Thursday, 31 December 2009

My diary where it snows cherries.

Update: Added a few more resolutions!
Btw, no cmts, no posts! Is that a deal?

How do you like it?
Simple as I said, aye? But totally LOVES
The colours and the style!

But it looks like shit in IE. OHFUCKIE!!!
Idk what's the matter but this is the 1st layout which I didn't manage to perfect in both browsers. Which means that it honestly CAN'T be perfected!

So, it's New Year's Eve
Is it just this year, or do I hate this day?!
Well, I can't change it anyways.

Actually, I'm lucky that I managed to finish this layout and to blog today.
It won't be much blogging.

I want to write down my Resolutions for 2010
  • be a hardworking person/ study so hard, so hard, so hard!!!
  • spend my money on more stuffs for my room/ more pink stuffs/ better clothes
  • making my room more pink and finish furnishing it
  • finish furnishing my bathroom
  • keep the track of my spending habbits
  • plan my life more exactly/ no time-wasting
  • reading more edifying stuffs
  • taking better care of my skin!!
  • losing 5kg! (at least!)
  • growing my hair looong (getting a perm?)
  • visit London with (one of) my friends
  • enjoying my life! I want to be happy!

So much,wtf!

Normally I hate resolutions, because in the end you only find out that you didn't managed to do anything!
But somehow, that's exaclty the point. Seing what other ppl achieved makes me want to reach my own dreams!

Guess, what I'm doing on this very special night?

Yes, you got me!
No frozen-ass, no useless standing-around waiting, no getting out into the cold for doing sth which is boring at least after 15min, no fireworks!

I'm staying at home with my lazy parents and semi-frustrated bro! Hope, you'll have fun celebrating this night!

P/s I hate it when ppl start to fire their firecrackers too early! Like our asocial neighbours!
Shooting 1-3 every hour since 5pm already hor! Fuck him/them!

1 comment :

  1. heyii there :)
    A belated Happy New Year.
    I really like your blog, it's totally cute and exciting ><
    good luck on your resolutions for 2010!
    I have similar ones XD

    and I also hate when firecrackers are starting too early >.> our neighbours are the same~~
    well at the moment I'm wondering why I speak English with you...you are from Germany right? ^^

    may I follow you? I really would like to :3
    I just have to find the Follow bottom lol

    Liebe Grüße