Thursday, 14 February 2013

Magical Interlude

暂时的男朋友 - Yen-J

Yo! 'Sup?
My life is boring, but not boring enough to be unable to delight children's hearts in the form of a fantastic, entrancing fairy tale.
Diss-nay screen adapation guaranteed!
So here goes /sprinkles magic pixie dust
please move cursor ⇔

The Enchanting Story of Ailing's Internet Connection

nce upon a time, in far away country, lived a good-hearted and darling girl, whom her parents had named Ailing. Ailing had an internet connection. Mind you, it was not a normal internet connection, like you or your friends own.
No, Ailing's internet connection was special.

Everyday, every evening from 8 o' clock to 11 o' clock Ailings internet connection would suddenly become very very slow or disconnect every minute.

But Ailing loved her internet connection very much, so she worried if it was ill. 'What is wrong with you?', asked she. But it would not answer.
Hence Ailing decided to visit the people who gave her the internet connection to find out what was wrong. The people were very friendly and gave the girl a new splitter, maybe it would help the internet connection. Back at home she hooked up the splitter, and lo! the internet connection became strong and well therewith. Now Ailing was very merry!

But alas, after a few days it was ill again. Ailing bethought of a number the helping people gave her and called the client service, but the woman who answered couldn't help her along either. She looked over the internet connection. 'Everything is fine!', said she.
That made the poor girl very sad, as she knew that something was wrong.
She tought within herself, 'I will ask mother for advice.'

Thereupon both of them went to the helping people's again and told them about their ill internet connection. But they were at a loss. Then said them, 'In the evening someone will call you and look over the internet connection.'

This evening Ailing waited for the call, while the internect connection became weak and instable again. However, shortly before the man called, it started to feel better. The man listened to Ailing's story and told her that noone could come to look after her internet connection as the strange occurences happened after 8 o' clock and noone worked at this time.

As he could not help her either, Ailing had to accept the poor health of her beloved internet connection. But she believes that one day it will recover from his strange illness and they will live happily ever after.

The End

Breaks my heart, seriously
like real seriously, fu provider

At least I can use the time the thing lets me down to blog or to study!

K, tomorrow is V-day~ Gotta prepare for my date... not.

I honestly - just out of sheer curiosity - wonder if I will ever
(don't need to cry for me)
  ever ever blog about having a V-day date and not bluff.
Well not this year and let me make a sophisticated guess - not next year either!

However if I should have, I would seriously crack up, because I hate love, and I love hate

But really, I have an immediate deep affection towards people calling themselves perfectly happy singles, because for most people that kind of thing does not exist!
I de facto don't see any huge improvement of living circumstances in a boyfriend, except he is awesome.

awesome as in Kpop idol, or Japanese actor or the like~

Chu, Ailing

P/s: I know I once said that I hate cherry tree graphics, because they are retarded mainstream fuck and that I would never use one in my blog.
So I shall leave you with this:
This post's banner is not a cherry tree

I am seriously not positive about the species of that plant.

Monday, 11 February 2013


I can't stop thinking about Chinese New Year and the fact that I never get angpow.
It's so unfair and sad and boring! Am I Asian or not?

Now that I'm thinking about it, it's actually a wonder that I even know that angpow exists. My family is so un-Asian somehow~ Mostly it's a good thing, but angpow lah! I want!

Is it because I grew up/ starting to become disillusioned/ realistic/ pessimistic or why can't I be arsed to give two flying fucks about new years anymore? Come and go lah, I am me forever!!
I don't want to sound too gloomy, I believe in change, but it happens whether or not humankind invented years.



