Wednesday, 15 October 2008


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{pic got nth to do wit entry, jux wanted to show u/ made it when internet was gone}

Whäää, I hate my internet, either it got a problem in general.
freenet got some prob,
or freenet *cancelled* our account and we got a new provider now~
I dunno.

bah, bah, bah my life is sooo boring.... I went to the *abipure* fair trade last Saturday~ Took some pic which are unworthy to upload but I*ll still do it.
Oh jesus, had to wake up at 6.something and than mom drove me to the station, from where I took the train to nuremberg.

Met anh nam at the nuremberger station at 9.15am.
And OMG I*m such a *victim* I arrived there arnd 9 am and by the time anh nam arrived I already bough to things !!!
a pink ribbon ring
and a hello kitty, which got at string if you pull it she waggles her arms and legs
Yah, spend money on useless things again~

Then we went to the fair, it was OK. There weren*t many jobs/schools I was interested in. In fact I even dunno what I want to do on day =.=
That depresses me somehow.
After that at arnd 10.45 am went to anh nam*s, got he got my mp3 charger and forgot to bring it to me. My ass his flat is such in a mess, xD.
Though I thought he was sort of a *clean-psycho*. While he changed his clothes I sat in the livin room and watched *Oliver's Twist* {Jamie*s Kitchen?}, then we watched how that guy made some brazilian fish dish together.

Then we went to town. I rushed in the nxt shops and
I LOVE the U1 section of N's whoerl !!!! There was such a cute bag from Y-3 there {arnd 200€} and some clutches from *Paris Hilton*!!!
They aso got a cool sushi bar there.
On our way to the station I dropped in a cute girly shop, where they sell all kind of pink, crazy girl stuff. Bought a hello kitty shower gel, hello kitty body lotion, hello kitty peppermints and hello kitty stickers !!!
I thought of giving them thuy as a bdae present, but come to think of it.... They are so cuuuuute! =.= Am I a bad frn? xD
Well then we went to the body shop to buy a belated present for my mom. Theeen had a quick hot dog and then off to the station.

Back home we prepared Jamie*s fish dish, came out pretty poor and some cake and flowers for mom !!!!! {the flowers I bought are super awesome}
In the evening had tea and at 9.something pm brought anh nam back to the station, cuz he had to work on sundae, then went back home!!!!

What a day loolzz.

Topic change:
thuy*s bdae is this sundae {i think} I wonder if she*s goin to celebrate or so....
And IF I would keep those totally kawaii pink Hello Kitty stuff for myself I got to buy her other things, but actually I dun have time. You know music lessons and so on !!!!!
And tml I gotta go to a meeting wit my spanish teacher to settle a date where I can take spanish lessons. Yah, I*m goin to learn spanish!!!

Although I got no time already lah !!! But who cares, spanish is IMPORTENT !!! I think it*s easy, like english or so... Well, no language can be as sucking as french !!!!
Wanted to learn Chinese too and to join the homepage AK of our school, but alas alas my time is gone!!!!
Oh and I think I love to dance foxtrott/hustle!!! So fly !!! xD

Well, I got distracted at the *I got no time* point. So when can I buy a present?! And aso I ran out of money =.=
Nearly bought a totally awesome dress for 80€ last week, but luckily {or not} it was only available in size L. So it was too big.
Bought a whool-hat, knittens and a super kokoiiioooo~ bag instead!!!! And yesterday my mom bought me 3 pair of shoes......
Should I be happy or not? I think she only NOT wants to buy me the mega-exp pair of shoes she promised me for the ball at the end of the dance lessons !!!!
She even said she wouldn*t sew me a dress anymore! Although she promised me too.
I want a white one, wit white feathers at the top and at the end. And it should be knee-long.
Well, well that can wait until December, till the *winter ball* {sounds so wannabe prom xD}
Bah, and anyway I need WHITE pair of shoes !!!

pics some other time...
finally to strories abt stupid kiddos......

*yesterday: A russian family was at a tram station, the girl {16 yrs} sat there, nxt to her was a pram {kindergarten} in which her younger brother sat, abt 3 yrs old, her mother stood at the pram and talked on her mobile.
The brother had a huge wooden stick in his hands and hit her sister wit it. The sister got angry and snapped it out of his hands. Then the mother, still blathering {quasseln} snapped the stick out of her hand and gave it to the boy again, who then continued to hit his sister.
A bitch of a mother !!!!

