Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I wish - May's

I somehow want my blog to be more personal
(I think, I've said that several times already~)

Like not only writing about hmm~ fashion or so.

Actually that's a stupid idea, since I just love gal fashion and it's a part of my personality, also I don't write about fashion that often

I know that in your blog you mostly write about your daily life or your oppinions.

And what could be more personal than both?

Ok, I don't often write about my daily life

Compared to other bloggers who take 50 pics of themselves a day and write stuffs like

Met up with Suyu at 10 am to have brunch and after that headed over to Aki and went to the mall to shop.
There we met Bray and fooled around at Vanilla Drop's a bit.
We also dropped by at some ice-cream parlor and had some sort of lunch.
In the evening we went to karaoke and I sang 'Balloons' and 'Wasurenaide'.
Sleeped over at Suyu's place than, because I didn't want to go back home in those pumps.

And those entries are still like 5 min of scrolling pain, because of 10 pics per phrase!

I just don't have the time and the face (ok some of them also don't have the face) to camwhore all the time.

Also take a pic where?

It's not like I hang out in town all the time to take pics of me at this or another place!

So, I can forget about the telling about my daily life concept.

As for my oppinions, I think my blog is full enough of them. (Ignorant and arrogant)

What I mean is that I think, I write too little about my feelings.


And so on. (LOL)

It's kinda... If you have a diary or so (and a blog is a kind of diary), you tend to write mostly about your feelings, no?

But I don't.

And it has been disturbing me ever since

Everytime I try it, I just don't find the words. (I nvr srsly tried)

But still~

To cut a long story short, I think I will write more about my feelings and about stuffs which bother me (in the philosophical, not that ranting way)

Most probably the posts will be harder to understand or to read.

And I guess they will be picturess less.

In other words boring(-looking)

And comment-less? Hahas ♥.

Also, actually why should totally strange people be allowed to know about my feelings.

This question actually never rly bothered me, but due to some incidence, now I'm thinking about it.

Actually the problem is not the strange ppl, but the ppl who (think) they know me.
Actually, nobody of my readers really knows me in person (only one) the rest is online friendship/enmity or ppl in between, which still have to be won for the one or other side.

It's a problem, because especially Group 2 shouldn't know about own's emotions, right?

I wish I could ban IPs or make some posts private, but blogger is not that highly developped

Actually (OMG so many acutally's it's totally bad style!), why are those dumb ppl even reading my blog, if they hate me (or at least pretend, because they're just jealous )

It's really a dilemma.

Well, I'wll prefer ignoring it, like I've always done with problems concerning my blogders

The fact that Yuyeon dyed her hair, the fact that ALL gals dye their hair, the fact that a German girl I know has such a mysterious nice dark-brown-nearly-black hair color totally makes me want to dye my hair, too!

Why, mom, won't you let me?

The your-hair-will-be-damaged-to-no-end is no reason, because hair can cut off!

She must have sth in mind like good girls don't do sth like that.

I wonder if I should just dye it myself.

Not really myself, but with a friends help. I think, that actually I'm old enough to decide for sth like that myself.

I even think, that she might not be too angry about it, too, because somewhere deep in her mind, she knows, that it's sth I can decide for myself.

Whatever, I got my fringe/bangs back this Friday!

I think that a fringe doesn't look too good on me, but I just love fringes!

(Btw one point I hate about English is bangs or fringe, fucking decide for it stupid language!)

Maybe I'll just dye my hair with a friend someday, I mean what could they do about if after that?

Also, I just want the dark brown, ok?

Not blonde or even light brown like before.

Only a rich dark shimmering healthy-looking brown.

And curls.

I've thought about a perm often, but I they often look like some sort of explosion happened 1cm above your head. Simply terrible.

I totally need to buy an Asian curling tong, I think they are really better than Western ones.

Although, some of the Asians-got-other-hair-than-Western-people-tales are just typical Asian stereotypes.

If I can't have a gal face than at least I want gal hair!

Chu, Ailing

P/s: If you think I made to many paragraphs, I must agree with you.

