Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sensible Title

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DID I already mention that I blog hell-lots recently?

Well, if not, then you know it by now~

Then, 1st of all this:
To Melissa/ Melody:
Thanks for your nice e-mail and for liking my blog xD

As for the background: I did it myself and the music player is from this site http://www.myflashfetish.com/.

I guess from your blog that you are quite new to coding so if you should have a question about embeding the player, feel free to ask me !^^

Then I wish you a nice day!

So......... what should I talk about right now?
Err.... I think I'm Holiday mood finally, I hope that I can just relax throughout the nxt 2 weeks !
Actually I wanted to talk about holidays last post, but I got distracted and stuff~

I have no real plans just one big shopping tour, where I hope to buy many many beautiful cheap items.
I already want to buy
  • the layerd tulle skirt from H&M

  • a shiny black leather leggins

  • some Hello Kitty stuff?

  • maybe even sth for my bro (though he doesn't deserve it at all

  • stuff for my room

  • earrings or so

  • Talking about earrings:
    Do you often wear earrings?
    I think there are so many beautful earring around, but I nvr want to buy them really, cuz I never wear earrings!
    Somehow I find them annoying?
    Like hanging down from your ears all the time, pissing you off.... don't know~

    But I have seen some real kawaii gyaru pairs the other day, so I defo go and buy one and I hope that their cuteness will make me wear earrings more often!

    And since we talk about shopping anyay, I will just show you some items of the brand Rina on yesstyle. It kinda got big discount and got really nice things

    The two coolest are:
    High-Waist Ruffled Denim Skirt
    Ruffled Off-Shoulder Dress

    What totally pisses me off is the fact that
    This skirt seems to NOT be for sale !!!
    It's so beautiful and everything!

    And as you see I love layered skirts and I also love suspenders (träger)(are they really called like that?)

    I loooooooves it to the max, oh and btw I found
    Lee Seul

    She even only weighs 43 kg !!!

    Which is impossible~

    But then again, she seems to really only weighs that much~

    A good point to tell you about my diet-achievements I just notice:

    But I will definitely weigh MUCH less at the end of this holidays I promise !!!!!!!



    And the layout-change will experience a huge post-pone into the future, cuz I want to code a surprise thing for so I know!

    And exactly by this sentence I lost interest in blog on loolzz

    So by for now
    I*ll eat ramen later and err.............
    tonight's Matrix coming!
    Watch it if you're any cool (like me)!!!!

    Chu, ai*ling

    summer greetings

    Kawaii Kaoanis by M's factory

    P/s: My PC got virus (again/still) I reckon.
    Things just goddman lack and suck =.=

    P/p/s: will answer your cmts on other time~

    Friday, 29 May 2009

    I feel like blogging again/ Can't seem to find any other serious fitting titles lately

    Music: 1

    Really now!
    I can't think of any sensible titles!

    You know what the reason for this is?
    Reason: My posts are en masse and pointless lately!

    And this is for all the psycho-suckers out there and also for me to have to write something:
    It's not that my life suddenly turned to the worse and that I have to blog daily now to keep myself from harakiri~

    I guess I'm just bored and right now I even don't know what I should write =.=

    Let's talk about the forthcoming holidaes then.
    I feel rather 'unjoyfully' towards them and I don't know why!
    It feels so strange, I think I feel like having no holidays although I know that I HAVE holidays !!!

    Yaaaawwwwwwwn, I'm so tired people.
    I will surely day of yawning soon xD

    U-know school is so sucking nowadays, it's killing me.
    I'm so disgusted by the incompetence of some teachers!
    They are so dumb and noob and so totally teaching us NOTHING that I wonder if god rly remembered to give them a brain!

    Some of you (grandmas) will think that I just super lose in school and therefore rant about my teachers, but that's not true.
    It's just fact that some ppl can do things and others not! So are teachers!

    So all of you parents out there, if your kid is complaining about their teacher, it's not always pure nonshit!

    I mean we're going to write a test right after the holidays and until now our teacher has taught us not a single little thing about how this kinda essay works!
    Really, I wonder what this person thinks about what we achieved so far.

    She comes in talks the greatest shit on earth without telling us anything and then I think she srsly believes that we have 'learnt' something or so.

    And the greatest shit is that, she doesn't even know herself what she's talking about!
    If she would lastly know how that essay works, so she 'could' tell us, but NOOO, she doesn't know it herself!
    Only talks, tries to do idiotic charming jokes to disguise her own failure as human's nature of imperfectness !!!

    Gaaaaarghhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She makes me mad hyper-aggressive!!!!!!

    Today she said, 'let's finally end the text (we should have ended for years) and analize it,
    so that - beware - we can write the test without worries.'
    Kidding me for fucksake?

    Who can do what withought worries?
    Of course she doesn't have any worries, it's not her who will fail because she lacks knowledge, it's us !!!!!

    Again what she thinking?
    Coming into the building every morning with that idiotic smile and leaving in the aftertoon as self-satisfied!
    Really thinking, 'Oh today was a fine day I once again taught my dear pupils so much, now I can be very pleased with myself and have a good careless sleep this night!' ?

    So brainless, impudent and irresponsible !!!
    It makes me sick like that damn!
    I can't express my true disguist for this person in words~


    About how my mega diet is going:
    I didn't manage to skip ONE SINGLE dinner since errr...... the day before loolzz
    But this was because #1 my mom MAKES me eat in the evenings
    #2 I was at my uncle's yesterday and I can't eat nth if he says I should stay for dinner
    #3 I want mi sao today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But nevertheless I still feel as if I have lost some weight!
    Still, let's keep on fighting!

    (what's Young-jae prefering to say again?)

    And also I'm very disappointed about todays sunny-ness =.=
    May it rain from now on !!!!!!!

    That's it, I'm off.
    So damn tired man I'm like this:

    Chu, ai*ling
    *yawning greetings*

    Damping Forest: i love the rainy mood of this picture

    P/s: OMG my bro knew what Young-jae says!!!!!!!!
    OMG is so unbelieveable and embarassing that I didn't know that !!!!!!!!!!


    P/p/s: Aja, nearly forgot it: Starting nxt post I will post parts from 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' cuz it's so damnwhat coool man !!!! xD

    Wednesday, 27 May 2009

    Kinda rly very serious.

    Music: 1

    I srsly BLOG MORE !!!!

    I can't believe it myself!
    The only sad thing is that blogging more isn't blogging better or good in any way~

    So, I just got serious wit my layout-change threat!
    I want something pinkisher !
    I already got the title, but somehow I'm just too lazy!

    I started to work on it yesterday and today, but always stopped to work on it after some time

    My 2nd big anouncement for the day is that I'm on my way getting serious with wanting to lose some much weight!
    I mean, alrite everbody somehow more or less really wants to lose weight, me too!

    And I got kinda rly very serious on it at least 1 day, if I would add all the minutes of very seriousness !!!

    But well, in my spare time I browsed yesstyle the other day and there some brand has a model, which is 164cm tall (or so) and - believe it or not - weighs only 44 kg !!!!!!

    I mean, that's beyond anorexic !!!
    It's dead and having been reborn as a fly in a human body !!!!!

    Didn't take the declared weight too seriously though, but still, I guess she must be very thin - like around 46 kg or so!

    At any rate, the everywhere so feared effect everybody running around idolizing models has fully gotten it's grip on me: I want to lose weight (very srsly) !!!

    My aim is about 48kg !!!
    Which means one week of no dinner and a lifetime of hunger
    J/k I think I will find some way to avoid the 'Yoyo-effect' (or whatever it's called on english)
    I guess my BMI would be around 16-17 or so~
    But who cares~

    Well, I would have to leave out dinner today till next Wednesday... OMG that sounds so long!
    Doesn't matter.
    The only thing that bothers me is that I want to eat ice-cream in the evenings
    Defo won't skip that!

    U-know, I'm really glad that the last days weren't so hot anymore (ok... only today wasn't so hot)
    Unfortunately the prophesied mega-storm didn't reach the boring hamlet I happen to live on.
    I think it even barely rained over here!
    At least not at the time when the storm was supposed to arrive!

    At last they say that it shall stay around 20° C for the next 2 weeks or so, since then I can go on wearing jackets and long-sleeve stuffs (it's not that I got a new very exp jacket from my mom, which is freshly importet from Japan - country of my dreams........................ it really isn't that loolzz)

    Theeennn, lastly the only thing left to tell you are my deep-heartest 'nice rest-day and a happier life than mine'- wishes

    I also want to use this opportunity to take it upon myself (es mir anmaßen) to give you a book-tip: 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' by Douglas Adams,
    only to have you skip it's title in fullest disgust.

    Thereupon my true friends, ta-ta !!!

    Chu, ailing

    P/s: The food pics are funtastic aren't they?

    Monday, 25 May 2009

    Ice cream 줄까?

