Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Twilight - Some Emotions are Timeless

Music: 1/ 2

The longer I look at this layout the more it sucks!
The coding and the way the content and sidebars look is really poor~
And I want to say sry, to everyone who is disappointed cuz this lay isn*t pink....
Err....... yah..... it*s in a way wonderful romantic rite? But not kitschy {kitschig}!
For the new year I wanted an emotional layout, which fits to my mood!

Well I feel as if it would be ages ago since I last blogged, if anyone is aso feeling like this, I apologize to this person!
For you! xD

So, what happened the last days?

#1 I watched many movies.
Every evening one.
And I hate watching *great* movies.

E.g. I watched *Alexander* {however it*s called} with Collin Farell~
Btw how old is he? Quite old, huh? Or at least too old for me? But he was rather cute in that movie.... {and young!}

However, it*s always like this~
After I watch such *gorgeous* movies, I always feel like a part of me is dieing/ wants to die right now.
In Alexander, Alexander {Collin Farell} dies in the end, although he was a wonderful person and everything. Watch the movie so you can understand what I*m talkin abt!
It was a very tragic death {poisoned}.
And everytime I watch movies like this {like Troy where Achilles {Brad Pitt} died} I feel super terrible!
I feel like wanting to tear myself into pieces, cuz I soooooo much want to travel back in time to save those m*therf*cking guys* lifes!!!

I feel sooooooooo sorry for them. Ax!!!!
It can*t be helped...
I am depressed and frustrated for the rest of the day and the next day!
Right now I feel like hitting my table... but I know that that would only made all the things on it jump up and then fall down and maybe they get broken or so..............
Ax !!!!! Can*t anyone help me? Please?

#2 Twilight
I*m sure you have at least heard of that book/ movie?
So many ppl around me have read/ are reading it right now and are always talking abt cute Edward {who is mine! xD}
And aso SVZ has ads for the movie. And my frn is listenin to *River Flows in You* from Yiruma, cuz in the movie Edward is playing it for Bella~

So romantic, rite?

But you know what! Dream on, sisters!
Edward is mine! I will search him, even if I have to go to the end of the world.
Even if it would take Eterneties!!!

Oww, I wish he would be a real person!
So I can meet him once... One a beautiful day....
When the moon shines

and then


SERIOUSLY GIRLS, I have never never never liked that romantic SHIT, but TWILIGHT is the worst romantic crap I have ever seen, so insance crappy that even those romantic-fanatical chicks have to notice it!!!!
A stupid girl and a wannabe vampire???????
How silly is that?
And why should THAT Book be better than all those other stupid love stories?!

And as if the 1st part is not enough of an insult to sensible persons, that money-obsessed person even wrote more parts of it!!!
My friend, who adored the 1st book, even says that the following parts are all mediocre {niveaulos} rubbish....
And from what I know abt them, I can only say *Yes they are*
The whole story gets so dumb and hollow. It is a imposition {Zumutung} for each person, who has taste {Geschmack} and a brain!!!! {like me...}


And your old-fashioned farmer name sucks!!!

I hope Edward has heard that and will visit me someday!!!
I would hit him.... even if he then would smash me to pulp {mich zu Brei schlagen}
Ha! What a coward hits a human girl.... =PPP
Ewww ...you dunno how fun this imagination is... I*m sitting here with a mega grin xD

And btw....... Bella is the dumbest name the author could give that girl~
Bella Swan..... Why dun you call her *Beautifull Princess Elegance*, to stress that fact that she is a godlike beauty?!
Ok, that is not a real name but..... how abt.....
ok I think I can*t top Bella Swan. That name is already trashy {kitschig} and idiotic enough....
Maybe you could say *Bella Jolie Swan*.... Ok that got no sense but still!
Tsk...... really to call someone *beautiful swan*..... isn*t that retarded?!

#3 We had no water on New Year*s Eve and on the following day !!!
Ok, we had water. But only could one and only on the first floor {where there is no shower}!!!
That means everytime when I had to take a piss I had to run down all the way to our guest toilet!!!
And the problem on New Year*s Eve is that {I dunno if this is vietnamese superstition {Aberglaube}, but it supposed to bring luck/bad luck if you do it/don*t do it} you have to wash yourself before you enter the new year........

In the sink {Spülbecken} of our kitchen... alrite man~
Well mom solved that.. with a towel =.=

#4 Errr....
Go and watch *Nigahiga*s the are REALLY GOOD. And if I*m saying this and you dun watch you have missed sth in your life, klaro?

