Thursday, 29 May 2008

And again.

i'm so depressive that I don't want to blog. Today I ruined the unprepared maths test tt.tt
Everytime I think of it I feel depressive, frustrated and suicidal. It makes me sick, when I think of how I sat there, not knowing what to do, when actually I can do it.
I hate it when I ruin a test, although I normally can solve the probelms/ questions.
I give up, I will never improve myself in maths...
Now, let's see what I wrote yesterday, when my life was still ok and when I was full of motivation for this maths test...

Really, I somehow HATE and LOVE to blog.
I hate it becuase, somehow I just don't want to blog much. I always think 'Oh no, this month already x posts'
On the other hand I love to write, so I'll just blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and

Well I wrote an English-test today. I dunno what to say about it.
It was shit. Dunno the style of the test {= layout, questions and divisons of the exercises} makes me feel uneasy when thinking about it, so I do not really have a good feeling.
Our teacher said that we have to solve the grammer and vocab part in less than 10 minutes.
It was a texts with gaps, we had to tick the correct verbs, which fit in the gaps or fill in the correct words.
Not to hard, but I couldn't correct or check what I wrote.
Went straight to the 'text production' part. We had a speech of Barack Obama {1 site} and had to answer to questions on the text {1. Why does Obama talk about his family and biography + 2. What role did race play during the campagin. What does Obama think about this. Give evidence from the text}. First questions was fine I think, 2nd not really. Dunno.
Ok. I haven't really learnt for this test. Yesterday before I went to the driving lessons, I took my book + exercise book down with me and decided to learn for about 20 min until I had to go. But I got distracted {wurde abgelenkt} by my bro {or better I let myself get distracted}. So I learnt for barely 10 min {with some pauses}. I wanted to learn after dinner then, which would be around 10pm. At the end I learnt for maybe 20 min from 10.20pm to 10.40pm. {this time with many loong pauses, and some other diversions of my bro}. But actually it was the other way round, I watched videos my brother showed my on youtube, with tiny pauses to learn and I got distracted from the vids by my english book. So actually I learnt for maximum 15 minutes net {maximal 15 minutes netto} .
I'm not bad in English but I should have learnt more. The nxt day {means today} I learnt during the ride to school {barely 30 min. ride, this time distraction from friends and the rumble of the tram}.
Anyway, the test is over. I think I wouldn't have done worse if I hadn't learn anything.

Tomorrow we gonna write an 'unprepared text' {Stegreifaufgabe} in maths. Its' sure that we will write on, but actually it's unprepared. I hope I can get myself to learn today .

It has been so hot these days, jux annormal. I'm sitting wearing nothing but underwear + leggings and it's still hot. My room is under the roof / a loft whatever, that makes it even worse .

So I think I spammed enough for today. At the moment I'm also working on a 'report' {Erfahrungsbericht} about 'Dyeing black hair blond', if you have any questions concerning this, ask me.
So byebye peeps, enjoy the weather if you can !^^

this pics is cool, innit?

p.s.: I should really think about a place were I can put my money zo and write a list with my 'credit balances' {Guthaben} and 'expenses ' {Aushaben}. I founded 40€ some time ago, and I didn't even know I had them/ had lost them.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Fashion Pics, Shoes and ... Cam Whores

Music: 1


Let's get it over then
{enthusiastic blogger over here}

Was out wit Thuy yesterday. Went shopping from 3 to 7 pm.
In the end my feet were hurting and I was veeeery exhausted .
Nevertheless it was a nice day . In the evening my parents + bro + me went to friends for dinner and stayed there until 1am, watching Eurovision Shit, lah .
{ok, my internet connection jux broke down, but I will still write on, saving the HTML file in Word or so...}

Well then, let me quickly tell you what happened and so on. First I went downtown wit dad +bro to examine a pair of dark green suede {Wildleder} chucks, my parents found and wanted to buy me. Dark green suede sounds bad enough {they are one of those 'high' chucks and inside they have a pink tartan pattern {Schottenmuster}.
Actually I didn't want to buy em, because I want a pair of Nike Airs {or better at least 2 pairs}, but since it seems that I won't get em in the near and far future, I took the Chucks. 45€ lah.
Cheap or not?

After buying them I went to met Thuy. We then checked every shop in our town for stylih clothes etc. I aso asked for little diamonds to zhng my gadgets {mp3, handy, etc...}. In 'Müller' they only have colorful ones, but none in plain {einfarbig} /single-color. Wanted to look in a Bastalshop {shop selling stuff to do handicrafts, what a fuck translation}, but it was closed .
When we visited H&M and one other shop, Thuy n me each chose different outfits and then went in the changing cubicle {Umkleidekabine} to took photos.

Last but never least: the VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLES:

{when taking those pics, I realized how fat my arms really are tt.tt. my thighs {oberschenkel} look quite king-size, too}

Here are the coat I bought sometime last week and the Bambi-thing.

Look, I found these pairs of sandals in our cellar. They belong to my mum, but she dun wear them anymore. I think they look very cool, I could wear them but:
My feet are smaller than my mum's.

It fucking annoying, leh! I'm taller than my mum but I got smaller feet !
My shoe size is 36- max. 38 {4 1/2 - max. 5 1/2}, sometimes even 35 {4} !!! {e.g. ballerina shoes, high shoes anyway!}.
That's so unfair, she got so many nice shoes! But her shoe size is 39 {6}.

K, that's all I wanted to tell
Tormorrow I gotta go to school again. Ewwww...... FUCK !!!
I goddamn hate school !!!
I gotta be through the whole shit {Das muss ich durch!} {<- If this sentence isn't good english, excuse me, but I'm too lazy to find the idiomatic translation} .
PP then ppl, lah x3.