*today: sitting opposite from 4 boys at the tram.
two where from school A, and the other 2 were from school b.
' until which number do u calculate?' - 'until a million' - ' we until a trillion' - 'we until sextillion' - 'we until .....'
' do you know how long the human dna is? - u dun?! hahaaaa that*s sooo easy. it's from the earth to the moon and back !!! hahaaaa'
and then one of them had some lollies and when the other begged for on he gave them to them. Of course he sucked it, only to notice that he doesn*t like the flavor:
'here take it back! it's your's !!!!!' - ' no, i gave it to youuu' - 'noo, u gave it to me, so it's yours, take it back man' ... and so on..... They started to throw their lollies at each other and because they had all suck at them before those things sticked on everything they touched. OMG so DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
of course one flew over to me =.= I took the things and fucking throwed it back into the face of that lil sucker who didn*t want it..... I could hit them all in their faces if there weren't other ppl sitting around

i haven*t checked this entry... pls dun laugh at my mistakes !!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

How stupid a human being is able to be.

Why ah?? When I didn*t want to blog much I blogged so much nonesense.
Now, that I want to blog much I have no time.

I have absolutely no time for anything, I*m fully booked.

Jeeeez, I*m sitting here and feeling so daaaaaaaamn bad. The last 3 hours I have been sneezing all the time. In French and in Maths. Ewww....... and I*m starting to have a sore throat. Oh jeeeez, and guitar lessons this evening~~~

Ok,ok I*m boring the world again.
Actually I have been planing this for long, but nvr found the time and mood to write it.
I want to write abt all kind of ppl I HATE!!!!!
There are quite many of them in my school/class.

Today*s Hate person will be..... let*s call her Marie.
Ok, that*s rly NOT original since it*s almost her real name.
I chose that name, cuz it*s almost like her real name and cuz it*s French.

Now... that girl has been being {wtf?!} in my class for 3 + this yr. So I know her quite long, long enough to study her behaviour.
And that girl got 3 goddamn *obstructions* {Behinderungen}, that will never, never never never allow her to live a normal life. And it*s all more or less her fault.

I mean she got no no no friends cuz of them, noone likes her, ppl think she*s kinda... disgusting? Strange? Whatever....
She is jux unnormal, like........ retarded. It*s cruel to see what she*s doing.

Obstruction #1: She never talks
It*s ill, but rly she never talks. I haven*t heard hear in this new school year, not for a single time!!! I wonder if she talks at home.... Saying what, leh?
Some french vocabs, which are different to pronounce?
And if she talks, she*s
breathing some words, rly. I {not only me} could hit her everytime she tries to say sth.

A teacher asks her sth and she*s jux breathing the answer out, mumblin some sh*t!!!
Teacher asks her to repeat her answer a BIT louder, she*s jux breathing the answer out again. WTF?!
What*s that stupid girl doing? I mean, can*t she speak loud?!
Is it soooo terribly terribly terribly difficult to jux speak a tiny lil whee louder?!
What*s she thinkin? That we wan*t to play her and pretend we*re not hearing her?
It*s so abnormal !!!

Yesterday we had sports and were supposed to make groups of three to practise some basketball stuff. Stupid as that girl is, she was jux standing helplessly around while everyone went into a group. And the way she stands, bowed back, arms kinda hangin in front.
Our teacher saw that and said: Marie, jux go to some group, you can also practise in groups of 4 ppl.
Great, great she came to MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY group. =.= (She goes to the group of me and my frn everytime WTF. Do I look nice or what?!)
It*s so stupid of her to be not able to find a group and always has to come to my group which fukken sucks!!! Why am I always the *victim* who gotta...do sth wit her {lack of better words}
So we played a game to pratice our reactions:
A stands between B and C, wit her back turned to B. B shouts sth and throws a ball to A, A gotta turn around quickly to catch the ball. Same thing wit C again.

Ok,ok. Let*s start: my turn to catch the ball.
Whose job is to throw it to meeee? Whose job is it?...
Right, it was Marie's.
It was jux unwitty (witzlos).
I stood there, wit my back to her and waited for her to call my name.
Our teacher came, went to Marie and motivated her to shout 'Louder! Louder!' and I still couldn't hear anything!
I thought the whole class would take take the piss out of me... After sometime I jux turned around and she threw the ball into my arms. Oh my Ass.................. She's stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Really I could kick her ass. Sometimes if you jux stand around, you know waiting for the tram after school, she comes to you and says 'Hello'.
I am not hearing her. No,no,no. Normally she has to repeat her 'Hello' a few times until I notice her. Often I pretend not to hear her, only because I want her to speak louder, although I have noticed some kinda noise nxt to me.