    Music: 1

    The vid is shocking in the beginning, but if you watch is several times it becomes cool, so does the song!

    Gaaahh! Actually it's perfect ice-cream weather isn't it?
    It's just far too hot!
    I hate hot weather =.=

    At the time I'm obsessed with Ben&Jerry's!
    Just awesome icream aswesome designed !!!
    Today is actually so hot, that I dared to skip sports lessons!
    But hey, who the fuck can do sports on a day like this?

    Also I had two no three 'free-lessons' before it! I would be crazy to waste the time waiting for sports lessons~

    We also wrote our last English test today~
    It was ok I guess, for most people.
    Not very satisfying for me, but when was I ever satisfied with any test I wrote?

    Right now it's abt 28° C in my room! Incredible!
    And we don't even have summer right now, I will die once it's really hot!

    The reason for why I neglected this blog the last days/ week or so was not because [put in a serious reason], but because I have been plagued by a terrible diease called 'Lazyness'.
    I really want blog more, even daily, but I kinda........................................
    lack perseverance loolzz

    E.g. I started to watch dramas as I mentioned. So I kinda watch them more than I blog.
    I'm a really slow on the uptake with dramas................... (I hate them actually)
    At the time I'm watching Full House.
    It's really worth watching it, even my bro watches it and he is even further than me!

    On Saturday last week the wood for our oven arrived at about 8am!
    It felt like the world's going to end when all the wood was unloaded, or better heaped on the ground.
    Our whole house shaked and trembled and the sound was also quite impressive!
    The oven will only arrive in June though.
    Thinking about the whole oven stuff I was wondering about my bathroom~

    I asked my mom, when she will 'do' it (like buying new tiles for the wall and the floor, getting a new shower and washbasin and furniture and everything).
    I said you always talk about saving money this year and then you buy a oven, wood and want to build a staircase in the garden and so on~
    Her answers was as unlogical as her actions, she said that we're not wasting money we only buy the 'necessary' things.
    As if a oven would be necessary, it's not that we don't have a heating (Heizung).
    She said that next year we got money to get me my new bathroom or to redo it or however I should call it~
    I used the chance to start a few planning of how it will look like, so that she more or less knows how high my expectations are, which costs she has to include and also to get used to both loolzz

    Well, I took the 'next year' we'll have money as a word of honour. (She has broken that word often enough, though) This time I will be very the persistant, can?!
    Next year I will have my new bathroom ready !!!

    And I will also hopefully have my new bed and a new monitor and a new lamp and a new life and bla bla bla~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Wah! It's been a long time since I lastly just told nonsense on my blog loolzz
    It feels good xD

    Oh talking about that! Our vn neighbours recently had 'beef' with their neighbours again.
    After a long time of silence their old feud escalalted again, and the police had to come around another time loolzz
    Really nice entertaining factor!
    They once even threatend each other with knives or so!
    Strange folks, really!
    Who cares~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Well then I will be saying annyeong now.
    Take care, don't leave me and eeerrm......... survive the heat?
    Get yourself an ice-cream! (Hey, that totally reminds me of Full House)
    Anywho knows why? xD

    So, annyeong everbody (imagine a very cute korean voice saying that xD)
    It's so frigging hot !!!!!!!

    P/s: Min-hyuk sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P/p/s: I want a new layout !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sunday, 24 May 2009

    Sorry Sorry

    Music: 1

    Hey(... yeah!) (said in Zaphod Beeblebrox style), this title is just geniously fitting to this post in two ways!

    Don't you also think that these 'Schuplattern-moves' look terrible?
    Who in gods name wraped this monkey-chonkey thingies in this dance?
    But the song is cool somewhat!

    Well, then Paiseh for leaving you alone (or not), I'm not in the mood at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I started to watch dramas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Will tell you more some other time (as always - not!)

    So...... what else to say?
    Let's fill this post with a few worth-it things:

    * I did the Wonder Girls Nobody dance!
    And I'd love to do a step-by-step tut on it, but it seems to troublesome to some ignorant noob like me

    * I.................... err.......... dunno?
    Watched dramas?

    *I made king size super duper breakfast on Father's Day !!!
    Gosh! It was better than any 100 stars 5 course by.... Jamie or whoever

    That's it.....
    Let me watch on!

    Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty
    Nuni busyeo busyeo busyeo,

    ai*ling~ Chu!

    P/s: The whole dance rly looks ridiculous....
    Also this hand-rubbing parts!!!

    Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
    Naega naega naega meonjeo
    Nege nege nege ppajyeo
    Ppajyeo ppajyeo
    beoryeo baby~~~~~~~~~

    Thursday, 7 May 2009

    Discover my JAejooNG

    Music: 1

    OMG I*m kinda blogging a lot lately, no?

    Well, since this one is about TVXQ or Jaejoong (or my bro), there can't be any excuses or postpones!

    Yosh! I told you last time already that I got a serious TVXQ crush!

    I*d like to emphasize TVXQ crush, not JJ crush!
    Every guy*s so awesome and cute in there, that I HAVE to love everybody.

    Though I confirm that Jaejoong is the best looking in the lot~

    Maybe you wonder, why I wrote that this post might by abt my bro~

    Or maybe you already know, that I plan to turn my bro into a TOTALLY COMPLETE ULTIMATE 100% JAEJOONG LOOKALIKE !!!!

    I know what you think, aye?
    You think it*s impossible, ritee?
    Hahaaa !!!

    I won't say anything yet!

    Let me tell you this abt my bro 1st:
    He's 15.
    That means, manipulating a small boy in order to have him idolizing Jaejoong and therefore becoming like him would be too late.

    Good idea from Uyen though, I shall think about who I*ll turn my 2 years old cousin into.
    Although he looks like Mason already~

    J/K !!! My lil cousin looks LONG WAY cuter !!!
    And he behaves long way cuter !!! [that*s a native korean proved fact]

    But LUCKILY my bro is also TVXQ fan and considers Jaejoong the coolest Korean guy on earth!
    And also Jaejoong and my bro's name start with an 'JA'
    See? Get it?!
    God works wonders among us, brothers and sisters !!!
    Read the signs, people!

    Anyway, still since you know that, you still won't believe me, that I can turn my bro into a Jaejoong lookalike?

    You think, 'What she gonna do?
    The only possible thing is kinda get the same haircut or clothes~
    Something like that hor!
    And anyway it gonna turn out to be COMPLETELY UN-JAEJOONG like!
    Her bro will rather be totally defaced (verunstaltet) and anyway the project will turn out to be bullshit!

    I say 'Noohoooo'!

    You won't believe your eyes!

    It's getting thrillllling !!!!!!!!


    [My Bro aka Jaejoong before his nosejob xD]


    I mean, doesn't he completely look like JJ?
    Hmm... somehow his hair goes into the opposite direction xD

    Anyway, I plan to turn my bro into a 1:1 JJ copy and then travel Korea with him!

    DAMN, ppl will fucking kill me hahaaaaa !!!

    It gonna be terrriiiifffiiiiccc !!!!

    Anyways, it still a long way from that!

    But, confirm my bro looks like JJ !!
    Even the eyes are kinda the same!

    Well, here are the steps, that have to be done, before that glorious Korean visit:

    #1 Longer Jaejoong like hair
    This gonna be hard, since my parents are damn stupid and say that long hair makes boys dumb =.=

    #2 Buy all kind of 'Hero Style' jewellery
    Well, this is kinda cheap, since a necklace only costs about 12€ or so (+ shipping costs)
    The problem is, is that my bro refuses to get an 'ear hole' (there doesn't seem to be any proper translation for 'Ohrloch')
    So, he can't wear that 'Hero style' cross earrings.
    Luckily, he doesn't think it's to gay to wear cross necklaces xD (He says that JJ wears them, so it's ok and also it reminds him of Alucard from Helsing)

    #3 JJ style clothes
    Well, easy one.
    Though my bro likes the Shinee style more (colorful sporty things nike air blabla)
    Not that I wouldn't like Shinee, but it's Jaejoong xD

    The only (tiny lil) problem is that I am the one spending money xD
    My bro would never do it of his own.

    Peanuts for a fanatic like me.
    I really look gleefully forward to that holy day in Korea. OMG !!!

    Here are the pics of the 'jewelry' Imma gonna buy for my bro:

    You may think that the 2nd necklace looks gay, but there is/are (a) pic on which Jaejoong's wearing it!

    And that's the ring

    It looks like a thing of nothingness to me, but whatever it's JJ's style, lah xD

    Suddenly I got lazy of blogging on
    and since I don't know what to say more~
    I shall end this abruptly~

    Let*s hope my bro will looks like JJ in the near future!
    Banzaiii !!!!

    Chu, Aini x3

    P/s: Should I have too much money, someday I will get him Shinee style thingies, too.
    I*m pwetty mad spending money, no? xD

    P/p/s: OMG we're eating so much strawberry + whipped cream (Sahne) lately !!!