Friday, 31 July 2009

Dancing in Summer Paradise.

Even my holidays started !!!
And I'm neither happy nor not !!!

In fact it could be that I didn't realize it yet~

sorry for neglecting this blog, but my life just happends to be boring from time to time and I happen to be bored too and therefore used my free time to travel to lazytown !!!
Secondly, I'm working on two new layouts... No wait, 3 new layouts !!! (more or less)

And then again sry for not replying to anything the last days/ week ヾ(_ _*)ハンセイ・・・

So and actually this isn't a proper post too, because I'm only writing it to fake a recured bustle on this blog, so my readership won't drop!
Also I wanted to speak some great words to mark the beginning of the holidays !!!

Here they were (_ _|||)

And the importanst thing to tell you is:
The next 6 weeks will stay boring like this, since I won't travel to anywhere !!!

(_ _,)/~~白旗〜

GOOD LUCK TO YOU that I have an extra good PLAN B.


You remember that I were in Vietnam last year?
And I never posted the pics up ???

That's because the majority of the picchas are on a 2GB memory card and my oh-so-dump tranferring truc can't transfer things from a 2GB memory card !!!!

So'll buy another transferring thing and then do a totally long picture post about my holidays in Vietnam last year?

Isn't that a good idea?
(It is in case you're not sure.... for whatever reason that should be so)

RECAP of more important things:
  • I llllliiikkkke Spanish !!!!
    Ok I started to learn Spanish this year and I just did it to be able to chime in in stupid conversations abt languages by screaming I speak 5 languages and I'm learning 3 more what!!!
    But then I watched Dirty Dancing 2 (yes, it's bitter) and I happen to like Diego Luna

    This is the best pic I could find of him, IF you should google him kindly overlook the pics in which he has a beard.
    In the movie he looks 5 years too young for the girl, like 16 years old

    And this was the story how I fell in love with the spanish speaking world and also with the non spanish speaking world as long as there's an spanish accent !!!
    (o_ _)ノ彡☆バンバン ギャハハハ

    So how'd u like it if my blog became a bit Spanish?
    Por que no quiero olvidar todo~ (epik fail I guess)

  • Il me faut aussi que je n'oublie pas le francais !!!
    Donc, je pense qu'il vaut mieux que j'essaye de blogger (?) en francais !!!
    Comprendre? xD

  • I watched FF The Spirits within and Advent Children
    Cloud's glasses were so cool on him, a pity that whateverhisnameis destroyed them !!!
    Cloud is cute and Tifa sucks !!!

  • That's it, enjoy your life!
    I'll be back when time demands it !!!

    Chu, Ailynne-lynne

    *Vietnam greetings*


    Also she has taken down several sites of her homepage.
    Yes, I'm stalking her and I will do it until I know why she closed down everything !!!

    She makes me hyper aggressive, her ugly pics, her stupid words~~~~~~

    Well her fugly designed homepage (not only ruined by the ugly header featuring herself) but also by the shitass designer (their homepage is omg), who is too stupid to make a all-time-aligned layout !!!

    Sry for this little excess~

    Monday, 20 July 2009

    Post on the Eve.

    Music: 1

    (/・0・) やぁ〜
    How's everybody doing?
    I thought I should update my blog a bit before I load my new layout up!

    So anyways, Ms Kim Hoang has set her blog to signed in users only !!!
    LMFAO !!!

    Actually I didn't care for her blog after I posted up that entry abt her, but then a girl left a tag concerning that entry and I decided to take a quick look at her blog to check if she's still posting the same shit like the last gaziliion years (i.e. ugly pictures).
    mskimhoang has enabled Signin Lock

    Ok, wtf, if she wants it that way~
    I signed into my dusty xanga account, but what was awaiting me?
    mskimhoang has enabled Friends Lock

    I don't know why she did what she did and I don't rly think that she read my post abt her (since if she had done, she'd have corrected her offical homepage into an official one......... orr.... maybe she doesn't know HTML)

    Anyway, her blog is only for friends to view:
    Who wants to see a blog containing nth but ugly pictures? (・・?)
    I really really don't understand !!!

    And also I just want to remarkt, that I am still seeing fuckloads of dead animals !!!
    Not only that, it has getting worse!
    The dead animals are looking more disgusting then ever!