Idk why I did so, but I asure you it's nth wrong, Japanese bloggers always do that (I think).

Friday, 21 May 2010

Who will be the hottest Cabi?

Ok. Quick post.

Have you watched this new MV from Girl's Generation and 2PM ???
The Cabi Song?



Anyways, doesn't the name sound like shit?
Cabi Song?

Even techno songs for kids have titles of higher standard and they are so not stupid-abbreviation like!

Ok, actually the song's name is Carribean Bay, I think.
Which sounds~ unimaginatve instead?

Also the image of a Carribean Bay is totally used up.
How cheap and boring is that scenery please?

The idea of body-builders and naked women at a beach won't convince anyone!

Really an embarassing concept!

And then the outcome of this concept!

When I watched this retarded MV I wanted to shit bricks!

How can anything be so totally cheap?

Did that idiotic scriptwriter even had a brain? And the director?

OMG thinking of the MV makes me vomit lah!

Here are all the shit point of the MV:
  1. The beginning lah!
    Whatever her name is, marching in like retarded lah!
    Srsly when you see someone walking like this, don't you think they lost their brains? Unbelieveable
  2. The 3rd woman
    Fuck outfit, fuck smile, fuck hair, fuck non-fitting person!
    She's so unsexy, so turning men off, the whole scenery is absolutely wrong!

    I mean she already looks like everybody's sister why giving her that stupid girlish outfit to strengthen the image?
    In addition the outfit is absolute fail. The jeans corset thingy looks so tawdry and cheap. JUST O.M.F.D. !!!
  3. The stupid OMG-I-wear-sun-glasses,-I'm-sow-goddamn-mysterious-and-seductive-and-hawt kind of thought
  4. The stupid OMG-I'm-driving-some-hawt-big-car/motorbike,-I-must-be-a-sexbomb! kind of thought
  5. The way everyone stands in front of that totally cheap, unattractive Who will be The Hottest CABI! poster
    Notice: Yes, that question has an exclamation mark and no question mark~

    That alone would make me NOT go to this contest, because obviously the organizer is stupid?!

    Back to the way they stand there. I think even in Highschool Musical noone is standing around posing so cheap!
  6. Whoever enters the locker first, again - her walk is so ridiculous!!!
    I mean maybe sexy people walk in another way that normal ppl do, but like that? LMFAO !!!
  7. The way everybody enters and looks at each other! This mega exaggerated, unrealistic I'm-so-going-to-show-you look.
  8. Also why do the men give each other that same kind of gaze when changing clothes?! Absolutely shitty idea of the director!
  9. You see the men change ok?
    You see their damn hot sixpack, ok? (which is also totally exaggerated)
    You see one fumble around at is trousers and thereby revealing his muscles.

    Then you see the woman change!
    You see her belly when she pulls of her top, yah?
    In that totally-seductively-changing-way.

    She rips the top from her body, her hair flying wildly in the in-reality-non-existing-wind.

    And there she stands!

    You see everything what's underneath the top!

    Another white top!


    And the way she poses!

    Like she had just done the naughty act of the millenium!

    Hair slightly flying and just breathing out 'Aaahhhhh~'.

  10. Then all the men come out in shorts doing their sexy walk and all the women come in super everything-covering not-even-close-to-deep-neckline.

    It's so ridiculous, how they try to make it sexy, but actually don't really want to/ aren't allowed!

    It's so wannabe! And that's so cheap!
    Just embarassing!
  11. The whole following training scenery!

    Again act sexy! Just dumb lah!
  12. The fact that the men do the crawl totally wrong!
  13. The fact that their training looks like that:
    warm-up, shower, have a break, warm-up again, have a break again and then crawl?

    Did I say that the scriptwriter had no brain?
  14. Ok, actually the blonde one, doesn't have a sixpack.
    He doesn't have anything.

    A bit fat maybe (HAHA)
  15. The jog in the water lah!

    With shoes on!

    As if the jog in the water part was not stupid enough!

    Wearing shoes lah?
    Is the water not getting in there somehow?
    Not dirtying the water can?

