Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Special Story I


It's 9.40+ and I shouldn't block right now, but well, I'm loading a Naruto vid and you guys don't know how disgustingly S.L.O.W. my internet is.

It is so slow, it loads like 0.1 sec/sec !!!

Anyway, I'm usig this opportunity to blog sth Totally Mad Disgusting which happened to me like 2 weeks ago
and I nearly suppressed that awful memory.

I was on my way home one Saturday afternoon, sitting in the tram.
It was a quite a warm day, and since tram rides mostly bore me and because it was so warm I leaned my head against the window and closed my eyes.

Sometimes when the tram would stop I opened my eyes to see who comes in.
At one stop a guy came into the compartment I sat in.
I've seen him a few times already, since he lives somewhere on the line I have to take. He's not really special in anything, but I know his face.
Anyway he came into the compartment and suddenly the tram moved on and he stumbled a bit. I think I thought sth like 'How stupid he is' (Yes, I'm unfounded mean person).
Well, he finally got a seat somewhere.

Some stops later I saw him changing his seat to some seat behind me.
I thought that'd be strange, but I do that too, if e.g. I sit in the sun, I change to a seat in the shadow.

Ok, I closed my eyes again, suddenly someone lightly tapped me on my shoulder.
I turned around and he sat behind me! holding an abt 1cm in diameter ball out of chewing gum !! (I'm not sure, but maybe I saw him, picking it up from the top of the seat back I sat on)

Guy:: Sry, but I just found this thing sticking in your hair.

Ailing: *shock* In my hair?

Guy: Yes, it was in your hair

Ailing: *runs hand through hair, finds nothing*

Guy: Maybe there's some more stuck in your hair. Just lean back and let me see if there's more.

Ailing: *is not sure abt what the guy just said/ what to do*

Guy: *gently pulls Ailings head back* Just lean back and I check whether there's more chewing gum stuck in your hair. *strokes Ailing's hair*

Ailing: *half leaning back, half pulling head up/ rly wonders what happends/ disgusted*

*ppl start to stare*

Guy: *pulls head back everytime Ailing pulls it to the front* Just lean back.
*still stroking Ailing's hair*

Ailing: *thinks it's a waste of time/ feels really foolish/ tries to pull head up*

Guy: You know I'm a hair dresser, and I need to take pictures of ppl's hair for some project. Would you mind if I took some of your hair?

Ailing: *feeling stupid* Err.... no?

Guy: Ok, where do you get off?

Ailing: *names her stop*

Guy: Oh, I have to get off now. Do you have time? Because I have to make a little movie and you'd have to undo your hair and shake it.

Ailing: (So it even was a fucking movie from the beginning!) *starting to feel rly pissed off* Oh, no, actually I'm in a rush right now. I want to go home quickly!

Guy: Ok, never mind. Bye *gets off the tram*

I swear I rarely felt so disgusted in my life, it felt like I had the plague sticking in my hair!!!

I rly dunno where he had that totally idiotic chewing-gum story from and why he had to use it, only in order to ask me if I'd volunteer in a hair movie for him !!! (which I hadn't done whatever he'd say)

I sat there like an idiot, trying to figure out what the fuck just happened and if that was a joke.

At home I immediately washed my hair and recovered from that shock.
It's just DISGUSTING !!!

Well, if I think about it now is that I wouldn't have done the pics either, and if someone on the streets should ask you if he/she can take a picture of you, for whatever reason, don't say Yes

Firstly, because this person could be some pervert using your pic for perverted things (Ok, that's the little disgusting reason)
He could load the pic up somewhere and maybe one fine day in the middle of your career someone finds it, and you'll regret that.

Generally, I think that people exaggerate, with their don't put anything personal on the internet-warnings, but stupid pics, taken at such oppourtunities are really embarassing.

Ma, ja ne!
Sayonara !

