Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Happy Birthdae?

{pix from starbuch*s, cool - not more, not less}

starring: aini, x
x is noone

x: how has your bdae been?
aini: ok, la
x: wad u mean, ok? what have u done todae?
aini: had wonderful breakfast like... err white tablecloth, candels, white designer plates and yummy toast... rest of the dae was 'easy'
x: so wad for presents?
aini: errrm... money, a cozy bolero, books, a calendar, ......... yah~
x: are you going to celebrate in whatever way?
aini: hmmm....this saturday will watch 'Quantum of Solace' + nice lunch somewhere + dvd eve
x: sounds like a chilly bdae
aini: it is