Friday, 16 December 2011


Let It Snow - Frank Sinatra

I managed to write a pre-Christmas post to wish you all all the best HA!

I even managed to take some pics (none of me though and none of clothing, though) to show you. Isn't this awesome of me?
I demand you to accept these pictures as extra Christmas presents from me to you

But first of all, I need to write down my thoughts

One Starzillion sick lifetime goals I have :
  • order sth from Minimaos
    Cheesie's online shop and it's awesome, just like her! I need some of the W♥C and Emoda stuff and maybe somemore!
  • order sth from Zipia!
    MADDOG* Awesome as fuck! I lololove their style! kyaaa
  • ok my life is so shopping/clothing related it's sick
  • COS store
    I love their stuffs!!! They are simple and tough! It's like the stuff that Alice is wearing.
    I try to get more of that stuff, even if only half-heartedly. But some day I have to grow up, isn't it?
    On the other hand I have different fingers staying young is the hard part, eventually I will grow up on my own.
  • I need a new camera! My old one spoilt already!
    Altough I utterly hate those photocrazy kiddos w/ their Nikons, I think I must invest into one this time.
    I agree that the pics are very pretty. But money TT TT
    I could ask my parents to get me one for Christmas, but I never ask my parents for expensive electronic things for special occasions.
    Normally I get them in the middle of the year. So I must buy myself.
    Why do other kids get all this kind of shit on their birthday and Christmas, but I cannot~
  • The Outnet, mytheresa, stylebop.com My source to get hold of stuffs from Manoush, Jil Sander, Juicy Couture (I still don't own any bag from them, can?), Kiki de Montparnasse, Céline, etc ... and other random brands
  • at least one pair of heels from a maaaaddog fantastic elastic brand I discovered recently.
    I won' tell you the name or give you the link, because I super egoisic one lar!
    The shoes are unreasonably high, but I fell in love with them on first sight! I have to own at least one pair!!!
  • Perret Schaad, not that I think their stuff is very beautiful, but I happen to like the designers!

Okay, I can't think of any more shameful shopping-related aims in life

I spend a really unhealthy amount of money this month On beauty/ skin care products and on clothes And on Christmas presents (yes, I did buy some).

My most idiotic impulse purchase of this month is an UMBRELLA from Dorothee Schumacher

I bought this Love Tree umbrella

I love umbrellas with a dome/bird-cage shape.
They have something really exciting and intriguing about them
Especially if they are transparent. A more fitting example would be the Alexis umbrella from Gaultier. But somehow, I find it too sexy
Also the tree drawing on this umbrella is just too romantic and cute to resist!

Dorothee Schumacher creates wonderful feminine pieces, with romantic colors and chic style.
But I especially love the playful details
They make every part of her collection so sweet!

The fucktarded thing about this story is that I only noticed at home that the ribbon which is used to close the umbrella was very loose.
So I had to bring it back to have it sewn on properly again.

Oh god, I hate to leave the house for simple, lousy errands.
Such a stupid way of wasting one's time, honestly

But it's a good thing I bought it. It has been raining heavy as fuck.
The whole November has been dry and cold! My fav month, mainly because of my fav weather was a keen disappointment

Now it's raining day and night.
I fall asleep with the rain splashing against my window and wake up hearing it drumming on the glass.

There is no better way to wake up, knowing that the sky has either this non-color which promises a day full of steady rain or is full of dark blue rainclouds, and you hear the rain and it's windy.
Oh yes, I'm a traumatized child, whose miserable childhood turned me into one of these bitter creatures, whose only joy and way to find self-fulfilment is silently enduring their inner ocean of pain and sadness (aka worshipping the rain).

Actually I went to that damn store one time already only to hear them saying that the tailor hasn't been there (The Fuck?!) and was asked (or nearly begged) to come again.
I swear the next time I come, I want the freaking umbrella or I burn the whole place. How come stuffs like that even happen?

Did she disappear without informing anyone?! Meh... That means I can run another nice errand soon.

At least, I found out, that a pair of shoes , that I saw a week ago in the window, is actually for SALE (ok last time I saw them, there was no price tag and I search the whole store also cannot find, so I thought it's just decoration stuff).
I have been searching for this kind of shoes since the beginning of this year! And even more desperately when it got winter

But the German range of original products is quite poor.
I didn't want to buy shoes from Chinese sellers (via ebay) because I am very worried about the quality.

I could have bought genuine Korean, but that seems a bit excessive.
So, I am quite happy that a certain store sells them for a reasonable price

I will talk more about them next time!