And that*s already it!
PP says aini and
Go Fuck Yourself Edward!!!

Edit: OMFG!!!!!!! Oh my god what for fucksake is that?!

After I watched Harry Potter yesterday, I felt terribly sorry that that guy died, and now he dares to play motherfucking Edward?!
Do you think that*s fun?
Why is god punishing me with this?
I think such a thing is called Irony of Fate, and it*s hitting me right in my face~
Can anyone pls contact that actor and tell him that I send for him, cuz I have an urgent feeling of wanting to HIT HIM??!!!
Aww~ and I aso want to hug him, cuz he look so cute... I like his red lips, hor! xD
But he looks ugly with short hair.... and when I saw the trailer of *Twilight* I didn*t think that the actor of Edward looked cute~
Anyway~ I*m punished
Anyone can help, I feel like..... going crazy~
See Robert Pattinson (Ed*s actor)

Belated Xmas Present Post

I managed it.
I really managed to finish this post before 2009!!!
Yup yup!

So here are your pics guys!
13 of them!

#1 This one is from my room. The *Santa-Hat* is chio, no?

#2 My brother bothered to do those wonderful serviette flowers

#3 Tadaaaah!!! Gorgeous rite? I cooked that, me me me! Gosh!
Beef Ragout with Truffle Noddles

#4 A few pics from our living room! Nice, hor? I did all the decorating!

#5 And this are our presents! Reminds of some movie~ The Little Lord or so~
Except that that watercolour book dun really fit to the rest

#6 Another pic from my room! This Santa Cookie is sooooooo CHIO! I dunno who made it, but it*s the cutest Xmas thing I have ever seen!!!

#7 (Here are my presents) Travelling Bags. I have enough of them, already xD
But I still like to get some new !^^

#8 Some sort of Creams and Shower stuff~ Aso have enough of that~

#9 Aww~ THAT is my doorplate. Beautiful asian style, rite? It*s made of real flowers!
Nxt to it is a bottle wit *Green Tee Fragrance* You stick those wooden sticks into and then your room is supposed to smell like green tee. Didn*t try out yet.

#10/11 My wonderful yellow jacket from Replay! What T.u.r.f!!!

#12 A kawaii Bath-Set !!! I like it, reminds me of products from Agent Provocateur and Juicy Couture!!!

#13 Kawaii to the MAX !!! A japanese Onsen-Bath. With cherry blossoms!
But I really wonder if I can really imagine what it is like to have an Onsen bath in my bathtub?

So I shall finish this abruptly~
I have really much to do!
I still have to finish my New Year Layout and I have to through my parents out of my bathroom!!! Will do that tml in the morning !

So cheers ppl. BB

Edit: Forgot to mention that I won*t be celebrating this New Year*s Eve, cuz our car was broken (LoolZz) and therefore we thought we couldn*t drive anywhere to celebrate and therefore we didn*t buy any firecracker~
I dun rly mind~
But I hope you*ll have some fun then !^^
Still cheers

Sunday, 28 December 2008


Music: 1

Next time you come, I make Blueberry-Muffings. And a fish with the oven - that tastes so good!', said the woman, who wears size 34, and waves.

source teamsugar

This woman is Daria Werbowy

And this part is taken from an article of the Glamour January 2009, p. 192.
I read it and thought.
She is a model, WTF !!!
Why the fuck are they emphasizing that her size is 34?!
Are they sick, what did they want with doing that? Do they think that we get jealous, or dunno~ that we start to admire/ envy her?
Everbody knows that a model is slender, WTF???!!!
Gosh, some ppl are stupid enough to get beaten!!! One of them is the writer of that article~

But I dun want to write abt that.
I jux came up from baking some biscuits/cookies/plätzchen with mom.
And actually I wanted to write abt sth else, but it*s late already, lah~

So I decided to write a short post abt this.

I saw this blog sometime ago already lah.
But last time I visited it, I read a bit on it
and I was shocked!

Wtf! It looks like I would be Imitating that woman!!!
I mean she says she*d love pink?!
She calls herself a princess?!
She aso hates stupid ppl?!
And everything else at her blog~
I thought that would be me, exept that my blog is much more interesting o.O

The whole rest is made in such a *Cute-Jap-Style* Tsk~
Oh..... I feel like ranting abt that blog. Should I?
Who cares~ I mean the whole time she praises her html skills and stuff, althought the site only consits of a few stripes?!
And I know for sure that the border with the dots is at least 95% from Jap sites, which offer Homepage Graphics. Maybe she did it herself, but the main idea of the border can be founded anywhere in the www.


