Monday, 30 June 2008

School Hike & Stuff.

Music: 1

#1: How you lyke my new layout? !^^
Took me many times to code(?) it !^^ But now nearly everything is allrite, only I deleted the wonderful glittering stars that were following my cursor by mistake.
And I can*t find the script 4 it again...
I hope the layout doesn*t look shitty on big monitors, it looks as ok as possible on mine, but mine is so tiny...
And finally have 2 sidebars, so the whole thing looks more tidy !^^

Now to the topic:
School Hike / Wandertag
I hate it! EVERY fucking time {twice a yr} we gonna have a school hike, all the goddamn boys {may they all get hit by sth when you read this} of my class want to go swimming.
And EVERY fucking time, we finally REALLY go swimming, only because they are 1 more and win when we take a vote.
And then those little fuckers smile and say: Well, sorry, but this is what democracy is about.
I wish they get beatn up. I wish they could just get hit by a car. It*s so unfair . They are worth getting killed by someone =.=
I hate them. And this time, we 1st decided to go to the municipal theather or as an alternative to Nuremberg. But then, one of this little fuckers had to complain why we couldn*t go to the swimming pool/ baths {what is the rite one, now?}, and finally managed to persuade our teacher to got there. We voted and the boys won 12:11 !!!
WTF is democracy?
And this happened every single, goddamn year. And it will happen nxt yr, and the yr after and EVERY fucking time we have a school hike, only because they are one person more.
WTF is democracy?

Will be sitting in the plane to Vietnam in 43 daes !!!
Damn, time flies {to slow *^-^*}
Last week I got 90€. I dunno what to do wit em...
Spending them on things I want rite now? Or saving them for o-so-cheap Vietnam?
I really dunno what to do wit my whole money {to rich to manage to spend it all or what?}
I wanted to buy a bag 4 20€ or so, but it was gone =.=
I rly got to buy a bag. I got only 3 bags which I lyke, and two of them are two small to but more than your mobile and money and it !^^
And now my mom is tellin me to save it all for vietnam?! Last time she told me, that she won*t allow me to buy cheap stuff in Vietnam, that gonna be torn {why is there no proper english transalation for kaputt?} in a few weeks. Dun understand her ...
But I want to be in Vietnam, now matter what~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
And I love to fly xD Although my ears always hurt when we land.
Btw. I have a few funny convo*s between pilot and tower for you !^^
But u will see *em later !^^

Noticed that I used an icon as *starter* ? xD
Some are doing this and I think it*s a good idea !^^
Chose Naruto icon, cuz I*m watchin Naruto again {ep 81 - yeah ep 81, NOT shippuden!}
Although I*m the greatest Naruto-Fan ever, I stopped to watch Naruto last yr {then u aren*t the greatest Fan ever, stupid!}
But I know everything what happend from the beginning up to the last part of the manga !^^

And now, the funny convos:

Tower: Are you an Airbus 320 or 340?
Pilot: A A 340 of course!
Tower: Then would you please turn on the other two engines before you start?

Pilot of a Al Italie, whose cockpit got half- crippled by a lightning:
Nearly everything is broke down. Even the altimeter {Höhenmeter} doesn*t indicate somethings...
After 5 minutes of moaning , a pilot of another plane asnwer:
Shut up and die like a man!

Pilot: Got only little fuel left. Urgently request for instructions
Tower: What is your position. Don*t have you on the screen.
Pilot: Wir are stading on Runway 2 and have been waiting for the tanker for ages.

Pilot: Request for take-off clearance.
Tower: Sorry, we don*t have your flight path. Where do you want to go?
Pilot: Like every Monday - to Salzburg.
Tower: But today is Tuesday!
Pilot: What? Then we have off today!

Tower: Height and position?
Pilot: I'm 1.80 {m} and I sit at the top left.

Tower: Do you have enough juice/ gas or don*t you?
Pilot: Yes
Tower: Yes, what?
Pilot: Yes, Sir!

Tower: Please give us your expected arrival time.
Pilot: Hmm.... Tuesday would be suitable for me.

Pilot: There*s a landing light burning.
Tower: I hope there are more burning.
Pilot: I mean there are clouds of smoke.

Tower: In order to avoid noise, please swing 45 degress to the right {45°nach rechts schwenken}
Pilot: Which noice can we make at an altitude of 35.000 feet?
Tower: The racket {Krach}, you're going to make when your 707 crashes the 727 in fron of you.

