Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Special Story I


It's 9.40+ and I shouldn't block right now, but well, I'm loading a Naruto vid and you guys don't know how disgustingly S.L.O.W. my internet is.

It is so slow, it loads like 0.1 sec/sec !!!

Anyway, I'm usig this opportunity to blog sth Totally Mad Disgusting which happened to me like 2 weeks ago
and I nearly suppressed that awful memory.

I was on my way home one Saturday afternoon, sitting in the tram.
It was a quite a warm day, and since tram rides mostly bore me and because it was so warm I leaned my head against the window and closed my eyes.

Sometimes when the tram would stop I opened my eyes to see who comes in.
At one stop a guy came into the compartment I sat in.
I've seen him a few times already, since he lives somewhere on the line I have to take. He's not really special in anything, but I know his face.
Anyway he came into the compartment and suddenly the tram moved on and he stumbled a bit. I think I thought sth like 'How stupid he is' (Yes, I'm unfounded mean person).
Well, he finally got a seat somewhere.

Some stops later I saw him changing his seat to some seat behind me.
I thought that'd be strange, but I do that too, if e.g. I sit in the sun, I change to a seat in the shadow.

Ok, I closed my eyes again, suddenly someone lightly tapped me on my shoulder.
I turned around and he sat behind me! holding an abt 1cm in diameter ball out of chewing gum !! (I'm not sure, but maybe I saw him, picking it up from the top of the seat back I sat on)

Guy:: Sry, but I just found this thing sticking in your hair.

Ailing: *shock* In my hair?

Guy: Yes, it was in your hair

Ailing: *runs hand through hair, finds nothing*

Guy: Maybe there's some more stuck in your hair. Just lean back and let me see if there's more.

Ailing: *is not sure abt what the guy just said/ what to do*

Guy: *gently pulls Ailings head back* Just lean back and I check whether there's more chewing gum stuck in your hair. *strokes Ailing's hair*

Ailing: *half leaning back, half pulling head up/ rly wonders what happends/ disgusted*

*ppl start to stare*

Guy: *pulls head back everytime Ailing pulls it to the front* Just lean back.
*still stroking Ailing's hair*

Ailing: *thinks it's a waste of time/ feels really foolish/ tries to pull head up*

Guy: You know I'm a hair dresser, and I need to take pictures of ppl's hair for some project. Would you mind if I took some of your hair?

Ailing: *feeling stupid* Err.... no?

Guy: Ok, where do you get off?

Ailing: *names her stop*

Guy: Oh, I have to get off now. Do you have time? Because I have to make a little movie and you'd have to undo your hair and shake it.

Ailing: (So it even was a fucking movie from the beginning!) *starting to feel rly pissed off* Oh, no, actually I'm in a rush right now. I want to go home quickly!

Guy: Ok, never mind. Bye *gets off the tram*

I swear I rarely felt so disgusted in my life, it felt like I had the plague sticking in my hair!!!

I rly dunno where he had that totally idiotic chewing-gum story from and why he had to use it, only in order to ask me if I'd volunteer in a hair movie for him !!! (which I hadn't done whatever he'd say)

I sat there like an idiot, trying to figure out what the fuck just happened and if that was a joke.

At home I immediately washed my hair and recovered from that shock.
It's just DISGUSTING !!!

Well, if I think about it now is that I wouldn't have done the pics either, and if someone on the streets should ask you if he/she can take a picture of you, for whatever reason, don't say Yes

Firstly, because this person could be some pervert using your pic for perverted things (Ok, that's the little disgusting reason)
He could load the pic up somewhere and maybe one fine day in the middle of your career someone finds it, and you'll regret that.

Generally, I think that people exaggerate, with their don't put anything personal on the internet-warnings, but stupid pics, taken at such oppourtunities are really embarassing.

Ma, ja ne!
Sayonara !

Chu, Ailing
*fucking disgusted greetings*

P/s: I should mention that this isn't the layout I firstly made and wanted to upload! This is a complete other layout I freshly made xD
The other is much more colorful!

And I haven't forgotten abt the Jaejoong picture, just didn't want to upload it in an entry with such an awful content!


  1. its been a long time since i've visited your blog ^^ this is really an awesome layout!

  2. ewww ich töte jeden, der meine heiligen haare anfasst. und so meine ich das auch. xD und deine geschichte ist höchst sonderbar. ich würde gerne wissen, wie dein bunteres layout ausgesehen hätte, gnaah aber das jetzige find ich süß, ehrlich. ich habe mir schon gedacht, dass es rosa wird. :b

    ja ich war auf dem eiffelturm, so zwischen 17-18 uhr. die lange schlange war mir egal, auch wenns mir drei stunden an kostbarer zeit genommen hat und zuerst alles enttäuschend war, wurde es am ende doch noch gut... aber dazu kann ich nicht mehr sagen, sonst wird mein kommentar paar kilometer lang sein.

    der iconmensch ist donghae aus super junior^^ japp das war ein cdladen aus paris... irgendwo in chinatown, wo ich quasi jeden tag war, weil meine mutter und mein bekiffter bruder verrückt danch sind
    oh geil ein crows zero poster hab ich nicht gesehen, aber von boys before flowers etwas xD

    ich hab die whitening mask öhh... auf ebay gekauft (kann man sich irgendwie denken haha) die gleiche gibts auf yesstyle, aber auf ebay ist die günstiger!
    ah ich kenn die deutsche "tussen-schreibart" sehr gut. irgendwie schaffe ich es nie, so zu schreiben. allgemein sieht aber japanisch bzw. hiragana rund viel niedlicher aus :D

  3. Haha, ouh man. x'D Can't stop laughing. Why didn't you ask him if it was a stupid flirt trick? :D He would surely feel embrassed or something... haha I'm still laughing, so stupid. xD

  4. Yea I know but it wasn't so expensive so I gave it a try =D
    It's amazing bcuz what they told me about my personality was also true *__*
    I like my future too haaha, not so much bad stuff lol
    Hahaha that's funny what happened to you with this guy xD