Thursday, 23 December 2010

Baby Love Love~

Nice isn't it? Hahas~

Btw the bear is totally copyrighted under my name since I'm 4 years old, KAYS?
Noone is allowed to reproduce this bear. Noone.

Oh, the bear is the mascot of my blog! So double copyright la!

Omo! You don't know how OTL tired I am!
The last two weeks I didn't really sleep, ytd stay awake until err.... 5am!!!
And I'm feeling so bad, cuz I dun really have Christmas presents for everyone and I haven't even decided on which meal/dish/kiss-my-ass I gonna prepare for tomorrow!
So no single ingredient, too!

And I'm so tired, I just can't get myself to move OTL2DCORE~

(Btw, I think saying omo is totally wannabe - and that's really strange with me, because I nvr heard any Korean saying omo until now + I dun watch Kdramas.
But it looks better than omg~)

Wah! I could suicide ᅲᅲ
And it's getting dark already. Oh no!

Ks, I actually just wanted to wish you all* some happy days, especially to
Donghae, FT Island, TVXQ and hmm~

Why them? because I just want them to be happy and enjoy themselves, as well as everybody else.
Oh and may your presents be awesome!

Chu, Ailing

P/s: oh, because I'm super pathetic, you all means everyone except smellylife and her kum gong friends.
Hahas *pseudo feeling superior*

P/p/s: I forgot to mention that my next lay will probably be totally un-kawaii !!!

P/p/p/s: I nearly started the post scriptum above with oh again, but I overused this word in this entry already! >.<

Monday, 13 December 2010

시끄러! そして you and you.

I ❤ xxx - 大塚愛 (Ai Ōtsuka)

Eh! U-Kiss' songs were made for my life! Hahas. But you know, the fact that Dongho is only 16 and kinda speaks only is causing me to not take them so serious (I mean oppa?!)... And, come on, one of them is called Eli!!! This is on a sidenote only!

And, yes, I changed my outfit layout!
I want(ed) to do a completely new one, but got so fucked up with shitass blogger, that I just edited this one and gave up the other one.
Fucking retarded to figure everything out and once I understand it, it won't work somemore

I want to add javascript snow effect, confirm doesn't work la! Whatever~
I'm not a person who gets all angry, because of some technical problem~

The only thing which makes me really angry is stupid people!

I have a serious problem!

The problem is, should I allow myself to get carried away by my drives or should I retain my sophisticated image among the readers I have?
(sophisticated, when.. where?)

I am talking about toying around with smelly life !!!

Playing with people is so fun!
And it's the same thing I do with smelly life.
ワー! Whatever that chick does, it just makes me feel pleased with myself Hahas!
Like - the gal wasting so much energy to get revenge or whatever, when it's all just some foolish game by me!
I mean, I have nothing to do then visit her blog, while she totally follows mine

Well, to you maybe it's at least entertaining Hahas
Whatever, the next step in whatever relationship we have is quite a funny one! (if everything is working accordingly to the plan LoL)
I'm really looking forward to her reaction!

Let's stay tuned!
I can only tell you one part of my plan! ... nth will happen for a while
(o_ _)ノ彡☆バンバン ギャハハハ

Ok, I'm being really embarassing! So what, I'm still young! Can confirm do such things!

Today (-10000000000000000000000000 gazillion degree CELSIUS! = air was frozen) the door rang and I thought it would be the postman, bringing me my beloved shipped-from-california-on-saturday-before-the-last tee!
I snatched some pair of trousers and rushed down the stairs while pulling them on! I flung open the door and still while it flew open I thought SHIT! FML!

Instead of a friendly postman, I saw two old grannies, which means Jehovah's Witnesses. Starting to babble at once la!
I just stood there, not believing, how I could open the door without checking who rang, and started to wonder, how the woman dared to tell me some absolute trivial-to-the-core stuff about 6000 years ago while I obviously had to stand there in the shitass cold!
OMO! Fucking bold as brass! (゜ロ゜)ギョェ
The moment I saw them for the first time, I began to think, it's a personal insult whenever they show up at our house!