Tower: Say fuelstate.
Pilot: fuelstate.
Tower: Say again.
Pilot: again.
Tower: "Arghl, give me your fuel!
Pilot: Sorry, need it by myself...

Pilot: Guess, who's here!
Tower, switching of the lightning of the runway: Guess, where we are!

Pilot: Tower, can I have a rough time-check?!
Tower: It is Tuesday, sir!

Pilot: "Tower, request permission to enter zone XY."
Tower: "Negative."
Pilot: "Tower, did you say 'negative'?"
Tower: "Affirmative."
Pilot: "Understood 'affirmative'. I will call you leaving the zone."

Pilot: "...Tower, please call me a fuel truck."
Tower: "Roger. You are a fuel truck."

Tower: "xxxx, clear to land"
XXXX: "roger"
Tower: "xxxx, I can not see any landing gear. Is your gear down?"
XXXX: "Say again, I can't hear you because there a some darn horn blaring in my ear!"
Tower: "Your landing gear is NOT DOWN"
XXXX: "Say what, I can't understand you"
Tower: "Your landing gear is ..... aw shit."

Tower: Lufthansa 893, number one, check for workers on the taxiway.
Pilot: Roger... We've checked the workers, they are all working.


P.S.: Think you enjoy the wonderful wheather? Do if you lyke it !^^ I don*t~~~~ =P

Edit: Forgot to mention that I looove that Spain won yesterday !^^ They played better, I can*t remember seeing Germany got the ball at the whole match {except for 10 min at the beginning}
And: the Spains were fucking FAIR, germany doesn*t deserve it to get treated so fair. Everytime they make substitutions at the end of a match, to buy time and to take away the chances of their opponent. That is REALLY not ok.
I wish Spain had done this too, but {unfortunately} they were to fair...

Monday, 23 June 2008


WTF ?!
The fucking post jux deleted parts of it itself. DAMN !!!!

So once again.
Here*s the post wit the things I bought wich I promised you {promised the post, not the things}.
Let*s get started then.


white bag from H&M. pretty cute i think. wanted to buy it a long time ago. 5€
a vodoo rabbit from Pimkie. xD how to call it? there are aso cats and dogs. 4,95€
a box of Princess Peppermint from Kaufhof/ Esprit. very kawaii. there are peppermint dragees inside but you can aso fill it wit tictacs. mirror included -> very practical. different colors and designs. 2,95€


skirt from Zapata. aso in orange-green and blue-brown. 16, 95€
leggings from H&M. I*m in love wit funny leggings so had to buy this striped one. 5€

looks like this when worn.
shoes from Wal Mart. xD they hurt terribly cuz they are too low at d front. 12-13€

sry for the awful carpet + background + light.
I hate it. but i have no other mirror =.=

this top
is from my mom.
she has many cool clothes somehow...
she gave it to me when I intimated {andeuten} that i like it {because she couldn*t wear it anyway}.
so dunno where she got it from and how much it costed.
but since such tops are in right now, it shouldn*t be difficult to find sth similar in H&M.

our french teacher postponed {or rather wants to postpone {verschieben}} our French-test because we would write it on thursday but on wednesday Germany is playing against Turkey.
actually I don* think such a match is worth postponing a test, but it*s a good thing.
I hope Turkey will win.
Let Germany LOSE !!!

Funny Convo wit Bro:
Both watching a gay-looking viet singer on PBN, while making fun of him.
Gay- looking singer goes to the right while singing.

Bro : What was that?! You can*t call this going what he*s doing!
Aini:{aso not liking him, but thinks that he isn*t bad enough to say that he can*t even walk normally}
Huh? So what is he doing then, if he doesn*t go?
Bro :{didn*t know what to say}:
He gay{e}d himself forward! {Er hat sich voran geschwult!}

Both bursting out laughing.

Too stupid. (min 7:47)

Sry for making you watch this if I did.
This way of singing is called Cải Lương. And is some way of theatre/ musical.

p.s.: the vodoo rabbit can be used as a pendant {Anhänger?} for handy, mp3, bags etc. and to pin it on things {irgendwo anstecken}.

Edit: linked the pics of #4,5,6 cuz they look so ugly !^^

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Hiatus... Not !!!