I apologize to everyone who thinks this examples are too weak. I won*t search the whole web for better ones =P

You get what I mean.
Now, don*t think that I haven*t anything better to do then complaining abt meaningless blogs. The mean idea of this posts is that
I am shocked abt how similar that woman seems to be to me.
But my blog is older, IF anyone would have imitating anyone in here, then that anyone wouldn*t be me. Cheers~

Other Things That Really Annoy Me
#1: That Rihanna is 1st place in the U.S. charts
Why? That woman sucks!!! What she*s doing can*t be called singing!
It*s a mix of strangling {würgen}, groaning {stöhnen} and puking {kotzen}!
#2: That Beyoncé is so popular
#3: The Vid to her song *Single Ladies* {whatever it*s called~}
Why? Isn*t anybody or herself seeing that she is absolutely TOO FAT to dress in that thing?
I always thought that her thights {Oberschenkel} are strong enough to carry an elephant and flabby enough too ..... I dunno.
Watch here! Incredible Fugly!

Uhm... as for Christmas... I will blog abt it another day~
My presents were ok. Hope you had some fine daes~
I try to write a big rant and to finish a new layout for Sylvester, lor~
I think I won*t finish my Xmas post, before 2009 LooLZz
So here*s another picture from aini. Since the last one found slight positive response I shall be encouraged to upload this even more horrible pic~

Jux dun say anything if you dun like!
And here*s an important message concerning my blog!

The URL Change
I have given it some thoughts and I rly want to change the URL of my blog.
The only is, that I dunno if I will use a blogspot adress or if I*ll chose to use another domain~
But you are prepared now!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Day Before Christmas

Music: 1

As you see I hardcore tried to xmas-ionize my layout,
but it turend out to be a complete poor mess xD
In both, FF and in IE........
I dunno why the snowflakes appear black in FF and why the bambi laggs in IE.........
Complete Bullshit.
But I shall leave it like this.
I dun care.

BUT it*s {nearly} Christmas.
And I want to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU
#1 to all of those ppl coming from
Germany, the Netherlands, the U.S., Romania, Belgium, Slovenia, Austria, Aruba, Bulgaria, Czech, Australia, Estonia and of course Vietnam.
And many more countries, which I dunno..... to visit my blog !^^

#2 to all ppl who kindly bookmarked me, and to those sites who linked me
like June*s or Anna*s..... I think there are more, but I dun know you {since you didn*t tell me}

#3 to all those other kind ppl who support my blog and blogders.

So and now FUCK YOU to those who don*t comment........... OOOPS !!!
That*s all of you~
Seriously, why isn*t anyone commenting?
It*s mean!!!! Mean, mean, mean........
And it*s Christmas soon, how can you be so heartless?!
But I can help you, jux use this post and leave a
*Happy Christmas* comment, ya?
Thanx for your Cooperation!

You know what?
Could it be that I always start new graphs with phrases like *You know what?*
Dad told me some days before that mom REALLY bought me the yellow jacket from Replay !!!!
Sugoii !!!

And you know why? See?
Dad told me that mom said... *Let*s buy her the jacket. She is such a poor child!
And her grades are quite ok, too. {Actually THAT*s quite understated. my grades a far more than quite good!}
And at the moment she rly improved with doing work at home. {Err... Let*s say we*re quits }

So she said and bought me the jacket....
Cool, not?
But, it*s kinda sad, that I already know it now~
It would have been the 1st realy surprise from my parents =.=
I have never been real surprised by them in my whole life
Who cares.... I got the jacket for sure xD Whohoooo~

But now, since I think I won*t come online tml, I wish you all

And Lots of Presents!!!
I love you all !!!

And before I forget it, here*s a BIGASS winter pic of me, so you got sth rant abt~
I personally think it*s horrible.
But I put very much effort{Mühe} in this, so I blog this for the effort*s sake {um der Mühe Willen}....

Edit: Ok..... problem wit the xmas bambi and snowflakes is solved xD
That means... it still laggs in IE, but I think that*s because of my stupid computer !^^
P/s: Will blog sth serious again after Christmas, rite? Theeeere you are xD

Friday, 19 December 2008

Nearer my Heart to Christmas

this song is complete... crap...But Still !!!