是什麼 讓我遇見這樣的你
是什麼 讓我不再懷疑自己
是什麼 讓我不再害怕失去
I am dust in the universe
Drifting in this vast sea of people
Occasionally dropping into someone's heart
How I wish to never leave again

I am dust in the universe
An insignificant state of being
Occasionally being someone's most loved
How I wish to believe eternity exists

What made me meet someone like you?
What made me stop doubting myself?
What made me no longer fear loss?
In this vast sea of people
I don't want to become transparent

À propos,
白安's (Ann) 是什麼讓我遇見這樣的你 is wonderful. I like the dust in the universe imagery

And the universe/firework version of the MV. 'Universe is kewl', says hipsteress.
(Not that the guy in the story MV is not handsome as fuck~ I can't seem to find out his name though ㅠㅠ 請給我有關他的資料)

It reminds me of Sophie's World, this books has really moulded my childhood, teenage years and whatnot. This is because my father sent me and my bro into the movie when we were age 5 (or so). After that he bought the audio book and it's really good, so I kept listening to it forever.

Anyways, one of the characters believes that humans are made out of stardust. Actually never moved me one bit, but in Bai An's song it's kind of beautiful.

So how did we spend New Year's Eve?
Father: reading The Times
Mother: knitting (ok she made me a wonderful K-style scarf muffler ▶ cannot complain
Brother: playing piano
Ailing: complain!

I bet that normal Asian families are having huge gatherings, do the karaoke and festive food etc.

I am taking pics very diligently, but posting them everytime is not o wise, I reckon. Since their quality is not that overwhelming. And I can't decide on what colouring I should use.
I actually like those a bit sombre and quite mundane kind of colouring. But somehow, I think it wouldn't look really great on my blog. And I own so many pink things, they would look out of place.

Ok, another post written. I wish you all a very awesome Black Snake Year !!!
ñaþro ħasas

Parseltongue greetings
Chu, Ailing

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Just a quick message to inform you all about the arrival of my DSLR.
Hands down, even the most derpest person on earth owns one now.

My mother - full of grace as she is - sometimes - decided to get one!
She's actually totally weird.

I tried to persuade her to buy one months ago, of course she wouldn't want to hear about spending money on such a heavy brick, which only I use.
Then suddenly about a week ago, all of a sudden she told me that I should check DSLR prices in Japan, as she found that she had 500bucks for a camera...

The same thing happened when I was 10 and demanded for 2nd earlobe piercing. Forbidden!
1 year later - long forgotten were the hot wishes of my youth
They have passed like rain on the mountain, like wind in the meadow.
- she nearly forced me to get them done.

I ordered the camera from a very very dubious site, but they sold it for so cheap!
Everything went smooth though, so my doubts were unjustified, but the site was really weird. When ordering from more unknown smaller sites, I'd always check if all their links (like FAQ, About Us, Contact) really work and on this site a few links (Facebook Profile linked to twitter.com) didn't work, so I was a bit worried.

But no risk, no fun, I saved so much money ㅋㅋ

Anyways, here are my first act pro tries with my new toy, which I decided to baptize. I only need a name. (That is because I know a dude who named his cam Carmen #wtf)

My new Ikea lamp, Tisdag, which is a beautiful piece of art. I love the white matte finish, the shape of the neck (?) and that it's a LED lamp (green and economical).
The Little Twin Stars calendar is also just too cute!

Somehow I find that the wooden panels make my my room look a bit cottage style.

I always plan to get a FT Island desk calendar, but actually it's not too awesome and the pastel colorfulness of Litte Twin Stars is to-die-for.

Reminds me of CNY. We never celebrate CNY, because my family actually is a bit very the intellectual, aristocrat diplomat-ish, so we don't play with any Asian family. Actually, we don't really know any Asian family. I don't really mind, only that I never get angpow. ㅠㅠ

My YOURꙄƎYƎLIE tee. It comes in a very chic packaging, which surprisingly wasn't really damaged during its transport from Thailand!
I never know they ship it straight from their factory, since I assumed that it was a British label.

It took them really a long time to send, maybe because they are made to order? I think I waited nearly two weeks before I received a shipment confirmation.
But it's nice that they state a low price.

The tee is very nice, but the print is actually not as high quality as I had thought.

Oh yeah, I found an amazing blog of a photographer from Kyoto. My new backgrounds are his work ♥

Chu, Ailing