Wednesday, 1 April 2009


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I want to live! I want to read! I want to travel! I want to dance! I want to learn! I want to shop! I want to cook! I want to paint! I want to jog! I want to party! I want to blog! I want to plant! I want to play! I want to enjoy! I want to run! I want to breath! I want to watch! I want to sing! I want to listen! I want to write! I want to relax! I want to lie! I want to eat! I want to tidy! I want to be!

On warm afternoons in spring, when the windows were open, you could hear kids screaming on the streets outside.
And also all kind of other noises, the spring had woken up only a few days ago.
There were birds twittering, dogs barking, you could here the faint voices of people speaking, and even the sound of cars were beautiful in your ears.
They awaken feelings in your heart, dreams and longings.
Freedom and Happiness.
Little joys.

Do you know the feeling when you notice that you don't live your life to the fullest?
When just want your life to be more than school and computer and eating and drinking day after day? Without realizing that time is passing and wasted?

Often I want my life to be more 'sophisticated'.

I just feel that I do nth everyday. I get nth, I achieve nth, I create nth.
That sucks.

I mean there are so many things, that I want to do.

I want to educate myself. I want to read. I fucking finally want to read 'Everyone Worth Knowing' already.
I want to learn Japanese, I want to learn Chinese, I want to learn Spanish.
I want to learn to knit~

I want to train myself. I want to do sports. I want to go jogging with a friend.

I just want to do sth with my time =.=

Anyways hor I go shopping wit a frn tml, I gotta make use of my Glamour Shopping Card man.
And of course of the wonderful weather.
The shining sun makes even me wanting the summer. I want to wear short dresses and stuff I just bought~
Though actually I'm not that spring+sun+summer-love person~
As Douglas Adamns correctly says
Spring is overrated

I hope that I, though I am 100% stony broke, will still manage to buy some candied things via the money of my mom (which she is owing my anways)~
I already got two TOP MUST BUYS.
But won't tell you abt them yet (=.=)

Well, after that we go into 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'.
Whoo, long time ago sine I lastly enjoyed a good movie. I am convinced that this movie gonna be great, but I guess I have to put up with (in Kauf nehmen) a little fucktarded love story.

And now sth amusing for you, but rather embarassing for me.
But well blog is aso to entertainment, confirm!

So the other day, I went to the doctors and had to make a urins specimen.
I went to the receptionist and she gave me a tube with a screw cap and in that
tube was a fucking other tube with screw cap
, which was fucking nearly as big as the other one.

I went to the toilet.
And now my problem was not that I couldn't piss, no!
I really had to take a piss back then!
I unscrewed the bigger tube and wanted to take out the smaller one.
Impossible job lah.

First I just turned it upside down and foolish as I was, I expected the smaller one to fall out into my waiting heands. Not happening dude!
Ok, then I just try to grab it with my fingers, like with a pair of tweezers.

Not gonna work, as expected.

Shake, shake shake again. Nothing.

'What you doing, lah. I bet there's some technique to get the smaller tube out very easily. Guess the chick at the reception knows how to do it' - I went out and asked her to help me with that things.
No such thing hor!

She told me that she is as smart / dumb as I and I should try to hit this thingy against something hard.

Back I went into the toilet.
Ok, something hard. The wash basin seems to be quite hard.
But isn't the sound embarassing?

So instead of banging that thing against the washbasin I banged it against my hand, which hurted like shit!
Then I turned it upside down again and knocked against it with my fist.


Change of methods: Method of civilized human
I took out the pair of sciccors in my pencil case and tried to used them as tweezers.
Well without deforming and nearly tearing the bigger tube I achieved nothing.

Stop to think:
Damn lah, so fucking embarassing. I've been stuck here since 20 min already !!!!!
SHIT !!!!!

Again, I took the tube and hit it against my hand, which was still very noisy, since the smaller one banged against the bigger one.
And I think s.o. who stupidly stood outside could have guess from the sounds that I tried to do sth very exhausting in there~

Suddenly I heard voices out there.
Some man was talking to the receptionist.

What's when anyone has to go to the toilet. Fuck!

Well, then I decided to take a piss first, since I had to piss since half an hour already.
Luckily there were plastic beakers (Becher) around, so I could collect my piss in order to tip it into the smaller tube afterwards.

Gosh, piss is fucking warm, didn't know.
AND didn't know that I piss so much lah. The beaker got more than full.

So after pissing I continued to repeat my stupid methods of getting that thing out, while still there were people outside talking =.=
DAMN !!!

THEN, then my dear readers I had THE idea.
I spotted a bottle of washing-up liquid. So I dripped some amount of it over the bigger tube (more exactly: I tried to tip it between the smaller tube and the rim of the bigger tube)
Then I turned the inner tube a bit, so that the liquid would be distributed everywhere around the smaller tube, so it's 'oiling' effect would be even more efffective
Then I turned it upside down again, and hit the bottom of the tube another time.
YAAAAAHEAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I turned it back to see what I achieved.
Or not?
Again I madly knocked at the bottom of the tube.

And then after some fucking long time of hammering against it, the smaller tube slided out.

Took me half an fucking hour to do that, for fucksake!!!

I poured my piss into it and went outside as fast as possible.
After washing my hands several times, cleaning away the washing-up liquid and wasting enormous amounts of paper.

GEeezZ! Who would invent such stupid tubes?
I cannot really comment on this fucktard stupidity~

Now this is the end.
We got Easter Holidaes, so hope you gonna enjoy your free weeks and do nice things.

I gotta plan mine+ my frnz travel to Paris and London.
I rly wonder how ex this gonna get~

Ah, I aso wanted to tell ya, that I'm back to watching Bleach.
I totally loves it !
It's not Naruto's niveau, but aso the stories are nice and interesting to watch.
The jokes could keep abreast of Naruto (mithalten).

Now paipai!^^
I'm Off!

P/s: just wanted write sth here~

Edit: now i got sth to say
I wanted to do that thing wit the washing-up liquid earlier wit (liquid) soap, but there was only a piece of hard soap (kernseife)


  1. ja ich kenne das gefühl, mein leben nicht in vollem maße auszuschöpfen. und wie ich das kenne! meine jugend ist eine vergeudung... und mein tagesablauf ist so in etwa dasselbe, was du beschrieben hast - schule und pc, essen und trinken. mein leben ist voll sinnlos (nicht im übertragenen selbstmordsinne xD)

    hach ich wuerde auch gerne viele sprachen beherrschen. und dafür tue ich am anfang auch viel, aber sobald ich die basics kann, hab ich keinen bock mehr =_=
    und ich will mich beim instrumentespielen verbessern...

  2. Laechelnde Gesichter haben wir auch als Wahlplakate. Bis jetzt sah ich nur welche von der SPD. Freut mich, dass dir mein layi gefaellt ^0^ ja die Sportschuhe aus Deichmann haben nicht so fette kappen zwischen den schnuersenkeln, man kann sie aber dennoch vor die Hose ziehen ^o^

    ich Spiele Keyboard, fange diesen Sommer u. U. Mit Geige an, wenn ich zur poette komm. Hab mir einiges selber beigebracht, aber das hilft nicht. Wuerd gern auf Klavier umsteigen aber meine Eltern geschweige denn ich haben nicht das notwendige Kleingeld dafuer ... Andere wollen es wiederum nicht erlernen, kriegen das jedoch bezahlt -.-