    No, they are new?
    Bought new shoes for jogging in the water lah?
  16. They don't change clothes!

    No, I'm telling you!

    They are so obsessed with their new sexy cabi outfit!
    They just wear it lah! Wet or not, comfortable or not, things-people-wear-normally or not!

    No change!

    They will sleep in it!
  17. One of the girls does warm-up at night?
  18. The night scene at the beach? (Pool with sand and fake waves when there are no guests?)

    He fucking wears shoes and kicks the water with them?

    Men in Korea aren't allowed to show feet can?
  19. When they kind of graduate they all got that life guard thingy and proudly run (towards the rising sun).

    It's supposed to be a race I think.

    In the next scene they just jump from the edge of the pool into the 1.5m deep water.

    Where did they leave their red trophy?
    How did the race end?
  20. Graduaton party!

    What did I tell you?

    The stupid unsexy country girl is the only one who doesn't shake her booty on the dancefloor!

    Instead she stands there, not even daring to look at all the (alcoholic!) cocktails in front of her!

    The guy (every girl ends up with a guy) shoes her some typical rapper gestures and some Indian moves à clap in your hands twice then stamp with your feet

    At the end it just looks like Bollywood:
    Everyone does the same repetitive lame easy movements along with the beat.

    Some call it dancing~
  21. Looking back:

    All of the participants of the contest arrive normally just like they were only planning to have some good time at the swimming pool.

    Suddenly they see those to contest posters and everyone spontaneously decides that they always wanted to be a life guard at a public bath and therefor stay their whole life there, instead of having a fun one-day-trip.

    So logical, yah~

    I'll make it short!
    It's just cheap that everyone falls in love with everyone and is totally sexy and seductive all the time!

Conclusion: WHAT THE FUCK?

Finally I would like to add one plus: the way the girl and the boy at the night scene at the swimming pool fall in love with each other/ are reconciled was done very sweet!

The rest is high-level shit!

Chu, Ailing

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Secret Adventure.

Secret Adventure - Meg

I've 3 totally vain things to blog about lah!
But since I'm a responsible blogger I shall bother to tell you.

First, this friday will go out for dinner with A's family.
Love eating out!

I already know what kind of meal I want to eat.
Something hot with coconut milk. Hahas ♥

The reason for this event shall be revealed later (when I feel like editing pictures and blog the post I've started some ages ago).

Now for the more narrative part.

J and I were walking down a narrow road, which was parked out (there isn't such a expression right? - I mean so many cars parking on the left side, got no place to go lah!).

So I had to walk a bit behind J., like left behind him.
We are walking and then came a couple towards as, with the woman walking in the front.

I guess you know such, situation, both sides are too lazy to make bit fuss about moving, so everyone leans to one or the other side and so still both can pass each other with sllight streaking each other.

Ok we walked towards each other, I moved a bit more behind J. to make place and that bitch totally body checked me.

Not normal body check were you think Do you have disturbed sight or disturbed motor skills? and then forget about it again.

She hit me with her whole body and it totally hurt lah!
The Did she just want to kill me? -way !!!

What's wrong with her?

I mean the guy behind her didn't even touch me, so she could've passed me in an less agressive way.

Anyways, I mumbled bitch after that happened and because J. heard it, he asked me what happened.

I told him of the body check and he turned around to look at that woman.
So I also turned around and saw her and the guy standing several meters behind us, looking at us, too.

I turned around again to walk on, when J. said that she just gave him the finger! (den Mittelfinger zeigen)

Again what's wrong with that fucktarded bitch?
As if I did anything to her.
And even if, the finger?

If she's getting so mad about everything, she'll only die of a heart attack lah!
Well, my theory is that when hitting me something she carried (which was damn expensive and unique) broke into a gazillion of pieces, it's content (non-washable, super stinks, damn shocking color and also mad expensive) ran out over all of her clothes (expensive and you-get-it) while she was on her way to something where she had to deliever that something in a flareless condition in super looks (if not will die or so~)

Serves that bitch right!

Stop body checking people who didn't do you anything fucktard!

3rd is the most vain topic to talk about.

