Thursday, 29 May 2008

And again.

i'm so depressive that I don't want to blog. Today I ruined the unprepared maths test tt.tt
Everytime I think of it I feel depressive, frustrated and suicidal. It makes me sick, when I think of how I sat there, not knowing what to do, when actually I can do it.
I hate it when I ruin a test, although I normally can solve the probelms/ questions.
I give up, I will never improve myself in maths...
Now, let's see what I wrote yesterday, when my life was still ok and when I was full of motivation for this maths test...

Really, I somehow HATE and LOVE to blog.
I hate it becuase, somehow I just don't want to blog much. I always think 'Oh no, this month already x posts'
On the other hand I love to write, so I'll just blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and blog and

Well I wrote an English-test today. I dunno what to say about it.
It was shit. Dunno the style of the test {= layout, questions and divisons of the exercises} makes me feel uneasy when thinking about it, so I do not really have a good feeling.
Our teacher said that we have to solve the grammer and vocab part in less than 10 minutes.
It was a texts with gaps, we had to tick the correct verbs, which fit in the gaps or fill in the correct words.
Not to hard, but I couldn't correct or check what I wrote.
Went straight to the 'text production' part. We had a speech of Barack Obama {1 site} and had to answer to questions on the text {1. Why does Obama talk about his family and biography + 2. What role did race play during the campagin. What does Obama think about this. Give evidence from the text}. First questions was fine I think, 2nd not really. Dunno.
Ok. I haven't really learnt for this test. Yesterday before I went to the driving lessons, I took my book + exercise book down with me and decided to learn for about 20 min until I had to go. But I got distracted {wurde abgelenkt} by my bro {or better I let myself get distracted}. So I learnt for barely 10 min {with some pauses}. I wanted to learn after dinner then, which would be around 10pm. At the end I learnt for maybe 20 min from 10.20pm to 10.40pm. {this time with many loong pauses, and some other diversions of my bro}. But actually it was the other way round, I watched videos my brother showed my on youtube, with tiny pauses to learn and I got distracted from the vids by my english book. So actually I learnt for maximum 15 minutes net {maximal 15 minutes netto} .
I'm not bad in English but I should have learnt more. The nxt day {means today} I learnt during the ride to school {barely 30 min. ride, this time distraction from friends and the rumble of the tram}.
Anyway, the test is over. I think I wouldn't have done worse if I hadn't learn anything.

Tomorrow we gonna write an 'unprepared text' {Stegreifaufgabe} in maths. Its' sure that we will write on, but actually it's unprepared. I hope I can get myself to learn today .

It has been so hot these days, jux annormal. I'm sitting wearing nothing but underwear + leggings and it's still hot. My room is under the roof / a loft whatever, that makes it even worse .

So I think I spammed enough for today. At the moment I'm also working on a 'report' {Erfahrungsbericht} about 'Dyeing black hair blond', if you have any questions concerning this, ask me.
So byebye peeps, enjoy the weather if you can !^^

this pics is cool, innit?

p.s.: I should really think about a place were I can put my money zo and write a list with my 'credit balances' {Guthaben} and 'expenses ' {Aushaben}. I founded 40€ some time ago, and I didn't even know I had them/ had lost them.


  1. Oh.
    Good luck.
    I hope you'll do well in school.
    The question seemed easy.
    So don't stress too much on it.
    Well, keep smiling. (:

  2. heheh danke für deinen kommi :3!! ja stimmt der typie sieht noch lange nicht so gut aus wie shun,aber so ein "double" ist ja auch mal schön anzusheen XD

  3. Oh Mann, ich kenn das nur zu gut von früher als ich noch ins Gymnasium ging x__x man hat gelernt (oder auch nicht) und dann hat man das totale Blackout wenns drauf ankommt.. hoffentlich gehts nicht vollkommen in die Hose. Und was Englisch betrifft.. du bloggst englisch, ich denk das KANN bei dir garnicht so schlecht ausgegangen sein x3
    Bei mir ist das auch immer so ein Zwiespalt mit dem Bloggen.. man will zwar aber es ist dann doch immer so ne Überwindung die Gedanken in worte zu fassen und irgendwann kommt vl nur "Spam" raus haha.. aber egal. Ist dein Blog und wenn du den zuspammen willst mach :D

  4. oh man ich hasse mathe auch so xD

    und verhaue es ständig T___T

    hab bald ach noch prüfung X_x

    ich bin toooottt xD

    keep blogging



  5. haha ja ich fands so cool. aber jetzt ists mir peinlich und ich habs wieder weggemacht :P

    i know how u feel, ich hasse es auch etwas zu verkaggn was ich eigtl kann.
    meine noten sind echt mies, hab englisch grad erst verkaggt -.-

  6. ach das mit dem nicht lernen können kennt doch jeder ....
    keine sorgen machen

    erst recht nicht du, bist doch eh voll gut in der schule !