Chu, Ailing
*fucking disgusted greetings*

P/s: I should mention that this isn't the layout I firstly made and wanted to upload! This is a complete other layout I freshly made xD
The other is much more colorful!

And I haven't forgotten abt the Jaejoong picture, just didn't want to upload it in an entry with such an awful content!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

My coffee shop opened (。・ω・)_旦~~

So so the new layout is up.
Hope you like it.

I can't say if I like it, I liked the header very much.
Like the font~

I will continue to edit this layout the next times soo, don't wonder if you load my page and it looks like a mess.
I got to do the header and that twitter part and err..... add a label-list.

And well,
it's quite autumn, right?
(* ̄・ ̄)ノ ≡旦~~

One of my frn will be 18 soon (= adult!).
Times flying and before your notice your like 30 and then you don't care anymore, cuz it's already too late !!!
(Here those words from the mouth of a teenager!)

Btw I think you shouldn't worry abt yourself very much.
I started to think abt this, when my frn told me that 2 of the very thin girls were saying that they think that I, watashi! am very thin !!!

Both are like total experts in calories and sports,
and I'm like no sport ever and food is either much and yummy or nth at all~

So the moral of the story is,
I have always been wanting to lose weight (is that correct grammer?) and I'm trying very hard right now (with my skip dinner method, but don't work since my mom always makes phantastic dinner!).
I know that I'm not that fat, my BMI is 19, which means I'm (nearly) underweight.
Actually I know that I kinda am thin, but on the other hand, my thighs are just too fat.
But eventually I found out, that actually I seem to be very thing, right?

So maybe we should all, not worry too much abt some things~

Btw I've two comments, which deserve an answer, but I'm just too lazy to counter!
One is from anonymous on the post abt fugly Ms Kim Hoang.
ax... it can't be helped~

First of all ppl who can't structure their writings with paragraphs are retarded!
I tried to structure it a bit, but well...
The comment is a bit confused, cause anonymous jumps from one point to another~

i dont ever comment on pages, but you are just being a little too judgemental.
first of all, im not viet, so you cant hate me solely on my ethnicity.

I find the first on very amusing.
The way this person is providing for me not hating her (in german person is a feminine word, so I will just say her!)
As if I'd go to all sorts of ppl, saying I hate you! I hate you! And you too!
Btw I'm viet too~

Acc...I'm not stupid. I don't hate ppl who comment my blog!
I hate ppl who make stupid comments! (and that even not always!)

secondly, i know kim. she went to high school with me in LA and moved to san jose when she met her now husband. i havent spoken to her since high school, but i have a lot of friends here that are still good friends with her.
and even with the distance she has been able to maintain many friendships since then. its been about 8 years since high school. that should already say a lot in itself.
Ok, she's a nice friend. (_ _|||)
Not that there are ppl you know for over 8 years and are stuck with them and they aren't nice, but well~

Also, why aren't her good defending her then?

she did not ask me to defend her, nor did anyone else. so im saying this on my own accord. she is an extremely nice and generous person.
Nxt one is meaningless to me.
Actually I'd like the idea of her having send you to defend her more.
Btw does that mean she read that post?

she donates to charities often
Uh huh and at the same time, throwing money away for 1000$ bags. Reduces her saint points to ZERO.

and she treats her friends like gold. she may not be the skinniest person, but shes happy with herself and i think its awesome that she has high self esteem...
She's thick, but still has high self esteem
Wow, know what, I got even more high self esteem. Love me ppl!
And I ain't even rich!

unlike others. she never talks bad about anyone, even though she does speak highly of her friends.
Ever heard a bitch talk bad abt her babies ???
(I assume never talks bad abt anyone is a stylistic device called immoderate exaggeration)

shes in love, has a good career, and is happy. i think she should be allowed to show that in her blog.
Is her happy life all abt partying like a whore, dressing like a whore, dancing like a whore and spending money like a pimp or what?

if youre going to be so nasty about it, why not just close your browser?
Because I don't want to?

i admit, at first i was shocked at all her spending habits and all her pictures on her blog. but if you even knew an ounce about her, you would know she is not someone to hate.
Still I happen to hate her and all of her kind.
Wtf is someone not to hate, pls?
Is there anyone who confers this title or what? Like you?

