Monday, 30 November 2009

Smelly Life among Stupid Kids.



I've decided to give my best in blogging as often and as much as possible!
Which will turn out in an corresponding amount of nonesense!
(And though the 1st sentence my sound very positive - at least in your ears - I think that this determination has bad effects on my performance in school)

Some kids are rly stupid.
And mostly they are stupid because their parents are stupid.
Some days ago, I sat in the tram when 3 totally noisy 3-4th grader boys came in, screaming around like idiots.
I couldn't help but overhearing their conversation.
All boys: Come, let's beat him. Yeah, let's bet him up. *screaming and laughter*
Boy 1: Later, we're going to beat him!
Boy 2: Yeah, right. But we're only pretending yeah?
Boy 1: No. (to 3rd boy) We're going to beat him up for real!
*silence then laughter again*

What a bunch of uncultured animals! What are there parents doing?
It's shocking to hear some small kids talking like that.

Then a scene I see quite often.
Parents at McDonald's with their 3 year old kid.
Cashier: What would you like to eat?
Mom: Hmm... What would you like to eat, [insert ugly name]?
Kid: ...
Mom: Come on! What would you like to eat?
Kid: I... *whispering sth totally unintelligible to his mom*
Mom: Don't tell it to me. Tell it the friendly woman. What would you like to eat?
*friendly woman gets unfriendly*
Kid: ...
Mom: Ok, we want a Happy Meal with bla bla bla.
*hours later*
Cashier: Are you eating hear or is it to go?
Mom: [Ugly name], where do you want to eat? Here or at home?
Kid: ... *whispering half a word again*
Mom: Where?... At home?
Kid: *nods*
Mom: To go please.

Why should your stupid kid decide where YOU should eat? Why why why?
From which point of view, with what kind of rational thinking could it decide anything? Next time ask your kid, in which movie you should go or what?

No wonder if your kid someday turns into a tyrant, who wants everybody to follow his wishes.
And no wonder that there are so many sick ppl around, with such parents they (might probably) have.

Talking abt sick people!
Whatthefuck is the problem with smelly life ???
I srsly let her lead her pathetic life without interefering anymore and she's bitching around behind my back!
What's the problem with that stupid girl, she sucks!

I don't see why I should pretend that there's nth happening when SHE obviously wants me to kick her ass!

And that's it!
More next time !^^

Chu, Ailing
*One Piece greetings*

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Heading to the Final with ギャル.


Either the blogging lust has gripped me again or this is only temporarily.
I honestly don't understand at all how ppl can blog daily.

How can your life be so interesting?
Even if you were a celeb, god or the death, there can't be exciting events happening one after the other.
How come those ppl have so much to tell or find so much to tell.

It's awesome. Really.

[This picture has been taken several years ago at Rothenburg, the Christmas city !^^]

And since I WANT to blog, but have nothing to blog about, I shall write abt everything I will do until New Year's Eve !!!

#1 Going to the Christmas fair next Thursday.
I hope I can manage to meet up with my frn to go the Christmas fair before going to the theatre. I have a few things to do there
  • buying the 1st Christmas presents (for Ha-na too)
  • buying a few things for myself and a sheepskin carpet (if cheap)
  • taking pictures of the city for Ha-na

And since I do't want to do all these things alone~

#2 Looking for new furniture
I need a big mirror and some kind of high board.
Although maybe I need to paint parts of my wall pink before again.

#3 Watching A Christmas Story and The Princess and the Fog
latter with my too little cousins.
Gonna be a funny night.

#4 Going to Hamburg and watch 'Lion King Musical'
I love Lion King!
I love shows!
So that's the best to happen on Christmas!
Will be there for 3 days (26,27,28) I think. Ok, shitty setting, since being there on New Year's Eve would be more fun actually.
Bbbbbuut, it's better than nth!

#5 My parents will soon have enough money and will to rewhatever my bath room!
Yay! (Ok this isn't a plan for Christmas, I know)
I still wonder if I shall have it pink!
I think not xD

#6 Meeting TVXQ !!!!
Hahas. J/K oppa!

What an awful sentence!
I hate it when un-asian ppl say oppa to whoever (maybe esspecially to korean stars)
It just sounds disgusting! Partly, because I somehow have the feeling that they don't get what it means.
They say, it is a word to adress older boys, ok.

But I rly wonder if it is comparable to anh.
If it is, then I think being called oppa by strange girls is rly an imposition.
It's like strange guys calling you em. It's pervert! xD
(Ok, not always)

Also, I hate it when s.o. says oppas. Urgh, awful!

