Thursday, 26 March 2009

SGC *09 S/S Special + Men's Stage

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Hola! Buenos tardes!
*babble babble bla bla*

I hope you had a fine week, mine was quite mathematical.
Wrote test today leh =.=

Anyway, as I promised I will post the

SHIBUYA GS 2009 S/S Men's + Special Stage

Since the men look really a bit the ugly one!
So I will also cmt on their looks {for entertainement matters}

Let*s go



#1,2 Damn fat one. And I thing the collat is jux strange. Right one is Tsubasa*s... Naoki Umeda? Dunno~

#3,4 OMG Speciall the right one, can looolzz Fashion not so exciting~

#5 Whooo! A bright spot in the world of unlovely male japanese models xD Yuu Something... Shirota?


#6,7 Not my style {thought the boots on the left are cool} Hair is cruel.. and aso that short-waistcoat thingy~

#8,9 I think actually the guy on the left isn't that unhandsome~ He might be real handsome one!
As for the guy on the right: *beurk* Europeans!/Western guy !!!

#10,11 No comment! The outfits themselves are ugly enough~


#12,13 ❤___________________________❤
Did totally NOT recognize Oguri Shun {not cuz he looks different, jux because I wasn*t prepared to see him!}. But *siiiigggh* Totally cute.
The one on the right is kinda weird. But still!

#14,15 Both look great. I think that the outfits of *Buzz Spunky* are the best!
And now I really think that I like like the guy on the left!

#16,17 Toooooo cooooooooooool!!!!! Aso the guy on the left dun look that fat anymore? Is it the clothes????? He really looks fucking cute meh!
And btw I love the plasters ❤

#18,19 This is not Tsubasa~ But I think it's Naoki Umeda {is it Naoko?????} And they are wearing those punkboots Dos Martens boots !


#20,21 Not my style! But it loooks so damn manga, that I would absolutely want to marry the guy who wears that style! Look at the hair of the right guy man! Gosh!!!

#22,23 This is 100% Naoki Umeda... {I should google his name} OMG it*s really Naoki....
Anyway, is he handsome or what?


#24,25 dots ...

#26,27 Who's the guy on the left? Is it aso an actor ? {from Hana Kimi e.g.? }

#28,29 Well....... dunno


#30,31 Jux beautiful bikinis~ Damn the left one so skinny leh~

#32,33 You should have seen the chick on the right posing eh...... I think she had 10 mins for her *run/ walk* I mean she IS skinny and everything, but it was annoying to watch her =.=

Fanta x DazzliN'

#34,35 just LOVE ❤ I hate Fanta as drink, but it*s fashion is hooooot !!! {I think it's Tsuaba on the right, innit?}



#38,39 100% CHIO ! AND DAAAAMN SKINNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#40,41 I like these two looks. They got style~

#42 This dress too !!!

#43 Chio, rite?

#44 This one aso Tsuabsa I think. This dress seems most Barbie to me!


#45,46 I like these two dresses. They are very cute and a bit lingerie-style, but still wearable.

#47,48 These outfits are very funky loolzz I like them.

#49,50 Totally perfect to party ! I like the black fringe thingy and the white ankel boots!

#51,52 I love the striped dress and that yellow top ! Aren't the ribbon + flounces chio ?


#53,54 COOLNESS !!!!!!!!!! I dunno which I like more. One greater than the other !

#55 Tsubasa and Naoki !^^ the other way round actually

Princess Collection

#56,57 I just like the playfulness of these two !!! The shoes are aso awesome!

#57,58 I do like the hair and the face of the right one more than the thing she's wearing~
But well........ her shoes are remarkable. Right outfit is cuter, the model seems the to be VERY skinny.

#59,60 I love that kimono thing !!!!!!!!!!!!! It just looks so cool somehow, bust still so traditional~
You know traditional cool! {I should stop mentioning the shoes}

#61,62 I think this is very Barbie like xD When I was little I painted princess dresses like this !^^

#63,64 This dress is awesome too! Though the model's ruining it a bit hehex

KREVA x Ravijour

#65,66 At last the underwear pics xD I specially like the things the models are holding xD

#67,68 Ok, this two underwear sets themselves are aso totally cute xD Specially the tutu-trouser thingy !

#69,70 KAWAIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!

#70,72 Last One. Cute. !

Phew! Done
My favo collections: Fanta x DazzliN' of course, then Buzz Spunky and .......
let*s say I love every female collection xD

Now here's the vid of Buzz Spunky

{Watch the vid in HD btw, it*s totally worth it. The graphics are jux awesome!}

A propos, the guys are crazy xD

So, that was it~
Errm... I think I won't be uploading pics of the TGC, because it's boring really.
But we'll see !^^

Now, have a nice day everbody xD

CHU, ailing

P/s: I should definitely stop to eat those rotten~ {not really} rock-hard gummy bears from Halloween 2008!
I have {been having?} stomack pains since two days already hor!