BTW, she is not about viet pride. she has friends from many different ethnicities and backgrounds.
Can still be viet-pride.
Viet pride is not only abt not-liking others, it can be just that you think that vietnamese ppl are in whatever way too cool for this world.

i really dont understand how you can hate someone just by their blog and pictures. she hasnt done harm to you or anyone else. please leave her alone.
Is it rly impossible to hate someone, because of the things this persons writes, shows us and so on?
I can even hate ppl just because they're ugly! Btw, I hate her because she's ugly wtf! /among other reasons

That's it, I don't even bother to read the cmt of this girl.
I know it's full abt pointless stuff, which are so damn easy to counter that it's not worth it.

Well, now I wish everyone a good night and take care!

Chu, Ailing
*rainy-tvxq greetings!

P/s: Starting to make my little platform.
But right now my FTP server seems to be down are another idiotic mistake.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

(´・ω・)旦 旦(´v`●) Let's have some tea and I tell ya a story or two...

I have nth to blog at all but well, for those people in Australie (and for all others who visited my blog the last days, I will post this up.
Since I feel bad when you constantly visit my blog and then there's nth new on it.
くすん ( ノω-、)

I wrote this several days ago and errr~
read it yourself and don't think shit after having done so!
(I would write a few lines right now in order to explain why you shouldn't think shit after reading that, but I don't have any arguments and most important - I don't know which shit you could think I'm talking about)

Ok just wanted to take a pic of the later-mentioned house, but their owners are sitting on their like-a-mixture-of-a-garbage-dump-and-a-dessert terrace.
3 men and 1 woman~ Dunno if it's the later-mentioned woman.

I motherfucking hate school! 川・ε・川

Not exactly that motherfucking, but still hor!
When today I heard my English teacher speaking English, I could've become sick!
((o"(`┏ω┓´メ)" プルプル

I got two kinda news for you!

First one:

The day before yesterday, when I was tryin to watching Bleach, suddenly a helicopter flew over our house and it was just damn noisy!

But I didn't wonder too much, since flying things which fly too low are normal here~
(like one time some military airplane or so was breaking through the sound barrier and we could hear it like an explosion, cuz they guy was flying too low)

Anyway, I watched Bleach when suddenly my father screamed Come down, a helicopter landed right in front of our house!
I ran down and there I saw an ambulance standing right in front of our house and the helicopter a few meters beyond it.

A dozen of emergency doctors were standing around a woman, who was sitting at the stairs in front of her garden.
Actually two of the doctors were holding an umbrella to shield her from the rain, while 4 or 5 others just stood there and 3 doctors were running up and down the stairs to carry small packets of something!
I rly wonder what the problem was since the woman looked totally alright !!!
Smiled and talked and everything.

AND it isn't just any neighbour of us, it's the bitch of a new neighbour hor!
She (and her family whom I don't know) suddenly set that shit of house on the shortcut/ trail the whole neighbourhood used to quicklier come to the main street.
I hated her from the moment, the builders stuck those private ground signs everywhere around it.
However I and all others still used the path over the ground as a shortcut.

One day I came home and saw two ugly ppl doing some stuff at the path and when I eventually set foot on the path, they started to stare at me as if I'd fallen down from the sky.
WTF! Never saw someone walking pass you or what?
They were planting some plants on the path, which is totally stupid, cuz they died shortly afterwards anyway (well, they didn't care of it) and they'd have died anyway, when the building work would've started.

Which happended around one year later.
Now the shortcut couldn't be used anymore and the house is so totally complicated and akwardly built, that I hate that woman even more.
She even hides in it and everytime someone still uses the shortcut over her plot she jumps out of her window yelling at the people.
What a nasty, life-less bitch !!!

