Monday, 11 February 2013


I can't stop thinking about Chinese New Year and the fact that I never get angpow.
It's so unfair and sad and boring! Am I Asian or not?

Now that I'm thinking about it, it's actually a wonder that I even know that angpow exists. My family is so un-Asian somehow~ Mostly it's a good thing, but angpow lah! I want!

Is it because I grew up/ starting to become disillusioned/ realistic/ pessimistic or why can't I be arsed to give two flying fucks about new years anymore? Come and go lah, I am me forever!!
I don't want to sound too gloomy, I believe in change, but it happens whether or not humankind invented years.



是什麼 讓我遇見這樣的你
是什麼 讓我不再懷疑自己
是什麼 讓我不再害怕失去
I am dust in the universe
Drifting in this vast sea of people
Occasionally dropping into someone's heart
How I wish to never leave again

I am dust in the universe
An insignificant state of being
Occasionally being someone's most loved
How I wish to believe eternity exists

What made me meet someone like you?
What made me stop doubting myself?
What made me no longer fear loss?
In this vast sea of people
I don't want to become transparent

À propos,
白安's (Ann) 是什麼讓我遇見這樣的你 is wonderful. I like the dust in the universe imagery

And the universe/firework version of the MV. 'Universe is kewl', says hipsteress.
(Not that the guy in the story MV is not handsome as fuck~ I can't seem to find out his name though ㅠㅠ 請給我有關他的資料)

It reminds me of Sophie's World, this books has really moulded my childhood, teenage years and whatnot. This is because my father sent me and my bro into the movie when we were age 5 (or so). After that he bought the audio book and it's really good, so I kept listening to it forever.

Anyways, one of the characters believes that humans are made out of stardust. Actually never moved me one bit, but in Bai An's song it's kind of beautiful.

So how did we spend New Year's Eve?
Father: reading The Times
Mother: knitting (ok she made me a wonderful K-style scarf muffler ▶ cannot complain
Brother: playing piano
Ailing: complain!

I bet that normal Asian families are having huge gatherings, do the karaoke and festive food etc.

I am taking pics very diligently, but posting them everytime is not o wise, I reckon. Since their quality is not that overwhelming. And I can't decide on what colouring I should use.
I actually like those a bit sombre and quite mundane kind of colouring. But somehow, I think it wouldn't look really great on my blog. And I own so many pink things, they would look out of place.

Ok, another post written. I wish you all a very awesome Black Snake Year !!!
ñaþro ħasas

Parseltongue greetings
Chu, Ailing

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