{feeling blue and solitary}

Didn*t thought that anyone could think that I would go on Hiatus, when I wrote that last Post.
Actually IF I would go On Hiatus I would say that explicitly.
Anyway I hate the word *Hiatus*, sounds so wanna-be... ,,Oh I*m on hiatus now, go miss me everybody!"
Hiatus, latin = cleft {Kluft}

So, I post this in order to tell everybody thatI*m still alive and everything...
I had to do so many things because of... school =.=
Yeah... I know school and school again... But I*m a pupil, I can use school as an excuse.
But actually I also hate people who use school as an excuse for not blogging, sounds like... ,,Oh, I have to learn for school, there are more important things than you!" They are right... but anyway !!!
For everyone who wants to know:

A {outstanding as my teacher said}
ChemistryB {=.=}

We aso wrote a Test in German and in Maths and in physics, tml I have to hold a presentation abt a book and nxt week we gonna write a French Test.
So you see, I*m busy !^^

Now, I gotta a few things I jux bought that I wann show you, but unfortunately I*m too lazy to photograph them. Nxt time.
And aso I wanna show you some zhngd gagdets that I found !^^ Really KAWAII !!!
And I hope I gonna manage to get to Nürnberg 4 free, so I can finally go shoppin for free wit anh nam !^^

{was bored had this pic, this is the result}

Monday, 2 June 2008

Day, day, day

*Dreaming of summer*

I really really wonder why ppl are reading my *censored* blog {read on pls, I*m jux wonderin}.
I dunno if I would read such a blog. I think my blog is SUPER BORING.
Who is interested in wtf I do in school and how I do it?
I dun even write interestin things ...

Anyway since there are ppl reading I shall go on like this.

We wrote a test in chemistry today. Was quite ok. I didn*t had think twice abt each exercises {only at this: 9 000 000 m³ Water (1 000 m³ = 1 lit ), so how many litres?... somhow I*m weak wit questions like this...}
And nobody understood the last questions, but... well, all in all it went not too bad.

As you see from the pic in the beginning, I*m quite in a *Summer- Mood* {how can I not be, wit temperatures like this}.

Aww... How I want it to be summer now...
Actually I dun like summer that much, because it*s so hot {and you get brown}.
But I want summer-holidaes and I want to got to Vietnam already !
But somhow time flies, this school year has jux began and summer-holidaes are here again in two weeks already and then the whole thing again.
Autumn and rain, Winter and Christmas, and then Spring and we will all get annoyed by the wheather again, because it won*t be summer. and I will be sitting here again, while it*s much too hot for this season, blogging about some trivialities of my life...

Anyway, that*s how life is, so don*t start to philosphize and get depressed abt it, be sure that you made the best of your life, when you read my blog again nxt year

I think this Friday the EM {European Football Cup} will start. I*m somehow super excited abt it. Really like football now that my brother rewatches 'Super Kickers 2006' again {Football anime}. Eww.... like football.
But I still dunno for who I should root for {<- what a translation/ für wenn ich sein soll}. I dun wan*t to be rooting for Germany, though I know the german team best and have already watched a few matches of *em, so I have the most liking for them. On the other side, I dun like anyone most in the German team... I aso like Portugal {Christiano Ronaldo }, or maybe in the end I like Italien best {aso few handsome players} or Spain. I only hate France, although Zizou isn*t playing anymore. We*ll see...

So, here I stop, after boring the world again.

No, I don*t... {Day 2, I*m writing this post now}
Sometimes I jux have the DESIRE to write and write and write. And then when I want to write sth, I don*t remember what I want to write anymore
The past few days I*m always watching/ listening to Bleach Ep. 160. The backgrounds music is so sad, it makes me feel very sad, too. And still the scenes of Rukia, running through the forest is soo wunderful, she remembers how happy her past was. Sometimes I think that, too. When I was younger, everything was better. *The good old days*
I think I will download the ep, and then but it on my mp3, so I can listen to it, everywhere I go xD. Only it*s not that sensible, cuz I won*t understand anything .

I*m not writing a new post, and I didn*t *publish* this post, on the day I*ve written it, cuz I always think I bore the world to death {I do}. I think my post are very boring .
And I think my blog was much more interesting back then... Awww.... I dunno...
You know what? I very much want my blog to be how it was... Although I dunno what has changed. I hope I will be satisfied with my blog again soon.
Hmm.... Think I figured out, what has changed. I think I blog less abt my feelings?
I jux tell stupid shit .
So I think I will change that again...
{it*s start*s to rain again...I loove the rain!}

This Will Be The Last Post I HATE And Think It*s Full Of Shit On My Blog !!!

p.s.: I*m sry for ppl who are reading my blog wit slow internet. I didn*t think abt how long it takes for my page to load. Maybe I won*t put so much pics in my post anymore. On the other hands it*s my unique style to blog, soooo.....dunno...