What I want to say is,
suits her right, whatever happened to her, to get her in hospital!!!

Yes, you're allowed to say, that I have no right to complain about ppl who legally purchased a plot and then set a house on it!
But you're wrong!

I have every right to absurdly hate her and to curse her house, her plot and her from the very moment I knew the plot has been sold.
May there live a bad ghost in it, which causes them to move out, realize that they wasted 500.000 to built it and regret it for the rest of their lifes !!!

And also, why did she look totally alright when those emergency doctors came?
Why didn't she look sick or sth like that?

What also wonders me is that, she sat on the stairs in the rain, ya?
And when they carried her into the ambulance I saw that she sat on a pillow, and also had one at her back!

Isn't that just irritating? (怒`・ω・´)ムキッ

2nd news I forgot over all that neighbour story

Byebye then ya'll!

Chu, Ailing
*tvxq greetings for now reason, but my affection towards them*

Friday, 11 September 2009

あの大空に 届くまで I believe ひとつの明日

Music: 1

I love One Piece !!!
And you know what?
I've never seen any episode on japanese, and I rly wonder how Ruffy/ Luffy sounds on Japanese?
In One Piece I love, as in Naruto, the drawing style and also the harmony within the images.

Anyway, school starts again tomorrow.
I don't want to think about it, but I think this event needs to be mentioned.

More important,
I think I should revamp my layout.
That means colors, layout and so will very probably stay like this, only with new style/feeling.
Ok, that sentence doesn't explain anything, but you get the vague idea.

Also, for quite a long time I'm thinking of expanding this blog to a little homepage platform abt stuffs.
Only I have no stuffs.
So I think, I want to open a sub-page abt blogskin coding!
Like giving tips for making nice layouts and helping ppl with HTML/CSS.

Will open it after I finished xiaorene's layout.

Ah and before I forget it:

Looks so chio hor!
I loove CozyCot!

They're having some sort of Holy Grail party in Sg, which is a Beauty Show.
And their site is totally cute, pink and totally made for girls!


Not that I want to spam or else, it's just...
that flash widget was soo uber cute!

You wanna be my Friend?
We are, We are on the cruise!
ウィーアー! ウィーアー!

So, that's it,
wish me good luck for the next school year!

Chu, Ailing
*wer are greetings!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Miss... Secret Agent

No TVXQ whatever icon today!
I got exhausted over Jaejoong & Co! (*・○・)=3はぁー
Ok, I'm exaggerating, but 1st this guy rly has like not very much pics of him on the net, his twitter has been deleted since yesterday and err..... his fringe bag was gone! (so the trousers I wanted to buy~)

Anyway my bro's hair is still too short for Jaejoong hairstyle.
Got him Kelbin's instead.

Talking about my bro.
Today's short post shall be abt little bros.

We big sisters all more or less agree that little bros are the most unlogical, dumbest, unsensible, annoying creatures on Earth!!!

But why?(?´・ω・`)

There's no simple answer to it, none which could express the entity of those beings in it's fullness.

But today I experienced a short story, which shows a facet of my bro's stupidness.

As you might have noticed, I was in town today.
Mostly to get new stuffs for school. We stayed in town for only 3 hours, from which my bro spend 1 sitting at the hair dresser's, watching how his hair is done!

The rest wasn't even shopping, only buying pens and exercise books and all that stuff. But he still got impatient after some time and wanted to go.
So I told him, 'So you want to go back to Hugendubel's and buy the Naruto homework book or do you want to buy another one here'
He wanted to get the one from Naruto, so we went to that shop and I told him that I would wait downstairs, while he'd went up to look for that homework book.

Ok, I waited and took a look at all those useless stuff they sell there, when after some time I saw my brother going towards the exit.
Notice, I stood a few meters on the left side of the exit, so he could have gone to me.
I continued to pay all my attention to some sorts of strange, brown-orange, candles, from which I thought they'd smell like oranges and cinnamon, but they didn't even smell like normal candles like wax, but like nth.