Then I need to find sth decent to cook for Christmas

I am rarely at home and so I try to do sth good for the public welfare, thus I like to cook for everyone!

If I'm ever going to be famous and own some loft in Manhatten or Belsize Park, and then some fashmag is interviewing me about my oh so out-of-the-world, super futuristic avant-garde lifestyle and want to know everything about my place,

I can also answer Oh, my home-made Krapfen are famous, but for special guests I would cook scallops in cognac-cream with basmati rice. Along with with lamb's lettuce with oyster mushrooms.OVERKILL to the standard question As a very busy 21th century woman, do you often find the time to do the cooking? What would you prepare for your guests?.

Ah, there's nth like starting young. Früh krümmt sich was ein Häkchen werden will// Was ein Häkchen werden will, krümmt sich beizeiten

Ok, here come the pics of some of the beauty products I recently purchased.
I got one still stuck at the customs office, and I really wonder how long they are going to keep it, because I have to pay .50 cents a day actually - fucktards.

#1 Ok, these are presents.
The mascara on the right is from Japan. It's a fiber wig mascara, if you know what I'm talking about.
Means there are little fibers which stick to your natural when you apply it, thus lengthening them. The pink colour is very cute, aye?

#2 This is a package of masks from the Taiwanese brand My Beauty Diary
I'm very curious about Taiwanese beauty products, because I don't know much about their experience in that field (ok sounds like strange reason).
I seems to me that they like masks... Do you know Xiaxue's ads for the brand Love More? Those were also Taiwanese masks!

I have only used them 2 times so far, can't really say much about their efficiens til now... We'll see

#3 These are two toners from Japan
On the left is from Kose, the other one is Shiseido's. Both of them or for Whitening.

Actually I wanted to buy sth from Kose only, from their Medicated line exactly, but somehow, I bought both of them...
Although they were from Hong Kong, they took only a week to arrive!

Crazy, isn't it? Normally they take like up to 1.5 months!!

I used this Tea Tree toner from Lush before and I don't really think it's much use. Despite some people saying it worked wonders on their skin, I couldn't really see a difference on mine. Which reinforces my opinion that chemistry owns nature!

#4 Two cleansing srubs
I prefer scrubs over foam cleansers or milky sort of things.

I'm not really gentle to my skin and mindfuck it everyday with harsh scrubbing and lots of serums and creme.

The scrub from Vichy is for everyday usage (I scoured all the neighbourhood pharmacies for this = many errands!, but couldn't find it, so I ebayed it). Their Normaderm line sounds pretty promising, so I thought, I'd try it out.

The brown thing is the Sweet Honey Sugar scrub from skin79. I use it after showing before I apply masks.
The smell is suber fantastic yummy.

Before I got the Vichy scrub, I used a cleansing foam from skin79. I must admit, altough it smelled a bit different, it was really quite good!^^

#5 Gift wrapping scene
As the caption says. There is no limit to my wealth of ideas! And I'm the queen of traditional asian calligraphy! My artsy dedications are THE shit!
Do you see the black, matt ribbon! It's such a awesome nice color, I love it! I mean, who else got black gift ribbon?!
The problem is: I ran out of beautiful gift wrapping papier~

#6 And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, we come to the end of this post, but not without wishing FT ISLAND much much success in the new year, more good songs (TROL) and forever joy and satisfaction in their work!

I bought this frame at Ikea's for .50 cents. The pictures are from Litmus, in case you don't know, FT Island is promoting their (really cool) clothes!

#7 Jonghoon and Hongki only.
I don't like to prefer band memmbers over others, so I'm not truly happy with framing this pic (it's the other side of the frame!), but I couldn't find any other beautiful FT Island winter portrait, which had the right size.

The picture itself is of course beyond describtion, Hongki and Jonghoon together are so freaking maaaad dog overkill, it blows my mind away!
사랑! 사랑! 사랑!

So, for now I wish you a nice winter time and Merry Christmas!
I can't believe it's already time actually! Winter seems so short, or is it because it has been more like autumn lately?
Well many people have been complaining about the lack of snow and I must agree - as much as I love the rain - Christmas is best with lots of snow!

Also, may it be when darkness falls your heart will be true (sudden LOTR fandom outburst) you get many presents from your loved ones!
Chu, Ailing

P/s: * I happen to watch some sort of BMX show some time ago and one of the guys/riders nickname was Maaaaad Dog, kays?
Read in very hoarse man voice!
Since that day I can't read the word mad without thinking it in that voice!

K, I tried to find some chio pic of him, but cannot! But there is even a fuckyeah tumblr of him

P/p/s: Kim Jong Il died today!
Did you guys hear the newsreader announcing his death?