Donghae of SuJu

I think men who look that good shouldn't be allowed to get hold of a cam in order to post pics of themselves.

It's really not fair to all the girls out there who totally know that they will never ever get near to such a someone.
Acutally it's not only not fair, it's mean.

Also (and I like this part about his pics most) what's that uber strange, but still totally cute expression on his face?
Like Please don't break my heart ?
Or Do you love me? ?


Ok, let's make a sophisticated guess.
He's either new to cam-whoring or just unsure of his good looks in generell (totally can not understand!)

I got more eye candies of his cute face for you

I don't know who the human next to him is, if it's a SuJu member god will forgive me, because they are 13.
If it's some girl, than LMFAO

Whoa~ That face is damn making one melt lah!
Do you feel it?

Or maybe he doesn't know how to smile? (thinking about that gay biker in One Piece who looked like i'm-vomitting-shit-atm-sorry-can't-pose-right--now)
The cats paw on his cheek just looks so cute!
Ok, I'm sounding ridiculous~

Mad cute!

Click here to view totally big!

Even with such an unique and super cute face I was unable to recognize him in the Blue Tomorrow MV.
Ok the vid got shit lightning and he wears a cap, but still?

It once again shoes, that I just can't can't distinguish Korean faces, which is fatal! Fuck lah!

But I think I knew who he was in the other SuJu M MVs.
In the normal SuJu MVs: no chance?
The other 12 moving men totally distract me.

That's why I mostly recognize singers by their voice rather than by their looks, the problem is often I still don't know their name (Korean names lah!)
Donghae is a really easy name, but some names totally won't get into my brain.

Especially korean girl names, sound all the same, I don't know one real korean name of a female star. Not a single one.

When J. and I talk about singers it sounds like
  • Do you mean the one singing the 2nd repetition of the bridge?
  • The 1st rapper or the 2nd one?
  • The one who also sings this kind of scale in XY?

It's really annoying how their faces won't go in my had.
I look at them, see another pic of them and looks like some Swahili, never seen before.

Saturday, 1 May 2010



Hey there, how is everybody doing?

It had been so goddamn hot and sunny the last week, but yesterday the wheather got worse. Today it's very muggy and the sky is grey.
While I was going to the bank a moment ago it rained like 500ml spread over the whole area (which isn't much). I didn't feel one raindrop just saw the there were wet dots appearing on the street.

Yesterday my school, or better our age group had a party and my mother forced me to go there.
I must admit I'm so not a party girl.

How often did I go to clubs or parties? 3 (fucking lousy) times.

I don't feel embarassed when telling others so, or constantly saying staying at home when people ask me what I'm doing this weekend.

It's just not my thing.
Also I hate to dress up. I'm always slighly overdressed when going somewhere.
What means overdressed, my outfits are just too perfect whatever.

I think that for partying gal looks are too cute/ childish.
You could go Jelly/Gilfy style if you wanted to stick to Japanese fashion, but I prefer fob.

Which means leggins, and long tops.
Is that looking that sexy. Idk. Yesterday, Angelababy said that she always felt like a wallflower when comparing my outfits to her, cuz mine are just so sexy.

And I hate that. I hate it to go outside the streets and people stare at me (you remember the story with the mini skirts?).
It's really a shitty feeling.
If you have a bad hair day, your eyes are swollen, your nose is red and has a super huge pimple on top of it, and people stare at you, that's shitty, too.
They stare because you look shitty. And that's it.

But when they stare at you and you know that you're wearing something which could be 0,01% sexy (I said leggins and a bit longer tops), you feel awkward shitty.
Which is 100x worse.

Yesteday I jumped 2 times, because some cars honked when driving past me. Mad idiotic!
And what other thing happened? I forgot.

Anyway that's why I really don't like to dress up.

Another word to this: Yes, leggins and tops aren't sexy, so what is it then? Again the shape of my legs or what?

Even though, yesterday was fun. We had some good talks and I guess I got a bit jolly after drinking one bottle of Vodka (and two shots + one other bottle something) with Angelababy and Chinatsu. We thought it was mixed Vodka, but in fact they only added red color to it.

