Monday, 27 June 2011

내가 널 부를 땐 Hello.

Fiction - Beast

Honestly am I antisocial or why do most blogs bore me to no end?
(This is a rhetorical question~)

I've just tried bloghopping a bit in order to discover new nice blogs to read, but whenever I just read the blog titles I think As if I gonna read that lowlife crap

And then most of the layouts are so... unaesthetic. 야!

(Yeah, I am totally saying in your face with a loud and forceful voice that my blog is the best, most beautiful blog of the universe. And guess what? By reading these lines you agreed. Congrats!)

Wtf, I think I got off-topic~

I wondered if I am antisocial because whatever those people say in their blogs, it doesn't bother me at all.

Yo boyfriend broke up with you?
Yo dog died?
Yo're going to write a extremely difficult test?

BORING, every neurones of the brain were roaring and the echo of their yells resounded with the walls of the skull, causing a tab to close.

Seriously, I wonder how anyone can even bring up enough sympathy just to read that crap, and then they are even commenting.

I mean, please, each second a gazillion of people brake up, write tests or have their dogs killed.

And on a sidenote, could it be that everyone has been in London a while ago?
Ya, now I feel mainstream.

On another sidenote, how come that most blogs I found were ran by Vietnamese (at least I think so?)
I should write a tutorial about How to find out if someone is Vietnamese by just looking at that person's pictures

LoLoL. I'm so pro at that.
Because most Vietnamese people (I'd like to note that I am making an efford to sound neutral*) have a certain way of posing, which is different from all other Asians.
Also their faces/make-up is strikingly unique and can be determined out of a bunch of other Asians.

The other day, my friend and I where checking out so-called models on facebook, who have un-Vietnamese names. I looked at their pictures and said Dude, that person is Vietnamese. My friend nvr believe until we stalked those people down, only to found out that their real name was sth Vietnamese (need a tut abt finding out if a name is Vietnamese or not, anyone?)

And everyone is kind of from-time-to-time-fashion-blogging.
Like every now and then a serious of photo shots.
Which I find disturbing, cuz either you have a fashion blog or not... not?

Whatever, I did find 2 or 3 nie blogs from really cute girls, so no, I'm not a hater (this time).

Wtf, you make me sound all negative and so on (putting the blame on everyone).

A short comment to Hello Hello from FT Island
The song is sucks.
First of all, the fact that their last (Korean) song had this distinctive 이제는 good bye good bye good bye and now their new song: 안녕이란 말 Hello hello 이젠 Goodbye goodbye.
Sounds nuts! Why both songs hv kind of the same line?
You could think that they got some sort of brand-new concept involving the usage of English greeting words wtf

Then this rap part starting with Listen up, aye! Nobody nobody nobody sounds like CN Blue stuff, which is disappointing. And it raises questions, questions like... Do they think they have to imitate CN Blue in order to be sucessful?

Lastly that Everybody say bla bla bla part. That's a very very cheap stylistic device (and I think the only one who could integrate it, without making it sound too desperate, is Secret).
It's totally unsuitable for a rock song and worst of all, it has absolutely no textual connection to the rest of the lyrics.

And, Hongki's gesture when singing the chorus is odd. Quite odd.

The only good things about the song are Seunghyun's rap, cuz he improved so much and it sounds really nice to the rest of the song.
And the background music ♥

Wtf I think that's it.
I tried to code a new layout, cuz I'm all bored, but cannot lah!
I lack whatever you need in order to code a new layout, that includes internet.

Wait, I got these pics for you.
I snapped them myself in the garden (since I'm at home again, I can do such wonderful leisure pursuits) and even edited them.

It's not dirty leh!
It's under great efforts, purposely edited to look exactly like this. And. I love it! Serious.

I like how the roses are raining from the sky like this, but in reality it looks even better.

No idea how to edit this one lah.
You tell me, which one is most stylish.

Talking about roses. Have you ever seen a rose withering (i.e. losing its petals)?

It goes a little bith sth like this: (Attention, romantic and artistically high-grade paragraph comming!)

