Thursday, 31 December 2009

My diary where it snows cherries.

Update: Added a few more resolutions!
Btw, no cmts, no posts! Is that a deal?

How do you like it?
Simple as I said, aye? But totally LOVES
The colours and the style!

But it looks like shit in IE. OHFUCKIE!!!
Idk what's the matter but this is the 1st layout which I didn't manage to perfect in both browsers. Which means that it honestly CAN'T be perfected!

So, it's New Year's Eve
Is it just this year, or do I hate this day?!
Well, I can't change it anyways.

Actually, I'm lucky that I managed to finish this layout and to blog today.
It won't be much blogging.

I want to write down my Resolutions for 2010
  • be a hardworking person/ study so hard, so hard, so hard!!!
  • spend my money on more stuffs for my room/ more pink stuffs/ better clothes
  • making my room more pink and finish furnishing it
  • finish furnishing my bathroom
  • keep the track of my spending habbits
  • plan my life more exactly/ no time-wasting
  • reading more edifying stuffs
  • taking better care of my skin!!
  • losing 5kg! (at least!)
  • growing my hair looong (getting a perm?)
  • visit London with (one of) my friends
  • enjoying my life! I want to be happy!

So much,wtf!

Normally I hate resolutions, because in the end you only find out that you didn't managed to do anything!
But somehow, that's exaclty the point. Seing what other ppl achieved makes me want to reach my own dreams!

Guess, what I'm doing on this very special night?

Yes, you got me!
No frozen-ass, no useless standing-around waiting, no getting out into the cold for doing sth which is boring at least after 15min, no fireworks!

I'm staying at home with my lazy parents and semi-frustrated bro! Hope, you'll have fun celebrating this night!

P/s I hate it when ppl start to fire their firecrackers too early! Like our asocial neighbours!
Shooting 1-3 every hour since 5pm already hor! Fuck him/them!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

100 years are passing.

Eaten: Half a Wiener / 1 big laddle of rice with fried eggs


Blogging again!
I think I should be doing other things than blogging, but~ It happens to me my passion.

I have bought ZERO Christmas presents still!
And Christmas is in 7 days!
I think I'll just buy my parents sth little and prepare dinner + dessert instead!
Dinner will be beef goulash with cranberries and spaetzle
Dessert is still not settled.

Today during English classes, our teacher wanted to talk abt each person's topic for our paper.
I was more or less the only one without a real clue for my topic. So when the teacher came to me, I just said Oh, I dunno... Maybe I could do sth abt Singapore. You know they speak English there, but in their own slang...
And surprisingly my English teacher was totally enthusiastic abt Sg.

Teacher: Oh yeah, Sg is a wonderful city!
It's a fantastic shopping place!
You know normally my husband is a complete anti-shopping type, but when we were in Sg and he saw all the shopping opportunities there, we went shopping all day long! I nearly bought out the whole Orchard road!

And I was like OMG she knows Orchard road!
I still tried to tell her, that I didn't know if I should talk abt the country, or how the ppl live there or really abt the language and so on.

She started to tell me that their English is so well and every child has to speak 3 languages. And that there are different races living there, Malays and god-knows-who-else. And I could talk abt temples over there or EVERYTHING.

And I Err-ed around the whole time, then she left to another class mate saying I don't care what you do, as long as it's Singapore, I'm happyy


I think Singlish is most interesting!
But on the other said she's keen on shopping and landscape and that stuff, so what should I do?

After having watched Bleach fully, Naruto/Shippuuden until 40 (or so), One Piece (german) fully, I'm going to watch EVERY Detective Conan episode!
Which at first may sound rather hard, because Conan seems to be like Pokemon (more or less the same every episode), but it isn't!
Actually, every episode is confirm very exciting and somehow rly different from other ones!

Anyways here are a few icons I made !^^

Hahas ❤
The 1st icons are kinda the same, but I couldn't decide

And... I've got two layout requests. Thanh Truc's is accepted, the other have to see!

Chu, Ailing

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Pink Rain.

1/ 2
Eaten: 1 Croissant/ 2 Wieners

Why blogging is absolutely fun:
Because it allows us to make wonderful art by expressing things touching our hearts, occupying our mind while freeing our souls.
Every single post.

I have been bloghopping a bit yesterday and today and found so many cute blogs out there
I like the simple, but nevertheless cute layouts!

But they also make me feel that my current layout is absolutely Wrong.
Not the right style somehow~
Although I know it's fucking cute of course

Well, I won't change it for the next long time, but I think my next layout will be pure and simple!

Anyway, I think my blog needs to be even cuter than it already is!
Means, I'm planing to make such a picture like the 1st one for every post, I think it's a nice idea !^^
Then, I'm going to make icons for every post!
Cute, what?
And of course, I've added a pack of emoticons or two

I also decided to finally get my link exchanges back! ごめんなさいよ!

