Monday, 23 June 2008


WTF ?!
The fucking post jux deleted parts of it itself. DAMN !!!!

So once again.
Here*s the post wit the things I bought wich I promised you {promised the post, not the things}.
Let*s get started then.


white bag from H&M. pretty cute i think. wanted to buy it a long time ago. 5€
a vodoo rabbit from Pimkie. xD how to call it? there are aso cats and dogs. 4,95€
a box of Princess Peppermint from Kaufhof/ Esprit. very kawaii. there are peppermint dragees inside but you can aso fill it wit tictacs. mirror included -> very practical. different colors and designs. 2,95€


skirt from Zapata. aso in orange-green and blue-brown. 16, 95€
leggings from H&M. I*m in love wit funny leggings so had to buy this striped one. 5€

looks like this when worn.
shoes from Wal Mart. xD they hurt terribly cuz they are too low at d front. 12-13€

sry for the awful carpet + background + light.
I hate it. but i have no other mirror =.=

this top
is from my mom.
she has many cool clothes somehow...
she gave it to me when I intimated {andeuten} that i like it {because she couldn*t wear it anyway}.
so dunno where she got it from and how much it costed.
but since such tops are in right now, it shouldn*t be difficult to find sth similar in H&M.

our french teacher postponed {or rather wants to postpone {verschieben}} our French-test because we would write it on thursday but on wednesday Germany is playing against Turkey.
actually I don* think such a match is worth postponing a test, but it*s a good thing.
I hope Turkey will win.
Let Germany LOSE !!!

Funny Convo wit Bro:
Both watching a gay-looking viet singer on PBN, while making fun of him.
Gay- looking singer goes to the right while singing.

Bro : What was that?! You can*t call this going what he*s doing!
Aini:{aso not liking him, but thinks that he isn*t bad enough to say that he can*t even walk normally}
Huh? So what is he doing then, if he doesn*t go?
Bro :{didn*t know what to say}:
He gay{e}d himself forward! {Er hat sich voran geschwult!}

Both bursting out laughing.

Too stupid. (min 7:47)

Sry for making you watch this if I did.
This way of singing is called Cải Lương. And is some way of theatre/ musical.

p.s.: the vodoo rabbit can be used as a pendant {Anhänger?} for handy, mp3, bags etc. and to pin it on things {irgendwo anstecken}.

Edit: linked the pics of #4,5,6 cuz they look so ugly !^^


  1. Das Hässchen ist hooot x3 und das Prinzessinding will ich auch haben >_<

    Die Konversation zwischen dir und deinem Bro....ich hab auf dem Boden gelegen vor Lachen xD

  2. hee =D
    die sachen die du gekauft hast sind voll süß, vor allem der rock und diese peppermntbox *O*
    und der dialog... rofl.. könnte von mir stammen der satz XDDD Dein bruder ist cool >D

  3. cute <3
    die tasche habe ich auch <3 nur in gold :)

    das oberteil deiner mum ist auch cute und dsa hässchen erst ;)

    lol germany hat gewonnen :D

  4. haha das mit dem optimal is mir nie aufgefallen. ja vicky hat uns dabei geholfen etz gehts auch über firefox. hey diese minzdose hab ich auch mal von ner freundin bekommen. aber meine ist einfarbig. und ein sonderangebot für 50cent von nanu nana. Die tasch gefällt mir echt gut. der Rock ist auch niedlich, aber ich selber mag iwie keine punkte xD


  5. haha, war ja klar, irgendwie stehen alle asiatischen mädchen auf locken^^
    ich hab eh so naturwellen.. dann muss ich sie mir nich dauerwellen lassen aber dafür immer den pony glätten =)

    danke, ich hoffe das wetter hält im urlaub^^dir auch ne schöne woche.

    bzw meld ich mich vl wenn ich den laptop mitnehme^