Friday, 9 October 2009

So how does your life smell? - Farty.

(・ε・)ノ おっー皆!

I took the MV post down, because there has been another issue, which has some sort of priority.

Concerning this blog entry, where I ranted abt the attidude of some very fucking annoying people, taking a certain girl as THE example.
For the sake of simplicity, her name is Thu.

Well, yesterday at 10pm +, I just quickly looked at my stats, when I noticed that a few people visited this very blog entry, so I went to check the comments of the entry.

The girl, Thu, left a rather insignificant comment on it and if there haven't been more ppl viewing that entry, I would have contemptuously (verächtlich) overlooked it.

^^ I'm very happy that you take note of me ^^ Even if some things you make are complete junk but so what ^^ one can tell the result by looking at you ^^ where you are standing now ^^
anyway ;P I'm even happier if I continue to appear in some of your sites at blog ^^ I know my life is like a star because all the people who are jealous about me writing about me I know it's shit!!
It's like gossip press here ;P
everything translated into English, except the red part, it's originally quoted

Wtf does she want to say? Where am I standing now?
I'm attending school and will pass my A-grades next year. She's the failure who is doing nothing like a tramp (Penner).
Which is also the reason why my English is better than hers.
I beg you pardon, her life is like a star? Then fuck up to the sky, since when are stars down on Earth?!
Who are jealous abt me, wtf? The whole sentence is a complete mess, wtf!
Again, who's standing where?

I started investigations and apparently she showed the entry to all of her loyal friends who are nth more than unthinking masses for me, in order for them to join into a choir of hate and outrage against me.

And she DELETED ALL OF HER FUCKING BLOG ENTRIES, for whatever reason.
Let me - just for fun - say it's a cover-up campaign~

The two posts remaining, she recently posted (yesterday and today) are all about me.
And I don't want to read them somehow.

You don't know how angry I can get over stuff, it's so scary (´ω`*)
Anyway, I'm still going to read the two posts abt me now!
Wish me good luck !^^

Ok just read latest post.
She's saying that she's not angry abt what I wrote in the last post I mentioned her, which is something I have to credit her for.
Since we're both just bloggers, let's write whatever we want to.

Next she's saying that she only think it's a pity, that I judge ppl so quickly.
Well, it's not like I heard one rumor abt her and then just started to run her down.

I read that motherfucking pathetic blog entry of her and then draw my conclusions.
Which means I had all proof written black on white, to make up my mind before I started to do anything wtf!
Where did I judge anyone quickly?!
She's the one judging ppl quickly wtf! (referring to what I wrote at the end of this)

This irrelevant part amuses me: One of her male friends was obviously shocked abt me/my entry? and said And that's a Viet?
I wonder if he's German or not. If he is than I'd tell him Shut your trap!, since he isn't anyone to talk abt anything regarding Vietnam.
If he's Viet, I'd say Your family and you very nice ones what? Noone's mean to anyboday what? Will all come to heaven for sure right?
Since when are Vietnamese ppl supposed to be only friendly and nice?
Perhaps they are to foreigners, but privately Asians are quite vicious.
You know shit, so next time you open your mouth, think before you say more stupid, unnecessary crap!

That guy also said that if I weren't a girl, he'd beat me up.
Come to think of it, isn't that as worse? Or not? Dunno~
Anyway, I'm not afraid of being beaten up by any dumbass out there. Just come and I kill you.

But let's forget that guy (what's he got to do with the whole story anyway?)

She complaints abt that Vietnamese only like kids who are good in school, can do many things, and are pretty and polite.
Especially the fact that Vietnamese ppl only like pretty kids annoys her.
Okay, in this point, I really really have to pity her, for growing up among people who only like pretty kids~
Before that I didn't know anybody (and any Vietnamese) who would dislike ugly kids.
Well, can' change it~ It doesn't make anybody die, doesn't it?

On the other hand, maybe she only thinks that they only like pretty kids. Maybe they're all normal ppl, who also don't mind normal kids and slightly ugly.
The only problem is that she is soo goddamn ugly, that one couldn't tolerate it anymore~

Another things which is funny, is that now she suddenly says that she is and has always been polite.

WTF ???
VERY PITY that she deleted all her old posts, because if you'd have read them you know what polite means to her !!!
She fucking argues abt the most pathetic stuff with the father of her boyfriend and calls herself polite?
She's the most impertinent person I know!
Writing only shit throughout her entries, like insulting her mother, insulting people she doesn't know and more.
How can she srsly say that she's polite?

I don't know if that girl herself knows what she's writing, it's all plenty mixed shit out of opposites!
So ridiculous!

She's goddamn unpolite, and fucking proud of it, goddammit.
What a pathetic liar!!!