Fitting to the topic: Don't look back - Ayumi Hamasaki
Very beautiful and artistic

And from yesterday I also have the absolut prove for one of the features of the Scorpio.
Once they had an entry about the Scorpio (I mean the zodiac) on wikipedia, but they deleted it. I found it quite interesting, it was very comprehensive and rich in details.

So on of the features of the Scorpio that most people know about is that they can be quite seductive.
In that article they wrote something like, very cold reserved, but quite captivating if social occurences demand for it.

I think that (at least) is totally right with me.
I'm normally so disinterested in whatever other people are doing, in fact I'm quite sick and tired of humans everytime. Constantly.

But when social occurences demand (e.g. selling stuffs) for it, I'm totally pro in woo-/decoy-/attracting people. (It's because they are too easy to see through them/ their minds (which makes me so sick and tired of them))

So yesterday I got two guys talking to us by only sitting there and not even give them on of those cheap curious looks like in rom-coms.
You know what I mean, those short glimpses Oh shit he saw me looking at him!
Like 50 times later, of course he had to talk to you, because it would be stupid to ignore such a thing.

Anyway Angelababy and I wear just sitting there drinking our cocktails when those two guys arrived and also sat there drinking their beers.
I just sat there and did whatever and I knew the moment I mixed the last bit of Angelababy's cocktail with mine and drink it, the guy would totally use this to start some small talk and he did. Cheers!

Took me 5 minutes?
And I got invitation to next party with free entry?

Angalebaby says I have connections, but I see people first time and they treat me like friends.
(Oh yes, there was one guy always saying that I had a tiara, but it was just a metal rose I wore in my hair! So much to being overdressed! Tiara hahas ♥)

What we all learn is, even if you're not that pretty, with the right attitude you get boys talking to you (Except you're so ugly that even with that super dark club lighting you scare them away~ )
It's just the more good features you have the better it works.
Like if you're skinny or have long legs or maybe beautiful hands (with ultra bling nails Hahas ♥) you could use them very effective.
You just have to learn it.

Get what I mean?

Ok, I once watched a documnentation about Russia.
Maybe you all know about Russian millionaires, they are really keen on wasting money on cars, alcohol, women and all those things cheap rich men think they need.

They presented a young woman who studyied something super difficult and who went to the hair dresser once a week, and got her make-up done somewhere and you know manicure and pedicure all the time. And she had some fucktard who shitted her, who taught her how to move more sexy.

I think they did some kind of yoga combined with kama sutra.
I don't think that she can use that in her everyday life, but as you see there is a way of moving attractively and you can learn it.

Ok, what was it again, I wanted to write about acutally?

Totally forgot lah!

Ok, remembered!

The thing in sports! I will make it short!

You know that I have sports with the boys.

In the beginning the boys were downstairs in the real changing room, we girls had to stay upstairs at the gallery of our sports hall (idk why we have a gallery).
There were no problems with that, although whenever we wanted to leave the sports hall we had to go downstairs and after that through the boys changing room.
But because we girls always dress slower than the boys we could easily go through there changing room because they were already done.

Now suddenly the other girls wanted to be downstairs and boys really have no sense of whatever!

Normally if you knock at a door you wait until the person inside calls you in or tells you to wait a moment.
Our boys just knock and open the door. Hello?

One saw me just after I took off my trouser (=panties) and the other shorty before I put on my tee (=bra).

And belong to the kind of persons who starts to shriek and runs around, which is even more attracting attention I know

Anways, whoever found this post inspiring may accept my most sincere most humble thanks.

Chu, Ailing

P/s: Lena Fujis breasts are soo fake! It's ridiculous! They are totally looking monstrous and pushed up and pressed together~ What's the use of that?
Why don't the other Vivi models wear that kind of bra/ got that kind of post editing (Did I tell you that I hate Leny Fuji? And the other one too? What's her name? Jun whatever (Matsumoto) Hasegawa? And Elli Rose? *vomits*
Do you also think that Elli Rose looks like Nicole Richie? Same cow-like swollen eyes?