Thursday, 27 November 2008

So...So What?! I*m Still A Rockstar!

Music: 1

{oh so bored!}

No... Actually I hate this song
It*s absolute unmelodic and senseless...but whatever

I*m in a *So What?!*mood....
I got a B in an english test~ And yes... that*s frustrating.... But it*s not soo hard, since I got 30 out of 30 points in the comment and it is only a B cuz I had to little time~
It*s my English trainee teacher b*tch who I hate.
My she die of cancer or aids. =P
Oww that was a mean one............
I dun care.

Talkin abt sucking things: telekom sucks !!!

I dun feel like blogging at all~
I think I gonna watch TV....
Aww...wanted to mention that I LOVE AVATAR !!!!

No duh! I love Zuko !!!
I like his character... I think his character IS unique in the world of good-looking anime guys xD
On the other side.... I aso couldn*t find a better pic than this...

Well I gonna watch the rest of Naruto now~ On German !!!

And Here You Are {german}

Watch the whole episode!

P.S.: Whenever you find a long blogless period of time on my blog, blame them !!!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Belated Bdae Post.

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Man I had to go to school today. Today is Saturday.
And yesterday I thought:
*Oh ya ya!
When the weather goes on like this I won*t have to go to school tml !!!*

Well weather forecast told that tml will be the worst and most catastrophic onset of winter from time immemorial {seit Menschendgedenken}.
Jux now it*s snowing~ And my window is once again half-covered by a snow layer !^^

My foot is better now but in the mornings it*s always worse at fist.
Yesterday I skipped dance-lessons {stifled yeah!}.
So here*s a pic of my foot..... Popup cuz it*s soo ugly that it would ruin my blog, or at least ugly enough to ruin my blog.

And that*s enough for talkin arnd her are some pics of my bdae~
Be disappointed cuz they are so aini-less xD

Part 1: c*est the dae of my bdae 12/11/08
dinner among the familly

#1: The table

#2: Flower + Candle Symphony

#3: Cheers to Me!!!

#4: Flower + Champagne Symphony

#5: Man, I jux love champagne. Such a pity that you can*t see it bubbling !^^

#6: Special Meal

#7: And so on...

#8: More flowers for me

Part 2: Saturday after my bdae~ my frn came, too

#9: You are the only one thinking that this cloud ruins the cake.
I know what truth lies under it !

#10: OMG I*m so FREAKING OLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#11: I lack pictures, that*s why .........

To be continued.......... sry peeps I wrote this 2 daes ago
no it*s 11.x pm
one pic which belongs to the nxt 3 I wanted to upload is gone
i dun want to edit it jux now
so~ yah...... enjoy these ones...
Nighty nite !!!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Talkin abt pointless stuff.

[pix hè năm 2007 ở Sylt]

We like to blog it, blog it !!!
Yayy~ {in case you know where that phrase comes from... there will be a new part of madagaskar}

What happened when I played volleyball the day before.
Omg, so terrible !!!
The match was nearly over but then in my last jump I didn*t land on my whole left foot again,
but on the outside edge {Außenkante} of my left foot.
My whole weight pressed my ankle {Fußgelenk} out of the articular capsule {Gelenkkapsel} and then it jumped in again.
OMG, I really felt how my ankle went out of the capsule ! Feels to disgusting horrible !!!
Yeah, then the whole area turned blue.
I skipped school {i still feel terrible abt it} to see the doctor.
Who x-rayed my ankle and then my foot had to be *clamped* {einspannen} into sth which looked like a vice {Schraubstock}.
WTF !!!! Who invented such a instrument of torture as a medical aid???
At the front something was pressing exactly against my ankle, then the assistant screwed {schrauben} it hard and harder and at my calf {Wade} there was a thing pressing in the opposite direction...

Well I walk on crutches {Krücken} now... I never realized that it was so exhausting !!! I can*t do more than 20 steps....
Stretches {Streckes} for which I needed 3min before, take 10min now !!! Wit 10 breaks !!!
At home I either crawl {krabbeln} {can*t do that anymore since my ball of the thumb {Handballen} hurt, cuz I had to prop up {abstützen} on them while walkin on crutches}, or I walk on my knees {which hurts a lot without carpet}, or I jump on my right foot.
For climbing stairs I use a very complicate and slow technique which is too difficult to explain.
For climbing them down I sit on a step and slide down to the next...
Oh maaaan....... I SUFFER !!!

Topic change: Are you in X-mas mood?
I ain*t at all !!!
I dun even have wishes for xmas... It has snowed once this year~
Then I felt like I wanna xmas, but now~
I rather want long rainy nice november daes!
HMmm...but maybe my opinion changes when we got a new stove {Ofen}. This Friday men will come {men?} to *build* my parents bathroom and another man will come to see which stove would fit in our living room~
I wonder what*s the use of having a stove which is places in the most narrow and winding edge of our living room. As if I would sit in front of it and... watch the flames, red a book, drink a tea or whatever.... I could also turn around and watch TV!
I think my bathroom has to wait for a while if my parents rly get a stove~

Oww....... Christmas~ You know what would be real cool?
Anime Christmas tree decorations. I saw some of *Sailor Moon* a while ago.
Can*t find any now~
Man I wonder wonder wonder what will happen until Christmas~

Wish me good luck wt my foot tml~ Hope I will survive school !!!

P.S.: I got Firefox 3 today.... Could it be that it is completely SHIT in reading html and stuff?
P.P.S.: How come noone cmts anymore? Have I done anything to you???