The short involuntary walk around took Mathilda to a seat, which - with its clean, cold design and perfectly arranged flowers around it - had this certain barren hospital character and thus looked much more repulsing, than the planner of the park must have originally intended.
Mathilda took a seat and while leaning back, tried to make herself comfortable on the hard metal. She couldn't take pleasure in the whole atmosphere of this brisk summer morning and the thought of the interview of one of the patients didn't exactly cheer up her mood.
She let her gaze wander over the neat gardens and came to rest upon a bed of roses in front of her.
A beautiful full-blown rose suddenly gained her attention. It hang down from a high rose tree and had moved slightly in the wind. But now it was completely still.
As if someone had forcefully shaking the whole tree, or the blossom itself had decided that it was time to let go of her beautiful dress, suddenly half of the petals were shed into the air and fell to the ground, like heavy raindrops bursting out of a cloud.
With other petals, who had already left their place high above, they now adorned the stone ground.
In the twinkling of an eye, the remaining petals likewise followed their siblings. Abruptly they detached from their receptacle, and soon met the earth.
Mathilda blinked.

Yup, bye!
Chu, Ailing

* because I could just put it short and say they most of them pose and look like bitches**

** which doesn't mean whatever you think LoL

P/s: Now I'm not too paiseh to post the same pic as an icon and banner.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Thy choicest gifts be pleased to pour.

Time time time to shine! for my London + Vietnam post.

Errr... I have pics, but not that many LoL~

1st Anecdotes

  • The passport control was incredible crowded and some people were already late for boarding, so everyone was extremely tense.
    Suddenly a guy in a suit, who dragged a folded up wheel chair with him, arrived, barged in between the crowds and surged ahead.
    Everyone started to protest, but the man just pointed behind him at a sign which hung from the ceiling.
    It was a sign divided into the words Handicapped persons on the left and Crew members on the right, pointing out which desk was responsible for what group of persons.
    The funny thing was that although the man surely wanted to point at Crew members he accidently pointed towards Handicapped persons! And he had even dragged a wheel chair along!
    I was the only one to notice that, and for a moment I srsly belived he was handicapped. After realizing the mistake, I told it to my friend. I guess a bit too loud, because another crew member, who looked after the wheel chair, seemed to have heard what I said
  • At the arrival hall @ Heathrow there were people standing, holding signs with the names of the persons they were waiting for.
    And there was a man standing and seriously holding the fucking iPad with name instead of a sign siah! How retarded can you get?!
  • When were shopping at Oxford St, I suddenly needed to go to the toilet so hard, bt we couldn't find one (except at the underground station, which I didn't want to use.. costs money somemore) We wanted to find a certain Japanese restaurant. After hours of searching we learnt that it moved to another place. orz
    Then when I suggested another restaurant, my friend didn't like it.
    So we wanted to look for Mc, bt that one also nowhere to see
    At the end, when I had nearly reached the point where I wouldn't care anymore where I peed, as long as I could finally pee, my friend did find a restaurant, which proved itself worth of my toilet-visit
  • In that Italian restaurant (Bella Italia - it's somesort of chain) the Italian waiter, Luigi, tried to get off with my friend. Well, he looked a bit like William. When we wanted to go, he said, that if we'd come again, he'd give us a beer for free. Nice what? (We didn't come again, btw)
  • At Harrod's my friend saw a cute (he wasn't) Asian guy, so we had to run around the whole store in order to find him again And as we did so, she didn't even dare to look at his face lah. OTL
  • On the day before we left, my tube card suddenly didn't work anymore I try try to tab the card reader and it showed nth + the door won't open.
    The guy in charge told me to go ask a person of the underground system for help (at that moment I tried to access National Rail). I asked 3 guys and everyone tried out my card and it didn't work, so finally I went to a ticket window, where they told me, that I'd get a new card. (At that day my friend needed to go to the toilet urgently btw) I waited til it was my turn, when I explained my problem, the guy took my card, tried it out and it worked WTF!
  • On the last day my alarm didn't ring! So were woke up 3/4h too late !
    We thought we'd miss the flight, but luckily we were still half an hour to early. I mean, we had half an hour time, before we could finally board.

Well, all in all it was a nice trip
I shopped mostly useless stuff at Chinatown and places as such.
Bought only one garment, and a handbag and a purse and a Juicy Couture charm
Wanted to spend my remaining money at Lush on the last day (bt we thought we were late already) so I spent it at the duty-free shop of Harrod's.

