Sunday, 28 June 2009

Happy Languidness.

Hello everybody !!!
I have got nothing to tell you !!!
(Isn't that news?)

So'll just hardcore invent think about nearly interesting stuff that happened to me and tell you ALL ABOUT IT.

Dead Animals

Ok, this might be a digsuting topic to talk abt, esspecially on such a kawaii blog lyke this.
But still.

I see unnaturally much dead animals at the time (arnd 3-4 months).

Let me list you some: a dead big hare (whose intestines lay spread around it and then a woman walked on the street to put it away, and when she lift it up, more innards fell out of it !!!), some smaller dead animals (lieing flat on the streets), a dead bird (lieing there, stiff, with it legs pointing to the sky!), and finally yesterday and today a dead rabbit (whose intestines also lay spread around it and today it lower parts where also flat).

I mean this GOT to be some kind of bad omen !!!
I dunno what tho, could mean many things.

That I should change my animal-killing lifestyle (which I do not have)
or that I should become a vegetarien
or sth else that I don't care about.

But it is confirm really strange~

My dream

I had 3 dreams this night, and when I woke up, I remembered none.
Then after a while I remembered the main dream again.

I purchased some Barbie-McDonald-thingy-package.
In there were some figures you could collect (like always), but there were also 2 special figures, which I was crazy for: two living figures !!!

Lucky me got the pink (who wonders) figures which were like a mix of Care Bears (Glücksbären) and Polly Pocket.
You have to put make-up on them (ok, that's a crazy on) and I painted their lower eye parts pink (pink was clear, but lower eye part?).
Once you do this, you enter THE GAME.

The game goes like this: There will be assassination attempts carried out on you.
Each assassin(ation) you survive, will make you go to a higher level, and with each level you will more and more transform into a part of the game (i.e. becoming McDonald figures xD)

[This dream will become even more ridiculous and idiotic]

So, I got nearly assassinated and killed the 1st on.
I immediately was transformed in some kind of female Roland Mc Donald.
I wore strange yellow stuffs and had orange hair (or an orange wig) with plaits (Zöpfe) on the left and on the right, which where divided in 2x3 plaited (geflochtene) parts.

After that I went to the train station with some of my friends and we got to a stand, where they sell ribbons to make bracelets. Since one of my friend can do this, the rest of us where really jealous on her and so on.

Then in the evening, I went home with some guys (abt ~13 of them) (and they appeared before in the dream, probably i know them for quite some time already and i think they 1st appeared when I fought against my assassin).
They lived in a flat of the parents of one of the of the guys.
So I went to sleep with the guys, who shared 2 rooms.

Now comes a pervert part.




No, I didn't have sex with one of the guys (who were all good-looking you know !!)
And no, they guys didn't have sex among each other too !!!

So what is pervert then?

Remember, I said the flat is from the parents of some guy?

So, I have no friggin idea, why there was this interruption, but still now sth happens which TOTALLY HAS NTH TO DO with the main story.

** The next day: The grandma of the family woke up ( she sleeps in the same room as the parents, I think even their son sleeps in this room)
and pumped up her sports shoes.
Ok, it's getting fucking ridiculous.
You know that the sole of sports shoes has to bounce a bit, so that running won't harm your feets?
And you know, that grandma shoes often have extra soft material?
So grandma sports shoes have to be extra big and puffy and stuff (don't ask me why I dream such stuff and invent such idiotic things, idk myself)
So she pumped them up and OMG, this dream is so complicated.

She used a thing like a pillow: There's air in it and when you squeeze it the air flows in the shoes.
And while she was grabbing that pillow and squeezing it, she had a flashback of what happened last night: (the pervert part is quite hidden, right? lmfao)

She wanted to talk to her son (the father) and said sth to him, but he didn't listen to her, because he was lying on his wife (the mother) and squeezing her tits and doing other naughty stuff.

(I had no perverse thoughts while dreaming this, I only though, what a ungrateful son, his mother is talking to him and he ignores her !!!)

I didn't dream more about this scenery. (I didn't !!!)**

So well the next day the most handsome boy of the group, was also nearly assassinated (apparently he also joined the game) he escaped the murderer (who tried to kill him in his bedroom) and after that he transformed into some Ronald McDonald guy, which a orange afro wig and damn bad white make-up. (It was my 1st though when I saw his new outer-appearance).
Also I was worried to hell, when I found out that he was nearly assassinated.
Actually I knew that he would be attacked, but I didn't told him somehow.

The dream went on a few minutes, but I don't remember them.
Nth perverted and romantic happened.

Ok, think what you want from me, but I only realised how idiotic and inane it was, when I wrote this down lmfao xD

I don't want to write more (no bock) so.....
Have a nice day everybody xD

Chu Aini


  1. LOOOl was fürn traum eh xDD
    und das mit den toten tieren klingt auch irgendwie komisch.. wer weiß, vllt siehst ja nur du sie hahah :P

  2. boah was für verrückte träume xDD ey, ich hab seit meines super junior-besucht-oberhausen (das ist eine vermeintliche großstadt in nrw)-traums nicht mehr geträumt. GAH... oder ich habe es einfach nur vergessen!
    urgh das mit den tieren und eingeweiden... vllt ein serientierkiller? oder einfach nur: zu viele autos, die keine rücksicht darauf nehmen! omg tote hasen habe ich noch nie gesehen - zum glück. ich glaub, ich könnte das nicht verkraften~

    aber ich esse trotzdem weiterhin fleisch, alles, was vorher ne seele hatte xD (oh nein jetzt werden mich diese veggiefanatiker auf ihrer todesliste setzen..)
    das mit der oma LOL.. hört sich nich nach ein paar minuten an, wenn der traum so detailiert ist :P

    ich will ne schnheitsop XD! ich verstehe nicht, wieso so hot ein hitsong im jahre 2008 war, ich mag tell me mehr. ^^ ja yoobins rapstellen passen irgendwie öfter nicht ganz zu den songs. +

  3. Hello, passing by your site! Its cute esp the link part~!

  4. Hey sry I am so lazy to blog n reply to comments lately xD
    Uuui interesting dream xD I sometimes also have weird dreams O_o They say u dream stuff which bother u but I don't understand my silly dreams xD
    Oh I also see many dead animals but bizarrely only in summer.