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SGC *09 S/S Special + Men's Stage

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Hola! Buenos tardes!
*babble babble bla bla*

I hope you had a fine week, mine was quite mathematical.
Wrote test today leh =.=

Anyway, as I promised I will post the

SHIBUYA GS 2009 S/S Men's + Special Stage

Since the men look really a bit the ugly one!
So I will also cmt on their looks {for entertainement matters}

Let*s go



#1,2 Damn fat one. And I thing the collat is jux strange. Right one is Tsubasa*s... Naoki Umeda? Dunno~

#3,4 OMG Speciall the right one, can looolzz Fashion not so exciting~

#5 Whooo! A bright spot in the world of unlovely male japanese models xD Yuu Something... Shirota?


#6,7 Not my style {thought the boots on the left are cool} Hair is cruel.. and aso that short-waistcoat thingy~

#8,9 I think actually the guy on the left isn't that unhandsome~ He might be real handsome one!
As for the guy on the right: *beurk* Europeans!/Western guy !!!

#10,11 No comment! The outfits themselves are ugly enough~


#12,13 ❤___________________________❤
Did totally NOT recognize Oguri Shun {not cuz he looks different, jux because I wasn*t prepared to see him!}. But *siiiigggh* Totally cute.
The one on the right is kinda weird. But still!

#14,15 Both look great. I think that the outfits of *Buzz Spunky* are the best!
And now I really think that I like like the guy on the left!

#16,17 Toooooo cooooooooooool!!!!! Aso the guy on the left dun look that fat anymore? Is it the clothes????? He really looks fucking cute meh!
And btw I love the plasters ❤

#18,19 This is not Tsubasa~ But I think it's Naoki Umeda {is it Naoko?????} And they are wearing those punkboots Dos Martens boots !


#20,21 Not my style! But it loooks so damn manga, that I would absolutely want to marry the guy who wears that style! Look at the hair of the right guy man! Gosh!!!

#22,23 This is 100% Naoki Umeda... {I should google his name} OMG it*s really Naoki....
Anyway, is he handsome or what?


#24,25 dots ...

#26,27 Who's the guy on the left? Is it aso an actor ? {from Hana Kimi e.g.? }

#28,29 Well....... dunno


#30,31 Jux beautiful bikinis~ Damn the left one so skinny leh~

#32,33 You should have seen the chick on the right posing eh...... I think she had 10 mins for her *run/ walk* I mean she IS skinny and everything, but it was annoying to watch her =.=

Fanta x DazzliN'

#34,35 just LOVE ❤ I hate Fanta as drink, but it*s fashion is hooooot !!! {I think it's Tsuaba on the right, innit?}



#38,39 100% CHIO ! AND DAAAAMN SKINNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#40,41 I like these two looks. They got style~

#42 This dress too !!!

#43 Chio, rite?

#44 This one aso Tsuabsa I think. This dress seems most Barbie to me!


#45,46 I like these two dresses. They are very cute and a bit lingerie-style, but still wearable.

#47,48 These outfits are very funky loolzz I like them.

#49,50 Totally perfect to party ! I like the black fringe thingy and the white ankel boots!

#51,52 I love the striped dress and that yellow top ! Aren't the ribbon + flounces chio ?


#53,54 COOLNESS !!!!!!!!!! I dunno which I like more. One greater than the other !

#55 Tsubasa and Naoki !^^ the other way round actually

Princess Collection

#56,57 I just like the playfulness of these two !!! The shoes are aso awesome!

#57,58 I do like the hair and the face of the right one more than the thing she's wearing~
But well........ her shoes are remarkable. Right outfit is cuter, the model seems the to be VERY skinny.

#59,60 I love that kimono thing !!!!!!!!!!!!! It just looks so cool somehow, bust still so traditional~
You know traditional cool! {I should stop mentioning the shoes}

#61,62 I think this is very Barbie like xD When I was little I painted princess dresses like this !^^

#63,64 This dress is awesome too! Though the model's ruining it a bit hehex

KREVA x Ravijour

#65,66 At last the underwear pics xD I specially like the things the models are holding xD

#67,68 Ok, this two underwear sets themselves are aso totally cute xD Specially the tutu-trouser thingy !

#69,70 KAWAIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!

#70,72 Last One. Cute. !

Phew! Done
My favo collections: Fanta x DazzliN' of course, then Buzz Spunky and .......
let*s say I love every female collection xD

Now here's the vid of Buzz Spunky

{Watch the vid in HD btw, it*s totally worth it. The graphics are jux awesome!}

A propos, the guys are crazy xD

So, that was it~
Errm... I think I won't be uploading pics of the TGC, because it's boring really.
But we'll see !^^

Now, have a nice day everbody xD

CHU, ailing

P/s: I should definitely stop to eat those rotten~ {not really} rock-hard gummy bears from Halloween 2008!
I have {been having?} stomack pains since two days already hor!

P/p/s: The reason for why I always ask if this is really this person or not, is that I totally can't dinstinguish asian people/stars. They look all the same!
Specially the women, meh! One like the other!

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