Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sinkin In Shit.

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School is sinkin in shit.
You can*t imagine how school sucks lately...
I bet I got an C, or D in my English test and also in my German test.
We had too little time in English and my arguments in German only repeated themselves~
Damn, and German and English are my best subjects.
All the other subjects didn*t went that well, too~
I hate me !!!

I hate my English trainee teacher {referendar}, I hate my German trainee teacher.
I hate that she made us buy another book for her lessons, although we already bought a book for German this school year, which we didn*t read, which was damn bad and boring !!!
I hate that this new book will be damn boring, too !!!
I hate that we only read boring dramas !!!
I hate that they force us to buy all sorts of shitty books and don*t think that our parents have to pay that all !!!
I hate that they are pretending that we can get all books if only she says that we need them !!!
I hate that they ignore the fact that you don*t want to spend all of your money for worthless books !!!
I hate that they want us to buy a new book, when we didn*t even really work with our old book !!!
I hate that they don*t think at all !!!
I hate that the english *beeep* is stricter than our real english teacher !!!
I hate her Russian accent !!!
I hate her strict and shitty way in which she teaches us !!!
I hate that she seems like thinking that she is better than us !!!
I hate that she think that her way of teaching is kinda good and that we therefore have to do presentations about new english vocab !!!
I hate the way she says *letter to the editor* !!!
I hate that this phrase rhimes !!!

Got me? Ok... One last thing:
Let me HIT them !!!

Man, I feel much better now.
Humans are so stupid sometimes.

Yesterday I went to a furniture store to look for bathrooms.
You know I look for a washbasin which is like this. But not made of glass but off ceramics or however this white stuff washbasins are made off is called.
My washstand {the cupboards under the washbasin} should look like this.
Like the black thing in white, I love that floral pattern !!!

So totally SUPER, innit?
Of course I dun have such a stupid chair in my bathroom, but it looks kinda like this~
Warning: Poor Cheating Attempt !!!
Well, my parents have jux bought new things for their bathroom and are abt to buy a stove for our living room.
And I still need a new shower. And bed an all~
Yah,ya~ I know, this topic starts to suck xD

So I said everything I wanted to say... esspecially in the first part. xD
Now I*m telling you that I plan to blog more often.
I have less and less time, but I really think that it is really boring if I blog so un-often.
Well, so~ ya, I try so hard.

p.s.: dance lessons soon over, yaaaaay !!! Goodbye you suckin thingZzz. nitee peeps x3

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