Vietnam was also ok.
But Vietnam Airlines~ The outbound flight was terrible Idiotic, retarded Vietnamese children/ babies onboard. One of them kinda screamed the whole time and all of his family members (sitting evenly spread among the whole plane) encouraged him to run and scream around. I guess they said sth like Oh you're such a good boy, come on, run to auntie! or Who is that man huh? Who is that man? He is Uncle X. Come on, say it. Uncle X And the boy just screams some stupid words.
The stewardesses were also a bunch of haters. Such annoying bitches, absolutely unfriendly

The return flight however was completely pleasant. The stewardesses were damn attentive and even their English was better!
We wanted to have other seats for example and asked one of them if there were still others seats free. She told us that she thinks there won't be any (when all guests have boarded), but she will tell us later. Normally they never show up after that, but she came again and told us, that there were only individual seats free, not a row. At that time, there were still guests who haven't board yet.
My mom then asked another stewardess to look for us (LoL, I did tell you, that she's a sucking customer), even that one returned to answer us, and when the plane was already flying, the 1st came again to tell us that we couldn't move.
And while we were sleeping, they kept walking along the aisles, to check if everything was ok. Also they rushed to the elderly people to help them with their baggage and so on.
Gosh, nice people are so nice!!

Btw, I got a digital perm in Vietnam, my hair looks super totally AWESOME now
Luckily, my (and my little cousin's) babysitter knew a hairdresser, who did really a good job.
I had to sit there for 6h (!), cuz the err... they call it medicine (it's some sort of conditioner-like thing) won't take effect on my shitass hair!
When I had the machine on, you normally have to leave it on for 3 heating and cooling periods (that's how I got it at least), bt for my hair, the lady had to let it go through 6 times! Haha

Other than that, I didn't do anything special.
The babysitter went out w/ my little cousin one day. Also we went to watch that Vietnamese puppet water theatre (which is nice! but a little disappointing, beause the play had no story, or I didn't get it, cuz I didn't understand what they were saying/singing).
I didn't really went shopping, but I bought two Paris By Night DVDs!

Some people wonder why I listen to/watch this show.
It's because I simply love Asian culture and music
I love the style of singing, which is so different from Western or modern music.
On the surface it may seem boring or so, idk. But when you listen closely to the singers, you will notice the extra-ordinary emotionality in their voice and also the astonishing and yet tender accuracy they put in.
I also super love the sound of the instruments!


goosebumps at the end!

And Paris By Nights happends to be the only show of its kind, so I listen to their music. I wish there would be some sort of show like that for Chinese, Japanese and also Korean music

At the airport, when we flew home, a stylish Japanese behind suddenly screamd すごい!!! behind me

Saturday, 4 June 2011

You Got Me Wondering For Nights.

0330 - U-Kiss

Question of the day
Why do we sophisticated, super intelligent, far supreme and superior persons always have to keep our mouths shut?

Or, why are stupid people so hard to proselytize?
Why can't they just think one step on their own

Actually, stupid people should be all killed right away.
Seriously, if all the stupid people would enslave themselved to do dirty work, alright ok, their existence proves useful

But instead they just get in the way of us intellectual and indulgent persons, ruining the glorious development of mankind by being wilfully obstructive to anything barerly intelligent

Oh people, how are we ever going to reach the world of absolute bliss if you continue to to think that you have an opinion, which is - in what way ever - worth mentioning to a bread!

Whatever, I can't change it.

I decided to check all my post drafts and combine a shorter version of them in this post

My English teacher told me that the special thing about me is that whenever I get questions, I complete comprehend what their main point and the questioners intention is and give a precise answer, without talking around.

Which is so true!
I'm a Genious!

Anyways, what we have been doing since I got this teacher is, reading texts, underline words we don't know and answering stupid questions about it

Mostly the text have highly complicated contents, like
*Dangers On The Internet/ Media or
*The Future Of Books
and more of that stuff, which absolutely need closer analysis from pubescent teens.

Have you ever read the text The Fun They Had by Isaac Asimov?

It's about kids from year 2157 who find a book, and are totally fascinated by it, because... there's no screen and you have to turn the pages to read and all that other super entertaining features books have!

(a typical cheapo nightmare scenario abt the future à OMG, in a few yrs all kids are glued to some sort of computer!, humankind will sink very low, because THEY WON'T KNOW WHAT BOOKS ARE! )

Well, eventually, they had to stop reading the book, cuz the girl had school.
The school was a room nxt to her bedroom, where a mechanical teacher waited for her. This roboter used a screen to give her lessons.
The girl thought, that in former times, when kids still went to school they could meet their friends, they could play together and do all that kind of wonderful stuff we do all day long...(not)
Her last thought was about the fun they had.

