Sunday, 19 April 2009

Blah Blah Blaah.

Music: 1

You kno how bored I am?

I dunno what to blog, I dunno IF to blog.

And I got nth to share wit u, except that vid above maybe.

But I'm sure that as ignorant as you are, you didn't/won't/aren't/haven't watched it.


So dun complain if this post is pointless.

I really wonder what I should blog abt.

I have another post saved as draft, but I'm too lazy to edit the pics for that one =.=
I really hate pics, I dunno if everyone hate pics or if it is really only me.

I hate taking pics, I hate transferring pics, I hate editing pics.


Ax, I'm sick of it.
I go try and make a new layout now~
(Not for my blog)

See you in some time.
It's all hopeless =.=

If you want to read sth really amusing, then read the post under this one.

chu aini

P/s: Tml school. Is it bitter that I reminded you?

1 comment :

  1. Heey na!
    Tut mir leid dass ich so spät zurück schreibe,
    aber wegen Abi ist es grad bisschen stressig xD
    Und wie gehts dir so?