Monday, 28 July 2008

Mambo Jambo.

Jeeeeez... Here I go again.
Weekend was mega-super-duper crappy. cuz~~~~~~ it*s jux to fucking hot.
It*s jux too hot !!!!!
How can anyone live under such circumstances... =.=
I hate heat.

Well... what did happen again???
Big Band concert. Whuaa. There was such a cute guy playing e-guitar !!!! He was so kawaiii... But he doesn*t play the e-guitar so well, he didn*t *go wiiiild*, like the other one. In the end my bro told me, that normally he plays a *blabla eldorado*-guitar and that he only played the e-guitar as a joke.

{WTF why is my internet so slow at the mo?}

Well they were playing really nice songs, only the stupid bitch who sat in front of me annoyed me. She was feeling like greatest and started to do embarassing *sexy*-dancing moves every time the band played.
I hate such ppl in a concert.

On song they played as a encore was called *Mambo Jambo/Cambo*. And in the middle and at the end of the song, there*s a little pause, when everyone screams *Mambo Jaaamboo* !!!
Now imagine a cute guy saying *Mambo Jaaamboo !!!*
Wuaaaahh xD
Kawaii, innit? ^~^

And today I*m going to the dance-performance. But I have to go alone !!! Which is soooo unfair... But my frn has stress wit her mother and so she very probably won*t be able to come tonight.
I rly gotta go alone? Hello? How stupid is that? =.=
Ec.. maybe I can persuade my bro to come wit me.... Maybe...

And now last weekend..... Jeeeez.. Well, first, last Saturday was a street party here.
My parents decided to flee and we went shopping {I got some nice things, but I*m to lazy to take pics, so another time....}
Then we went to my aunts, where I watched *American Gangster* wit bro + cousin.
Then at 0 a.m. we went home again. Those stupid ppl were still celebrating themselves outside!!!
My mum*s decision was fixed: We would wait in our car until they went home !!!
So we sat waiting...
for 1 hour...
for 1 hour 15 min.
Then I said that I wanted to go now !!! So they made me promise to sneak into the house very carefully so that noone of them would see me and not switching on the lights once I*m inside !!!
I followed their instructions and 1 h later or sth like that, my parents + bro aso came home...
I was already sleeping. My bro also went to bed, while my parents were getting ready, when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Frnz of my parents came to visit us !!!!
Can*t believe, eh?! They were snowing in at 2 a.m. !!! No kidding, man!
I only thought: *How impertinent and impudent!!! {unverschämt und dreist}
Bu Gan Xiang Xin !!!

Well, seemed like my parents didn*t bother since they then talked to them until 5 a.m.

Later that day {12 p.m.} we went to... errr.......................... my uncels*.... and wit him and his wife + lil cute kids we went to a lil town, where we ate ice-cream.
Then we went home again and had a special vietnamese banquet.

And this is where I shall post some pics, or you will fall asleep because of the boringness of this post....

#1 My dad*s plate

#2 Again {i dunno what the white thing is, but the rest is a leg of a crab and some vegetable}

#3 squid, shells from crabs etc, tofu, oysters, prawns...i think {back to front}

#4 My dad*s plate again: vegetable, oysters

#5 The table

#6 glass noodles at the front

#7 prawns

#8 My plate: tofu and some sort of noodles

#9 My cute cousin

#10 My cute cousins {the boy is awsome cute}

#11 Both posing {nearly}

So, this was everything that happened I think........
Oh wait, I aso went celebrating my frnz graduation wit her and another girl !^^
We jux dined out... Nth special !^^
The End.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Jeez these days are so stressful, that I barely got time to do anything.
And I*m jux blogging this, because I*d be too lazy to blog this some other time.

Well but I guess it*s always stressful at the end of a school year.