    Only the last 8 days I have seen four of them!
    Last weekend: dead bigger bird (like a hawk or whatever - ok I admit boring one)
    Last wednesday: dead flat sth (I guess rabbit)
    looked like small round flat thing of skin and flesh around it!
    Last saturday: dead ermine/ ferret/ whatever
    at first I thought it was a orange/brown spotted cat, but it looked to big and the body was to long, today I saw it again and decided that it was some kind of ermine...
    Today: dead hedgehog
    looks like the dead rabbit, only with needles in the middle instead of skin and flesh lumps around it (very similar to minced meat hor!)

    Super mysterious case lah!
    I'm starting to believe in 2 theories!
    First one is only I can see those divine (bad!) omen OR
    a cruel mass murderer is at work here !
    Which one do you like more? (?´・ω・`)ナニナニ

    Today we went into a factory producing pipes and all sorts of that stuff with cast iron (Gußeisen). It was very interesting, I like doing stuffs like that (not iron lah, but doing guided tours!
    We had to put on special coats, a helmet and headsets while the guide showed us around the smelting furnace (Schmelzofen) and all the other factory buildings.
    And we stopped at one place where the pipes are being coatet inside.
    A few men where standing in front of the conveyor belt (Förderband) and had stopped their work to let the guide show us a few things.
    Suddenly my frn nuged me and pointed to a column behind the conveyor belt:
    There was a porn picture of a blond sitting in front of piled wood, the only thing she was wearing were boots !!!
    But she held a board diagonally in front of her so that you couldn't see her vagina !!!
    Of course the men noticed that we noticed their pic and started to grin at us!
    Whoaa... so typical men can?

    After the tour we had a sponsored meal (I dunno if I can say sponsored, but our teacher said that the tour and the food was sponsored soooo~)
    I love rich ppl, they sponsor all kind of stuffs !!!

    Lastly since this will probably be the last entry with this layout, you can start the mourning festivities,
    I want to join a rating event !!!
    (ok it's no contest as I wanted to wrongly write at 1st, but still I'm a contestant xD)

    It's my 1st time joining anything and and and and and and I dunno leh~
    Loolzz no, I just want to see how good(or /bad if you want it that way) my skin is.
    Let's see how it will be rated !^^

    That's the banner, the rating is done by
    Irene and
    They'll give points to so many things:
    Themes – 10%
    Color combination – 10%
    Attractiveness – 10%
    Originality – 10%
    Overall feeling – 10%
    Design material – 10%
    Referencing – 10%
    Creativity – 10%
    Content – 10%
    Uniqueness – 10%

    It's so much I don't even know where to start checking if my blog meets the demands

    Actually they both have set up another contest the Pink Print Contest.
    I'd join it since it's very creativem like making logos or banners, but in my eyes the way to get points (linking them, following them, commenting) hast just nothing to do with the actual contest, right?

    Maybe'll still join for fun

    Have a nice day then everbody !
    Chu, Aini

    Thursday, 16 July 2009

    無聊 (゜Д゜)

    Music: 1

    Today was my school's hiking day !!!
    (_ _|||)

    Not that the bit of walking we did would deserve it to be called hiking:
    We nearly walked to a nearby see, but then stopped at a café just before we'd really reach the sea, some of us had a lil snack and then, a few of us already asked when we could go home (as the plan was 'no hiking if it should rain - we could catch a cold~), but out teacher only said we are in the current phase of shame-period and let us go 10min later so that we could catch the bus at 45".
    Very sensible! (-_-;ウーン

    But at the time it isn't that hot, but still so damn close (schwül), that even that bit walking in the morning hours made me sweat!
    It sucks that we don't have any ice-cream!

    On the way home I wanted to drop in at H&M's, in order to maybe buy the big Mickey Mouse bag there.
    I don't find any pic of it, but well it's quite big, made out of robust beige fabric, and I think there're Mickey and Minnie sitting on a meadow on it, the bags handle are hawser things (the robes you use on ships).

    However in the end I didn't, cuz my frn wanted to go home and told me it was fate that the tram just arrived the moment we stepped out of the bus and reached the station. (_ _;)/~~~~" 降参!許して..
    So, I went home.

    Actually the last few days I thought of this bag, it always reminded me of the big shopping bags from the whole gyaru lot.

    Also I'd gave me a feeling of doing some eco-friendly stuff (no plastic bags anymore), and being eco-friendly is IN, isn't it? *( ̄ー ̄)*
    PWND !
    Fuck nature !!