That's why I normally, don't say oppa to TVXQ guys.
Maybe I should say chú! LMFAO, ok I rather not, wtf!

Anyway, this eez it!
Gotta learn for chemistry now! (And watch One Piece! xD)

Chu, Ailing
*San Francheesco greetings*

P/s: I want to have an NY HEARTS ME tishatsu! (Like the guy of Supertalen)

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Look how she lights up the sky.


Didn't I said that I wanted to blog daily some time ago?
Well, I actually think that this entry gonna be uber boring, but I said that I'd do it and here I go.

I have been thinking abt emancipation a lot.
I'm politically a TOTALLY uninterested person, my only opinion is I DON'T CARE

But as for emancipation I have an oppinion and that is

I hate those fight-chicks, writing stupid books defending rights of a women, esspecially in these times.
The world is more emancipated than ever. What do these women want?

In my eyes those are just totally nanny-goats, who got nth better to do then picking up a fight. OMG, I'm so handicapped due to the fact that I'm a woman.

Freaks me out.
As if we could all have it the way we want.
Nth in this world is perfect, so stop complaining.
Rly got nth better to do.

So in school we were discussing the fact, that since a few years women are allowed to fight in the German army.
Our class more or less came to the conclusion that the only reason for this is the equality of men and women.

Other than that we only saw disadvantages of female soldiers.

#1 Women are weaker
Ok, you might think that this is a prejudice.
Or you might think that if they are weaker, they just practise longer (which is so totally bs).
Interested in sports?
Than you'll see that women, being competitive athletes like men, ALWAYS jump shorter, run slower and lift less then men. There world records are worse, etc.
The fuck with women are as strong as men.
They aren't so stop arguing this way, you know shit.

#2 Women are naturally handicapped.
Like period and pregnancy.
Yes, there are women who don't have prombles during their period, and I don't say they are the minority.
But I think nearly every women someday in their life had problems during their period. The question is this, can the army therefore risk having women among them?
Is this mere risk acceptable, or is just this tiny chance of dangering a mission not irresponsible?
You may proceed balancing ppl's life against your own pigheadedness.

And then there's the pregnancy.
Oh, alrite, you say If you can normally avoid to get pregnant, then you can do so in the army, too
Can you? 100% avoid? In normal life? In army, too? With 100 times more men around you?
We know, we can't garantue anything.
At least not without removing our uterine or what... (Ok, I guess there are other ways)
But still, let's say we can 100% avoid.
What if we don't want to. Let's say General Emily WANTS a kid.
What the fuck are we going to do. Just lost a general.
Is this accepatble?

#3 Why isn't there a compulsory military service for women?
The most ridiculous thing abt it is that women CAN go to the army, while men HAVE to go.
Talking abt equality. Isn't there sth wrong? Aren't it the men who are disadvantaged now or did I get sth wrong?
If you dykes (gosh I love this word somehow) want equality that badly, then go and fight for it now. Hora, hora, hora!

When we'd think abt futher, women would have to go to the army too.
ALL women. Now imagine your best friend at the army. Just the fact that we have to go the toilet together is an insolveable problem. Then there are those chicks who always have to whisper abt sth uber important and suddenly they start to giggle so loud and they just can't stop and you yourself just want to him them. Last but not least, bitch fights. Some women just can't hold it.

#4 I didn't really think abt the complexity of this problem but
Money. Just building 2nd toilets everywhere.
And maybe extra bedrooms, idk. Then clothes and bra's and maybe special sanitary napkins made for your (bitch) fight.

Generally I'm convinced that due to the fact that everywhere everybody is claiming that women are disadvanteged lead to the discrimination of men.
Like, in job offers in the newspaper, there's always the sentence 'women are favoured'
Women are favoured everywhere. In school, in department stores, in tubes and trams and trains, at paries, etc.
Even when applying for jobs.

And here they're saying that women are disadvantaged.
Does anyone rly need to make such a big fuss abt equality?

I hate it.

Chu, ailing

Friday, 20 November 2009

S.o. you just met wants your number: I'll give it to them


What's good abt nobody reading your blog/ commenting your blog?

(And I ask and anwer this question in full senserity!)

It's that you (the blogger) don't have do care a damn abt anything!
Like, Who the fuck is even reading what I write?

So you can make lots of boring, grey posts in which you can write everything you want.

The problem is, you don't want to write anything.
You don't have anything to write abt.

First, you are too lazy to make pics of your new bed and the freshly painted wall. Although it's totally kawaii.