P/p/s: The reason for why I always ask if this is really this person or not, is that I totally can't dinstinguish asian people/stars. They look all the same!
Specially the women, meh! One like the other!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Oh My Fucking Dog !!! / SGC S/S *09

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Wah Lao Eh! Acting so cute buay cute lor !!!

Wa !
So goddman long time no blog man!
No look at that lian buay lian face hor !
Fucking long time no blogging now come back with that face there. SHIT!

Anyway, I think it*s approperiate to say *I*m back wtf!*
But since I hate that phrase~ *strikeout*
So, why is today such mega totally good weather, ah ?!
It*s 100 Million degree out there or so, sun shining, everything is bright
Why poor me is sitting here and blog?

Why bad weather no blog?

I dunno, I only know that I am sick of layouting, so I decided to blog~
Eh, last weeks only layouted stuff man! No, I miss a important *thing* to go on and aso it dun really grab me anymore !

But since I layouted so daamn much, I fell for Gyaru again!
OMG Gyaru are sooooo totally SUGOI !!!!!!!!
I heart the fashion so much lah !!!!!!!!!!
I heart their hair man !!!!

Whytf did I dye my hair dark again ?!
Why ah?
Gosh, I got short black hair !!!!!! So absolutely No-Gyaru !!!!
But more to my black hair some other time~

Talking about Fashion, I got two very nice pair of shoes.
One kinda ankle boots with crystals, other is fringe sandals. No pics, too lazy !^^

No, no shoe pics. I didn*t want to talk about my shoes, but about GYARU FASHION, HOR !!!!
Therefore 53 awesome breathaking pichas are waiting for you!
Kindyl wait to load xD
Now lean back and be prepared!

Will post some favo pics of the

Shibuya Girls Collection S/S 09

Damn Sugoi I tell ya !


#1 I dun like this kind of *pattern* normally, but look at the hair! AWESOME !!!

#2,3 They look gorgeous man !!! I just heart the ribbons to the 100% max.
And that pink jelly bag hor !!!

#4,5 Aso so kawaii !!! Just damn style man !

#6 Cute! Long dresses don't suit me though~


#7,8 What turf! So fashionable man! Specially the fringe + red dress !!!

#9, 10 The skirts are just WONDERFULL !!!!

#11 I love the skirts of DazzliN'


#12,13 Daamn Sio !!! OMG the skirts + hair !!!! Bags aso nice !!!!!!!!!!!!

#14,15 As I said above. I add gorgeous shoes + the pink quilted bag !!!!!!


#16, 17 100% SAAAAHHHHHHHHHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#18,19 Man.... Jude !!!! I love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#20,21 Look at the coolness man ! (Is there such word?) Somehow the right one got nice tan~


#22,23 Not that my style, but still rox !!!

#24,25 Both so fashionable (look at the shoes !!!) Left overall one is so saaaaht !

#26 A great outfit !!!!!


#27,28 OMG one of my favo brand !!! Just totally Glam meh? Dotted leggins so nice!

#29,30 *speechless* So Haaaawwwwt !!!!!!!!!!!!!

#31,32 That*s so 100% Chio. Damn can ! The skirts, the hair everything. I WANT !!!!!!


#33, 34 I love the casualty of these looks. And the dots. Lovely !

#35,36 Cool ans casual !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice hor !

#37, 38 What should I say? Perfect? The right one is so glam !!!!! C.H.I.O x3


#39,40 I love flounced stuff !!!!!! The hat is cute !!!!!!!!

#41,42 The shoes are top !!!! Skirts aso very can !!!! Specially the combi of the pink skirt + belt !

#43 I said I love flounces right? This layout is 100% Chio AND Sexy !!!!


#44, 45 Ultimative rock !!!!! SAHT SAHT BOH CHIOH !!!!!

#46,47 A bit punk ! But still so great! (I wanted to ps the thighs of the left one lah)

#48,49 I love! I love! I love! And btw the face of the left one so cute, rite?

one way

#50,51 Cute ans casual !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really kawaii !^^

#52 I love the cute jumpsuit !!!!!!!! I guess that chick is 155 cm !!!!

I think you like this years SGC as much as I did.
It*s just awesomeness man !!!!!

I love JSG, album, delyle, dizzy, shake shake, rose fan fan most!
Here's a vid of the EGOIST show !

Gosh there are so many pics, which I want to show y*all, but loolzz
it sucks to load the page rite?
And aso I'm so fucking lazy.
Thousands of pics man, I hope next time I can show you the Special Shows and also the Men*s brand stage !!!

And still there was the TGC~ (Not as glam as SGC~)
Really much to do for a switch off like me !^^

So my humblest apologizes for leaving you alone for so many boring postless daes.
I hereby solemnly promise to reform !!!!

Since I love love love love heart Gyaru again so totally much, I tried 2 edit this picha *Popteen* like!
Can or not? xD

Well then~
Until next time,

Chu, Aini xD