P.P.P.S.: For the 1st time in my blogger life I feel like editing and uploading pics, but I can*t find my cam~ How wondrous~

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sinkin In Shit.

Music: 1

School is sinkin in shit.
You can*t imagine how school sucks lately...
I bet I got an C, or D in my English test and also in my German test.
We had too little time in English and my arguments in German only repeated themselves~
Damn, and German and English are my best subjects.
All the other subjects didn*t went that well, too~
I hate me !!!

I hate my English trainee teacher {referendar}, I hate my German trainee teacher.
I hate that she made us buy another book for her lessons, although we already bought a book for German this school year, which we didn*t read, which was damn bad and boring !!!
I hate that this new book will be damn boring, too !!!
I hate that we only read boring dramas !!!
I hate that they force us to buy all sorts of shitty books and don*t think that our parents have to pay that all !!!
I hate that they are pretending that we can get all books if only she says that we need them !!!
I hate that they ignore the fact that you don*t want to spend all of your money for worthless books !!!
I hate that they want us to buy a new book, when we didn*t even really work with our old book !!!
I hate that they don*t think at all !!!
I hate that the english *beeep* is stricter than our real english teacher !!!
I hate her Russian accent !!!
I hate her strict and shitty way in which she teaches us !!!
I hate that she seems like thinking that she is better than us !!!
I hate that she think that her way of teaching is kinda good and that we therefore have to do presentations about new english vocab !!!
I hate the way she says *letter to the editor* !!!
I hate that this phrase rhimes !!!

Got me? Ok... One last thing:
Let me HIT them !!!

Man, I feel much better now.
Humans are so stupid sometimes.

Yesterday I went to a furniture store to look for bathrooms.
You know I look for a washbasin which is like this. But not made of glass but off ceramics or however this white stuff washbasins are made off is called.
My washstand {the cupboards under the washbasin} should look like this.
Like the black thing in white, I love that floral pattern !!!

So totally SUPER, innit?
Of course I dun have such a stupid chair in my bathroom, but it looks kinda like this~
Warning: Poor Cheating Attempt !!!
Well, my parents have jux bought new things for their bathroom and are abt to buy a stove for our living room.
And I still need a new shower. And bed an all~
Yah,ya~ I know, this topic starts to suck xD

So I said everything I wanted to say... esspecially in the first part. xD
Now I*m telling you that I plan to blog more often.
I have less and less time, but I really think that it is really boring if I blog so un-often.
Well, so~ ya, I try so hard.

p.s.: dance lessons soon over, yaaaaay !!! Goodbye you suckin thingZzz. nitee peeps x3

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Happy Birthdae?

{pix from starbuch*s, cool - not more, not less}

starring: aini, x
x is noone

x: how has your bdae been?
aini: ok, la
x: wad u mean, ok? what have u done todae?
aini: had wonderful breakfast like... err white tablecloth, candels, white designer plates and yummy toast... rest of the dae was 'easy'
x: so wad for presents?
aini: errrm... money, a cozy bolero, books, a calendar, ......... yah~
x: are you going to celebrate in whatever way?
aini: hmmm....this saturday will watch 'Quantum of Solace' + nice lunch somewhere + dvd eve
x: sounds like a chilly bdae
aini: it is

Friday, 7 November 2008

Dusting this Blog

Music: 1

OMFD !!!
*blowing dust from old bloggie*

It's awesome horrible how long it takes Telekom to to clear our internet connection...
I bet noone of you reads this stupid thing anymore


You might think that there*s much to tell, since Internet was gone for 3 weeks, but in fact I can*t really recall what happened~
The last thing I remember is that last Friday was Halloween...

Where I 1st had dance lessons, 2nd didn*t go anywhere and 3rd had no TV.
I think I watched Harry Potter the whole evening xD

I went into *Krabat* {good one!} and the dae before I went to the theatre...
What a pervert play !!!! Schiller*s Räuber....

I aso dyed my hair dark again.... now it*s brown... a bit grey....
I loooooove hair colors which are a bit grey !!!! Like ash blonde~
Nyaa~ I like! I like my new hair color !
Gosh I want loooong black hair again, wit muuuch volume {can you say that in english? I mean much and full hair xD}

Nxt topic is abt my room~ Since fuck Ikea is takin it*s time to build a store where I live {they plan to be ready by nxt JUNE} I seriously have to think abt another way to get my dream bed !!!

also available in white.
I know that white is possibly more pinkish {huh?} I mean it fits to pink better than brown-black..... But on the other side I always wanted a brown-black one......
Either you give me tipps which one you like more or I*ll have my mom advising me !^^
I bet she likes the white one more, she thinks the brown-black one looks like prisonbeds. Well the white one looks like a hospital-bed !!!
The decoration in my room is neeaarly satisfying. I bought many Hello Kitty stuff lately. Hello Kitty filers and a Hello Kitty fan~ Or is it a pop? xD
Wait till you see the pics {not now but sometime in the future, as always xD}
My room is mostly pink~

Ah and my bathroom is making some progress too !!! Means: my dad measured {messen} the lenghts and heights in my bathroom lately. Let*s hope I get a new washbasin, etc soon !!!

and BTW my bdae is approching... I*ll drop another year on this world~
I hate bdaes cuz you get older~ but this is senseless cuz then I*d have to hate every second.
And I think that this yr my amount of presents will turn out pretty poor =.=

But who cares.... Goodbye everyone !^^
and LoL. Lot*s of Love x3
PS: no i wasn*t lazy when inet was gone. wrote part of my vnpost! See nxt update *-^