Friday, 20 November 2009

S.o. you just met wants your number: I'll give it to them


What's good abt nobody reading your blog/ commenting your blog?

(And I ask and anwer this question in full senserity!)

It's that you (the blogger) don't have do care a damn abt anything!
Like, Who the fuck is even reading what I write?

So you can make lots of boring, grey posts in which you can write everything you want.

The problem is, you don't want to write anything.
You don't have anything to write abt.

First, you are too lazy to make pics of your new bed and the freshly painted wall. Although it's totally kawaii.

2nd, you know how boring my life is?
If I'd describe it with one color, then my life would be blue-greyish (Ok that's too colors lah)
Reminding me of BlueFaith.
Gosh, I wonder what Yoochun's mood would be if he had the same life as I had.
Ok, that's a stupid question, because I guess right now he'd probably love to have a boring life.
But I guess normally his mood would be so damn depressive, his whole room would freeze. Making him only more depressive.
I really think that a depressive Yoochun is definitely NO FUN.
It's good that he has hobbies like song-writing and playing the piano. Or others would become his victim xP

Anyway, I think sometimes stars, esspecially korean stars, esspecially TVXQ say stupid thinks like in this questionnaire, that mostly turns out to be the 1st result when you enter their name.
This The Best Looking Korean site.
Yoochun said when someone he 1st met would ask for his phone number, he would give it to them.
Uh huh. That means, if I should ever meet him and say Yoochun! Yoochun! Gimme your phone number, oppaa! (immitating the rude tone JJ made when imitating YC when they were way younger)
If I'd do this, he would definitely give me his phone number?

I don't think he'd do this 100%.
But if someone says that, he must be serious abt it, right?
So, I hope that I will meet him someday when he's on vacation at the Cote d'Azur. I gonna get his phone number for sure xD.

Or let's take Jaejoong.
He said that he wants a girlfriend finally and that he's lonely.
WTF? I'm pretty sure that he knows how stupid this sentence is, he knows that 800.000 girls would die to only get a smile of him and yet this statement.
Ok, he has a hard life and everything, but still~
Ah well, at least we know that he doesn't have a girlfriend xD Nah, that's mean but hey, if you want a girlfriend so badly, I'll be your girlfriend.

Anyway, one day I will travel to Korea.
But I have to learn the language 1st. Korean is... complicated.
It's like ddaulggo hkyeoryunggake illaeyakhso
(_ _|||)

So, to however roead this senseless philosophizing, thank you.
And see you next time again,

Chu, Ailing
*endless tvxq greetings*

P/s: Ever noticed how AWESOME our boys dance in Mirotic?
They dance so well, Korean choreos rock xD

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