    Oh, look I even found a pic with Kumiko wearing a Mickey Mouse bag:

    She's made cute, isn't she?
    I love her style and she rly has style !

    I think Himedesire (or should I call her Truc?) has infected me with her Kumikki craze !
    Anyway, right now I think I need the same hat as she wears in this pic, and I need a few of such jumpsuits, too ! (´・ω・`)

    Tomorrow, I'm in Nuremberg (LoLz) and this week-end might be Ikea-time!
    I looked up my bed on their site and apparently it's still available in our Ikea!
    I hope they got it in white! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

    Anyway, I noticed that at the moment there are very very little pics on my blog, and actually, isn't that boring?
    I mean personal pictures, hor!
    I still dunno where my cam is and today it came to me that it's been ages since I lastly camwhored !!! Σ(T□T)

    Today, I was so bored after reaching home at 11am and after I cleaned up my whole blog code and learned abt FTP, I had nth to do!
    My codes were rly quite a mess !!!
    I wanted to take some pics, but got no cam and phone was empty xD I mean flat/dead
    I started to watch Bleach and then blogged this! ( ´(00)`)ブヒ

    And... nearly forgot to blog this:
    My aunt has a new baby !!!
    She's only two weeks (or sth arnd this) old, so I can't say if she's cute or not and I only saw her sleeping, too!
    Err... it's a girl obviously!
    But I beg she'll look damn cute, since the other kids of my aunt look like angels !!!
    Totally dream-asians !!!

    The older girl has completely fair skin, gigantic eyes and long curly lashes !
    The boy looks absolutely cute, always grins and also has long and curly lashes !
    They are both so adorable ヽ( ´¬`)ノ ワ〜イ !!

    And you know how the new baby is called?
    I'm afraid that she'll hate it to have no vietnamese name, but whatever!
    My uncle wanted a tây/angmoh name and they got me to chose one !!!

    At 1st I refused, since I like vietnamese names much more than other other names (ok maybe japanese ones are better), but since there's no other way~

    It was really hard to find any nice name, which isn't unprejudiced.
    Like... Elizabeth
    Seems like shit of a name (no insult, actually if i'd met s.o. called like that, i wouldn't mind, but the question is Would you call your daughter Elizabeth ?

    I wanted to find a short, exceptional and well-sounding name, in the end ALYSSAH was the name of my choice meeting every demand!

    Actually I called her Alyssah after her (http://arissaluna.moonfruit.com/) (tho I forgot her exact name and ahem........... lmfao! btw if u like lounge music you'll love her site!)

    Then my uncle aso wanted to rename his two other kids !!!
    I refused to find names for them, too, but then one evening my mom called home and said,
    Do you have a name for the new baby?
    You gotta find a name now!
    Why ah?!
    Because your aunt could gave birth to her this night and then she absolutely needs a name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Which finally convinced me, so after 2 hrs so I called her back telling her the name and she said Hey how about calling the older girl Steffi (short form of Steffanie)?

    Again, nth against ppl called Steffanie, but your own kid?
    My cousin?
    Steffi ??? w(☆o◎)wガーン
    So, I was forced to find a name for her, too!
    And my mom wanted me to find a French one for both !!! I beg you pardon?
    Jean-Luc and Dominique or wtf ??? Horrible!

    I set out on a search for good names and found two other perfect ones!
    Randy and Jolin !!!

    Wonderful right?
    Randy totally fits to the boy, cuz it reminds me of rampage (better the german word for it randalieren), since he's a little troublemaker and always is on the go !!!

    Jolin is just beautiful !!!

    What my mom didn't fint, she actually told me that my uncle didn't like that name, cuz it's sound too chinese. My father said it sounds like Giao Linh (the vn spelling for the name).

    But, since I know my mom pretty well, it was clear that SHE was the one didn't liking the name and finding it too chinese !!!
    She either convinced my uncle to finding it bad too or didn't tell him abt it at all !
    But when I told her that the name comes form Norway, North-Germany and France (!, which is the truth btw), she suddenly started to like it!
    And my uncle too !!!

    Eventually, she had sth against Randy, since she finds that it is too hard to pronounce!
    Well, it's too late, since I already get him used to this name!
    Everytime I call Randy, he looks at me and says Ruan pronounced chinese(ly?)!

    I told you that I cleaned my codes, didn't I?
    Well, it looks like I'll be having a new layout soon, so stay tuned !!!
    It won't be templated anymore, but featuring the new blogger gadgets!