Anyway suddenly my bro stood next to me and said 'What are you doing? The tram is coming at any minute. We're going to miss it!

Well we didn't miss anything at all, but then inside the tram, where I sat on one side and my bro on the other side and between us was a passage, he insisted on trashing out what I have done just now.

What have you been doing all the time?
Of course it's your job to wait for me downstairs, so that when I'm done we can go quickly.
Normally I would have just taken this tram and went home. Whose fault is it then?

And I just Who's the one getting on that tram? Me or you?
You had sth to do, so you went upstairs, I only wait and then it's your job to come to me and say 'Hey, I'm done, let's go''


After a while he said (and here comes the hammer!) (。゚ω゚) ハッ
Let's pretend, we're both FBI agents.I will go upstairs to free someone, while you could come with me to back me up or wait downstairs to check everything.In this case, you decided to stay downstairs. So what would be the most logical thing to do?When I come down with the host(!), you have to be ready to leave the building with me immediately.Or do you think that I should come back and search for you for an hour?
If that would happen we would quite probably be dead.


And that in a public place Σ(゚口゚;
I said nth to that outlandish story~ (_ _*)

Confirm, little bro's are crazy!!!

What do you think is that?

It's a totally chio Nail Polisher with File !!!! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ ワーイ
And the pink color is pure love!

Bought it today at Tchibo's!
Hate it when smart ass ppl claim that Tchibo got only cheap, worthless stuff!
They so often got the most cutest stuff ever! (。・ω・。) ちゅ〜

And this one only 3€! (with discount)
Saw it in some advt months ago!
But they didn't sell it in our local Tchibos (mind the s!)

Yesterday suddenly saw it on discount and I swear, everytime I have to buy things, I go check the Tchibo stuffs for new cute gadgets!
But I had no money with me and there were only 3 left! I hid the one of them and when today I came to buy it, there was only one left and its package looked damn damaged!
Luckily, the hidden one stayed untouched びゃははは (≧ω≦)b

Rly mad love!!!

see you again!(*^-')/~☆Bye-Bye♪

Chu, Ai-Linh
*jaejoong smile greetings*

P/s: will show you the pic another time!
very typical totally cute jj smile!

And err... as you can see, I haven't tried using that nail thing yet, or my nails would look a lot more pleasant!
sry for that!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Do U-know?

I love Junsu's voice! It's the coolest voice ever (not counting JJ's laughter!).
And anyway, right now I'm feeling not as normal as maybe 15min ago !!!
I just read a fucking disturbing blog entry!

It's from a girl I don't personally know and I think I don't really wanna know her after reading it!
She's the girlfriend of a guy a chattet with for 4 years and also my bf knows her personally.
So I wonder if I should link her blog up or not (-__-``)~

I'll just copy the important parts.

The entry is called Fack ya All ya Fackin fack, ALTAAH!!
Very fitting to an 18 year old person, what?

Anyway the 1st thing I find disturbing is this (I translated it into English)
Coz his father is a fackin heo (viet. pig). Uhm... He doesn't like me very much too... ~..~ Those parents are really difficult! I'd like to hit their heads with an empty beer bottle!
Or best is to give them a Head shot... But only if they'd be resspawned of cours ;P
Uhm... I have a quite bad reputation with(?) them ^^; Well...
With half of the Vietnamese in Munich too actually xD
I'm said to be
lazy, egoistic, a little princess

First of all I hate cocky, dumb smart-ass teenagers!
I'd be sad if my bf's father didn't like me! I'd be sad that I'm that kinda asocial !!!
I'd be sad if hundreds of unknown ppl think only bad from me !!!
I'd be furious and would wonder why ppl think so!

