Friday, 7 November 2008

Dusting this Blog

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OMFD !!!
*blowing dust from old bloggie*

It's awesome horrible how long it takes Telekom to to clear our internet connection...
I bet noone of you reads this stupid thing anymore


You might think that there*s much to tell, since Internet was gone for 3 weeks, but in fact I can*t really recall what happened~
The last thing I remember is that last Friday was Halloween...

Where I 1st had dance lessons, 2nd didn*t go anywhere and 3rd had no TV.
I think I watched Harry Potter the whole evening xD

I went into *Krabat* {good one!} and the dae before I went to the theatre...
What a pervert play !!!! Schiller*s Räuber....

I aso dyed my hair dark again.... now it*s brown... a bit grey....
I loooooove hair colors which are a bit grey !!!! Like ash blonde~
Nyaa~ I like! I like my new hair color !
Gosh I want loooong black hair again, wit muuuch volume {can you say that in english? I mean much and full hair xD}

Nxt topic is abt my room~ Since fuck Ikea is takin it*s time to build a store where I live {they plan to be ready by nxt JUNE} I seriously have to think abt another way to get my dream bed !!!

also available in white.
I know that white is possibly more pinkish {huh?} I mean it fits to pink better than brown-black..... But on the other side I always wanted a brown-black one......
Either you give me tipps which one you like more or I*ll have my mom advising me !^^
I bet she likes the white one more, she thinks the brown-black one looks like prisonbeds. Well the white one looks like a hospital-bed !!!
The decoration in my room is neeaarly satisfying. I bought many Hello Kitty stuff lately. Hello Kitty filers and a Hello Kitty fan~ Or is it a pop? xD
Wait till you see the pics {not now but sometime in the future, as always xD}
My room is mostly pink~

Ah and my bathroom is making some progress too !!! Means: my dad measured {messen} the lenghts and heights in my bathroom lately. Let*s hope I get a new washbasin, etc soon !!!

and BTW my bdae is approching... I*ll drop another year on this world~
I hate bdaes cuz you get older~ but this is senseless cuz then I*d have to hate every second.
And I think that this yr my amount of presents will turn out pretty poor =.=

But who cares.... Goodbye everyone !^^
and LoL. Lot*s of Love x3
PS: no i wasn*t lazy when inet was gone. wrote part of my vnpost! See nxt update *-^


  1. das bett ist toll!!!

  2. ich kenne den miniventilator von hello kitty XD der ist erfrischend, aber zur zeit brauche ich ihn nicht |D das bett kenne ich.. ich würd mir eins kaufen, wessen gestell zu hochglanz poliert wurde *_* das da sieht ein bissl matt aus? ich sah bisher nur bilder von dem bett ö_ö weiß und rosa passt mehr. ich möchte auch weiße möbel ._. stattdessen hab ich helle holzfarbige wuäärgh und meine eltern sind geizig, faul und unfähig mir zu weihnachten möbel zu kaufen ~_~

    ja das vorherige lay fand ich auch besser, aber man muss es doch irgendwie und irgendwann ändern.