#1 Stress factor:
The SummerConcert{s}, for piano and guitar.
It*s pure stress to come to the practices runs{?/Proben}. Yesterday, I had school until 1.45 pm and had to be at the music school by 2pm. I was late, my bro couldn*t come at all, because he had a practice run wit the BigBand he*s playing in. So I had my piano lesson and went home at 2.45pm
At 3 p.m. both, my bro and me had to be at the music school again, to rehearse our concert piece {?} wit all the other piano players. Home again at abt 4.40pm.
And at 6.30pm we had to head to other guitar lesson, which also was the last lesson before the guitar summer concert.
I will be playing Beethoven*s *Moonlight Sonate*

What a wonderful summer piece !^^

#2 Stress factor:
My school*s summer celebration.
This yrs celebration will have a a motto: *We are international* So every class has to pick a topic concerning this theme and do sth with it. My class decided to inform our visitors abt a patres/father, who helps ppl in south-africa right now and who was a former student of our school. We also want to collect donations to support his work.
Me and my friend were entrusted wit the burden to do the *information-work*. We interviewed the patres and are going to make some posters abt Zimbabew, South Africa and himself tomorrow.

#3 Stress factor:
My brothers BigBand concert
which is tomorrow evening. It is also stressful for me, cuz he is too stupid to go to his practice runs and it*s me who has to remind him all the time. And he always practices at the late night time, around 10-11pm =.=

#4 Stress factor:
Many events I want to go to
My frn*s play/theatrical performance {Theateraufführung}. She plays in *The Wave*. I dunno if you know the movie, it was in the cinemas a few weeks ago and is after the book *The Wave*.
The Wave is the book after a true story which happened in the U.S., where a teacher wants so show his students how all Germans became Nazis. He started a project, which was callled *The Wave*. The project escalated, the teacher became power-crazed, his students started to beat others, who didn*t want to become a memer of *The Wave*

2nd: I aso want to go to the performance of our school*s dancers. I danced there too 2 yrs ago, but had to quit because I didn*t have enough time anymore and now I rly envy them, cuz dancing for such a large audience is always a great event. And the performances are rly,rly good. Everybody loves them, esspecially the ones from our dance theatre.

#5,6,7 Stress factor:
Driving lessons =.= The nxt one is in 44 min.
School*s Sports day... is only nxt I dunno what day, but I hate sports and all my frns gonna be *ill*, so it rly gives me a hard to think of a plausible excuse why I can*t come, too.
Visitors this weekend... I hate visitors, esspecially those wit kids at the age from 8-15 yrs =.=

So, I got 7 reasons to be totally stressed out {xD, is there such a expression?}
And when this whole crap is over, I*m rly ready to receive my report =.=
Blah, but at least I then have holidaes~~~~~~~~~~~~
Wuuuuuaaaaaaajiiiii {as u see rite now i*m not stressed but bored}
But I only wait for the beginning of my driving lesson~~~~~~~
LaaLaaLaaBlah. Ok, I*m going now...
P.S.: I always discover awful spelling mistakes after I publish my posts. I you read this post before I reread it and find some, pls dun laugh at me =.= Making them is enough of a punish...

Monday, 21 July 2008


Hello everybody!
Me wit a brandnew post again!^^
Though nth special occured in my life, I*m posting so you all know that I*m still alive {and somehow that *still alive*- phrase sounds so overused =.=}
Talking about *still alive* and Hiatus-stuff.
Look at this: + + + SSD - ON HIATUS + + + -
err.... ok, for those of you who dun understand german that doesn*t make much sense.
Anyway, that stupid page is - obviously - ON HIATUS. And if you click on all the affilates of this page, they are all ON HIATUS, too !!!
Isn*t that a bit too much?