And that with the bf's parents, is actually a desaster isn't it?
Wouldn't you want them to like you?
Those parents are really difficult, wtf?!
How can a child say this too older people?!
Who's the difficult one in here, bitch?

It's just dumb!
Simply talking shit without thinking!

It's always about reputation, -..-#
I don't give a damn about my reputation! I live for me! I don't car what little fish say about me! If they like they could also say, that I'm a bitch! Fuck it! I know the truth! And when people blindly believe, what others are whispering, I don't give a damn! Earlier it used to hurt me quite abit etc .___.
But... now I don't care anymore -.- Let them gossip about me! I seem to be totally important to them ;P

This is a joke!
Always that I don't care what others think about me! I live my own life! Shit!
Anyone want to live their own live? Then fuck off to Siberia, you shitass!
You just happen to live among others, so you also happen to have to abide to some social rules!

I don't think that one has to be completely like everybody else, and for my parents and friends I'm also a bit too crazy, but that's called lifestyle!

Being asocial isn't lifestyle, but asocial !!!
While being on this world, there are others around you!
You can't just pretend that you're the only one and all others don't care!
Even if you shouldn't need them, you should behave in a way that is accepted by everybody!

By not doing so you're not respecting others not the other way (i.e. they're not respecting you!)

2nd point: She says herself that in reality she isn't like that, she knows the truth about her!
What goddamn truth is that?
Are ppl making all that up?
Is she not a bitch at all or what?

If ppl gossip about you, there must be a reason for that wtf!
(Where smoke is, there is fire!)
If that rumors have made it to another town, there must be sth about you which is damn wrong!

So how about starting to seek the faults at yourself, instead of calling the rest of the world unfair or whatever!
What does that mean Vietnamese and reputation.

It is important everywhere! Not only to Vietnamese ppl.
How are you supposed to find a job, husband and so on with a bad reputation.
Ok, could find another asocial husband like you, but still got no job.

And now there're ppl who say Yes, that would be my life. So what it's my life, none of your business. I'm happy just with that, can still live!

You know what?
Ppl are in north-korean prisons for 40 years, tortured, only got shitty rice and dirty water and still live, hor!

But what life is that?

Talking about jobs and future
My parents found it totally embarassing, because I didn't want to go to a collge/FOS (it's a special German school, maybe comparable to collage)... I wanted to go next year... ,,You're only wasting time!!"
It's my time! So let me enjoy it! I don't live according to your wishes!! Life only belongs to me! And if you don't accept that, it's just bad luck four you!
Well, quite cheeky... And incomprehensible for the Vietnamese culture... A desaster!
What now? Well... You can't tame me... Adults think it's awful... I was bad educated... But it's not my parents' fault...
It's all my fault. My decision! I do what I want! This is my world! And I want to be happy... Even if I have to hurt others by doing so .___.

I wonder what she does if she doesn't got to any further school. Repeating a class?
Doing nothing?
Of course she's only wasting time!
Wtf, her time? Enjoy shit?
How's that gonna look in her cv (Lebenslauf) if there's a gap of a year?
What were you doing during this time? - Nth?! - I understand
No job for lazy fuckers, totally desevers her right if she ends up being a beggar!!!

Of course it's a desaster!
She's nth better than a loser for me. Totally failed in life in my eyes.
Awful. Dumb. Hollow.

Those My life/ Do what I want/ Others bad luck lines, are just pathetic blather!

But the worst is how she thinks about her behaviour towards her parents.
I detest kids who totally ignore their parents.
In this world you only have 2 ppl, who rose you up from nth till you're an adult.
Only 2 ppl who can love you like that.
What's some lazy fucker, who you've met 7 months ago and who's got a crush on you in comparison?

They are so blinded by all that independence blather and so dumb, they think that everything they got, was for free or obvious.
They think they know great stuff about life, but those little smartasses know shit.