Today my Christmas Holidaes began.
I only had 4 h of school today~ But my dae was still very stressful.
I had to go to the city to deal out some business stuff of my parents with telekom.
*looking importantly*
Id est: asking them abt our calculation {Rechnung} and asking them abt a cheque over 100€, which my parents negotiated {aushandeln} wit em....

I aso had to buy tons of xmas presents, still I couldn*t really... buy the perfect presents.
Like e.g. for Anh Nam. Me and bro wanted to buy him a cookbook. There was an ultra cute light pink/gold muffin cookbook, which I rly liked.
Then I thought maybe I only like it because it pink, and maybe this isn*t such a good present for a boy.
Then I searched for other books and found stuff like
1 Dough {Teig} - A gazillion of cakes
Cookbook for Students
1000000000000 Doughnuts
Fast Italian Kitchen
and so on...

I asked my bro, what anh Nam would probably like to cook, cuz the muffin book was good, he likes baking.
My bro said, "He likes to bake 'Little Cakes' "
Uh huh~~~ {little cakes, wtf?! - which book got little cakes, meh?}

But then I found it. Some retarded cookbook author rly names his masterpiece
*Little Cakes*
and it wasn*t pink!
I took it. I bought it.

My oh-so-clever bro then said, "It*s useless to buy him a baking book if he got no baking tin {Backform}"
Ok, lah, you*re so right. We buy him a baking tin, too then.
Since *Butlers* is nxt to the bookshop, we went in there, hoping that they also sell *Little Baking Tins* for *Little Cakes* among their other useless stuff.
There weren*t any in the *Kitchen Section*, but when we went out, I spotted them in some stand, totally unconcerned {unbeteiligt}.
They were baking tins in heart-shape. Bought them.

Jux when we went out of *Butlers* I thought, "Oh shit! Anh Nam dun have a oven {Ofen}!
How the fuck is he gonna baking little cakes?!"
My bro answered unmoved {ungerührt}, "He*s going to move to some girls or so, lah.... Surely some of them are going to have a stove or soo... Can we go home already, meh?"

Gosh..... He goddamn has no fukken stove!!!
Tzz~ Whatever.... It*s his problem then~

Anyway I hope that I will have nice Christmas Holidaes.
Relaxing. Happy. Just~ No Stress.
I plan to cook a special meal on Christmas Eve. Some beef ragout {Rind Ragout} wit some sort of show-off-name noodles, truffle noodles I think~

Yup, yup.

Ah! Forgot to tell you this.
When I was in MediaMart today, I saw a pink mouse !!!
and a pink keyboard !!!

And do you know how much the mouse cost?
Errr........25€? - Wrong.
hmm....... 40? I dunno man, jux tell it! - Costed 50€, can?!
Hello? 50€ for a mouse?! Ok, it*s pink, but 50€???

And the keyboard? Costed......................... 25€ !!! And it was.............. it had an ugly pattern on it... not so chio! Man, I want the mouse!
Oh wait..... My parents promised to buy me a new pink USB stick!

You know what?
Last Saturday, we went to town and my mom saw a nice coat dress. It cost 230€.
It was rly cute and beautiful and all.
But I saw a yellow jacket from Replay before, which was 260€.
And like last yr my mom already bought me the winter jacket I dun like, althought the one I liked was not much more expensive/ cheaper !!!
J/k abt the prices btw, all were damn *discounted* {reduziert}. Cost abt 90€ now xD
And yesterday after we went to some Christmas concert, where I wore that coat, she said, "Let*s make a deal, if you give me the coat, I buy you the jacket. "

But dad ruined the deal, cuz he said
The coat dun look good on you - Yes it does!
You are not as slender as she is - You dun need to be slender to wear it, it*s a dress coat!
You have no waist - OMG, it*s a dress coat. You automatically have a waist if you wear it
The arms are to short - That*s its style. Those kinda sleeves are always shorter than normal. It*s in right now.
[dad - aini]

In the end she listened to dad and I didn*t get the jacket =.=
But I will work on it.... She said she*d have no money to buy it..... I mean it*s jux 90€ + and she spontaniously bought me a coat for 90€ !!!!
And the winter discount is nearly over. She has to buy it NOW !!!!

And with this said I will finish my blog entry !!!
Thx to all my lovely readers. I dunno what happened but yesterday like 39 highlights?!
Well, I wish you a nice evening~

P.S.: I am annoyed that since I came home until now, my mom is serving some stupid guests =.=