Monday, 25 May 2009

Ice cream 줄까?

Music: 1

The vid is shocking in the beginning, but if you watch is several times it becomes cool, so does the song!

Gaaahh! Actually it's perfect ice-cream weather isn't it?
It's just far too hot!
I hate hot weather =.=

At the time I'm obsessed with Ben&Jerry's!
Just awesome icream aswesome designed !!!
Today is actually so hot, that I dared to skip sports lessons!
But hey, who the fuck can do sports on a day like this?

Also I had two no three 'free-lessons' before it! I would be crazy to waste the time waiting for sports lessons~

We also wrote our last English test today~
It was ok I guess, for most people.
Not very satisfying for me, but when was I ever satisfied with any test I wrote?

Right now it's abt 28° C in my room! Incredible!
And we don't even have summer right now, I will die once it's really hot!

The reason for why I neglected this blog the last days/ week or so was not because [put in a serious reason], but because I have been plagued by a terrible diease called 'Lazyness'.
I really want blog more, even daily, but I kinda........................................
lack perseverance loolzz

E.g. I started to watch dramas as I mentioned. So I kinda watch them more than I blog.
I'm a really slow on the uptake with dramas................... (I hate them actually)
At the time I'm watching Full House.
It's really worth watching it, even my bro watches it and he is even further than me!

On Saturday last week the wood for our oven arrived at about 8am!
It felt like the world's going to end when all the wood was unloaded, or better heaped on the ground.
Our whole house shaked and trembled and the sound was also quite impressive!
The oven will only arrive in June though.
Thinking about the whole oven stuff I was wondering about my bathroom~

I asked my mom, when she will 'do' it (like buying new tiles for the wall and the floor, getting a new shower and washbasin and furniture and everything).
I said you always talk about saving money this year and then you buy a oven, wood and want to build a staircase in the garden and so on~
Her answers was as unlogical as her actions, she said that we're not wasting money we only buy the 'necessary' things.
As if a oven would be necessary, it's not that we don't have a heating (Heizung).
She said that next year we got money to get me my new bathroom or to redo it or however I should call it~
I used the chance to start a few planning of how it will look like, so that she more or less knows how high my expectations are, which costs she has to include and also to get used to both loolzz

Well, I took the 'next year' we'll have money as a word of honour. (She has broken that word often enough, though) This time I will be very the persistant, can?!
Next year I will have my new bathroom ready !!!

And I will also hopefully have my new bed and a new monitor and a new lamp and a new life and bla bla bla~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wah! It's been a long time since I lastly just told nonsense on my blog loolzz
It feels good xD

Oh talking about that! Our vn neighbours recently had 'beef' with their neighbours again.
After a long time of silence their old feud escalalted again, and the police had to come around another time loolzz
Really nice entertaining factor!
They once even threatend each other with knives or so!
Strange folks, really!
Who cares~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well then I will be saying annyeong now.
Take care, don't leave me and eeerrm......... survive the heat?
Get yourself an ice-cream! (Hey, that totally reminds me of Full House)
Anywho knows why? xD

So, annyeong everbody (imagine a very cute korean voice saying that xD)
It's so frigging hot !!!!!!!

P/s: Min-hyuk sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P/p/s: I want a new layout !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. die folgen um robin find ich ja gerade so faszinierend o_o nicht den robin part alleine, auch schon die ganzen konflikte und hintergeschichten von water7, den bürgermeister und das traurige daran..

    das denkst du xD
    doch ich weiß wovon du redest.

    diese schuhplattler find ich gerade so toll an dem tanz. da ich eunhyuk nachtanze, kann ich die letzten 20% des tanzes irgendwie nicht.. den "let's dance" teil... ich verstehs nicht. hab schon so oft slow motion gemacht und joah, bin zu blöd dafür... xD aber sonst gehts.

    k-drama full house? lol. freu mich schon auf full house 2, was es aber leider erst diesen august geben wird.

    ben & jerry's eiscreme find ich irgendwie nicht lecker. oder ich hab die falsche sorte ausprobiert. uff, das wetter soll ja nach 2 tagen wieder kühler werden. ist auch gut so find ich, ich wollte nämlich noch ein paar wochen mit langärmeligen sachen rumlaufen ><

  2. sehr süße page hast du da!