All leaving touching msgs like:
Yeah, as you see I*m on hiatus now. I dunno when I will come again, but I really got to care more for my life/ school. Sry, but I won*t work on this site anymore.
But {and that*s the ridiculous thing} I want to make a new site again. I only have to work out a nice layout and stuff I want to upload.
Some didn*t take the *I'll explain it carefully to you so you can cope wit me disappearing*-way, but tried the *Let me shock you!*- way:
"Yupp, I*m gone."
"That*s it. I will be on hiatus now." , because some stupid bla + 'I will be back soon wit a new bla'

Huh? Are you kidding me? YOU want to take a break, but at the same time you will start a new page? Where the fuck is the break?
I think they all think that staging {inszenieren} a nice Hiatus {which mades everybody cry}, is a good mean to get attention = visitors =.... Well it is, but I won*t elaborate this thought of mine, cuz I dun want this to turn into a mega-super-duper-rant.
Only this:
so.amazing the owner of this blog was esspecially inventive in thinking up a good reason for a hiatus.
Her reason: Sry, but my parents suddenly said that we would go on holiday.
Whuat?! Since when is a holiday a hiatus?! Honestly, do they have to use every possible opportunity, so they can say that they are on a hiatus? Are they so desperate?....
Well desperate enough to make me laugh. Jux poor.

But enough of my weird thoughts, here is some action !^^
I wrote this stuff back.... then.... so, it all says *today* but it wasn*t today, it was on last thursday

Today was our school hikin day. We hiked to a pond near to our school, ok it*s not necessarily near our school, but the distance was not long enough, to call it hiking when we walked to it.
Weather: dull/dreary/dismal
So it was not really nice to sit down at the grass and have a barbecue. Esspecially when noone took their things to BBQ with them. At the beginning we were jux sitting around, staring at the nature around us like daft.
Until the boys got the BBQ going and some other boys brought their steaks, etc to grill it. I took my cake out and everbody ate from it and it tasted *divine* xD
My english teacher had two pieces!!! !^^
We went home when it finally started to rain xD
So all in one: Quite a unsuccessful day, but after all not stressful.

Jeeez... a PINK, Louis Vuitton car. So kawaii !!!
I had my 1st driving lesson today and I gotta say that driving is not as difficult as I imagined.
My mistakes are:
x I always forgot to decelerate/ throttle back {vom Gas gehen}, when I
change/shift gears.
x I always drive too close to the pavement/ sidewalk.
My nxt lesson is on monday !^^ was today, the real today.
Today is monday.
My 1st mistake is a bit gone now....
and the 2nd mistake has extended/broadend. I always drive from one extreme to the other, means either too much at the left or the right side =.=

As for Vietnam: YAAAAAAAY............ xD Loolzz
Well my mum bought tons of shoes for my aunt {and for herself}. And sometimes I really ask myself what my mum was thinking, She bought the same pair of shoes twice!
And that*s not the 1st time. She already bought a thing twice 2 times, an other pair of shoes and trousers.
That shows her attitude towards her clothes. She has so much, she doesn*t/can*t care for them anymore. You should have seen my parents* room before my mom has changed our 2nd bathroom to her new wardobe. The mess was incredible.
I wanted to take a pic of it, but I was too lazy. I mean she has like...4 wardrobes already.
One of them is normal-sized, like two doors, there are only cloaks and stuff like that in it,
the 2nd one is the bathroom, which only contains longer clothes, i.e. also cloaks and dresses and so on,
3rd one is a bit bigger it got 5 doors and above them are other comparments to store stuff,
then the king queen-size wardobe, which stands in our basement. Don*t ask me how long and high it is, I dunno anymore and I*m too lazy to go down to have a look at it. But it*s at least ... 6 metres long and high enough to take a chair too look at the higher compartments.

Well she got more places where she stores her stuff, like our whole basements {which consists of 3 rooms !} to store her shoes, and also shelves where she has i dunno what.

