Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fantasy+ Twilight Chapter

November Autumn marched into the country. Season of
stinging cold,
grey skies and barren

IOW: best month! Oh November how do I love thee, thou my birth month!

I have a theory:People love the month in which they are born best - always. And they will look down on those born in other months.

Don't tell me you just not shook your head in disbelief and thought November is a fuck of a month when you just read what I wrote! Admit!

After a while of thinking about this hypothesis, I saw myself forced to alter it a bit, taking into consideration the unhealthy majority of our population, who might be too mundane to pinpoint their favo month, so here's the improved formula:

People will always find sth about their birth month which is better than other months

I tried to confirm my theory by using my family members as tests objects (whereas only my bro was cooperative enough to join my groundbreaking research):

TO 1: February

TO 1 states that February is the best month
Just the fact that it's such an inconspicious month makes it very special
Upon my statement that November is the best month TO 1 reacted with remarks of mockery and utter pity

So my brother confirms my theory!
I have more evidence, which I can't include into my academic essay, because after this short convo, I confided my theory to him (but you should never reveal the aim of your scientific studies to your test objects, because they might - consciously or unconsciously - influence the result.
His reaction: What? Can't be!! People don't always like their birth month best! I would suicide if I were born in April or May for example! Those are months for losers! double confirm

TO 2: January

TO 2 doesn't think January is the best month, because it's too cold and bla bla

I abandoned further efforts to get more sentimental answers from this reason-controlled man who is my father.

TO 3: October

TO 3 abstained from commenting my thesis with the remark 'Stop this bull'

In order to save my life I didn't insist on an answer, but ran. Her reaction was so obvious

Although I firmly believe in the validity of my theory, I must admit that the state of evidence ist still shaky.

Personally, I disliked November when I was a little kid, thinking that being born in Summer or Spring must be much cooler and princess-like, but now I really love the tristesse and coldness of month #11.

In order to create a firmer basis for my theory, I'd like to invite everyone of you to comment on this blog post about whether you like your birth month most!
confess confess confess

Oh yeah I just found this What your birth month says about you

Apparently, I'm a unique and brilliant brain, who loves to think about everything. Therefore I'm very deep and mysterious, difficult to fathom and unpredictable. read more

Has a lot of ideas - as you just witnessed
Difficult to fathom - you bet
Thinks forward - if you say so
Unique and brilliant - check
Extraodinary ideas - in accordance with point 1
Sharp thinking - I'm awesome
Fine and strong clairvoyance - this is getting repetitive
Can become good doctors - oh noes
Careful and cautious - lame
Dynamic in personality - okay? is it a good thing?
Secretive - yes :3
Inquisitive - hmm
Knows how to dig secrets - I should work for FBI
Always thinking - often
Less talkative but amiable - often
Brave and generous - often
Patient - kind of
Stubborn and hard-hearted - yes
If there is a will, there is a way - not always
Determined - kind of
Never give up - am I friggin Naruto or how?
Hardly become angry unless provoked - kind of
Loves to be alone - I like both
Thinks differently from others - yes
Sharp-minded - yes
Motivates oneself - yeah...
Does not appreciates praises - especially not abt my looks
High-spirited - yesss
Well-built and tough - does that mean I have the body of Arnie?
Deep love and emotions - l'amour, c'est moi
Romantic - not sure, at least I hate romcoms
Uncertain in relationships - whatever that means
Homely - I guess this is good?
Hardworking - hmm
High abilities - I SHOULD work for FBI
Trustworhty - I guess that's true
Honest and keeps secrets - depends on what secrets
Not able to control emotions - I actually can
Unpredictable - yes

It's Hallowe'en season too and like every year many efforts (and oftentime fruitless ) are made to organize and host Halloween parties!
Same here Cy and I are trying to host a horror movie night, but we are very undecided about the movies to watch. But I guess The Haunting of Conneticut is quite sure. It's a semi-horror movie about a haunted house with happy end and handsome male lead!

I found a really easy recipe for a funny Halloween drink, call it Bloody Eyevy

What lychees, cherry juice, other juices or liquors
How put the lychees into the cherry juice and let them soak overnight. they will look more or less like bloodshot eye balls.
mix with other beverages until you like the taste

As always, it's really too cold for any outdoor activites (thanks god!)

Apropos, evil ghosts, malicious demons and other vengeful bad spirits
I'd like to share another of my Words of Wisdomn with you

After thinking the matter through, I came to the conclusion that supernatural beings who torture humans are stupid and idiotic


Well, first of all, there are two kind of evil spirits:

#1 The Vindictive Victims

Ghosts of murdered people, so to say (it's just no alliteration ).

