Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Kinda rly very serious.

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I srsly BLOG MORE !!!!

I can't believe it myself!
The only sad thing is that blogging more isn't blogging better or good in any way~

So, I just got serious wit my layout-change threat!
I want something pinkisher !
I already got the title, but somehow I'm just too lazy!

I started to work on it yesterday and today, but always stopped to work on it after some time

My 2nd big anouncement for the day is that I'm on my way getting serious with wanting to lose some much weight!
I mean, alrite everbody somehow more or less really wants to lose weight, me too!

And I got kinda rly very serious on it at least 1 day, if I would add all the minutes of very seriousness !!!

But well, in my spare time I browsed yesstyle the other day and there some brand has a model, which is 164cm tall (or so) and - believe it or not - weighs only 44 kg !!!!!!

I mean, that's beyond anorexic !!!
It's dead and having been reborn as a fly in a human body !!!!!

Didn't take the declared weight too seriously though, but still, I guess she must be very thin - like around 46 kg or so!

At any rate, the everywhere so feared effect everybody running around idolizing models has fully gotten it's grip on me: I want to lose weight (very srsly) !!!

My aim is about 48kg !!!
Which means one week of no dinner and a lifetime of hunger
J/k I think I will find some way to avoid the 'Yoyo-effect' (or whatever it's called on english)
I guess my BMI would be around 16-17 or so~
But who cares~

Well, I would have to leave out dinner today till next Wednesday... OMG that sounds so long!
Doesn't matter.
The only thing that bothers me is that I want to eat ice-cream in the evenings
Defo won't skip that!

U-know, I'm really glad that the last days weren't so hot anymore (ok... only today wasn't so hot)
Unfortunately the prophesied mega-storm didn't reach the boring hamlet I happen to live on.
I think it even barely rained over here!
At least not at the time when the storm was supposed to arrive!

At last they say that it shall stay around 20° C for the next 2 weeks or so, since then I can go on wearing jackets and long-sleeve stuffs (it's not that I got a new very exp jacket from my mom, which is freshly importet from Japan - country of my dreams........................ it really isn't that loolzz)

Theeennn, lastly the only thing left to tell you are my deep-heartest 'nice rest-day and a happier life than mine'- wishes

I also want to use this opportunity to take it upon myself (es mir anmaßen) to give you a book-tip: 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' by Douglas Adams,
only to have you skip it's title in fullest disgust.

Thereupon my true friends, ta-ta !!!

Chu, ailing

P/s: The food pics are funtastic aren't they?

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  1. Oh u want to change ur layout hihihi
    Pinkisher? Hmm no matter what it still has to be pink huh?
    I'm curious hehe I love pink
    Unfortunately, I have relatives spread all over the world except for the us haha
    But nvm I will have fun nervertheless =D