Wednesday, 15 October 2008


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{pic got nth to do wit entry, jux wanted to show u/ made it when internet was gone}

Whäää, I hate my internet, either it got a problem in general.
freenet got some prob,
or freenet *cancelled* our account and we got a new provider now~
I dunno.

bah, bah, bah my life is sooo boring.... I went to the *abipure* fair trade last Saturday~ Took some pic which are unworthy to upload but I*ll still do it.
Oh jesus, had to wake up at 6.something and than mom drove me to the station, from where I took the train to nuremberg.

Met anh nam at the nuremberger station at 9.15am.
And OMG I*m such a *victim* I arrived there arnd 9 am and by the time anh nam arrived I already bough to things !!!
a pink ribbon ring
and a hello kitty, which got at string if you pull it she waggles her arms and legs
Yah, spend money on useless things again~

Then we went to the fair, it was OK. There weren*t many jobs/schools I was interested in. In fact I even dunno what I want to do on day =.=
That depresses me somehow.
After that at arnd 10.45 am went to anh nam*s, got he got my mp3 charger and forgot to bring it to me. My ass his flat is such in a mess, xD.
Though I thought he was sort of a *clean-psycho*. While he changed his clothes I sat in the livin room and watched *Oliver's Twist* {Jamie*s Kitchen?}, then we watched how that guy made some brazilian fish dish together.

Then we went to town. I rushed in the nxt shops and
I LOVE the U1 section of N's whoerl !!!! There was such a cute bag from Y-3 there {arnd 200€} and some clutches from *Paris Hilton*!!!
They aso got a cool sushi bar there.
On our way to the station I dropped in a cute girly shop, where they sell all kind of pink, crazy girl stuff. Bought a hello kitty shower gel, hello kitty body lotion, hello kitty peppermints and hello kitty stickers !!!
I thought of giving them thuy as a bdae present, but come to think of it.... They are so cuuuuute! =.= Am I a bad frn? xD
Well then we went to the body shop to buy a belated present for my mom. Theeen had a quick hot dog and then off to the station.

Back home we prepared Jamie*s fish dish, came out pretty poor and some cake and flowers for mom !!!!! {the flowers I bought are super awesome}
In the evening had tea and at 9.something pm brought anh nam back to the station, cuz he had to work on sundae, then went back home!!!!

What a day loolzz.

Topic change:
thuy*s bdae is this sundae {i think} I wonder if she*s goin to celebrate or so....
And IF I would keep those totally kawaii pink Hello Kitty stuff for myself I got to buy her other things, but actually I dun have time. You know music lessons and so on !!!!!
And tml I gotta go to a meeting wit my spanish teacher to settle a date where I can take spanish lessons. Yah, I*m goin to learn spanish!!!

Although I got no time already lah !!! But who cares, spanish is IMPORTENT !!! I think it*s easy, like english or so... Well, no language can be as sucking as french !!!!
Wanted to learn Chinese too and to join the homepage AK of our school, but alas alas my time is gone!!!!
Oh and I think I love to dance foxtrott/hustle!!! So fly !!! xD

Well, I got distracted at the *I got no time* point. So when can I buy a present?! And aso I ran out of money =.=
Nearly bought a totally awesome dress for 80€ last week, but luckily {or not} it was only available in size L. So it was too big.
Bought a whool-hat, knittens and a super kokoiiioooo~ bag instead!!!! And yesterday my mom bought me 3 pair of shoes......
Should I be happy or not? I think she only NOT wants to buy me the mega-exp pair of shoes she promised me for the ball at the end of the dance lessons !!!!
She even said she wouldn*t sew me a dress anymore! Although she promised me too.
I want a white one, wit white feathers at the top and at the end. And it should be knee-long.
Well, well that can wait until December, till the *winter ball* {sounds so wannabe prom xD}
Bah, and anyway I need WHITE pair of shoes !!!

pics some other time...
finally to strories abt stupid kiddos......

*yesterday: A russian family was at a tram station, the girl {16 yrs} sat there, nxt to her was a pram {kindergarten} in which her younger brother sat, abt 3 yrs old, her mother stood at the pram and talked on her mobile.
The brother had a huge wooden stick in his hands and hit her sister wit it. The sister got angry and snapped it out of his hands. Then the mother, still blathering {quasseln} snapped the stick out of her hand and gave it to the boy again, who then continued to hit his sister.
A bitch of a mother !!!!

*today: sitting opposite from 4 boys at the tram.
two where from school A, and the other 2 were from school b.
' until which number do u calculate?' - 'until a million' - ' we until a trillion' - 'we until sextillion' - 'we until .....'
' do you know how long the human dna is? - u dun?! hahaaaa that*s sooo easy. it's from the earth to the moon and back !!! hahaaaa'
and then one of them had some lollies and when the other begged for on he gave them to them. Of course he sucked it, only to notice that he doesn*t like the flavor:
'here take it back! it's your's !!!!!' - ' no, i gave it to youuu' - 'noo, u gave it to me, so it's yours, take it back man' ... and so on..... They started to throw their lollies at each other and because they had all suck at them before those things sticked on everything they touched. OMG so DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
of course one flew over to me =.= I took the things and fucking throwed it back into the face of that lil sucker who didn*t want it..... I could hit them all in their faces if there weren't other ppl sitting around

i haven*t checked this entry... pls dun laugh at my mistakes !!!!!!!!!!

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  1. deine grafik am anfang ist toholl :'D wenn internet weg ist, werde ich viel kreativer °_° aber dann fehlt mir auch bildmaterial //D und alle anderen möglichen resourcen, die ich auf einmal brauch.

    eww. klebrig son angeleckter lolli oder? o_o