Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Look how she lights up the sky.


Didn't I said that I wanted to blog daily some time ago?
Well, I actually think that this entry gonna be uber boring, but I said that I'd do it and here I go.

I have been thinking abt emancipation a lot.
I'm politically a TOTALLY uninterested person, my only opinion is I DON'T CARE

But as for emancipation I have an oppinion and that is

I hate those fight-chicks, writing stupid books defending rights of a women, esspecially in these times.
The world is more emancipated than ever. What do these women want?

In my eyes those are just totally nanny-goats, who got nth better to do then picking up a fight. OMG, I'm so handicapped due to the fact that I'm a woman.

Freaks me out.
As if we could all have it the way we want.
Nth in this world is perfect, so stop complaining.
Rly got nth better to do.

So in school we were discussing the fact, that since a few years women are allowed to fight in the German army.
Our class more or less came to the conclusion that the only reason for this is the equality of men and women.

Other than that we only saw disadvantages of female soldiers.

#1 Women are weaker
Ok, you might think that this is a prejudice.
Or you might think that if they are weaker, they just practise longer (which is so totally bs).
Interested in sports?
Than you'll see that women, being competitive athletes like men, ALWAYS jump shorter, run slower and lift less then men. There world records are worse, etc.
The fuck with women are as strong as men.
They aren't so stop arguing this way, you know shit.

#2 Women are naturally handicapped.
Like period and pregnancy.
Yes, there are women who don't have prombles during their period, and I don't say they are the minority.
But I think nearly every women someday in their life had problems during their period. The question is this, can the army therefore risk having women among them?
Is this mere risk acceptable, or is just this tiny chance of dangering a mission not irresponsible?
You may proceed balancing ppl's life against your own pigheadedness.

And then there's the pregnancy.
Oh, alrite, you say If you can normally avoid to get pregnant, then you can do so in the army, too
Can you? 100% avoid? In normal life? In army, too? With 100 times more men around you?
We know, we can't garantue anything.
At least not without removing our uterine or what... (Ok, I guess there are other ways)
But still, let's say we can 100% avoid.
What if we don't want to. Let's say General Emily WANTS a kid.
What the fuck are we going to do. Just lost a general.
Is this accepatble?

#3 Why isn't there a compulsory military service for women?
The most ridiculous thing abt it is that women CAN go to the army, while men HAVE to go.
Talking abt equality. Isn't there sth wrong? Aren't it the men who are disadvantaged now or did I get sth wrong?
If you dykes (gosh I love this word somehow) want equality that badly, then go and fight for it now. Hora, hora, hora!

When we'd think abt futher, women would have to go to the army too.
ALL women. Now imagine your best friend at the army. Just the fact that we have to go the toilet together is an insolveable problem. Then there are those chicks who always have to whisper abt sth uber important and suddenly they start to giggle so loud and they just can't stop and you yourself just want to him them. Last but not least, bitch fights. Some women just can't hold it.

#4 I didn't really think abt the complexity of this problem but
Money. Just building 2nd toilets everywhere.
And maybe extra bedrooms, idk. Then clothes and bra's and maybe special sanitary napkins made for your (bitch) fight.

Generally I'm convinced that due to the fact that everywhere everybody is claiming that women are disadvanteged lead to the discrimination of men.
Like, in job offers in the newspaper, there's always the sentence 'women are favoured'
Women are favoured everywhere. In school, in department stores, in tubes and trams and trains, at paries, etc.
Even when applying for jobs.

And here they're saying that women are disadvantaged.
Does anyone rly need to make such a big fuss abt equality?

I hate it.

Chu, ailing

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  1. wie sehr du das jetzt abstreitest, bestätigen ausnahmen bekanntlich die regel. und JA es gibt frauen, die stärker sind als männer. diese sehen aber dafür... naja.. ziemlich muskulös und männlich aus. ;D
    oder frauen, die eine kampfsportart ausüben haben auch gute karten.

    ich finde es sehr empathisch von dir, auch an den männern zu denken, die vielleicht die augen verdrehen, wenn die frauen wieder mal sagen, dass sie benachteiligt sind. aber genau wegen den gründen (schwangerschaft, schwäche, periode etc.) ist es doch zurecht! immerhin verdienen frauen immer noch weniger als männer und es soll ja schließlich eine gleichberechtigung geben.
    aber auf gewisse weise gleicht sich das eh irgendwie aus. z.b. gibts komischerweise nur weibliche arzthelferinnen, so wie ich das bis jetzt immer mitgekriegt habe.