Monday, 28 January 2013


One Week - Digimon OST

아~ 지금 공부를 해야 돼요. 그러나 공부를 많이 해서 심심해요.
그러면... 어떻게? 뭘 해요?

심심해면 먹고 싶어요.
그런데 다이어트를 하고 있어요! 먹지 말아요!
“Be strong, starve on, study on!” ㅋㅋ

Chu, Ailing

Monday, 21 January 2013

ailing à gogo

MY COLOR - Perfume

Finally pulled it off! THE URL CHANGE
This blog now answers to the name of

It really was about time and will probably cost me a few 100 visitors. But it's not like I ever had that much to lose.

This URL really fits so much better to me.
At the beginning I thought of something plainer and un-regrettablier like simply ailingchu.blogspot or aiheartchu - anything with my name.
But then luckily I remembered my good ol' trash blog ailing-agogo... and it's actually perfect, because I think my blog is too exorbitantly self-centered, so yeah.... the new URL does justice to the cheap contents of this blog.
I will also - now that the URL visually typography-wise looks better - try to create a logo sort of thing. Or at least think of a more constant watermark for my pics.

So please everyone, I really worked hard on the relink layout, please show lots of love and support for me. I will work harder in the future to post more often and even better stuffs. That was Ailing Chu for now. Thank you very much *korean bow*

P/s: The song I included this time is from my all time fav Japanese band Perfume! I adore them to death and really worship their creativity!
Their songs are all amazing and their dances are just drop dead awesome! This song is especially cool, because it's a love song to technology! Super すげい, because I love technology, too! I just want to live a little smart

Monday, 14 January 2013

So far. Bonjour.

Suddenly thought that this blog was way too beautiful to let it rot.
So here comes my list of happenings and would-be happenings from recent times.
I absolutely need a pro camera! The picture further down was taken with the Galaxy Note.

Beneath the roof of sleeping leaves the dreams of trees unfold.
When woodland halls are green and cool, and the wind is in the west,
Come back to me, come back to me and say my land is best!

2013 S O F A R

  • I or my tweets are the epitome of superficiality.
    I didn't notice until my friend once said that I was so superficial sometimes (my reply: 'I am always superficial').
    But indeed only talking abt looks (weight, BMI, legs, circle lenses, hair color, aegyo sal, butt shapes, Yuri's unacceptable plainness, etc) and shopping (slow DHL, taxes, sale, out of stock, wrong size, etc) is a bit sad/ bitter.

    But it would be even a bit sadder if I felt that I had to hide my pitiful personality. In fact, I don't mind being superficial. I rather think we should all be a bit more honest about our superficial view of the world.

  • I bought this fab Digital Weallate Tee from YOURꙄƎYƎLIE.

    I love the beautiful, beautiful untypical summery, nostalgic print.
    It's like a Lana Del Rey song, a touch of romance, a touch of reality. Ok wait, I know only one of her songs - Blue Jeans #swog
    Although print stuffs have become so popular, I only own a galaxy print knit sweater til now. I've seen many nice printed garments, but none of them immediately won me over like this tee.

  • During a recent shopping tour w/ A. she suddenly asked - while walking behind me -
    - Do you do special butt workouts?
    - No! WTF?!
    - Your ass looks like a friggin apple!
    *both laughing like mad*
    - I think it's because my jeans are super tight and nearly bursting!

    I then found out that apple-shaped butts really exist as a technical term.

    Bought a super nice on-sale kids leggings from H&M for 12-13Y! It's made out of dark blue textured corduroy(ish stuff). I think textured fabrics are going to be super in soon. Mark my words

    As a matter of fact, I always check out the kid's department, because I fit into EU size 158 (the equivalent CN size is 160-166 - explains everything).

  • A frn recently said that if I had a boyfriend, he'd be damn lucky, cuz I was such a cool person.
    I only thought, 'yeah sure.... cuz I'd be his best bro'.
    Cy explained that partners need to share some interests to stay together and then added, 'that means Jonghoon would be perfect' and then we both were like 'CUZ HE FRIGGIN LOVES HIMSELF'

  • #Boyinterests Hellsing OVA X is totally stupid!
    Lame, lame, lame throughout!

    I wanted Alucard to marry Integra! Seras could be their child.

    Oh man, no more Hellsing! I'm dying.

  • Cy's kareshi came over during Christmas and New Year!! I really keep my fingers crossed for them both!
    Cy's going to visit him in February!

    Lunch w/ them on 31st
    Tagliolini nere alla marinara

    On this note: Some days ago a stranger obaa-san suddenly spent half on our bending my ears w/ the story of her son marrying a Japanese women from Osaka.

  • I went jogging.
    Yes, I am ashamed of myself.

    I gained weight during Christmas. And can't make it to the gym often enough (in fact I have to start all over again w/ my bodybuilding routine).

    So, I went jogging.

That's it!

Bye for now L O V E N G L I T T E R
Chu, Ailing