I Hate her, I rly hate her for being to dump to speak louder.
It*s not normal to speak soooo soft that a person standing nxt to you can*t hear you!
I mean, so what do you even open your mouth for? What*s the point?
My ass....how can such a human come into being {errr.... wie konnte so ein mensch enstehen xD}

Obstruction #2: She's daaaaaaamn slowly
Ok, hold back. Everything she does, she does it daaaaaaaaaaamn slowly.
It IS retarded how slowly she does things.

The way she sits down:
She goes to her chair, slips off her schoolbag, softly places it down at the floor. Then she fetches her chair, slips of her jacket and sloooowly hangs it around her chair back.

Then, she smoothes out the folds of the jacket (glättet die Falten) and slooooowly, slooooowly, carefully siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittss doooowwwn.
Phew, done! When she is seated, she again smoothes out the folds, which miiiiight have been caused because she sat down so hasty and uncarefully. Ok, ok, done that.
Now she turns to the front again and smoooothes out the folds of her clothes, everything in slow motion and wit trembling fingers. After that she re-arranges her hair.
Wit trembling fingers again she takes a few strands and places them at the back of her head. She does this a few times. The last thing she does then is turning her ring at her finger in the right position, so that it is exactly at the middle- top of her finger. After that she might smooooth out her clothes again, because of her movements jux now.
Aww~~~~~~~~~~ Oh my goddamn ass.

For nomal ppl I write 'She sat down', 3 words, for her I need 20 lines !!!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaate. And jeeez, it*s exactly the same in sports. She is late everytime, because she stands in front of the mirror for hours to make her hair. =.=
And not only in sports, she also came late to school everyday, and that WITHOUT being told off. Everyone else gets into trouble, and even if she comes later than someone else, no teacher sais a word.

Obstruction #3: She dresses like a grandma
Ok, she used to dress like a grandma. Pullover in purple or brown of rough wool in XXXXL -size, sometimes also wit a big golden velveteen brooch {riesige goldene Brosche aus Samt}. She often wears her hair in a bun wit a hairnet {Dutt mit Haarnetz}. Or she used to wear jeans wit a elastic waistband and little orange ponys at the bottom.
Even kids in elementary school dress way more modern than she does !!
Another strange thing abt her looks is that she totally dresses up one some of her *SPECIAL* days in life. Like the first day of a new school year!
Mega makeup, mascara, curly hair and I dunno what.

Obstruction #4 {which isn*t rly an obstruction}: She*s a French-fanatic
1st of all, everyone who has seriously tried to learn/learned French, admits it: It*s a shit of a language, fucken hard and unlogical and everything else.
Only sick ppl would like it {I say this cuz I dun like it... and I*m not sick!, so only sick ppl like it, leh!} So, Marie MUST be sick, cuz she obviously likes it!
She always has an A in French {I*m not jealous, I hate French, remember? I dun care abt it!} Always knows some strange vocabs or strange irregular verbs and...
when we had to write an advertising copy for our town as a homework she wrote a fukken POEM !!!!
A stupid French poem?! How hard is this?
I nvr wrote a poem in any language, not in English, not in German! And she writes one in FRENCH!!!!
Well, got no frnz, what to do leh...whole afterloon, leh... alone? -> french poem! {Ok maybe this was a mean one....}

Now that you know that abt her, 2 questions:
How can they have a retarded child like this?
What the fuck have they done?
Doesn*t it suck to see such a slowly snail doing some shit in front of your eyes?
And in case you mistakenly did sth to make her like that, how can you bear her?
Woudn*t you try to change her wit all means?
And what do her parents think her later life will look like?
How*s she gonna find a job? How*s she gonna pass a job interview if she can*t talk? And even if she would say sth, noone would accept her if she speaks so soft, wouldn*t you? So what do they expect of her life?
She wants to become a Kindergarten teacher.
What? Is she really thinking, that children are all well-behaved, nice, cute, helpless or defenceless?!
Aren*t they rather lil spoiled, cheeky evils? They cry, they make a mess, they do what they want, they hit you and if you don*t give them what they want, they scream and god-knows-what they do until they got what they want.
Now, I ask you, isn*t it embarassing or degrading {erniedrigend} to be unable to control lil children?
To let it happen that they give you a hard life?
I mean not only be bullied around by her *colleagues*, who will surely laugh at her because SHE can*t cope wit a lil boy and is no match for him, but also be underrated {unterschätzen} by the kiddos there?
Underrated by a kiddo? Degradig man, degrading.
I wonder if she knows what this is....
But really, how can someone like HER deal wit lil kids?