And because there are so many ugly layouts out there, too, and because I love coding etc. I will be offering everyone my help with layouting/ the chance to get a personal designed layout.
A rather simple one of course.
So everyone, boys or girls, if you want a nice layout, the way you want it, ask me.
I'm glad to help out. (With the exception of smelly life and allies)
Will make banners and stuff for this offer later.

I think I want to make one for Junabee xD
Isn't this nick cute?

Of course I'm speaking of Junee, from wordpress.
I've been thinking of designing a layout for her for the longest.
Of course I remember her saying that she think that content is more important than looks, but even so... Wordpress default theme is just.... blue and grey

The stupid problem is that wordpress is the greatest shit of all wide spread blog hosters.
What the fuck, theme upload functionality is exclusive to privately hosted blogs?
Why blogger isn't like that ah?
Even CSS, must be presented with the bill:
can edit your CSS and preview the changes for free. If you would like the ability to save your changes and make your design visible to the public, please purchase the Custom CSS Upgrade. (more info)

OMG, css edit for free, can?
Even preview for free ah?
Where on earth is sth like THAT possible!

To have the impudence to even formulate that sentence is enough to get beaten up.

今日は そっと雨、ね

Yoshie: Have I told you abt this little 5th grader who had to go to the headmaster to receive a reprimand, because he got up to some mischief and then kept calling the headmaster a liar?
Ailing: Yes, you did. He got a directorship's reprimand* because of that, didn't he?
Yoshie: Yes, he did.
Ailing: Why did you ask?
Yoshie: Oh, I just thought, that I didn't tell you yet.
Ailing: I think it's absolutely exaggerated to give a small boy a reprimand just because he says you're a liar. I mean, he is so young, ok?. He still can't...
Yoshie: Well, he is totally impudent.
Ailing: Oh, really? ... Then I'd just give him a reprimand!
Yoshie *rolling eyes*


Lastly I want to sum up all the things that I have to do:
  • Developping pictures for Ha-na
  • Buying wrapping paper
  • Finding a suited-sized cardboard box
  • Buying Christmas presents
  • Buying myself a trouser
  • Lending my aunt more than 500 bucks

Xiaxue's so right abt all the things she wrote which are annoying abt buying presents.
Thiking abt what the ppl like, finding these things, finding the cheapest

That's why it sometimes isn't any fun at all.
Esspecially when it comes to presents for parents.
Parents already have everything they need (more or less). Everything you buy for them is useless (therefor a waste of money).
So they always tell you to buy them nothing (at least mine do).

But intelligent me has so often managed to buy some semi-useful products, like a total pro feet-massage-machine.
I think this year I'm going for a total outre decanter... Not.

ちゅう, ailing

*TVXQ greetings*

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Don't talk Shit, but Watch it and Think.

Eaten today: 1 piece of cake

Ohmigod! w(☆o◎)wガーン
Yesterday one of the most fucktardest things happened to me:

When checking the Home site of my blog I noticed that I had goddamn 27 pending commants !!!

WTF !!!
I kinda OMG-ed for 5 minutes !!!

I srsly didn't know that I enabled cmt moderation !
Why didn't anyone of you tell me ah?!

So incredible stupid! ||||||ρ(   )||||| まっくら〜

Anyway, at least this oversight gave me the pleasure of reading 27 more or less worth reading comments!

There were so many cmts like
  • You're so ugly, go and get plastic surgery
  • Your blog is shit
  • You're so stupid
  • You have no life
  • etc

So daaamn many that I stopped reading them after some time.
Like Ok, I get what you mean
I think I've already made clear what I think of such kind of cmts.

Also, I hope someday you'll understand how much those words scratch me.
(-_ゞ ネムネム

Then again, there are statements which just make me freak out (or not).

#1 Why are you stalking other ppl's blog and then criticize them? Don't you have a life/ sth different to blog abt? Don't you have anything better to do?

I will never ever understand how anyone can think such fucktarded stuff.
If (your) blogs aren't there to be read by others, than just close them for fucksake!

And if they are public then don't start to cry if someone's reading them idiots!
So stop calling reading other ppl's blog stalking!

The only thing to do with blogs is reading them, so what are you crying about?
Go back to your mummy if this is a touch to realistic to you!

Also, what's your problem about me criticizing them?
Can't I criticize ppl hor?

You just stop talking shit. If there's anything written I absolutely have the divine right of criticizing every single worthless letter of it!
Don't tell me that's wrong, you fucktards.
Think before you open your trap!

The eternal question abt life!
There are ppl who make a living by criticizing movies, books, fashion, food, etc!
That shows that the arguement of criticizing other ppl's blog shows that you have no life is pure shit!

If it's the thing I want to blog then I'll blog abt it, okay?
Why should you blogging abt making food, going to piss, shopping, having sex, meeting your friends, going to a party be any better than me?