Ok, I understand that it's not nice to be killed by your unfaithful husband, abusive neighbour or unloving mother , but come on - you are dead!
I always think that once you are dead you become sth like an angel right? Nearly god! And does god spend all of his time giving people a hard time? No!
Because it's a friggin unnecessary and mindless thing to do! And he has too much class and pride to take care of such childish business. And so should you!
Also you became a transcendet being already, please behave accordingly and leave earthly and lowlife feelings such as grudge, anger and hatred behind! It's so below your dignity!!

What's worse - messing with complete uninvolved persons (ie haunted buildings) is your solution? What did they effin to do you? By behaving like this you aren't better than your murderer.
Please, logical thinking is always applicable

Ok, IF you insist on people knowing the truth, then why must you scare everyone to death in order to force them to plumb the secret of your decease!
Cannot just write a note like
Hello Officer Don Kanonji,
I was killed by your colleague, Shawlong Qufang. My corpse is buried under his garage and you will find evidence of my murder here (place 1) (object 1) and here (place 2) (object 2).
In case you think this is a joke mail by an earthling, I have enclosed a lottery ticket with this evening's winning numbers - as a proof for my 'supernatural existence' and as a simple token of gratitude for your cooperation.
Any more questions? Think about them for a sec and I'll get back to you in no time.

Thank you and have a nice day Sir!
Sincerely, (your name)

P/S: Your wife is pregnant since Monday! Congrats!

P/P/S: Should you not take action after reading this (although I just presented you 23,000,000 $), I shall not guarantee that Sybille is going to give birth to a 'normal baby' (you know what I mean?)

Can't say I didn't try to be nice....

and conjure it unto the policeman's desk?

It's not damaging to the nerves and - interesting for you - much more time-efficient!
Why even bother to make a detour to layman who first have to contact the police before everything can be officialy solved - if they survive the investigation you made them conduct.

An even easier way is to just possess the murderer and make him confess! Written and orally!
I only don't know if normal dead people can possess others...

Which takes us to the other kind of evil spirits

#2 The Diabolic Demons

these are spirits which like to bring about damage because it's fun

Actually, I don't know why they do what they do, but I can't think of any other reason as fun.
Because, what did anyone ever do to them?

So, it's harder to argue with those, because they have no real reason for their actions

I can only say that it doesn't make any sense and that there certainly are other fun things to do.

Also they are mean for abusing their powers! MEAN!!!

Would you like to be treated like that? No? Then stop it! Thank you!!

So, I guess next time you encounter evil spirits or the like, just debate with them until they admit that they are wrong!!!!

Ok, that's it for today! Happy Hallowe'en!!!
Have a nice party! Collect many sweets, but don't come to my house pls!

spooky greetings,
Chu, Ailing

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

So today

torn apart - BLEACH

I hate cherry tree banners, icons and artsy-fartsy pics. I saw too many exploitations of that kitsch scenery that I simply had to end up detesting it.
Admittedly, I have one or two cherry tree banners (not 100% sure though), which are kind of pretty, but when I think of those little petals whose pink shade has degenerated into some sort of carcinogenic insult of a color due to massive abuse of layers and some weird amateur ps actions, I start to shiver. Ugly as fuck.
So I really hope that I haven't and will never use a cherry tree banner on this blog. If I have or will have, please report to my present self at once!

Other than that, things change. I actually hate narrow blog layouts, because it's just not suited for displaying big pictures. Still this layout has a quite narrow frame for the posts and I find it pretty wtf.
Oh yeah, it's been some time since I officially introduced new layouts. But desperately trying to blog, I'm forced to celebrate my childish efforts again. Oh I know, I should even try to find a name for this layout, like... er Plain Poetry ok? Nice name onot? It's poetic (ahem) and illustrous?

Also my blog layouts get less and less and lesser pink. And simple. I also don't know what's wrong with me and how this all happened, but I can't do anything against it ㅠ.
Still, I think it's unmistakeable that I have a penchant for this color.

At least layouts like this underline the beauty of texts more and I hope that it will encourage me to update more often (as I think it's also better for shorter posts).

Apropos texts, is the font very horrible? It kind of cuts into my eyes everytime I look at it, but it's only 12px Arial!! Nothing extravagant...

Oh and I'm thinking about adding a c-box~ Should I? I want to make this blog more interactive...