    Chu, Aini
    *gyaru ice-cream greetigs*

    P/s: I didn't buy the bag!
    Considering a 15€ bag from H&M (and therefore got high discount chance) and a pink layered gyaru skirt, for 5,95€ and discount, I decided to take the skirt !!!

    The other money need to save for my bed and more furniture =.= !!!

    Saturday, 11 July 2009

    Ugly as Fuck.

    Actually I wanted to blog abt another thing, but at the moment I can't find the right words for that theme~

    So all you ugly viet chicks out there, this is for you... NOT !!!

    You should know that I hate VIET-PRIDES with every fibre of my being.
    There's nothing that disgusts me more than their wannabe rich, cool, pimp lifestyle!

    And actually it's not only the teenagers (who might be too young to know better),
    the most DISGUTING kind of Viet-Prides are grown-up (or better in the age where normal ppl are grown-up), beyond their 30s (or better they looks like it due to 30+ plastic surgeries), horrible looking, fat Viet-Prides Grandma bitches.

    These women are supposed to be mature and yet they go party like crazy, dress up in too tight clothes and disfigure their faces like 14 yr old wannabe sluts !!!

    It makes me sick when looking at those ppl, and a few days ago, I found THE CLASSIC EXAMPLE of one of those bitches.

    (Please be prepared, you might vomit)

    She's not only fat, ugly, she also has to much money and spends it all on bags, clothes and all that stuff~
    I bet she does nth in her life, but partying and shopping !!!

    Let me introduce to you

    Miss Kim Hoang

    Fugly what?
    It looks so gross, the make-up, that kind eyebrows (i call them plastic surgery kind eyebrows, but in fact they should be called women beyond 30 yrs who got stuck in their puberty, so they still want to be looking like sluts and therefore put too much make-up on their faces and got plastic sugery too- eyebrows), the cheap looking hair-color, this disfigured expression !
    Totally like a senior one, coming home after hard work all night long !!!

    She with her babies !!
    All of the same kind hor !!!
    They are all incredibly disgusting and still thinking that they're hot or what?

    Real party-gals can also shake their ass what, hor?
    See here:

    She and husband getting Low Low Low Low !!!
    Can't believe that 40 yr old ppl do this kind of thing and are proud of it =.=

    Nooo..... doesn't look bitchy man!!!!
    Only dancing a lil bit like diZz !!!!

    Anyway enough of the pics now!
    I think you can clearly see, what is so disgusting abt this kind of Vietnamese!

    They don't just look fucking ulgy, have tons of horrible make-up on their faces and are 100% plastic !!!

    I hate their attitude !!!
    They think they are greatest when they party like whores, they think that going dressed up in things so tight that their boobs are bursting them open is a way of showing high standard lifestyle or somewhat!
    They are proud to show others that they can afford to go clubbing every night, that they look gorgeous (well obviously they don't, but they think so) and that they look like whores !

    Hey ppl, where's your brain?
    Where's your honour?
    Do you rly think, that life is abt that?
    Do you think that you are better than the rest of us when you behave like a slut?

    It's a typical Việt Kiều, they have done NTH in their whole life, they do not know SHIT abt anything, their education is equal to ZERO and yet they think, that they need to show off their fugly ass-faces to the world !!!
    And don't forget they are beyond 30 years !!!
    Seriously girls, when will you grow up for fucksake?

    I mean if you look, at this women (or all of them), what do you think?

    How high is her education?
    Is she even able speak/ write to proper English or Vietnamese !
    Well, since she she has a blog, it would be logical that she can~

    No wait~
    her whole blog only consists of fuckloads of totally ugly pictures of her, her chicks, her, her husband, her, her husband and his friends and her boobs
    and phrases like @ Club Abyss Sat [insert every Saturday of the year]
    and copied shit like :
    Things That A Perfect Guy Would Do
    1. Known how to make you smile when you are down.
    2. Try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice.
    3. ...

    + somemore cheap 'poetry' in form of idiotic glitter graphics, even the dumbest myspace chick doesn't use anymore
    My friends are the craziest idiots i know, but I love them
    We may act like immature idiots but at least we're having fun
    True friends are like the sun, they always shine
    You're my biatch

    It's so cheap wtf, imagine those things in glitter writing, and I just noticed that some of these picture even got spelling mistakes, etc
    OMG =.=

    And also those women are not satisfied with just ruining our day by posting their pics up, no they also need to waste shitloads of money on LV, CHANEL, Burberry and more useless stuff, when other ppl are starving and all that!

