Friday, 19 December 2008

Nearer my Heart to Christmas

this song is complete... crap...But Still !!!

Today my Christmas Holidaes began.
I only had 4 h of school today~ But my dae was still very stressful.
I had to go to the city to deal out some business stuff of my parents with telekom.
*looking importantly*
Id est: asking them abt our calculation {Rechnung} and asking them abt a cheque over 100€, which my parents negotiated {aushandeln} wit em....

I aso had to buy tons of xmas presents, still I couldn*t really... buy the perfect presents.
Like e.g. for Anh Nam. Me and bro wanted to buy him a cookbook. There was an ultra cute light pink/gold muffin cookbook, which I rly liked.
Then I thought maybe I only like it because it pink, and maybe this isn*t such a good present for a boy.
Then I searched for other books and found stuff like
1 Dough {Teig} - A gazillion of cakes
Cookbook for Students
1000000000000 Doughnuts
Fast Italian Kitchen
and so on...

I asked my bro, what anh Nam would probably like to cook, cuz the muffin book was good, he likes baking.
My bro said, "He likes to bake 'Little Cakes' "
Uh huh~~~ {little cakes, wtf?! - which book got little cakes, meh?}

But then I found it. Some retarded cookbook author rly names his masterpiece
*Little Cakes*
and it wasn*t pink!
I took it. I bought it.

My oh-so-clever bro then said, "It*s useless to buy him a baking book if he got no baking tin {Backform}"
Ok, lah, you*re so right. We buy him a baking tin, too then.
Since *Butlers* is nxt to the bookshop, we went in there, hoping that they also sell *Little Baking Tins* for *Little Cakes* among their other useless stuff.
There weren*t any in the *Kitchen Section*, but when we went out, I spotted them in some stand, totally unconcerned {unbeteiligt}.
They were baking tins in heart-shape. Bought them.

Jux when we went out of *Butlers* I thought, "Oh shit! Anh Nam dun have a oven {Ofen}!
How the fuck is he gonna baking little cakes?!"
My bro answered unmoved {ungerührt}, "He*s going to move to some girls or so, lah.... Surely some of them are going to have a stove or soo... Can we go home already, meh?"

Gosh..... He goddamn has no fukken stove!!!
Tzz~ Whatever.... It*s his problem then~

Anyway I hope that I will have nice Christmas Holidaes.
Relaxing. Happy. Just~ No Stress.
I plan to cook a special meal on Christmas Eve. Some beef ragout {Rind Ragout} wit some sort of show-off-name noodles, truffle noodles I think~

Yup, yup.

Ah! Forgot to tell you this.
When I was in MediaMart today, I saw a pink mouse !!!
and a pink keyboard !!!

And do you know how much the mouse cost?
Errr........25€? - Wrong.
hmm....... 40? I dunno man, jux tell it! - Costed 50€, can?!
Hello? 50€ for a mouse?! Ok, it*s pink, but 50€???

And the keyboard? Costed......................... 25€ !!! And it was.............. it had an ugly pattern on it... not so chio! Man, I want the mouse!
Oh wait..... My parents promised to buy me a new pink USB stick!

You know what?
Last Saturday, we went to town and my mom saw a nice coat dress. It cost 230€.
It was rly cute and beautiful and all.
But I saw a yellow jacket from Replay before, which was 260€.
And like last yr my mom already bought me the winter jacket I dun like, althought the one I liked was not much more expensive/ cheaper !!!
J/k abt the prices btw, all were damn *discounted* {reduziert}. Cost abt 90€ now xD
And yesterday after we went to some Christmas concert, where I wore that coat, she said, "Let*s make a deal, if you give me the coat, I buy you the jacket. "

But dad ruined the deal, cuz he said
The coat dun look good on you - Yes it does!
You are not as slender as she is - You dun need to be slender to wear it, it*s a dress coat!
You have no waist - OMG, it*s a dress coat. You automatically have a waist if you wear it
The arms are to short - That*s its style. Those kinda sleeves are always shorter than normal. It*s in right now.
[dad - aini]

In the end she listened to dad and I didn*t get the jacket =.=
But I will work on it.... She said she*d have no money to buy it..... I mean it*s jux 90€ + and she spontaniously bought me a coat for 90€ !!!!
And the winter discount is nearly over. She has to buy it NOW !!!!

And with this said I will finish my blog entry !!!
Thx to all my lovely readers. I dunno what happened but yesterday like 39 highlights?!
Well, I wish you a nice evening~

P.S.: I am annoyed that since I came home until now, my mom is serving some stupid guests =.=

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