2nd, you know how boring my life is?
If I'd describe it with one color, then my life would be blue-greyish (Ok that's too colors lah)
Reminding me of BlueFaith.
Gosh, I wonder what Yoochun's mood would be if he had the same life as I had.
Ok, that's a stupid question, because I guess right now he'd probably love to have a boring life.
But I guess normally his mood would be so damn depressive, his whole room would freeze. Making him only more depressive.
I really think that a depressive Yoochun is definitely NO FUN.
It's good that he has hobbies like song-writing and playing the piano. Or others would become his victim xP

Anyway, I think sometimes stars, esspecially korean stars, esspecially TVXQ say stupid thinks like in this questionnaire, that mostly turns out to be the 1st result when you enter their name.
This The Best Looking Korean site.
Yoochun said when someone he 1st met would ask for his phone number, he would give it to them.
Uh huh. That means, if I should ever meet him and say Yoochun! Yoochun! Gimme your phone number, oppaa! (immitating the rude tone JJ made when imitating YC when they were way younger)
If I'd do this, he would definitely give me his phone number?

I don't think he'd do this 100%.
But if someone says that, he must be serious abt it, right?
So, I hope that I will meet him someday when he's on vacation at the Cote d'Azur. I gonna get his phone number for sure xD.

Or let's take Jaejoong.
He said that he wants a girlfriend finally and that he's lonely.
WTF? I'm pretty sure that he knows how stupid this sentence is, he knows that 800.000 girls would die to only get a smile of him and yet this statement.
Ok, he has a hard life and everything, but still~
Ah well, at least we know that he doesn't have a girlfriend xD Nah, that's mean but hey, if you want a girlfriend so badly, I'll be your girlfriend.

Anyway, one day I will travel to Korea.
But I have to learn the language 1st. Korean is... complicated.
It's like ddaulggo hkyeoryunggake illaeyakhso
(_ _|||)

So, to however roead this senseless philosophizing, thank you.
And see you next time again,

Chu, Ailing
*endless tvxq greetings*

P/s: Ever noticed how AWESOME our boys dance in Mirotic?
They dance so well, Korean choreos rock xD

Thursday, 19 November 2009

A short note to that old guy owning SME.

Seriously I thought abt this sentence for ages, but in the end I came to the conclusion that it's only fair and right to say this:

MAKE HIM ONLY 1,50 TALL !!!!!!!!!

I wonder IF he has family at all!
How can such a shithead have ppl who are related to him?

Ok he at least got parents.
And if he got parents, they either are as fucking shitty as he is (and then I would insult his parents, too)
or they are completely normal ppl, who DON'T treat others like shit.
They I would really wonder, how they feel abt having a rotten son like him.
You Bastard.

And if he's got a wife and kids, then WTF?
Who would marry such a ugly, egoistic man?
He could be so damn rich and so damn good-looking, I would marry him for whatever reason and if I didn't know abt him when I got married I would at last get divorced by now!
And take all my children with me, before they start to become like him.

What a freak of mankind, srsly.

I mean, who would want to live from money which came from ppl who were ripped off (by your husband)?
Woman do it like them, get rid off him. (You totally deserve it, don't you know?)

This old bastard has as much honour as a dipshit.
And a dipshit at least got a reason for treating ppl like shit.

I honestly wonder if he can look into his own eyes every morning.
If he can, I hope that his reflection turns into some monster which tells him that if he doesn't change his life immediately, he will be swallowed by some ancient ghost.
May god (and here I speak of the Asian god) punish him and his family for his greed.
And for his ugly conservative-looking-asian-business-man face.


Ok, all of this sounds a bit unrealistic.
Then let's at least hope that he will get or even better has (a?) stomach ulcer (Magengeschwür).
That's more than suitable to him and even normal for business man like him.


Chu, Ailing

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Don't leave me SKY CHORD.


I can’t sing an honest song
Because It always ends with sugar coated words

Since when did someone as lazy as I am learn to protect anything?
Learn he had sth worth protecting?

From the schoolyard you can see the sky
What colours affect you?
Just pure white clouds but,
In time you'll want them to change to black

I wanted to stay awake till morning
When I was an impatient child
Now I'm chasing after time
If only I could do nothing but sleep

Don't leave me SKY CHORD.
You would’ve stayed here back then.
I’ve lost you SKY CHORD.
This isn’t anyones fault, however...

You say we can't stay like this forever?
I know... so let's take that first step.
Those words I’ve written in the notebook will never be changed

There must be something more important
Than growing up
But I’ll be growing up the whole time figuring out what they are
I can't stay as a child

Don't leave me SKY CHORD.
You would’ve stayed here back then.
I’ve lost you SKY CHORD.
This isn’t anyones fault, however...

You say we can't stay like this forever?
I know... so let's take that first step.

Chu, Ailing