Those random daily actions just show that you don't have the brain to think abt anything!
You just do the pathetic little actions a monkey also does.

Btw, why do you have such a big trap?
Developping stupid theories by criticizing that all I do is searching for blogs to rant abt, because I got no other things to write.

How many posts of me have you read you shitheads?

Fine, so what abt the other 1000 ???
Did you found any rants abt blogs in there?

No? Then go dying, fucktards !
Don't fucking tell other ppl shit in their face when you have absolutely NO CLUE of anything, got it?

I guess all you do is criticizing other blogs because you're so stupid
You're guessing shit!
Don't you dare to EVER bother other ppl's mind with such worthless statements.

You know shit and you think shit, so just beat it!

I blog abt what I want and live my life the way I want!
And it seems to be very good, since so many ppl are reading, aye?

#2 You ugly racist
How can I be racist against my own ppl?

#3 You're both sick!
Don't put me on the same level as her, got it?

#4 I hope you don't freak out now!
Depends on the way you just said sth.
Like, I don't freak out when someone tells me that I'm the most uglies person on earth, etc. That it just wrong.
I don't freak out when someone tells me their opinion (Kim Hoang is pretty, your blog sucks, etc)
I freak out if someone says anything stupid.

I guess most of you think, that I'm a person who murders abt 10 times a day if someone doesn't scream Yes, Ma'am fashionable enough, but well, I'm nicer than you think (that doesn't mean that I'm nice!)

#5 Smelly life herself honoured me with a comment!
Here it is: (translated and paragraphed!)

You know what??? I will never stand guys like you!!
Why guy? In my opinion you are a boy, who's wearing girl clothes!!

Even MS Kim Hoang's appearance is 10000 times tolerable than yours!!
As if you'd know about everyone only because you're reading their blog!
Just let her go into clubs and do things, which are fun to her! If you're hating such proud chicks and always complain about them, become a politcions and DO SOMETHING AGAINST THEM!!!
If not then just suffocate from it or get yourself ran over, Idk! that's how the world is!

You think you're quite perfect, don't you?
Everything you can do is criticizing and grousing! Altah!
To me it seems that you're behaving like a grandma! I don't know what your problem is!
But I think your life must be very boring, because everything you do is blogging!
Or you have no idea what you should blog abt and then you click on any blogs so you can criticize them!

And that's not enough, you putting pictures of them in your blog without asking! Can I also put pics of you in my blog??? And write 'fugly shit'? I'm asking you for real!

Oh yes! Only because ppl go to parties, that does not mean that they're all bitches -.-# What nonesense!
Do you think you are allowed to enter clubs with a coat and boots???

First of all, thanks for reading my blog!
Very interesting and greatly written, isn't it?

Next time make sure you put your cmts onder the right entry stupid.
And fucking learn to arrange your text! That's something they should've told you since 5th class!
But it seems that you didn't learn much, right?

Thanks for the boy wearing girls clothes.
Err... I think I'll take that sentence and just throw it out of my list of things said by ppl who have a brain.

Then she's telling me, that I should do sth against ppl I hate!
And if I can't bear it I should just get me killed! That's how the world is
WTF! It's the same shit, I'm telling her!
Thank you for repeating my words!
Hope you're not only remembering them well but also make use of them!

The question abt life has been answered in point #1 soo...
Ok, one sentence to this: No, I don't think I'm perfect.

And, I put pictures of other ppl's blog in my posts without asking them.
Wait, did I sneak into their houses and steal the pictures from their walls?

If you put your pictures on the internet, then don't wonder if everybody can see them.
What does it matter if it's on your blog or on my blog, goddamit?!

If you don't want anyone to do this, then make everything private fucktards!!!
So my answer is, take as many pics of me you can find on the internet and upload them to your blog! Idcare!

To the last two statements: ... Thank you for this information/ Idk.

#6 To all anonymous and private ppl in general!
It's so pathetic how you call me a coward when my cmts were on moderation when you reserve yourself to right to go anonymous!

Next time you have a big trap, watch it and start to think, bastards !!!

So why are your blogs and profiles private?
Are they that disgusting ??
Guess your blog is so goddamn shitty that you don't even dare to make it public.
How can you even dare to criticize my blog you brainless fucktards.

If you have any guts then show me your much-better-than-mine blog, prove me your awesome writing talent!
I'm so eager to learn... how poor your posts are!

Pathetic bastards, just get out of my way.
Noone on this world needs worthless shit like you!


#7 Thank you world for such nice support and everything!
I would have said this earlier, but ahem...

Well, my own stupidness was a bit in the way.

So, drop by and DEEP (* ̄(^ *) KISS!

That's it,
thanks for reading!

Comments are all open again !

Gonna get ready to meet Angelababy now!
Let's have some fun!

Chu, Ailing
*TVXQ Ganbatte greetings