    Those bags and clothes and all make them only look cheaper anyway !

    If some sensible ppl would do it and if it would look good on them ok, but if those fat wannabe sluts got CHANEL bags, it doesn't help at all
    And actually it doesn't matter what they where, they look like bitches anyway !
    1000$ bag or not !!!

    In fact if you wear special clothes, you should also have the fitting body, or ppl will get attracted by your clothes only to find out that you're fat enough to got stuck in the air if you jump up !

    So anyways Ms Kim Hoang, spends her days on shopping shit and also loves to show her newest pics (which are all extremly ugly, i don't understand why she buys such stuff, they all have metallic fabric and strange shapes):

    So damn waste of money, the things looks so ugly (ok maybe the bags not, but they dun look any special, too).
    But to come back to the point, the things look like shit on those person, compare:

    It looks soooo goddamn ugly wtf !!!
    Unbelieveable isn't it ?!
    I guess she has worn that outfit only once on that evening, and already wasted 130$ on it! (and that's cheap!)
    So damn stupid!!!

    Ok, I dun only guess, but from her blog updates I can tell that she buys 5 different outfits every week, also arnd 5 bags (+1000$) every 2nd week !!!
    What the fuck is wrong wit her?

    What's with all that fashionable clothes?
    They look like shit on you!!!
    The problem is that you look bitchy and therefore your uglyness would compensate the beauty of even the most wonderful Haute Couture dress !!!
    It just doesn't fit if a wannabe slut wears exp stuff !!!

    And you know what I completely cannot understand about her?
    Her parents are dedicated buddhist monks !!!

    I really really really don 't understand at all what the fuck she thought when she proudly exclaimed that her parents were buddhist monks!!!
    And why did she add a pic saying Be jealous, be very jealous underneath a pic with her father?
    What the fuck is she trying to show?

    Ahem..... she herself is showing off with her big tits and ass, behaves like the biggest whore ever and even dares to say that her parents are monks ?
    Her parents are the total opposite of her and I bet that if they knew how their daughter behaves they would die of a heart attack shame !!!
    It shows that she doesn 't have any goddamn brain at all !!!

    She 's a fucking disgrace to her parents !

    And a fucking degradation to Vietnam !!!
    All those bitches are !
    I fucking fucking fucking hate them so much !!!

    They are so incredibly dumb, hollow, shallow and limited !
    Their whole worthless life long they did nothing, not a single usefull thing.

    They are dumber than any teenagers !
    Honestly there are teenagers out there, working hard to support their families, to feed their little sister and brothers, raising children, fighting in wars, etc.

    They are all working hard for some goal, they fight their way through their lifes and if anyone told them after a day 'Show me what you have done today ', they could possess sth (vorweisen), if I would go to Club Abyss and asked Ms Kim Hoang the same question at the same moment, I bet she wouldn 't even be able to blabber that she managed to buy a new CHANEL bag for 3.127$ (tax included) !

    It 's not fair and not right, how those ppl behave !
    They should start to think, but I 'm afraid they can't~
    Actually it's quite sad how they behave (not that I'd feel any sympathy)

    Anyway since I hate her, I shall do a bit more harping on her
    Look at this

    I think, I have said that she's ugly more than enough~
    Actually this pic had me a bit wondered.
    Did I understate when I said that she's probably over 30 yrs old?
    Is she perhaps 40-50 yrs old? Or maybe 60?

    Paiseh if these guesses seem to be ridiculous to you, I admit that I'm very bad in guessing and estimating!
    So anyway I continued to browse her blog for a while and discovered an amazing fact !!!
    Then suddenly my bro came up and I asked him, how old he'd guess that woman is~
    My bro is a very strange kind of human (very fanatic abt facts and loves estimating things, since he is nearly always corright!)

    He started to talk shop abt her looks and bla bla bla and was just about concluding
    'Well, because of soso and bla bla, therefore I would say she is 37 to fffouurty~'
    'Ha! No she just became 26 years old !!!', I chimned in the mid of his sentence.
    And my bro just said, 'OMGOD, that's disgusting !!! OMG'

    LMFAO, well he tells the truth!