So much to her parents....

She got no frnz, noone wants to be her frn, noone wants to talk to her, noone wants to sit nxt to her, noone wants to be in the same team wit her {in sports}, noone blablabla
Ppl say she stinks!
If you were treated like this... how would you feel?
What would you think?
I think in her whooooole life, she kinda met up wit frnz likeeee.... 6 times?!
Isn*t she thinking that this is kinda strange?

If we*re standing together when we have break, she*s always standing nxt to us {in abt 1m distance}. Jux standing there. Doing nth.
Listening to what we talk! And if we*re sayin sth funny, she stands there and buuuursts out in faint giggling!
Like...WTF?! Imagine this. Imagine this scene. Someone standing nxt to others, giggling when the others make a joke! What kind of stupid behaviour is this?!

And she neveeeeeer joins class trips, I mean those who are *overnight*.
Loolzz, ok quite understandable, but that*s no way to behave!
And now the way she*s doin this: Her parents pay, ok? They pay! If the teacher is askin if someone can*t come, cuz of this or that, she doesn*t say anything, jux like she*d join.
Then, unfortunally she gets terribly terribly ill, they day we*re leavin and unfortunally can*t come.
WTF?! Her parents even pay! How stupid can someone be to go this far ?!?!?!
Been like this the past 6 yrs =.=
Oww, come to think of it, maybe it isn*t only because she has no frnz and noone wants to be in a room wit her, perhaps it*s aso cuz she*d have to wash her hair 10000 times a day?
Or cuz it takes her 3 h to take of her clothes, put on new ones and smooth out everything?
Maybe it*s like that.

Well, one of our meaniee girls in my class {not me!} questioned her abt this. Her stupid and totally unacceptable way of avoiding annoying questions is: ignoring them.
That girl asked her, what had happened and why she couldn*t come and she jux sat there painting her letters, or being extremely focused on her pens, which really need to be in the exact same level in her pencil case.
I think she once said she broke her leg..... Yeah, rite and when we came back after two daes it was alrite again, rite?
Not only lying like an idiot, also givin inane excuses {schwachsinnige Ausreden} !!!
Or when she came late to school everyday, we got annoyed and asked her why she came late all the time and why she didn*t change this.
She answered, that her alarm clock is broken. WTF?!
Her fukken alarm clock is broken?! Since 5 months?! Come one...
How stupid can someone be? Honestly....
She is soooooo unbelieveable stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!


And now you might think that I*m mean because I think so bad abt her.
Oi, you don*t have to bear someone like this!
Someone this stupid! This retarded !!!
She not only jux stupid, she*s also stupid because she dun change herself, because she seems to doesn*t now that she*s stupid !!!!!
I hate her, I hate her. She*s stupid.
And if you*re ever readin this *Marie*, this is what the world thinks of you.

P.S.: She has awesome bad breath {Mundgeruch}. ;)
Any questions?

PP.S.: Stupid topic, yeh... I know.

PPP.S.: I forgot to mention that she USED to come to me and my frn in breaks to join us standin around a bit~ {For we could not rly talk like normal when there*s always some dumb {stumm} human standing nxt to us.
My frn then started to develop a complicated *run&hide-tactic* to get ride of her.
Yes, I know mean, idiotic and poor.
So see what she did to us, what she made us do!!!

Edit: Wrote this some daes ago, so no I dun have guitar lessons on Sundae....
and I*m not that ill anymore. Actually it was all nearly gone, but yesterday my cough decided to come back again.

Edit 2: I would not hate a person because he/she/it speaks not as loud as normal.
I would not hate a person because he /she/it speaks veeeeeery soft.
I myself do not speak necesserily loud, I used to speak rather veeeeeery soft , too and my frn also speaks veeeeeeery soft.
I would not hate a person who speaks totally faint and who has to repeat him/her/itself everytime {if it*s a teacher who wants to hear sth again}, but I hate ppl, or rather her, cuz she doesn*t speak up!!!
She stays jux as quiet as before !!!!
And what*s the point of repeating sth, when you dun do it a bit louder?!

And I totally did not exaggerate when I say she breaths words out. She does it and that*s whats so unbearable. Absolute hitable!

So everyone don*t feel *addressed to* {?/angesprochen} noone is as hard as her unless.....
you have absolutely no frnz at all and... have a slight feeling that you might speak a whee tooo faint.