Friday, 21 May 2010

Who will be the hottest Cabi?

Ok. Quick post.

Have you watched this new MV from Girl's Generation and 2PM ???
The Cabi Song?



Anyways, doesn't the name sound like shit?
Cabi Song?

Even techno songs for kids have titles of higher standard and they are so not stupid-abbreviation like!

Ok, actually the song's name is Carribean Bay, I think.
Which sounds~ unimaginatve instead?

Also the image of a Carribean Bay is totally used up.
How cheap and boring is that scenery please?

The idea of body-builders and naked women at a beach won't convince anyone!

Really an embarassing concept!

And then the outcome of this concept!

When I watched this retarded MV I wanted to shit bricks!

How can anything be so totally cheap?

Did that idiotic scriptwriter even had a brain? And the director?

OMG thinking of the MV makes me vomit lah!

Here are all the shit point of the MV:
  1. The beginning lah!
    Whatever her name is, marching in like retarded lah!
    Srsly when you see someone walking like this, don't you think they lost their brains? Unbelieveable
  2. The 3rd woman
    Fuck outfit, fuck smile, fuck hair, fuck non-fitting person!
    She's so unsexy, so turning men off, the whole scenery is absolutely wrong!

    I mean she already looks like everybody's sister why giving her that stupid girlish outfit to strengthen the image?
    In addition the outfit is absolute fail. The jeans corset thingy looks so tawdry and cheap. JUST O.M.F.D. !!!
  3. The stupid OMG-I-wear-sun-glasses,-I'm-sow-goddamn-mysterious-and-seductive-and-hawt kind of thought
  4. The stupid OMG-I'm-driving-some-hawt-big-car/motorbike,-I-must-be-a-sexbomb! kind of thought
  5. The way everyone stands in front of that totally cheap, unattractive Who will be The Hottest CABI! poster
    Notice: Yes, that question has an exclamation mark and no question mark~

    That alone would make me NOT go to this contest, because obviously the organizer is stupid?!

    Back to the way they stand there. I think even in Highschool Musical noone is standing around posing so cheap!
  6. Whoever enters the locker first, again - her walk is so ridiculous!!!
    I mean maybe sexy people walk in another way that normal ppl do, but like that? LMFAO !!!
  7. The way everybody enters and looks at each other! This mega exaggerated, unrealistic I'm-so-going-to-show-you look.
  8. Also why do the men give each other that same kind of gaze when changing clothes?! Absolutely shitty idea of the director!
  9. You see the men change ok?
    You see their damn hot sixpack, ok? (which is also totally exaggerated)
    You see one fumble around at is trousers and thereby revealing his muscles.

    Then you see the woman change!
    You see her belly when she pulls of her top, yah?
    In that totally-seductively-changing-way.

    She rips the top from her body, her hair flying wildly in the in-reality-non-existing-wind.

    And there she stands!

    You see everything what's underneath the top!

    Another white top!


    And the way she poses!

    Like she had just done the naughty act of the millenium!

    Hair slightly flying and just breathing out 'Aaahhhhh~'.

  10. Then all the men come out in shorts doing their sexy walk and all the women come in super everything-covering not-even-close-to-deep-neckline.

    It's so ridiculous, how they try to make it sexy, but actually don't really want to/ aren't allowed!

    It's so wannabe! And that's so cheap!
    Just embarassing!
  11. The whole following training scenery!

    Again act sexy! Just dumb lah!
  12. The fact that the men do the crawl totally wrong!
  13. The fact that their training looks like that:
    warm-up, shower, have a break, warm-up again, have a break again and then crawl?

    Did I say that the scriptwriter had no brain?
  14. Ok, actually the blonde one, doesn't have a sixpack.
    He doesn't have anything.

    A bit fat maybe (HAHA)
  15. The jog in the water lah!

    With shoes on!

    As if the jog in the water part was not stupid enough!

    Wearing shoes lah?
    Is the water not getting in there somehow?
    Not dirtying the water can?

    No, they are new?
    Bought new shoes for jogging in the water lah?
  16. They don't change clothes!

    No, I'm telling you!

    They are so obsessed with their new sexy cabi outfit!
    They just wear it lah! Wet or not, comfortable or not, things-people-wear-normally or not!

    No change!

    They will sleep in it!
  17. One of the girls does warm-up at night?
  18. The night scene at the beach? (Pool with sand and fake waves when there are no guests?)

    He fucking wears shoes and kicks the water with them?

    Men in Korea aren't allowed to show feet can?
  19. When they kind of graduate they all got that life guard thingy and proudly run (towards the rising sun).

    It's supposed to be a race I think.

    In the next scene they just jump from the edge of the pool into the 1.5m deep water.

    Where did they leave their red trophy?
    How did the race end?
  20. Graduaton party!

    What did I tell you?

    The stupid unsexy country girl is the only one who doesn't shake her booty on the dancefloor!

    Instead she stands there, not even daring to look at all the (alcoholic!) cocktails in front of her!

    The guy (every girl ends up with a guy) shoes her some typical rapper gestures and some Indian moves à clap in your hands twice then stamp with your feet

    At the end it just looks like Bollywood:
    Everyone does the same repetitive lame easy movements along with the beat.

    Some call it dancing~
  21. Looking back:

    All of the participants of the contest arrive normally just like they were only planning to have some good time at the swimming pool.

    Suddenly they see those to contest posters and everyone spontaneously decides that they always wanted to be a life guard at a public bath and therefor stay their whole life there, instead of having a fun one-day-trip.

    So logical, yah~

    I'll make it short!
    It's just cheap that everyone falls in love with everyone and is totally sexy and seductive all the time!

Conclusion: WHAT THE FUCK?

Finally I would like to add one plus: the way the girl and the boy at the night scene at the swimming pool fall in love with each other/ are reconciled was done very sweet!

The rest is high-level shit!

Chu, Ailing


  1. omgg. hahaha! imma gonna have to agree with you in the locker one (06) it's just ridiculous nobody walks like that unless in the runway ..anws im still a fan of snsd :) but whoever the director of the mv is.... needs a good beating

  2. ahhh yoona ist so scheiße peinlich in diesem video! gar nicht sexy! einfach nur peinlich XD ich mag sie eh nicht, tjaha, und ironischerweise ist die person, die ich noch mehr nicht ausstehen kann (jessica) in diesem video vernünftig?? oder ich habs übersehen

    haha alles gut beobachtet! der unrealistische wind - die szene, wo sich die mädels "ausziehen" - das mv ist ein fail und der director auch :> wollen sie mal welche auf super hot machen und laufen dafür so behindert :D

    bollywood? kA, aber die idee mit den "alle tanzen auf einmal das gleiche" ist so was von alt :)
    jedenfalls...war das jetzt ein cf oder nicht? wenn ja, dann werde ich mir das produkt definitiv nicht kaufen!

    naja, in düsseldorf gibt's genug asiaten, darunter auch welche, die nur von hinten gut aussehen...ach und es gibt jede menge gebrillte koreaner. und mich nervt es, dass asiaten einen immer so anstarren -.-
    stimmt, die frisur hätte man noch zurechtbiegen können! ist jetzt eh zu spät. ich habe ihn gestern womöglich die leeeetzten sekunden gesehen und dann verschloss sich der aufzug.
    hmm, ich find ja "bonamana" von suju irgendwie RDD-mäßig... a bissl. shinee soll mal wieder rnb haben, so typisch "replay"-like...