Ah! And my mum bought mobiles for my two cousins. Actually she bought 5 mobiles, one for me, one for my bro, one for my younger cousin, one for my older cousin and one *jux in case*.
In what case exactly? I didn*t ask that... But sometimes her behaviour is strange.
But at least I know what I*ll buy my cousins. Some writing stuff from *Esprit*

And weee~~~~~~~~~~~ I gotta interrupt my writing phase again, cuz my dad wants to go to a furniture store and I want to go to....... I*ll finish this someday xD
I SWEAR man. {21/07/ 5.30pm}

ok.back {21/07/ 6,47pm}. we weren*t going to a furniture store but to a superstreo/home improvement warehouse {Baumarkt}. Ec ec what a loss of time... Anyway

Well, writing stuff from *Esprit*:

you get an idea. Colors blue+green and black+silver also available !^^

God! This post is so confusing and broken? it makes me sick...... ='(
Hmm....................... =.=
Should I delete the whole thing and edit it?....... It sucks...... doesn*t maaaatter.... I jux publish it and you guys read and comment, ya? *^-^*

ps.: WHUAT the fuck! why can*t I publish this shit ?!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Weekend full of Attractions.

As you see from the title, many things were done, seen and heard last weekend.

I was invited to a concert, which was last Friday. Since I play some instruments I*m often invited to concerts, which is a really cool thing, sometimes !^^. I went there wit my bro.
The concert was in a very romantic wine-growing estate/ winery. As you hear from the surroundings, it was not a pop concert, but a classical one.
The artists were Atanas Ourkouzounov {Guitar} and Mie Ogura {flute}.
The song above is called Macedonian Song, they played it at this concert. It*s very soft and smooth and restful.

All in all it was a very nice evening. They both play nice modern classic and Mie does great things wit her flute. In the end they gave two encores {Zugaben}.
After the concert, me and my bro had to wait for my parents to pick us up. So we went up and down a street while waiting. The city was very romantic. There were ppl sitting outside of restaurants, candles and lights were shining. Outside a restaurant was a big fountain, which stood upon a platform. I liked it very much, cuz it was very nice to climp up it*s steps and sit at it*s edge. If I went there with a frn, I could have talk to her for hours. Nearby was a antique shop, which was open at this time {10 p.m.}, so we also had a look at it.
Here are some pics of the area {area?}, but they aren*t good. My mobile is not a very good mean to take pics... but I get a new one soon !^^

#1 The fountain and the statue on it

#2 The sign {?} of a restaurant

#3 The fountain and the strange iron rings it had on two sites

#4 The fountain and the restaurant behin it

#5 Yeah, I*m repeating myself

#6 The restaurant

#7 The street

#8 An old building with 2 flags hanging out of it*s windows {the other can*t be seen}

#9 The street

#10 The fountain from the other side

#11 Again

#12 The water reflection

The other thing I have done was going to the fair in our town. I*m not a big fan of fairs, but well, going to this fair couldn*t cause any harm, so I went there wit my parents and bro. I only went to the Ferris wheel and the thing which has swings, you sit on the swings and then the whole thing turns round and round xD
I love these two ... attractions{?} Everytime I went to this Fair, I have been to these two... attractions.
No pics of me again. But many from the fair xD I love the colorful lights. And in the end my mom bought a King Size bag wit popcorn !^^
So I have been eating tons and tons of popcorn since Saturday. Does popcorn have many calories?

Here the wonderful pics of the fair, now in many bright colors {NOT shitty as those above}.

#1 The fair in the setting sun

#2 *The congress centre*

#3 The important thing is the Japanese flag

#4 The flume {Wildwasserbahn}

#5 A roller coaster {Achterbahn}

#6 A roundabout/merry-go-round/carousel/Karussell

#7 OMG so many sweets and those hearts, I want to have one!

#8 Pull at a string and see WHAT you win

#9 Cause every draw is a win! {as it says on the flag at the top}

#10 The round thing {with the swings} that spins

#11 Hawaiian Fruits: Fruits {coated} with finest chocolates chocolate xD

#12 The blessed Ferris wheel hiding

#13 Not anymore

#14 Different view

#15 a) 1st

#15 b) 2nd

#15 c) 3rd Finally all letters of Hong Kong are blinging !