That's what I mean with the conver-up campaign. She really takes the easy way out, by deleting everything she's written.

If anyone with a mind would've read her former stuff, she wouldn't get any brainless, inept comments, which come as boring as Ohh... I agree with you... Viets are stupid anymore.
Seriously if you don't have anything better and original to say, then just shut it!

Writing sth and then deleting it, since you get critism because of it, is as cowardly as you can get.
Ashamed of it, right?
Then before writing new shit again, just stop it, goddamit!

Ppl who don't stand by their own act, are NTH to me!

And here's the 2nd entry.
First main part is only some philosophical blather (ok, I didn't rly read that part)

Then she says that she has found out that there are many people, who don't like me, because I always say directly what I think.
I really, really wonder who those ppl are?

Since I don't have anything to do with teenage Vietnamese! I hate them, so who the fuck could she have asked?!
There's only one person she could have asked. One single person, who knows me good and long enough (since I was born!) to judge my character. I consider this person to be one of my best friends, so~
And then there's another person, who is also able to say anything about me, a girl, which I have personally met for maybe 10 times! And the longest period of time I spent together with her is maybe 3 hours long!

Anyone else who made any comment up abt me, is either a liar or retarded.

So who are these ppl, they don't know me and dislike me, for reasons they made up?
And those ppl apparently also said, that I treat every person like I treated her.

Well, if you have any guts behind your big trap and have any seriousness or reliability at all, then comment, bastards.

There's nothing great about standing in the background and saying all sorts of wrong thigns.

So those people made her jump to the conclusion that I have not many friends.
What do you know about me? What if I have shitloads of friends?
I still shit on those Vietnamese idiots that hang around together every holiday.
I can't stand them and I hate them as much as I hate you!

She asked if I don't have a conscience.
Who the fuck doesn't have a conscience here?
It's goddamn unbelieveable!

She runs around, writing shit about her parents, her boyfriend's parents, everyone. Insulting fuckloads of people, thinks only about herself and her personal happiness, even if she's hurting others she doesn't care and calls me unconscionable?!

Am I dealing with a monkey?
Or some retarded kid, that can't think properly or what?
She suddenly turnes around everything that she has written, it's fucking ridiculous!

She asked herself if I would understand criticism.
Why shouldn't I?
Does she?
I knew that she left me a comment on my SVZ profile, but I didn't care to read, since it containts thinks I don't want to know anyway.

Lastly she says that she hates me, that I'm arrogant (I am) and that I'm ugly!
How's that related to anything? Okay, I don't meet her view of beauty, does that mean that I'm not totally telling the truth?
I never said that she's ugly (althoug she looks like a zombie on one of her pics), because I think that her look aren't part of the issue I was talking about, but if she thinks her style of arguing is telling others, that they're ugly -
You're fucking ugly as well !!!

And why the fuck does she care anyway?
First she says that she hates ppl who judge ppl by their look, now she does it herself!
Can I say that she's goddamn stupid and hollow, and that I don't have to take her serious at all?

She seems to believe that the look of a person, decides which character this person has, means pretty ppl are nasty and ugly ones are nice.
Wouldn't that mean that if anyone would ruin his/her appearance with a totally disgusting hair style, they would suddenly become nice and once they change their hair style they become nasty again?

The last part of her post is the in my life. She kinda qualifies (relativieren) her statements about me, by accusing herself of criticizing me.
I don't give a shit about what you write about me, for fucksake.

'Bad Thu', my ass. Must be joking, girl!
And what's with the idiotic laughter? 'Hähäää/ Määä completely malicious, wtf?
You're nth compared to me~

Lastly I want to add some thoughts about her poor boyfriend (and also to all other people who got involved in this issue):
Leave them alone, it's not their business!
I really didn't want to make him angry/sad/whatever abt this topic (as she says he wanted to talk to me). He's someone I appreciate much, unlike her.
Also, and this is very important, I CANNOT understand at all, why he cares at all, since SHE is directly insulting his own parents and HE does NOTHING.
Though I like this guy very much and will always like him, this makes him a person I expect nothing from.
Think abt this.

If you already spent your time reading that, you might as well watch

Nigahiga's Farts Off the Pill. Fucking hilarious!
Love it!
Oh yeah, somehow the two things fit together xD
The vid is abt Farts and her blog is now called It smells nach (of) Life
Fucking funny, isn't it?
Such a thing is called godly fate people and Lord wants to show you something.

So then,

Chu, Ailing
*some ppl's life are not more than fleeting, smelly farts- greetings*

P/s: Updated my site!
Put my Profile subpage back!

And this to Shine, I nearly designed a whole new layout for your site, so be a bit more grateful...NOT.