P.S.: {Fuck, the shit jux deleted itself, gotta write it again} Germany yesterday well-earned the last place of the Eurovision Song Contest {hat sich den letzten Platz voll verdient}, the song is jux crappy !!! I knew Germany would lose !
Haha, Fuck those who thought we would win wit this song, Fuck No Axxxxx for joining this competition and thinking they could win wit this bundled shit {they never had the slightest chance} !!!
I like the last song most

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Lots to tell {I think}

Well, think u noticed that I changed my fucking layout again =.=""
N if u think, that I sound quite set up {or angepisst} or dissatisfied with it, although it looks gorgeous, u r right!
I not only sound so, it's exaclty my mood. Although I like the layout {it's super professionell and everything }.
But since I changed it the 2nd time in this month and since I'm changing my layouts monthly.. or even weekly... I'm sick of it . {it looks shitty at the right side I know}
Well, I'm sick of many things...


Went shopping yesterday . Actually we {bro+bro+ma+me} went to the city to deal with some paperwork of me {application for the driver's license&co + identity card}
My ID was so ugly , my mom thought it was so ugly {it was ugly but not SO}, that I HAD to apply for a new one. I did. It isn't much better.

So and I got only 2 things yesterday:
1 cute *dunno-how-to-call-it*. It look like a little Bambi {black+ white dots} with a pink ribbon, you can pin it on ur clothes
1 coat
The coat is brown look like a trench coat, is made out of corduroy {kord} and has some shiny big gold buttons ! It also got a fur, which you can take on and off.
When I first saw it, it immediately reminded me of One Piece ! Noone of you knows One Piece, rite? ...
You're so lame, you know? xD j/k
This is One Piece, remember?

So. This coat has somehow a bit *OnePiece-Style*. Love it !
Eww, but when I bought it, I noticed one button was missing, it was in the sidepocket of the cloak. When I was paying I asked the shop assistent, if she had strings {Fäden} wit the same coloras the one's from the coat, so I can sew it on, wit the right color.
She looked at me and said: Unfortunately not. But normally you got things like this at home {of course I have, I want that stupid color, man!}, but we don't sew here.
Or are you staying at hotel?

What? Did she mean a hotel or a hotel?

Hotel 1
Hotel 2

guess, you know what I mean wit this different hotels...
Wtf was this women thinking? Only because I asked for a string? Is she crazy or what?
Do I look kinda bitchy or what? Or is it because I dyed my hair and now it has some cheap-thai-blond orange- color in it? {Yah, I dyed my hair , more abt some other time leh, oki?} Or does she just have some asocial, retarded prejudices? What a 'beep'³ !!!
Can't believe it. Wtf was she thinking?!...

I went to the cinema yesterday Iron Man Jux love it. even if it's a boy's movie. Love the to computers, Travis and Dummy {or whatever}.
And when we were on our way to the cinema, sitting in the tram{straßenbahn}. Two idiotic russian playas came into the tram, listening to some hiphop shit wit their mobiles turned on to maximal volume, so everybody could listen along, while adoring the two for their ingenious music taste!!!! Normally I dun mind retarded hiphop bitches listening to 50Cent or some shit like this. But this two Russians went to far. They listened to some german crap, and it went like this:

"blablabla..... Ich hab voll viele Alkohol getrunken {champagner oder was das war} und dann haben die schlampen mir ihre feuchten fotzen entgegengestreckt {sowas halt} yeah und dann fick ich meine lieblingshure
und trink noch meeeehr blablablabla'

{schreiende frau als refrain}
"blahblah...... I drank so much alcohol {think it was champaign} and then the sl*ts hold their wet cun*s towards me {sth like this} yeah and then I gonna f*ck my favo wh*re und even drink mooooore blahbla"

{chorus/refrain: screaming woman}

of course everything rhymed and that two idiots were rapping along with their goddamn Russian accent {somehow I hate the Russian accent}. These lyrics just show retarded male-fanatasies. The song is so stupid, it's incredible. The nxt song started wit the sound of a squeaking bedstead {quietschend bettgestell}... went on some time like this. Aww.... the two should get beaten up for doing such shit. They can listen to such music when they are lieing in their beds, feeling lonesome or horny..... Goddamn !

Enough of this !
Today's fridae. Next week school starts again. I hate school ! We still got to write some tests . I had a nightmare today. We wrote a maths-test and my teacher saw me cribbing {spicken} and gave me a F/6. Dash was I horrified !

Ah! I watched Germany's Nxt Topmodel yesterday {1st time watching it}. I gotta say that, that Jenny bitch is pwetty {i dun like her attitude and everything}, Wanda is veeeery pwetty, Caroline is quite ok too. And now the two must fucking ulgy ones: Janina and + Christina
Damn Janina's fringe {pony} is sooo damn FUGLY. How for fucksake can someone has such a shitty fringe? If I would have such a fringe I would always, really always clip it back. Always.

And the whole hairstyle of Christine is fürn arsch. As if she went to the cheapest hairdresser and he gave her the cheapest version of layered hairstyle + fringe {stufenschnitt + pony} ever!

She's not even very pwetty !

But on professionell pics they all look very pwetty {usually}....
Also they often get wigs {perücken}...

to vicky
ich hab deinen blog ganz durch zufall gefunden und weiß leider nich mehr wo er ist
könntest du mir den link noch ma geben, wenn du das liest?

-> That was 'Lots to tell' {I think} xD

ps: i dunno why i used all of this pixels , but they jux look so kawaii
and: Saturday is 'Eurovision Song Contest Day' be sure to wach, ya? xD
Pss: i've read the whole post again after publishing it... AND i've noticed that I used maaany swearwords...
if you think there are too many pls tell me and nxt time i will either dun use that many anymore or i will censore them all, oke?

Which one do you like more? {right one supposed to look like a button}