And as a homework we were supposed to think abt the meaning of that sentence (what a hardcore mental effort!)

Well, the question is WTF was the author implying with that sentence?
Why did our teacher want us to think abt that sentence?

Should we philosophize abt it for hours and then come to the conclusion, that
ACTUALLY we should be so super grateful for the wonderful invention of humandkind, which is called school?
Grateful that there we have the opportunity of meating nice and friendly ppl who truly make life worth living?
Grateful that we have so awesome teachers, who make learning a pure joy and totally enrich our daily lifes?
Grateful because the grant us our biggest dream, which - since we were born - is to sit all day long in a building in order to receive lots and lots of knowledge?

Honestly, expacting such answers is quite sad, innit?

I mean, we already are students.
We know how school is, we don't need a stupid text from some guy, who desperately tries to tell us that school is fun!

The fun they had, I know how much fun I'm hving!

What's the purpose of telling us that school is fun and that we should be happy? Saying that sentence already shows that the truth is exactly the opposite.

What annoys me is the fact that apparently one has to make up such a primitive story in order to fool us or to force us to acknowledge that school is actually fun!

I mean the story is dumb and far-fetched enough, and in the end it turns out to be an even dumber moral?

Another interpretation is that

Most ppl are overrating computers and stuff, and that we should rather enjoy the presence of other ppl instead. Since mechanical things will never replace a real human, how good science will ever be
That our days, although our means are limited compared to the ones in 200 years, are much happier then in the future, because we live in a time where other humans are much more valued than in the future?

Why are most ppl thinking like this? Why are there so many txts which emphasize the bad sides of internet/ media? It has bad sides, sure.
But not throughout!
It's so stupid how some ppl really have sick nightmare visions of our future, because they think that media is such a danger to culture and mankind!

In another txt a man said that, because of the media we had too much information!
We were confronted w/ an information glut everyday and the worst thing is: noone can control all the information!

Pls, name one person you know who has died of too much information.
A rhetorical request of course (is there such a thing?) How can too many information harm anyone?

Joking aside, I'm surfing the web like everyday and I don't feel like getting too much information.
I can't even imagine how it looks like to get too much information.

Like too many interesting stuff around which you want to read or what? Got log-in into your mail account and wanna read the news about Justin Bieber, a man who has 10 arms, a baby gorilla and that Santa Claus is actually gay?

I'm sorry, but then I think those ppl have some mental problem and not, that the internet is at fault

Normal people just don't read that trivial stuff, so your own problem if you just sit in fron of your screen and slowly perish cuz of the information-glut

And why do we need someone who controls everything? Nobody needs to control how much information I tell you. So why do we need a control of media elsewhere?

He says that most information has no meaning. How many things in life actually have a meaning? And how many people actually care?

Modern Art often has no meaning (yeah, that's true! ), stupid love songs, bad books, rom coms,... so many things got no meaning.
If I tell you that today I didn't learn for chemistry, this info aso has no meaning to you. So what? If I would tell you that I aso didn't learn history, that would be even more useless info but you still live, do you?

It is true that often human progress is measured by our advance in technology.
A point which at first sounds quite disturbing, but on closer look is inevitable.

As people move onward, they will also bring technology to a higher level. Both movements walk hand in hand.

What we should bear in mind is that human progress is not only reflected in the complexity of our gadgets.
Above all human progress is about attaining and aspiring higher meanings of humanity.

Dang, I'm such a smart-ass! (not that I think that this post is specially cool or instructive)

Chu, Ailing

P/s: in case information-glut means the pop-up and flash ads: get firefox, install popup-blocker and flash-blocker add-ons. DONE.
Gosh, I had two frns who either surfed with IE or had no add-ons installed.
It was terrible. I couldn't have lived like that for the past years. One page - 6 flash ads with noise! And once you minimize your browser window, you see like 79 other windows on your task bar

P/p/s: I like the top pic of this post, cuz Rola (yeah sucky name, the right one btw) pouts!
She looks nearly a bit too European and also the Vivi magazine is not really encouraging the kawaii image, so a picture of her doing this pose is quite special somehow.