    So, in general it makes me damn aggressive if I see such kind of ppl and I wish they'd all suffer a damn long death!
    Like....... I wish her breast cancer, so that one of her breast would have to be cut off (however the medical term for that is), and that all her hair would fall out due to the chemotherapy... then since she looks really ugly then, her husband would abandon her and after all that she'd get oesophagus cancer (Speiseröhrenkrebs) (i read an article abt that, it's horrible !!! and it hurtsssss~)


    Well, if you want to see more ugly pics of her and her horrible friends click for


    Also tons of more disgusting pics http://www.misskimhoang.com/

    Wtf does that The Offical Website mean?
    First of all it's official, dumbass and 2nd who are you to need an official website?
    A Physical Therapist?

    Chu, Aini

    Wednesday, 1 July 2009

    I only conjured you a tea.

    Music: 1


    I'm not at all tired of saying, that it is JUST TOO DAMN HOT !!!
    I don't want your hot weather, just let it please other ppl, but go away from me !
    Don't want you~

    Finally I have also good new to announce:

    My Mickey Mouse player arrived !!!
    It's super awesome, totally as it should be and i like that you can turn it totally loud !!!

    Other good news are
    that I got my well-deserved A in English after such a long time

    that I got a B in chemistry test I didn't learn for at all

    that I could cheat in sports and got a D in sprint (a hint referring to my running (non-)speed)

    my bro finally got mega JJ glasses, after all my parents gave in

    will treat him to a JJ haircut this summer !!!
    You do what you can, rite?

    Now the main event of the evening !

    Short hair !!!

    I thought about this a little, after reading himedesire's post.
    She wanted to cut her hair short, bob-like and maybe asymmetrical like Rihanna's or Nicole Richies.

    And now, without wanting to offence anyone, I know that there are ppl liking short, straight her and I guess there are ppl, who think that there are ppl who look good with that kind of hair,
    but for me
    short, straight hair is the worst hair style you can have !!!

    It looks absolutely ugly, so boring, I dunno... damn disgusting and just.... there is this abnormal, grotesque futurist aura what I can't stand about this hairstyle!
    Also it has 0,0% volume !!!

    Hair MUST have volume !!!
    Without volume it just fucking sucks !!!!

    And do you know what I hate at the utmost?!

    That I have fucking ugly, disgusting short straight hair !!!!

    I totally hate my boring, shapeless, straight hair !!!
    And then they are black, as if it wouldn't be bitter enough already

    OMG, actually it's really totally disgusting !
    The worst thing about my hair is the non-shape. It falls in front of my eyes, if I wouldn't clip it back (ok... this wasn't an English sentence, but I hope you still got the sense~)

    Now, I plan to have a new haircut this summer.
    Of course my hair will still be short or actually I even shorter !!!


    there's a big secret about having short hair that still looks good !

    You know how it's called?

    It's VOLUME !!!

    Look at the curls and the structure !!!
    Voluminous, curly her is simply the best !!!

    Can't compare, rite? Confirm ugly !!! (Both her and hair !!!)

    So when I cut my hair this summer, although it will become even shorter,
    I'm still not sure how to cut it and you're here to help me out !!!

    Which do you prefer?

    #1 Ok, this might be a wig ! But still, I like the shortness of this style, it looks different, but still very cute and the fringe is totally kawaii !!!

    #2 This one is the most exceptional haircut !!! Despite it's shape, it's still mad cute and feminine !!! I think it's worth a try !

    #3 This one actually only got curl lah xD But I think it doesn't need many time to care for and ... dunno~ Just simple one !

    #4 This one is pure gyaru x___X It's of course totally cool, but got to do some kind of perm or so.
    I dun mind actually !

    So, what do you think?
    I actually think 1,2 and 4 are the best, but I'm not sure !!!
    Help me out ppl !!!

    Omg I just ate a Banh Bao, or better 3/4 of it and now I'm totally disgusted by food

    And here's a note for all that Edward/ Robert Patti(n?)son Freaks out there (you don't really want to red xD)
    I saw a guy looking like Robert P. he has really the same smile as an all the pics, but his voice is a bit gay high.
    Well somehow he was nervous, too, maybe that's why his voice was like that.
    But very cute in general

    Well then, see you next time !^^

    Chu, Aini
    *icy raspberry cake greetings*

    P/s: Just typed 'icon cute' in the search bar in desperate need of any fitting icons, when only Jonas Brothers icons came out !!!
    And hey! I could identify them, a big kind of deal, since I have no friggin idea who the Jonas Brothers are !!!