How can someone be so egoistic, and then be blind enough to be proud of it!
There nth great about being egoistic, ppl should stop thinking that living one's own life is a virtue.
Ppl who think so are just immature and are better of dead.
Or should I say, I'd like to head shot her, if she'd be respawned of course. But please not while I'm living and please somewhere in Siberia as an lonely tree. Can live your own life for next 500 years, meh! Noone tell you anything, no gossip too!.

She wants to be happy, even if she'd hurting others by doing so.
I hope she's happy and dies... quickly.
And that all ppl who were hurted by her, don't give a damn about that little bitch.

Bref, I want to say that I hate ppl, who think life's a game and they can just do what they want, cuz it isn't.
I hate ppl who have this Own life, own world idea. Just die in your own world please.
I hate ppl who walk around thinking they can do what they want, cuz it's their goddamn right!!! In other countries it's your goddamn right to stone ppl to death! What the fuck is right, pls?
At least nth, which allows you to do everything!
I hate ppl who don't respect older people. It's nth like fucking asian conservatism, it's a vitue !!! A virtue which doesn't has anything to do with development, life style, ideology, etc.
And I hate ppl who are ungrateful towards their parents, who don't appreciate what their parents did for them.

And here's her blog!!!
(did I say that I wouldn't link it in the beginning?
I've changed my mind, it pisses me off and I want to share it with you!
Be prepared, you might sympathize with her, you poor-minded guys! (only to the poor-minded guys!) )

And now sth completely different!
TVXQ x Helium

Junsu's soo cute (all others too!)
I love his voice (both with and without helium), my brother aso thinks that his voice is cool !!!

Now, goodbye!
Feeling bad about misusing U-know's wonderful name for such a post, but I like TVXQ too much !!!

Chu, Ailing
*TVXQ greetings*

P/sToday dreamt again!
A nightmare!

I went into one of those cheap shoe& bag selling stores, run by turkish ppl (who are at least turkish looking ppl), presumably the substitute H&M.
And the bag was gone!
There was only another black fringe bag, but with only one row of fringes !!!
First I thought I'd mistakenly took this bag as JJ's fringe bag, but then I found out that the real JJ bag has been sold out!
I stood there, totally regretting to have blogged abt that bag being sold at H&M's, and screamed I HATE YOU BLOGGERS !!! (for I assumed that you've all read abt it and bought every single JJ bag!).
Yes, it's crazy to scream in a department store, and even while doing that in my dream I thought so!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Jaejoong's Fringe Bag.

Music: 1

Could it be that there's rly rly rly NO Jaejoong icon out there without him looking absolutely posing/sexy/like a korean or hongkong mid age warrior (you know fair and straight nose and all that strange looking~ like this 1/2)

My TVXQ crush has reached a new peek again.
I love their song Doushite kimi wa suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Though the title is really a bit crazy.
Or is it just the language?

Since an English song called Why have I fallen in love with you? sounds crazily normal.

Anyway I was exploring alkkpop (though I don't like them) for TVXQ updates, when I read this.

Jaejoong wearing this black fringe bag !!! (and that green frog neck pillow thingy~ GAH!)

And you know what?
This bag is from H&M !!!
I swear it is!
It hung at the Divided department where all handbags, scarfs, shoes, etc are !!!
So if you want to look like Jaejoong go to the women area of your H&M's divided department go to H&M !!!
I'm so gonna buy that bag I tell ya !!!
20€ btw !

Oh and you know I spent 100€ at H&M yesterday for one coat and a fur vest (which gonna be so totally in, wtf)

Oh and I'll be spending 60€ soon, for a pair of jeans and that bag (of course)
The jeans is kinda acid, but not really~
Actually if that jeans would be acid, I'd like it more~

TVXQ ransacking their bags, you can see JJ's fringe bag in here !^^

And here's a not really big ass pic of me to make up for those fugly clothe pictures. Hahas.

Byebye, love me and.... do whatever you want

Chu, Ailing
*Doushite kimi wa suki ni natte shimattan darouhou?*

P/s: My life's so boring!