And, I know, that I have a special English accent somewhere when speaking, but I didn't think it would be Asian !!!
Today I introduced Singlish to my course and after that, a girl told me that she thought my Asian accent is cute!

I thought my accent would be kinda sth like American English, with a bit British, and Singlish and sth completely non-existing
But then, maybe I heard to many Asians talk English and now I am lidat!
HiaZz, it's embarassing for a westernized person to speak with un-western accent!
Well~ Can't be helped!

Oh, nearly forgot!
I added new Christmas songs to my player!
Check them out! The really awesome ones are of course from TVXQ! Fighting
(Don't ask me why Li Xing Yu by F4 is a christmas song in my eyes!)

Chu, Ailing

P/s: K, the lyrics of 빙글빙글 don't really fit to me, but the title itself!
P/p/s: And yeah, maybe mixing Korean and Japanese in the title doesn't prove much stylistic assurance... but that's only an exception.
Oh and sorry, for misusing Otsuka-san's lyrics! (^∧^) スマンノウ~

Friday, 10 December 2010

U-know, It's BRAVE!

Question of the day:
Have you ever thought it to be strange that fish live underwater and their whole life never wonder what world there could be above it's surface? Or if there's anything above the surface of the water at all?

On the other side, why is Donghae so damn awesome/cute looking? 왜?!왜?!왜?!

K, now I forgot what I wanted to say actually~

Anyways, ytd in sports:
and you all know that i hate having sports with boys and well, i have sports with boys, namely volleyball

So I on one side of the net and the guy on the other side of the net were jumping up the net to block/spike the ball to the other side. We ended up jumping against each other and since then my right thigh doesn't fell the same anymore
Like I got a hole in the muscle or sth (You know the movie Kizuna - Naruto, with that sensei guy who could regenerate his body and Naruto punched like a whole into his arms and then all the flesh was open, but healed again? My thigh feels like having such a wound)
Whatever part of his body ram into my thigh, it made quite a dammage.
I can 't even walk properly

Next topic,
'my last post must be quite sth to smelly life', that's what I thought ytd when seeing that again I got several hits from Munich in a short time

The gal think she can read my blog without me noticing or what?
Read sth negative, must go tell all friends immediately to cry around?
Such a behaviour is called pitiful la!

Anways, until now I didn't get any retarded comments, like leave her alone and strongly related you don't have a life.

Actually, how can I not leave her alone, her blog is gone? I just said that her blog is gone. How about, she leave me alone? Can or not?

Then, the I got no life story. You guys know the joke about the boy and the angler?
No? Well then,

A boy has been watching an angler while fishing. After quite some time he says, 'Can there be anything more boring then fishing?' The angler replies, 'Yes, watching someone while fishing.'

Get it? Telling me that I got no life so I blog, then read my shit already, who has less life ha?
It's like you got even less no-life then me !!!
Why can't stupid ppl as least understand their own logic (fail) ?

Christmas is approaching and I dunno what presents to buy and I can't be bothered to go shopping. It's freaking cold and all the shitass snow. Like, k, it looks beautiful, but walking is just a pain in the ass

I was planning to buy the Missha BB Cream and maybe some Laneige facial scrub, but I fear for my money! (err... yeah, I'm talking about presents for me not for others )
I must marry some rich men ! Then again I dun wanna take advantage of poor him! How, his mother gonna scold me no end!

Btw, since I can't be arsed to bother myself with that simple-minded chick anymore, I need a new victim. Anyone got an inspiring blog of shits and wanna get constructive criticism? Leave your link!

That's it. And always remember 사랑 참 쓰다
Chu, Ailing
*짜증나게 하지말고 떠나가버려 Oh-oh*

P/s: Ever checked out U-Kiss 만만하니 lyrics?
it's BRAVE! Hahas~

철없게 행동하고
약올리고 약올려 자꾸 better stop now
뭘 대체 내게 원하는 거야
너 완전 짜증나 너 하나밖에 난