Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I only conjured you a tea.

Music: 1


I'm not at all tired of saying, that it is JUST TOO DAMN HOT !!!
I don't want your hot weather, just let it please other ppl, but go away from me !
Don't want you~

Finally I have also good new to announce:

My Mickey Mouse player arrived !!!
It's super awesome, totally as it should be and i like that you can turn it totally loud !!!

Other good news are
that I got my well-deserved A in English after such a long time

that I got a B in chemistry test I didn't learn for at all

that I could cheat in sports and got a D in sprint (a hint referring to my running (non-)speed)

my bro finally got mega JJ glasses, after all my parents gave in

will treat him to a JJ haircut this summer !!!
You do what you can, rite?

Now the main event of the evening !

Short hair !!!

I thought about this a little, after reading himedesire's post.
She wanted to cut her hair short, bob-like and maybe asymmetrical like Rihanna's or Nicole Richies.

And now, without wanting to offence anyone, I know that there are ppl liking short, straight her and I guess there are ppl, who think that there are ppl who look good with that kind of hair,
but for me
short, straight hair is the worst hair style you can have !!!

It looks absolutely ugly, so boring, I dunno... damn disgusting and just.... there is this abnormal, grotesque futurist aura what I can't stand about this hairstyle!
Also it has 0,0% volume !!!

Hair MUST have volume !!!
Without volume it just fucking sucks !!!!

And do you know what I hate at the utmost?!

That I have fucking ugly, disgusting short straight hair !!!!

I totally hate my boring, shapeless, straight hair !!!
And then they are black, as if it wouldn't be bitter enough already

OMG, actually it's really totally disgusting !
The worst thing about my hair is the non-shape. It falls in front of my eyes, if I wouldn't clip it back (ok... this wasn't an English sentence, but I hope you still got the sense~)

Now, I plan to have a new haircut this summer.
Of course my hair will still be short or actually I even shorter !!!


there's a big secret about having short hair that still looks good !

You know how it's called?

It's VOLUME !!!

Look at the curls and the structure !!!
Voluminous, curly her is simply the best !!!

Can't compare, rite? Confirm ugly !!! (Both her and hair !!!)

So when I cut my hair this summer, although it will become even shorter,
I'm still not sure how to cut it and you're here to help me out !!!

Which do you prefer?

#1 Ok, this might be a wig ! But still, I like the shortness of this style, it looks different, but still very cute and the fringe is totally kawaii !!!

#2 This one is the most exceptional haircut !!! Despite it's shape, it's still mad cute and feminine !!! I think it's worth a try !

#3 This one actually only got curl lah xD But I think it doesn't need many time to care for and ... dunno~ Just simple one !

#4 This one is pure gyaru x___X It's of course totally cool, but got to do some kind of perm or so.
I dun mind actually !

So, what do you think?
I actually think 1,2 and 4 are the best, but I'm not sure !!!
Help me out ppl !!!

Omg I just ate a Banh Bao, or better 3/4 of it and now I'm totally disgusted by food

And here's a note for all that Edward/ Robert Patti(n?)son Freaks out there (you don't really want to red xD)
I saw a guy looking like Robert P. he has really the same smile as an all the pics, but his voice is a bit gay high.
Well somehow he was nervous, too, maybe that's why his voice was like that.
But very cute in general

Well then, see you next time !^^

Chu, Aini
*icy raspberry cake greetings*

P/s: Just typed 'icon cute' in the search bar in desperate need of any fitting icons, when only Jonas Brothers icons came out !!!
And hey! I could identify them, a big kind of deal, since I have no friggin idea who the Jonas Brothers are !!!


  1. Aaaw want to eat Banh Bao too. Have to make some when I come back next week ;]
    You're right, that's life xD My day was very stressful && the bad thing is that I couldn't get everything done...Don't u enjoy your summer break =P
    Oh I like voluminous hair too *__* But my hair is soooooo damn fine that it take me forever to get volume >_< But since I layered my hair again there is at least a lil bit volume xD

  2. I don't think asian girls can have voluminous hair... it just doesn't exist :P
    All asian hair is heavy! doesn't matter wether it's short, long or curly!
    the music on your blog is awsome btw...


  3. ich find glatte haare schön; klar, da muss etwas volumen haben - aber zwischen glatten und lockigen haaren mag ich glatte haare doch viel mehr. jedem das seine ne ;] nur bei kurzen haaren sind lockige haare natürlich schöner ~ allgemein bevorzuge ich eh längere haare, von daher...!

    allerdings spiele ich mit den gedanken, mir in 5 jahren oder so die haare richtig kurz schneiden zu lassen. dann hab ichs chon lange genug meine langen haare gehabt! nr.4 ist schlichtweg am allersüßesten. aber da muss noch ein pony mit dabei sein. :)