  1. hayhoou^^
    also du kannst sehr gut englisch das muss ich dir lassen, ich geb zu ich kanns nich so gut aber denke mal dir wirds nichts ausmachn wenn ich dir den kommentar jetz auf deutsch hinterlasse...

    also ich wollt jetz garnich auf dein konflikt mit thu eingehn...
    sondern.. es geht darum das du asiaten bzw. viets so hasst

    was ich vollkommen verstehen kann is wenn du solche mega prides meinst die auf partys und so gehn und drogen nehmen keine frage..
    aber ist das auch ein grund alle anderen auch zu hassen? ich weiß jetz nich ob 'alle anderen' die richtige bezeichnung dafür ist, ich mein mit thuy verstehst du dich yah blendend

    du beteuerst die ganze zeit wie sehr du viets hasst, was ich nich verstehen kann..
    genauso wenig wie ich dich kenne kennstu mich auch nich

    du sagst du scheißt auf die vietnamesen die sich in den ferien treffn und zusammen rumhängen..
    eine sache die ich auch nicht verstehen kann.
    ich treff mich gerne mit meinen freunden in den ferien. wir haben spaß, machen lustige sachen, halt das was man mit anderen freunden auch macht nur das sie etwas weiter weg wohnen.
    wir brauchen kein alkohol oder partys wie es diese prides tun

    wir sind keine prides..weder gehen wir auf meetings, noch sind wir styler
    wir sind nur freunde die gerne was zusammen unternehmen

    ich hoffe du akzeptierst das und hasst uns nich deswegen^^

    ich finds schade das du die ganzen würzburger vietnamesen so hasst, es gibt auch andere leute die man vielleicht erstmal kennenlernen muss ;)

    aber naja eig hab ich nichts gegen dich, falls du was gegen mich hasst fänd ichs schade weil wir uns eig nich kennen..

    wenn ich iwas falsch verstanden hab dann bitte ich um korrektur und nehm alles zurück^.^

    und ich hoffe das ich jetz nich i-ein bastard bin wie dus gesagt hast wenn ich hier kommentiere..

    naja mfg sony

  2. achja schönes layout wollt ich noch sagen^^

    woah und dieses schlaflied am anfang >__< xDDD

  3. I tried commenting on the last post with tonny viet bui but it just didn't work =(

    anyway I absolutely hate chicks who say 'your ugly' as a comeback, like seriously, it has nothing to do with what your fighting about but it just proves their stupid and have lost the fight.

    and that chick sounds major annoying !!!!

    you've certainly kicked her ass with this post.

    Oh and cute layout !!!!


  4. Okeyy das reicht ja mal langsam hab mir die anderen 2 komments von den 2 idioten namens sunshine und den deppen darunter gelesen

    was ich sage : lasst jenny in ruhe mein gott ihr habs auch nix zu tun oder?

    und zu jenny hast du auch nix zu tun als auf iwelchen leuten ihre blogs zu schaun und dich darüber aufzuregen? ist doh egal was sie schreibt zwar ist es falsch was sie da tut aber lass sie halt was regst du dich darüber auf? und das mit dem hässlich oder nicht das ist auch kack egal -.- thu hat halt ihre meinung und du deine
    was bringt das streiten ? oder ist dir langweilig und du willst streiten?
    thu und du ihr beide seits echt wie kleine pubertierende kinder -.-
    und sony istn schleimer und will das man ihn aus der sache raushält obwohl es ihn auch nix angeht und die leute die dich beleidigt haben und der thanh truc sind auch ned besser kennen leute ned und kritisieren über sie

    und was hast du fürn problem mit viets? lass sie halt stolz auf sich sein und rassistisch sein hat ja nix mit dir zu tun oder ? oder kriegste immer eine von denen gescheuert?
    deine beste freundin ist auch vietnamesin und du verstehst dich super mit viet oder etwa ned? also scheint es doch sowas wie ausnahmen zu geben unter den viets also sag ned sowas wie du hasst alle viets hassen istn dummes wort
    es gibt überall menschen die anders sind mal mehr von der einen sorte und weniger von der anderen sorte und umgekehrt

    ich will dich mal was fragen hast du auch was gegen türken russen afrikanern amerikanern oder nur gegen viets?
    ich würde sagen alles sind menschen und jeder ist anders also gib verdammt noch mal jedem ne chance zu zeigen wie er ist bevor du über einen großen haufen dein urteil fällst -.-
    achja wie dachtes du damals über vietnamesen? als du noch im icq chat warst? im vietnamese channel

    naja keine lust mehr zu schreiben -.- schreib mich an in msn wenn du on bist dann reden wir weiter

    grüße dung o. shatten

  5. ich geb Dung vollkommend recht... diese beiden haben aber auch echt nix tun ... sind doch genau so scheiße wie die anderen... gehören alle auf ein scheiß haufen!!!