#16 Taken on the Wheel

#17 That round thing to the left is hardcore

#18 More Hardcore than this high thing {in the center-left}

#19 Strange perspective

#20 OhMyDog so Kawaii !!! Tons of cuddly toys! Those round things, they were hanging on, spinned

#21 The same roundabout/ merry-go-wild/ carousel

#22 Something

#23 The Pull-the-strings- thing

#24 A Hello Kitty balloon

#25 Something different {among it a roller coaster}

#26 The end. Goodbye fair.

#27 Goodbye wit flash

[you must admit that I*m good at taking pics !]

At the same day, we also bought the tickets for the train to Frankfurt Airport. Yaayyy, I*m so excited abt flying to Vietnam !^^
Jeeez, only 4 weekend until we fly !!!! {n I still dun have presents for anyone}
My mom got nearly all presents together, and yesterday I checked the hotels near the house of my aunt. Jeez, I hate hotels, who don*t have an own homepage and I hate to get the information of these hotels through other sites. And some hotels are too stupid to show pics of the rooms they offer, or they are too stupid to say how many beds a room has =.=

One hotel was especially funny, on their site was an xtra site called *WARNING*. On this site they warned their guests against some very nasty, but original trick of their competitors:

Let*s call the hotel wit the homepage A. So some guest who want to go to hotel A, call a cab in order to get there. But the driver of the cab, doesn*t drive the guests to hotel A, but to hotel B. In hotel B they say: *Welcome to Hotel A, unfortunately, we*re booked-out. But we have a sister-hotel, it*s hotel C. You can go there*
Then the cab driver brings you to hotel C. Which is much worse than the hotel you wanted to go to, namely hotel A. After the cab arrives at hotel C, the driver get*s some money from the owner of Hotel C.*
And you were tricked xD
Different version:
You want to go to a hotel and take a cab to get there. But the cab takes you to another hotel. You don*t know that and think that you are brought to the hotel you wanted to go. When the cab arrives at the wrong hotel, they tell you, that they are booked out, but that they have a sister hotel somewhere else. They tell you to stay there.
You think that's ok, too, so the cab takes you to that hotel. Which is actually much worse than the hotel you really wanted to go to.
Once you arrived there, the driver of the cab gets money from the owner of the hotel you will stay now.
And this whole story was made up of the owner of the last hotel, so it get's (more) visitors, understand? And the cab driver gets money, because he helps them.

What do you think? I think it*s a wonderful example for the corrupt AND original way Vietnamese try to cheat. And yet it*s unintentional funny xD

So and have a problem, which I didn*t mention troughout all the past entries...
I gotta lose weight. Lots of weight.
No, actually that*s not the problem. The problem is... I can*t stop eating xD
Anyway... who cares. I only hope that I weigh 45 kg when I step into the airplane to Vietnam
And fitting to the topic a little video concerning anorexia {Magersucht} me and my frn showed when we made a presentation abt eating disorders.

So, after a long time a posts abt things I have done !^^ A *action posts* xD
Well see you around. Maybe after our hiking day, when I got pics of it or when sth special has happened there.
I gotta make a cake for my class. I gotta. xD
So byebye you all

ps: Omdog this post got so many pichas....
pss: OMFG ! I jux watched Naruto and OMFG.... they really ....OMG...
See it urself:

Persons: Ninja A {injured}, Ninja B {angry}
Jap Version:
Ninja B: I*m going to persue those Ninjas {who injured Ninja A}
Ninja A: No, don*t go if you go you will..... DIE !!!
German Version:
Ninja B: I*m going to persue those Ninjas {who injured Ninja A}
Ninja A: No, don*t go, if you go you will.... LOSE !!!

WTF?! RTL II doesn*t only censor the scenes where you can see blood, they really also don*t dare to say *Die* !!!
I really think that children, even if they are 4 yrs old, can bear it to hear the word *die*. This is so stupid.
I think this is a good sign, for some millionair to establish his own anime television station, which is private and which shows Naruto uncensored.
Ok, RTL II is private, too. But, honestly it*s owner is ... crap.