She talk like and old baba being posessed by the evil ghost of a dead samurai!!! Mad lousy

P/p/p/s: The pictures I took are really crappy!
The cam I used can't even focus so it seems ㅠㅠ so sorry

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Depolarisation before Christmas.

I chose a boring starter image and a even more boring icon, because I have nth special to talk about.
It's Christmas soon and have you guys done your present purchases?
I have not.

In fact, I know what to buy for J, a lifetime supply of instand noodles and chips, but I'm having problems making out the exact brand and flavour of the chips that L and Light are eating in Death Note.
I man the movie with real people.
I know that they are Consommé flavoured, but J once told me they tasted sth like chicken broth?

Now, I don't know if he watched Ger Sub or Eng Sub or Jap raw?
And I really don't wanna go through all the stress and watch all the Death Note movies myself, only to find out which fkn chips the two of them eat
And no, shame on all the so-called Death Note fanatics, in no forum they are talking about this chips, they only spazz about L's epic potato chips eating scene.

Gah! Why is mankind so prone to failing? If you can't trust in the nerdiness of nerds anymore, what else can you be sure of?

Do you guys know any totally unfriendly people, seeing them you just wonder what the fuck happened in their lifes to make them become such unfounded haters, what the fuck their parents have been doing during all the years and how the fuck they can marry and have children?
Like total sociopaths?

They are impolite to the max, they can't say please on a regular bases, and if they manage to bring themselves to say it, it still sounds so fucking offensive.
To some persons, they are super friendly, yes, they can even make jokes and laugh (!!!), but then again to some they are just the devil in person.
Even if they are obviously wrong, they still think they must order others around and tell them shit.

So, wtf is wrong with those persons?
They kinda retarded?

I know someone like this, and a while ago, I was just about to blow her up
I asked her to help me with something (which basically she HAD to do, because she was just standing around observing proceedings like your dad!), and that fucktarded bitch had the courage to say 'No, you didn't help me either, when I was busy!'


At that moment I was 1 inch from exploding, I tell you.

First of all, I have been uber busy all the time and she knows it, how could I possibly help her, I only have two hands and a day only 24h!!!
And secondly, I fucking did help her when I was around and could spare some time!!!

How dare she tell me into my face, that I didn't help her?

Not that it's just bold as fuck, in fact she even hurt my feelings somemore!

Cuz I here I am, being nice to no end, helping that bitch out and now that's gratitude for you!

Wahlao, I just stared at her for some time, unable to express my uttermost hatred for her, and walked away
No words can express the immensity of futility her existence embodies to mankind

Another story, I bought a cup of tea and was about to bring it backstage with me, when she suddenly crossed my way, said in some sort of I'm the King of the Universe way Tea is forbidden backstage!
Not looking at me for one second, just whooshing by and randomly letting slip some new shitass rule

It's winter, I wore nth, but that shitty, holey outfit and it was freezing cold where I had to wait, but no, I cannot drink tea!
But others can drink softdrink all they want siah?!

What fucking rule is this?

She's just a retarded bitch, who kinda got problems with other living beings I guess and because of her lack of love or self-respect, she needs to boss others around like dogs to make her feel good?
Really some of the things she says, don't even make sense (like the tea story), I got the feeling that she just says them, to have other abide by her words.

Actually, I don't even care much about her rotten personality, what I really do care about is, how she got rotten like that?
What the fuck can parents do, to make their child end up as such a beast?

If they didn't want it to happen, but their child still turned into a monster, they are very pitiful!

If they did want it to happen, they must have thought sth like Shit, we want our child to be superior to everyone, even if she becomes like Hitler, but she must rule the world! We don't care if everybody hates her, as long as she knows how to behave like a mad authority obsessed biatch!

And what kind of sick parents would think that?!

And what about the partners of this persons?
Are they the same? But then who would boss who around?

Or is one of them the slave, who got forced to marry the other?

It fucking beats me how you can end up living with such a tyrant...

Or is it like this, the partner is some kind of rich, superior person, and the other sucked up to this rich person in order to climb the social ladder?
Well, that's something I would trust them to do, given their lack of humane thinking.

Honestly, how come their are so many sociopaths?
Normally, isn't it natural for social misfits to die out, because they are a disadvantage for all the other living creatures?

There's something going wrong I tell ya

Enough ranting for today, I have a big dinner to look forward to this Sunday!
A bit many people around, but I make sure that I don't fit it, so I can eat all I want!!

That's it!

Chu, Ailing