Wednesday, 6 January 2010


~~~ヾ ^∇^おはよー♪
I still have holidays, but woke up at 9 a.m. Hahas ❤.
(My back is gooddamn aching! I feel like a rheumatic prisoner! )

The days in Hamburg were totally fun !
It's such a big city, so full of people.

And such a player's city.
  • Casinos every there and then
  • Sex shops
  • Video cabines
  • etc.

The postcards there are also full of porn!
We went to go for a walk along a very notorious road. I think it was called Reeperbahn?
For some reason my parents wanted to see prostitutes (how to spell that, wtf?) . But they were disappointed, they ended up concluding that we were too early .

We also went shopping! Luckily most of us wanted to go shopping!
(Except for J, he NEVER wants to go shopping!)

The Europe passage there, has the greatest collection of Bench clothes. I saw a cute zip jacket, but too exp .

This is what I bought! Costed me 60 bucks!
The leggins have a スーパースリムレッグ! It took me hours to chose them (I think I'm a bit choosy. 20€
The trousers are totally すごええ. They got a boyfriend cut, I have been wanting such jeans for ages!
The mad cute bag is from One Green Elephant . J bought it for me as a uber belated birthday present. かわいいです、ね?

Anyways, how to wear boyfriend jeans:

more more more

{Credits: Popteen}

I still need loads of colourful pumps to wear my bf jeans .
Actually I'm not the type of girl who wears high shoes. Too lazy, too painful.
But I'll guess 3-5cm are manageable in everyday life, right?

I will edit my blog and add the link section now.
After that cleaning a shelf in my room. Going to through it away and buy a large mirror and highboard instead

Chu, Ailing
*snow greetings*

P/s: It snowed so much! All my windows are covered with snow!

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