If you were to turn into a snake tomorrow and begin devouring Humans, and from the same mouth you devoured Humans, you cried out to me "I love you!" Would I still be able to say "I love you" the same way I do today?
please take a look at how the verses start - Japanese ftw

Oh yeah, I nicked smelly life's 2nd blog (or whatever it was) URL and have it display my blog instead!
I didn't know she had this blog as well until a few minutes ago to be honest

Ok, the truth is the chick deleted her blog again, leaving her URL for anyone to register. So I thought, why not? I don't understand why people can delete their blogs, I could never delete this. It's like part of my life is all about these pages, how could I throw them away? Bloggers who can just delete their blogs on a whim are scum to me and should not be considered real bloggers! This is my way of the Ninja trying to act all determined Naruto-ish

I'm totally sure that I wanted to say more, but I can't remember what! I'm still so unable to update this blog with my latest purchases, because I'm too lazy to snap pics and worst of all transfer them to my computer. #wefgwedf

Signing off now, it's instant noodle time.
Chu, Ailing

Saturday, 6 October 2012


There was no possibility of taking a walk that day. We had been wandering, indeed, in the leafless shrubbery an hour in the morning; but since dinner (Mrs. Reed, when there was no company, dined early) the cold winter wind had brought with it clouds so sombre, and a rain so penetrating, that further out-door exercise was now out of the question.

I was glad of it: I never liked long walks, especially on chilly afternoons:
Becox I don't know how to start this entry I steal this one lar!!!


  • My mother's birthday is this Saturday. I planned to eat at the Italian, but she doesn't want to.

  • Cy and I decided to finally go to the gym. I'm afraid, exercising is the only way for me to lose weight, while eating 1 meal per day.

  • And - fogive my stupidity - I am excited
    Especially about my personalized work-out plan, because having one sounds so healthy life-ish! And I love all healthy life-ish things!

    Also, I noticed that all my sports gear became either unsightly over the years or has gone missing.
    So that gives me a really good excuse to shop like no tomorrow!

    Finally, I can go buy the New Balance shoes!
    How long have they been in in Korea and I still never buy?!

    I just googled a bit and showed Cy the designs I like!
    Nabeh, she say those aren't real athletic shoes, but plain sneakers, that is to say: unsuitable.

    But I don't care! The only thing I care about is that Koreans have better designs than available for sale to Germany! Ah! めんどくせ、な!

    Here are some thinspos:
    Pics clickable as always

    Source: arooki, redopin, cherryspoon, dahong

    Good, I am so vain and unworthy of life for caring about how I look at the gym!
    But - I love the style! I love how it actually doesn't fit together, because you just don't wear sport shoes on a daily basis.

    So yeah, we're going for some shoe shopping in a bit (additionally I need a whole new dazzling gym kit!) and then head to the gym later!


    ViVi and Jelly scans from October 2012 issues.
    Cy got me some from Japan and I would insert a few styles from the newest Jelly, but there are no scans (and I don't really scan myself)

    Ok, these are not scans, but my usual compact, jam-packed style summary pics.

    The most obvious and hot trend is wearing beanies.
    They are everywhere.

    I love all kind of headwear and about this beanie-style I especially love this slack and pretty cool aura. It's so boy-ish somehow.
    Pics clickable as always

    Ver 1) Standard Beanie
    Cy calls these sock-beanie, because they look like socks. Haha It's true.
    Basically, you can wear every kind of beanie as long as you put it on very lose.

    Although most don't have a pompom, it's totally the same effect if your beanie has one.

    In case you don't have any beanie at all, you can shop American Apparel's Cuffed Acrylic Lined Beanie.
    Jelly model Yuuki Yamamoto wears it (cf. flt green beanie at center top)

    Ver 2) Beanie with ears
    I don't like these at all, but they are also very popular.

    The most popular are the ones like bottom right.
    There's also another kind of beanie with ears all over the newest Jelly (like the grey one in the center).

    The pompom ears version doesn't appear as often, but strikingly often enough and I know that H&M sold those last winter.

    Ver 3) Ear Hat

    As you can see this flat hat with cat ears is quite popular (I have not the slightest clue about how it's called - a mixture of pillbox and cocktail hat?), but there are also bowler-shaped hats with ears like Elli Rose is wearing (bottom center)

    Wanted to brainwash you all into buying the - behold - SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 which has been released just a few days ago
    But, I don't have the time

    Will save it for an ultra boring blog post soon Hahaha!!

    And that concludes my life and fashion update. Hope you guys liked it - and don't forget to comment or subscribe. Talk to you later.
    isn't that the standard way for people to end their youtube vids?

    Peace out!

    Chu, Ailing

    P/s: The beginning is from Jane Eyre - an absolutely phantastically boring book, which starts very adorably mainstream-ish.

    (But I actually like dramatic-poetic describtions of technically quite unexciting things, which make everything appear very melancholic.