, means pretty ppl are nasty and ugly ones are nice.
Wouldn't that mean that if anyone would ruin his/her appearance with a totally disgusting hair style, they would suddenly become nice and once they change their hair style they become nasty again?

The last part of her post is the in my life. She kinda qualifies (relativieren) her statements about me, by accusing herself of criticizing me.
I don't give a shit about what you write about me, for fucksake.

'Bad Thu', my ass. Must be joking, girl!
And what's with the idiotic laughter? 'Hähäää/ Määä completely malicious, wtf?
You're nth compared to me~

Lastly I want to add some thoughts about her poor boyfriend (and also to all other people who got involved in this issue):
Leave them alone, it's not their business!
I really didn't want to make him angry/sad/whatever abt this topic (as she says he wanted to talk to me). He's someone I appreciate much, unlike her.
Also, and this is very important, I CANNOT understand at all, why he cares at all, since SHE is directly insulting his own parents and HE does NOTHING.
Though I like this guy very much and will always like him, this makes him a person I expect nothing from.
Think abt this.

If you already spent your time reading that, you might as well watch

Nigahiga's Farts Off the Pill. Fucking hilarious!
Love it!
Oh yeah, somehow the two things fit together xD
The vid is abt Farts and her blog is now called It smells nach (of) Life
Fucking funny, isn't it?
Such a thing is called godly fate people and Lord wants to show you something.

So then,

Chu, Ailing
*some ppl's life are not more than fleeting, smelly farts- greetings*

P/s: Updated my site!
Put my Profile subpage back!

And this to Shine, I nearly designed a whole new layout for your site, so be a bit more grateful...NOT.